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Maggie  Ross
Maggie Ross Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Margaret Anne L Newville

Office: Brooklyn Heights
1 Pierrepont Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
878 Carroll StreetPark Slope$3,954,0004.54.510House
453 DeGraw StreetBoerum Hill$3,850,00044.514Townhouse
307A State StreetBoerum Hill43.5124,304Townhouse
164-168 West 136th StreetHarlem$3,000,000Townhouse
55 Prince Street5RSoho/Nolita$3,000,0003151,800Co-op
218 Greene AvenueClinton Hill$2,450,00044.512Townhouse
31 Prospect Park SWWindsor Terrace$2,250,0007317Townhouse
155 Nelson StreetCarroll Gardens$2,125,0004312Townhouse
1366 Bergen StreetCrown Heights$1,900,00055.593,734Townhouse
924 Lincoln PlaceCrown Heights$1,625,00083153,475Townhouse
379 Prospect Avenue3CPark Slope$1,612,50032.551,844Condo
145 Park Place4GPark Slope$1,612,0003251,330Condo
128 Douglass StreetBoerum Hill$1,605,0004312Townhouse
275 13th StreetPark Slope$1,600,0004312Townhouse
231 15th Street3CPark Slope$1,565,0003241,444Condo
145 Park Place4FPark Slope$1,525,000223.51,360Condo
379 Prospect Avenue2BPark Slope$1,490,00032.551,844Condo
379 Prospect Avenue2APark Slope$1,480,00032.551,818Condo
379 Prospect Avenue1BPark Slope$1,425,55032.582,420Condo
110 Livingston Street9TBrooklyn Heights$1,395,0002241,670Condo
350 South 3rd Street1Williamsburg$1,350,00022.542,169Condo
175 West 93rd Street4FUpper West Side$1,275,000214.51,200Co-op
555 Henry Street2 Carroll Gardens$1,250,0002251,169Condo
209 Lexington AvenueBedford-Stuyvesant$1,250,0004.54.58.5Townhouse
1311-13 Dean StreetCrown Heights$1,200,000104184,049Townhouse
150 Powers StreetWilliamsburg$1,194,00031.5Townhouse
199 State Street7CBrooklyn Heights$1,169,0002241,220Condo
350 South 3rd Street3Williamsburg$1,150,0002241,242Condo
312 Hicks Street2 Brooklyn Heights$1,150,000215Co-op
258 Broadway7BTribeca$1,140,000Studio12Co-op
365 Bridge Street11EDowntown Brooklyn$1,130,0002251,627Condo
306 Gold Street38CDowntown Brooklyn$1,100,0002231,320Condo
618 Dean StreetProspect Heights$1,095,000321,877Condo
214 Withers StreetWilliamsburg$1,090,00021.55Townhouse
1 Hanson Place12BFort Greene$1,068,0001.513.5924Condo
111 Monroe Street6DBedford-Stuyvesant$1,025,000224950Condo
175 West 93rd Street7HUpper West Side$1,020,000214Co-op
1 Hanson Place17DFort Greene$999,500113934Condo
379 Prospect Avenue1APark Slope$980,00011.541,631Condo
527 Court Street3BCarroll Gardens$969,000214865Condo
361 Carroll Street1ECarroll Gardens$950,0002241,384Condo
372 8th Street4LPark Slope$915,000214Co-op
118 President Street3Carroll Gardens$899,000226.5972Condo
189 Schermerhorn StreetPHBDowntown Brooklyn$895,000224965Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street19JDowntown Brooklyn$890,000224910Condo
388 Bridge Street33EDowntown Brooklyn$844,000113.5783Condo
379 Prospect Avenue3BPark Slope$835,000224924Condo
379 Prospect Avenue3APark Slope$832,500225894Condo
372 8th Street4LPark Slope$829,000214Co-op
175 West 93rd Street6DUpper West Side$810,000113800Co-op
483 12th Street4LPark Slope$805,0001.513.5Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street9ADowntown Brooklyn$790,000224828Condo
319 18th Street2CPark Slope$789,000224Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street24DDowntown Brooklyn$770,000113606Condo
639 6th Avenue4Park Slope$765,000224985Condo
102 Prospect Park West1Park Slope$759,500113Co-op
60 Court Street2KBrooklyn Heights$750,000113712Condo
372 DeKalb Avenue1IClinton Hill$745,000223.51,254Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street15BDowntown Brooklyn$739,000113662Condo
38 Livingston Street1Brooklyn Heights$730,000214950Co-op
33 East 22nd Street4AFlatiron$725,000113.5Co-op
725 Riverside Drive3BHamilton Heights$710,0002251,253Condo
99 Bergen Street4RBoerum Hill$705,000113Co-op
232 President Street2LCarroll Gardens$697,500214Co-op
