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Beth Benalloul Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Beth K Benalloul

Office: Carnegie Hill
1226 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10128
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
1355 First AvenuePH1Upper East Side$37,940,0001212.52611,747Condo
1355 First AvenuePH2Upper East Side$20,695,00088187,198Condo
515 East 72nd StreetPHAUpper East Side$19,000,00054.586,174Condo
226 West 71st StreetUpper West Side$14,000,0007916Townhouse
995 Fifth Avenue2NUpper East Side$10,000,00044.574,118Condop
70 BethuneWest Village$8,500,0005.593,800Townhouse
1355 First Avenue15 FLUpper East Side$7,420,0004463,448Condo
279 Central Park West10BUpper West Side$7,385,00033.572,215Condo
141 East 88th Street10FCarnegie Hill$6,414,975447.52,615Condo
885 Park Avenue10BUpper East Side$6,400,00034.59Co-op
188 East 78th Street18BUpper East Side$6,300,00054.58.52,874Condo
90 East End Avenue7AUpper East Side$6,150,00055.5115,300Condo
90 East End Avenue3ABUpper East Side$6,050,00054.593,861Condo
80 Riverside Blvd.PH1AUpper West Side$6,000,00043.5103,058Condo
130 East End Avenue10AUpper East Side$5,850,00043.510Co-op
1055 Park AvenueUpper East Side$5,750,00033.573,250Condo
422 East 84th StreetUpper East Side$4,650,00033.572,040Townhouse
2 Horatio Street5RPWest Village$4,600,000325Co-op
350 East 82nd Street14AUpper East Side$4,300,00043.582,882Condo
30 East 85th Street5GHUpper East Side$4,300,0004372,000Condo
515 East 72nd Street40BUpper East Side$4,123,9123352,214Condo
1382 Lexington AvenueUpper East Side$4,025,00064.54,000Townhouse
205 East 85th Street11LUpper East Side$3,903,0003371,859Condo
515 East 72nd Street38BUpper East Side$3,894,8063352,214Condo
17 East 96th Street3AECarnegie Hill$3,725,0005511Co-op
333 East 91st Street30ABUpper East Side$3,636,1704473,019Condop
330 East 79th Street10AUpper East Side$3,500,0004382,400Co-op
68 Green StreetGreenpoint$3,487,90061020Townhouse
200 East 79th Street6AUpper East Side$3,426,41133.55.51,920Condo
422 East 72nd Street24EUpper East Side$3,255,03633.562,093Condo
225 Fifth AvenueGramercy$3,150,00032.561,922Condo
1185 Park Avenue7ECarnegie Hill$2,800,00033.57Co-op
515 East 72nd Street34EUpper East Side$2,723,81822.551,667Condo
155 West 15th Street3AChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,700,0003361,200Co-op
305 East 85th Street7CUpper East Side$2,650,0003351,774Condo
1760 Second Avenue28CUpper East Side$2,625,0003362,050Condo
1070 Park Avenue16DCarnegie Hill$2,600,0003362,000Co-op
70 Little West Street22BBattery Park City$2,450,0002241,311Condo
325 Fifth Avenue35BFlatiron$2,450,0002251,446Condo
200 East 7412CDUpper East Side$2,425,0003251,800Co-op
1760 Second Avenue31CEUpper East Side$2,400,0003372,047Condo
1760 Second Avenue31CUpper East Side$2,400,0004372,047Condo
515 E 72nd Street 12JUpper East Side$2,390,00044.582,390Condo
515 East 72nd Street12JUpper East Side$2,390,00044.582,390Condo
1760 Second Avenue28CUpper East Side$2,375,0003362,050Condo
1760 Second Avenue28CEUpper East Side$2,375,0004362,050Condo
310 East 53rd Street9BMidtown East$2,375,00032.551,749Condo
45 Sutton Place SouthPHNSutton Area$2,350,0002251,780Co-op
80 Riverside Blvd3SUpper West Side$2,256,00022.561,372Condo
1760 Second Avenue10CUpper East Side$2,200,0004372,047Condo
174 East 74th Street4FGUpper East Side$2,150,000326Co-op
465 West End Avenue4BUpper West Side$2,150,000327Co-op
77 Park Avenue15EMurray Hill$2,100,0003361,653Condo
136 Waverly Place8AWest Village$2,100,0002141,250Co-op
1760 Second Avenue30AUpper East Side$2,100,0003361,875Condo
305 East 85th Street12AUpper East Side$1,975,00022.541,444Condo
401 East 84th Street11ABUpper East Side$1,971,00032.561,900Condo
120 East 87th StreetP12CUpper East Side$1,950,0002241,110Condo
25 East 83rd Street2AUpper East Side$1,945,000325.51,600Co-op
400 East 67th Street3FUpper East Side$1,934,675234.51,678Condo
151 East 83rd Street3GHUpper East Side$1,895,000336.51,700Co-op
50 Franklin StreetPHBTribeca$1,775,0002241,033Condo
205 East 59th StreetUpper East Side$1,772,5002241,113Condo
300 East 59th Street1402-3Upper East Side$1,755,0003372,000Co-op
171 East 84th Street32EUpper East Side$1,750,00032.55.51,639Condo
4 West 21st StreetFlatiron$1,705,56822.551,518Condop
515 East 72nd Street40CUpper East Side$1,700,00021.541,172Condo
400 East 51st Street3FMidtown East$1,700,0002241,374Condo
360 East 88th Street25DUpper East Side$1,700,00022.54.51,350Condo
251 West 95th Street4SUpper West Side$1,650,000327Co-op
77 Park Avenue2FMurray Hill$1,625,0003361,500Condo
225 East 86PH1Upper East Side$1,625,0003361,681Condo
1760 Second Avenue25AUpper East Side$1,575,0003351,875Condo
205 East 59th Street14BUpper East Side$1,575,0002241,113Condo
72 East 93rd Street2ABCarnegie Hill$1,562,5003251,450Co-op
1760 Second Avenue26AUpper East Side$1,551,0003361,871Condo
1025 Fifth Avenue9GNUpper East Side$1,547,000224.5Co-op
1349 Lexington Avenue6FCarnegie Hill$1,515,000326Co-op
400 East 90th Street22BUpper East Side$1,500,000335.51,432Condo
1623 THIRD AVE21AUpper East Side$1,500,000325.51,400Condo
200 Riverside Blvd32EUpper West Side$1,490,000224.51,217Condo
1356 Madison Avenue1NCarnegie Hill$1,475,000326Co-op
152 East 94th Street12ACarnegie Hill$1,465,000224.5Co-op
4 West 21st Street7BFlatiron$1,450,0002361,475Condop
10 West End Avenue6HUpper West Side$1,420,0602251,377Condo
1760 Second Avenue20FUpper East Side$1,390,0002241,112Condo
1760 Second Avenue27CUpper East Side$1,381,000224.51,314Condo
1760 Second Avenue23CUpper East Side$1,360,000224.51,314Condo
45 East 72nd Street14AUpper East Side$1,350,000225Co-op
219 East 83rd Street3Upper East Side$1,350,000113.51,800Co-op
72 East 93rd Street2ABCarnegie Hill$1,345,0003251,450Co-op
201 West 72nd Street8CUpper West Side$1,325,000224.51,070Condo
166 East 63rd Street20BUpper East Side$1,300,0001241,011Condo
117 East 57th Street21HMidtown East$1,250,0002241,208Condo
170 East 77th Street10FUpper East Side$1,250,000115934Condo
330 East 79th Street2AUpper East Side$1,240,0003251,400Co-op
1070 Park Avenue1ECarnegie Hill$1,225,00031,400Commercial
330 East 79th Street8BUpper East Side$1,225,00022.55.51,400Co-op
240 East 47th Street9DMidtown East$1,205,00021.531,074Condo
555 West 23rd StreetS6LChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,186,2612241,079Condo
247 West 46th Street2506Midtown West$1,150,00011.53900Condo