55 Joralemon Street1Brooklyn Heights$691,750215830Co-op
483 12th Street2RPark Slope$689,0001.515Co-op
412 7th Avenue2RPark Slope$685,000214Co-op
324 PEARL ST1AFinancial District$680,000114900Condo
149 Atlantic Avenue4Brooklyn Heights$675,00011.53916Condo
232 President Street4RCarroll Gardens215Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street2BDowntown Brooklyn$655,000113664Condo
7 Gates Avenue7EFort Greene$655,0002251,012Condo
301 East 78th Street7DUpper East Side$650,000113.5900Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street25GDowntown Brooklyn$640,000114512Condo
189 Schermerhorn StreetPHFDowntown Brooklyn$620,000113510Condo
116 PINEHURST AVEF52 Washington Heights$603,000213.5Co-op
489 Atlantic Avenue2ABoerum Hill$600,0002241,089Condo
20 Jackson Place3BPark Slope$585,0002151,040Condo
230 16th Street3Park Slope$585,000224Condo
483 12th Street3LPark Slope$565,0001.515Co-op
226 16th Street3Park Slope$555,000224859Condo
230 16th Street2 Park Slope$533,00011.541,166Condo
224 16th Street2 Park Slope$530,0001.51.541,146Condo
114 Pierrepont Street7Brooklyn Heights$530,000114Co-op
230 16th Street4Park Slope$505,986225859Condo
226 16th Street4Park Slope$500,000224859Condo
299 13th Street1CPark Slope$500,00011.531,150Co-op
20 Jackson Place3APark Slope$499,0002151,013Condo
145 Hicks StreetA42 Brooklyn Heights$499,000113825Co-op
20 Jackson Place2APark Slope$489,000214792Condo
230 16th Street6Park Slope$485,0001.514932Condo
529 Clinton Street102BCarroll Gardens$475,000113Condo
101 West 12th Street16AGreenwich Village$470,000Studio12.5550Co-op
71 Ocean Parkway4NWindsor Terrace$459,0002.514.51,300Co-op
150 Joralemon Street5GBrooklyn Heights$459,000112800Co-op
300 RECTOR PLACE3CBattery Park City$450,000112Condo
325 Clinton Avenue8AClinton Hill$449,000114Co-op
150 Joralemon Street7CBrooklyn Heights$443,00021.54Co-op
49 West 11th RoadQueens$440,00021.57House
155 Henry Street3ABrooklyn Heights$438,000113.5Co-op
529 Court Street303Carroll Gardens$429,000112614Condo
170 West End Avenue17SUpper West Side$427,500Studio12.5Co-op
189 Schermerhorn StreetPHDDowntown Brooklyn$420,500113606Condo
262 Hicks Street2RBrooklyn Heights$407,000Studio12Co-op
318 Knickerbocker Avenue2JBushwick$399,000114796Condo
150 Joralemon Street5FBrooklyn Heights$375,000113Co-op
230 16th Street5Park Slope$370,000113705Condo
226 16th Street1Park Slope$366,00011.53732Condo
230 16th Street1Park Slope$359,970113732Condo
277 6th Avenue4RPark Slope$289,500Studio12Co-op
60 Pineapple Street2EBrooklyn Heights$285,000Studio12600Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street9JDowntown Brooklyn$265,950Studio12444Condo
385 East 18th Street1DDitmas Park$242,500114850Co-op
515 East 7th Street2BKensington$219,000114850Co-op
270 Jay Street10BBrooklyn Heights$202,000Studio12420Co-op
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn2241,037Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn221,037Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11Condo
85 Livingston Street 12BCBrooklyn3261,400Co-op
145 Hicks StreetBrooklyn Heights113825Co-op
529 Court StreetCarroll Gardens112614Condo
529 Court StreetCarroll Gardens11614Condo
145 Hicks StreetBrooklyn Heights11825Co-op
226 16th StreetPark Slope11705Condo
1107 Prospect AvenueWindsor Terrace2251,200Condo
135 Prospect Park WestPark Slope22981Co-op
201 Clinton AvenueClinton Hill11800Co-op
34 CROOKE AVENUEFlatbush22813Condo
639 6th AvenuePark Slope224985Condo
219 17th StreetPark Slope221,021Condo
333 4th StreetPark Slope11702Co-op
230 Ashland PlaceFort Greene221,200Condo
417 GRANDLower East Side11800Co-op
230 Ashland PlaceFort Greene321,435Condo
1105 8th AvenuePark Slope21980Co-op
523 Court StreetCarroll Gardens21Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11510Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11512Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn22Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn22910Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11541Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11749Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11749Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11618Condo