117 East 57th Street20HMidtown East$1,125,000113900Condo
1760 Second Avenue16FUpper East Side$1,125,0002241,112Condo
14 Prince Street1BSoho/Nolita$1,100,000113720Condo
345 East 80th Street17KLUpper East Side$1,100,0002251,275Condo
50 West 96th Street10CUpper West Side$1,060,00021.54.51,150Co-op
303 East 43rd Street12AMidtown East$1,050,0002241,270Condo
212 East 95th Street5CUpper East Side$1,037,500113913Condo
1760 Second Avenue30BUpper East Side$1,025,000224987Condo
360 East 72nd StreetA806Upper East Side$1,018,000113950Co-op
1130 Park AvenueSuite 3Carnegie Hill$999,999111,320Commercial
142 East 16th Street14EGramercy$995,000114.5912Co-op
20 East 74th Street15CUpper East Side$994,500113.5Co-op
128 East 83rd Street1BUpper East Side$980,0002241,100Co-op
70 East 96th Street2DCarnegie Hill$975,0002251,400Co-op
343 East 74th Street15BUpper East Side$975,0003251,111Condop
70 East 96th Street3DCarnegie Hill$965,000225.51,400Co-op
10 West 66th Street16CUpper West Side$960,000113800Co-op
200 East End Avenue10MUpper East Side$960,000225Co-op
275 West 96th Street8RUpper West Side$952,0002141,054Condo
1760 Second Avenue25BUpper East Side$945,000224987Condo
404 East 76th Street6GUpper East Side$930,000224983Condo
233 East 69th Street4FGUpper East Side224.51,120Co-op
1760 Second Avenue24BUpper East Side$920,000224920Condo
236 East 47th Street10CMidtown East$920,000224950Condo
1199 Park Avenue3EUpper East Side$899,000113.51,000Co-op
630 First Avenue10DMurray Hill$880,000123.51,000Condo
77 Seventh Avenue11JChelsea/Hudson Yards$867,500113700Co-op
166 East 96th Street5ACarnegie Hill$865,000224Co-op
236 East 47th Street10CMidtown East$850,000224950Condo
1760 Second Avenue9DUpper East Side$755,000114818Condo
10 Park Avenue10AMurray Hill$751,750113.5Co-op
1760 Second Avenue20AUpper East Side$750,000113759Condo
1760 Second Avenue14AUpper East Side$750,000113759Condo
325 East 77th Street2JUpper East Side$747,500214993Co-op
1760 Second Avenue15AUpper East Side$740,000113759Condo
1760 Second Avenue23AUpper East Side$735,000113759Condo
85 Adams Street5DDUMBO/Vinegar Hill$735,0002241,169Condo
50 West 96th Street4CUpper West Side$730,00021.54Co-op
139 East 94th Street10CCarnegie Hill$720,000214.51,150Co-op
1760 Second Avenue11AUpper East Side$720,000113760Condo
245 East 72nd Street2BUpper East Side$705,000113800Co-op
50 West 96th Street1CUpper West Side$700,00021.54.51,150Co-op
340 East 8021HUpper East Side$695,000113.5750Co-op
345 East 69th Street4CUpper East Side$687,0002141,000Co-op
1760 Second Avenue12AUpper East Side$670,000113759Condo
336 West End Avenue10DUpper West Side$662,500113.5Co-op
301 East 79th Street5SUpper East Side$655,000113700Condo
404 East 76th Street8BUpper East Side$640,000113Condo
1760 Second Avenue15EUpper East Side$630,000113698Condo
245 East 54th Street26AMidtown East$620,000113650Co-op
1760 Second Avenue18EUpper East Side$614,000214694Condo
315 East 12th Street15East Village$605,000214750Co-op
1760 Second Avenue6AUpper East Side$602,500113587Condo
455 East 86th Street12FUpper East Side$600,000112550Condo
145 West 12th Street6-1Greenwich Village$590,000113.5700Co-op
1474 Third Avenue1SUpper East Side$580,000113720Condo
150 West End Avenue4HUpper West Side$575,000113.5900Co-op
515 East 85th Street4DUpper East Side$568,500113.5750Co-op
166 East 96th Street3CCarnegie Hill$565,000113650Co-op
261 West 22nd Street1Chelsea/Hudson Yards$555,000214800Co-op
157 East 18th Street4JGramercy$550,000113.5700Co-op
27 West 55th Street64Midtown West$550,00011.53600Co-op
90 East End Avenue2EUpper East Side$550,000Studio12460Condo
445 East 86th Street10IUpper East Side$545,000213.5900Co-op
301 East 62nd Street6BUpper East Side$535,000113710Co-op
1160 Third Avenue18AUpper East Side$484,000113700Co-op
445 East 86th Street12FUpper East Side$465,000113Co-op
1160 Third Avenue3KUpper East Side$460,000113Co-op
166 East 96th Street3CCarnegie Hill$450,000113650Co-op
1160 Third Avenue3KUpper East Side$446,000113Co-op
1760 Second Avenue3AUpper East Side$425,000112587Condo
10 East End Avenue2CUpper East Side$425,000214900Co-op
301 East 62nd Street4FUpper East Side$421,000113Co-op
333 East 53rd Street4AMidtown East$400,000113900Co-op
201 East 66th Street10DUpper East Side$400,000Studio12Co-op
210 East 84th Street5BUpper East Side$380,000112475Co-op
333 East 92nd Street2CUpper East Side$322,000Studio12Co-op
220 East 82nd Street4FWUpper East Side$295,000113500Co-op
457 West 57th Street1216Midtown West$294,000Studio11500Co-op
811 Walton AvenueB3Bronx$290,00011Co-op
444 East 75th Street5FUpper East Side$270,000Studio12.5575Co-op
311 East 75th Street2HUpper East Side$267,500Studio12Co-op
321 East 45th Street2AMidtown East$267,000Studio12Co-op
321 East 43rd Street511Midtown East$190,000Studio12Co-op
1760 Second AvenueSU6Upper East Side$26,000Studio1Condo
166 East 63rd StreetUpper East Side1231,100Condo
10 East End AvenueUpper East Side113900Co-op
186 W 80thUpper West SideStudio12429Condo
301 East 62ndUpper East Side113600Co-op
205 E 59thUpper East Side123.51,113Condo
50 W 96thUpper West Side2241,150Co-op
311 E 75Upper East SideStudio12400Co-op
555 West 23rd StreetChelsea/Hudson Yards2241,100Condo
630 First AvenueMurray Hill2241,001Condo
205 E 59th Street 14BUpper East Side1241,113Condo
333 E 53rd StreetMidtown East113650Co-op
321 W 78th StreetUpper West Side113750Co-op
321 E 54Sutton AreaStudio1350Co-op
200 Riverside Blvd.Upper West Side2251,250Condo
1160 Third Ave. 18AUpper East Side11Co-op
301 E 62nd StreetUpper East Side113750Co-op
10 WEAUpper West Side11764Condo
181 E 93Upper East Side214900Co-op
167 East 61st StreetUpper East Side43.56.52,500Co-op
167 E 61Upper East Side43.52,500Co-op
137 W 12Greenwich Village11Co-op
1025 Fifth AvenueUpper East Side224.5Co-op
1025 FIFTHUpper East Side224.5Co-op
205 E 85thUpper East SideStudio12534Condo
119 E 84Upper East Side2251,500Co-op
219 E 83rd StreetUpper East Side3261,800Co-op
10 WEAUpper West Side2241,377Condo
1200 FIFTHUpper East Side2241,153Condo
217 W 14Chelsea/Hudson Yards11626Condo
322 W 57thMidtown West113757Condo
995 FIFTHUpper East Side44.584,118Co-op
225 E 34th StreetMurray Hill2251,405Condo
322 W 57thMidtown West113610Condo
530 E 90th StreetUpper East Side2151,100Co-op
363 E 76Upper East SideStudio1550Co-op
411 E 53rd StreetMidtown East114900Condo
55 E 87th StreetUpper East Side21.541,250Co-op
40 W 116 B1103Harlem32.561,600Condo
171 E 84Upper East Side32.561,639Condo