60 Pineapple StreetBrooklyn HeightsStudio12600Co-op
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn224871Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn224Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113662Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn224Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113606Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113.5749Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113.5712Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn224910Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn114910Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113.5712Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113.5712Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn224910Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113733Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113.5739Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113662Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113714Condo
318 Knickerbocker AvenueBushwick11796Condo
560 Carroll StreetPark Slope221,182Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11910Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11712Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11712Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn22910Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11739Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn11714Condo
71 Ocean ParkwayWindsor Terrace2.514.51,300Co-op
410 7th AvenuePark Slope21Condop
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn2241,037Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn221,037Condo
56 Court StreetBrooklyn Heights113Condo
85 Livingston Street, 8CBrooklyn Heights113750Co-op
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn114910Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn113.5712Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn114712Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn123.5828Condo
189 SchermerhornDowntown Brooklyn221,037Condo

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
531 2nd StreetPark Slope$16,00052.5121,170Townhouse
172 Sterling Place8Park Slope4372,295Condo
1201 Dean Street2 Crown Heights$9,5006315Rental Building
172 Sterling Place8Park Slope$8,9004372,295Condo
275 13th StreetPark Slope$8,5004312Townhouse
172 Sterling Place7Park Slope$7,7503361,867Condo
172 Sterling Place7Park Slope$7,2503361,867Condo
184 Lefferts Place2 Clinton Hill$6,75053.512Rental Building
85 Livingston Street12BCBrooklyn Heights$5,1003.526Co-op
325 Clinton StreetCobble Hill$4,800325Rental Building
338 Clermont AvenueTRIPLEXFort Greene$4,75042.582,500Rental Building
555 Henry Street2 Carroll Gardens$4,3002251,169Condo
312 Hicks Street2 Brooklyn Heights$4,000215Co-op
312 Hicks Street2 Brooklyn Heights$4,000215Co-op
214 Withers StreetWilliamsburg$4,00021.55Townhouse
181 Waverly Place2FGreenwich Village$4,000114Rental Building
145 Sackett Street5ACarroll Gardens$3,900214934Condo
230 Ashland Place16CFort Greene$3,9002251,200Condo
82 Sterling Place4Park Slope$3,900325Rental Building
411 3rd StreetPark Slope$3,7502.516Rental Building
324 PEARL ST1AFinancial District$3,575114900Condo
420 8th StreetPark Slope$3,35021Rental Building
189 Schermerhorn Street4GDowntown Brooklyn$3,3501.513.5749Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street10CDowntown Brooklyn$3,300224910Condo
220 East 60th Street4EUpper East Side$3,200113680Condo
348 Atlantic AvenueBoerum Hill$3,100213Rental Building
388 Bridge Street16CDowntown Brooklyn$3,095112.5615Condo
60 Court Street2KBrooklyn Heights$3,050113712Condo
177 Luquer Street2 Carroll Gardens$3,000214Rental Building