20 West 72nd StreetUpper West Side12.551,500Co-op
170 E 88th Street 4FUpper East Side113700Co-op
254 Park Avenue SouthGramercy2241,235Condo
2373 Broadway 732Upper West Side113685Condop
315 E 68th Street 3BCUpper East Side2251,400Co-op
422 E 84th StreetUpper East Side8Townhouse
261 West 22nd StreetChelsea/Hudson Yards214Co-op
333 East 91stUpper East Side44.583,000Condop
1760 Second Avenue 32AUpper East Side3361,875Condo
923 Fifth AvenueUpper East Side11.531,050Condo
134 E 93rd 11BCarnegie Hill3361,450Condo
170 East 77thUpper East Side113985Condo
400 E 67Upper East Side231,678Condo
400 East 67thUpper East Side3361,700Condo
25 East 83rd StreetCarnegie Hill2251,400Co-op
1356 Madison AvenueCarnegie Hill32.561,750Co-op
1382 Lexington AvenueCarnegie Hill143,850Townhouse

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
330 East 79th Street8BUpper East Side$200,00022.55.51,400Co-op
225 West 86th Street1003Upper West Side$35,000559Rental Building
1185 Park Avenue7ECarnegie Hill$19,75033.57Co-op
340 East 64th StreetPHBCUpper East Side$18,0004572,860Condo
524 East 72nd Street34ABG-SLUpper East Side$15,0004572,660Condo
340 East 64th StreetPHBCUpper East Side$15,0004572,860Condo
65 East 92nd StreetCarnegie Hill$15,000447Townhouse
225 Fifth Avenue5JFlatiron$14,50032.551,922Condo
225 Fifth Avenue5JFlatiron$14,00032.551,922Condo
225 Fifth Avenue5JFlatiron$13,10032.551,922Condo
225 Fifth Avenue5JFlatiron$10,00032.551,922Condo
70 East 96th Street2DCarnegie Hill$9,9992251,400Co-op
310 East 53rd Street9BMidtown East$9,80032.551,749Condo
310 East 53rd Street9BMidtown East$9,50032.551,749Condo
77 Park Avenue2FMurray Hill$7,9993361,500Condo
340 East 64th Street16SUpper East Side$7,995224.5Condo
201 East 87th Street6HJUpper East Side$7,9753251,650Rental Building
325 Fifth Avenue35BFlatiron$7,9002251,446Condo
1760 Second Avenue25AUpper East Side$7,8953351,875Condo
1200 Fifth Avenue5DUpper East Side$7,5002241,153Condo
310 East 53rd Street9BMidtown East$7,25032.551,749Condo
20 West 72nd Street1609Upper West Side$7,000335Co-op
134 East 93rd Street10CCarnegie Hill$6,9953351,400Condo
45 CHRISTOPHER ST17CGreenwich Village$6,500113.5900Condo
200 Riverside Blvd32EUpper West Side$6,500224.51,217Condo
20 West 72nd Street1609Upper West Side$6,495335Co-op
140 West 22nd Street6FChelsea/Hudson Yards$6,4001241,063Condo
225 East 34th Street4EMurray Hill$6,3502241,404Condo
555 West 23rd StreetS6LChelsea/Hudson Yards$6,3002241,079Condo
1760 Second Avenue23CUpper East Side$5,700224.51,314Condo
205 East 59th Street14BUpper East Side$5,7002241,113Condo
200 Riverside Blvd32EUpper West Side$5,500224.51,217Condo
205 East 59th Street14BUpper East Side$5,4002241,113Condo
1760 Second Avenue23CUpper East Side$5,200224.51,314Condo
555 West 23rd StreetS6LChelsea/Hudson Yards$5,0002241,079Condo
404 East 76th Street6GUpper East Side$5,000224983Condo
200 Riverside Blvd9CUpper West Side$4,99511.53.51,055Condo
225 East 34th Street4EMurray Hill$4,8502241,404Condo
1760 Second Avenue15FUpper East Side$4,8002241,112Condo
1760 Second Avenue12FUpper East Side$4,7002241,100Condo
1760 Second Avenue12FUpper East Side$4,7002241,100Condo
1199 Park Avenue3EUpper East Side$4,500113.51,000Co-op
166 East 63rd Street20BUpper East Side$4,5001241,011Condo
200 East 94th Street2311Upper East Side$4,495113854Condo
400 East 90th Street8DUpper East Side$4,3502251,026Condo
85 Adams Street5DDUMBO/Vinegar Hill$4,2002241,169Condo
1760 Second Avenue12FUpper East Side$3,9952241,100Condo
1760 Second Avenue15FUpper East Side$3,9502241,112Condo
1760 Second Avenue25BUpper East Side$3,850224987Condo
1760 Second Avenue12FUpper East Side$3,8002241,100Condo
1760 Second Avenue25BUpper East Side$3,750224987Condo
555 West 59th Street6DUpper West Side$3,70011.54801Condo
1760 Second Avenue10BUpper East Side$3,700224912Condo
295 Greenwich Street3LNTribeca$3,700113815Condo
555 West 23rd StreetN8KChelsea/Hudson Yards$3,600113Condo
555 West 23rd StreetN8KChelsea/Hudson Yards$3,600113Condo
170 East 87th StreetE8CUpper East Side$3,50011.53.5872Condo
295 Greenwich Street3LNTribeca$3,500113815Condo
392 Central Park West18WUpper West Side$3,400113.51,049Condo
1760 Second Avenue10BUpper East Side$3,350224912Condo
20 Pine Street517Financial District$3,300Studio12887Condo
170 East 87th StreetW10FUpper East Side$3,300113707Condo
170 East 87th StreetW10FUpper East Side$3,200113707Condo
295 Greenwich Street3LTribeca$3,200113815Condo
1760 Second Avenue9DUpper East Side$3,150114818Condo
1760 Second Avenue12AUpper East Side$3,100113759Condo
1760 Second Avenue15AUpper East Side$3,100113759Condo
261 West 22nd Street1Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,000214800Co-op
20 Pine Street517Financial District$3,000Studio12887Condo
170 East 87th StreetW10FUpper East Side$3,000113707Condo
188 East 76th Street4EUpper East Side$3,00011.53700Condo
1760 Second Avenue9DUpper East Side$2,995114818Condo
1760 Second Avenue15DUpper East Side$2,950113820Condo
1760 Second Avenue9DUpper East Side$2,900114818Condo
315 East 12th Street15East Village$2,900214750Co-op
2373 Broadway732 Upper West Side$2,900113675Condop
1760 Second Avenue12AUpper East Side$2,900113759Condo
301 East 45th Street12DMidtown East$2,900113521Condo
301 East 45th Street12CMidtown East$2,850113Condo
301 East 45th Street12DMidtown East$2,800113521Condo
1760 Second Avenue7AUpper East Side$2,800113759Condo
1760 Second Avenue18EUpper East Side$2,725214694Condo
170 East 87th StreetW11EUpper East Side$2,700113Condo
1760 Second Avenue18AUpper East Side$2,700113800Condo
1474 Third Avenue1SUpper East Side$2,700113720Condo
1760 Second Avenue19EUpper East Side$2,700113700Condo
301 East 45th Street12DMidtown East$2,650113521Condo
345 East 73rd Street6FUpper East Side$2,600113700Co-op
1760 Second Avenue15EUpper East Side$2,600113698Condo
1760 Second Avenue3AUpper East Side$2,595112587Condo
1760 Second Avenue7AUpper East Side$2,550113759Condo
1760 Second Avenue11AUpper East Side$2,500113760Condo
1760 Second Avenue15EUpper East Side$2,500113698Condo
1760 Second Avenue12AUpper East Side$2,500113759Condo
301 East 45th Street12CMidtown East$2,500113Condo
1760 Second Avenue7AUpper East Side$2,500113759Condo
1760 Second Avenue12AUpper East Side$2,400113759Condo
1760 Second Avenue7AUpper East Side$2,400113759Condo
11 Waverly Place2BGreenwich Village$2,360Studio11Rental Building
242 East 87th Street2GUpper East Side$2,300113875Co-op
1760 Second Avenue18EUpper East Side$2,195214694Condo
1760 Second Avenue15EUpper East Side$2,050113698Condo
1270 Fifth Avenue5AUpper East Side$1,900113.5Co-op
1760 Second Avenue6DUpper East Side$1,850Studio12580Condo
175 East 96thUpper East Side2241,200Other
123 East 84thUpper East Side113650Other
401 East 34th StreetMurray Hill31,000Other
27 East 65thUpper East Side2241,200Co-op
1760 Second AvenueUpper East Side113750Condo
350 W 50th StreetMidtown West113Condo
240 RSBUpper West Side2241,150Condo
1760 Second Ave 20BUpper East Side224912Condo
1760 second Avenue 2BUpper East Side11.53850Condo
404 E 76thUpper East Side113Condo
About Beth

Beth Benalloul is an accomplished Manhattan real estate professional who's received coveted awards for her fine work that include membership in Corcoran's prestigious President's Council placing her as among the top 25 brokers in the company. Beth has also been recognized as a repeated top producer in her Carnegie Hill office as Salesperson of the Year in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015 plus she's earned status as a Corcoran Group Multi-Million Dollar Club member every year since 2005.

Besides her industry accolades, Beth is continually rewarded with referrals and repeat business from loyal clients who’ve benefited from her expertise. Her vast knowledge as a native New Yorker combined with her patient yet persistent approach to getting clients what they want makes her an invaluable partner in the real estate process.

Beth understands her clients’ unique needs and pays close attention to every detail of their transaction. She has sold condos and co-ops on the East and West sides of town, delivering superior results to both local and out-of-town clients. Working with buyers, she has an uncanny ability to find the perfect property for their budget and lifestyle. Beth even sold properties to two buyers sight unseen! Sellers respect her outstanding track record for selling her exclusives quickly and profitably.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, Beth ran her own successful personal training business before applying her keen interpersonal and customer service skills to the world of real estate. Focused, caring and dynamic, she did so well her first year in the business she was nominated as one of Corcoran’s Rookies on the Move chosen to speak to new trainees.

Beth lives on the Upper East Side resident with her husband and three sons. In her spare time, she enjoys running, cycling classes, exploring new restaurants and watching movies.

Press Mentions
January 12, 2017 East Side, West Side — New York Times HOMES
August 05, 2016 NYC penthouses open for viewing this weekend —

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  • 12 Years in Real Estate
  • 2011 Salesperson of the Year
  • 2014 President`s Council
  • Carnegie Hill Salesperson of the Year Award - February 2014
  • 2016 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
Memberships & Clubs
  • Corcoran Cares
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi
  • Equinox Sports Club
  • Multi-Million Dollar Club
  • The Ramaz School

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