175 West 93rd Street6BUpper West Side$3,000113775Co-op
245 Baltic Street3Cobble Hill$2,950214Rental Building
420 8th StreetPark Slope$2,950215950Rental Building
150 Joralemon Street7CBrooklyn Heights$2,85021.54Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street16CDowntown Brooklyn$2,850113616Condo
420 8th StreetPark Slope$2,800114Rental Building
65 Washington StreetDUMBO/Vinegar Hill$2,800113662Rental Building
189 Schermerhorn Street17BDowntown Brooklyn$2,800113Condo
24 Prospect Park SW3Windsor Terrace$2,7501.513.5Rental Building
155 Henry Street3ABrooklyn Heights$2,750113.5Co-op
477 Hicks Street1RCobble Hill$2,700113.5Rental Building
128 Douglass Street2 Boerum Hill$2,700325Rental Building
155 President Street3Carroll Gardens$2,600114Rental Building
189 Schermerhorn Street25FDowntown Brooklyn$2,600113510Condo
81 Douglass StreetBoerum Hill$2,500215Rental Building
348 Atlantic AvenueBoerum Hill$2,500214700Rental Building
348 Atlantic AvenueBoerum Hill$2,500214580Rental Building
348 Atlantic AvenueBoerum Hill$2,500214Rental Building
348 Atlantic AvenueBoerum Hill$2,500214Rental Building
128 Douglass Street1Boerum Hill$2,5001141,000Rental Building
189 Schermerhorn Street17BDowntown Brooklyn$2,500113Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street24FDowntown Brooklyn$2,500113510Condo
155 Henry StreetBrooklyn Heights$2,400113.5Co-op
25 Congress Street1Brooklyn Heights$2,300214Rental Building
35 Park PlacePark Slope$2,300215Rental Building
135 Columbia Street1Red Hook$2,300114Rental Building
477 Hicks StreetR2 Cobble Hill$2,2501.513.5850Rental Building
127 Atlantic AvenueBrooklyn Heights$2,2001.514Rental Building
63 4th Place3Carroll Gardens$2,2001.513.5750Rental Building
189 Schermerhorn Street24FDowntown Brooklyn$2,200113510Condo
477 Hicks Street2RCobble Hill$2,1001.513.5850Rental Building
477 Hicks Street2RCobble Hill$2,0501.513.5850Rental Building
477 Hicks Street3LCobble Hill$2,0501.513850Rental Building
477 Hicks Street1LCobble Hill$2,050214850Rental Building
477 Hicks Street1RCobble Hill$2,025113.5Rental Building
477 Hicks StreetCobble Hill$2,025214850Rental Building
359 40TH StreetBrooklyn$2,00021.531,200Rental Building
70 Clark Street6KBrooklyn Heights$2,000Studio1Co-op
526 Court Street3Carroll Gardens$1,950114850Rental Building
115 3rd place3Carroll Gardens$1,9001.513750Rental Building
40 8th Avenue2RPark Slope$1,869Studio11Rental Building
433 Court Street1Carroll Gardens$1,8501.514Rental Building
275 13th Street2 Park Slope$1,85011Rental Building
477 Hicks Street4RCobble Hill$1,850113.5950Rental Building
856 Carroll StreetPark Slope$1,70011Rental Building
158 Smith StreetCarroll Gardens$1,675113Rental Building
477 Hicks Street4RCobble Hill$1,650113.5950Rental Building
477 Hicks Street4RCobble Hill$1,650113.5950Rental Building
158 Smith StreetCarroll Gardens$1,600113Rental Building
477 Hicks Street2LCobble Hill$1,500214900Rental Building
233 Berkeley PlacePark Slope$1,500.512Condo
477 Hicks StreetCobble Hill$1,400113.5950Rental Building
414 Henry StreetCobble Hill22Rental Building
60 Tiffany PlaceCobble Hill22Rental Building
128 Douglass StreetBoerum Hill32Rental Building
Hoyt StreetBoerum Hill204,500Townhouse
About Maggie

A long time Brooklyn resident, local property investor, and Member of Corcoran’s Multi-Million Dollar Club, Maggie Ross goes above and beyond for her clients on each of their real property pursuits. Maggie attributes her great success in New York City Real Estate to her staunch belief that the ideal fit not only exists but, because of her diligence, will result in a seamless closing every time.

Maggie’s acute knack for cutting to the chase shines in each deal she brings to the closing table. A specialist in townhouses, cooperatives, and both resale and new development condominiums, Maggie works tirelessly to ensure that her clients fulfill their real estate dreams.

A recent seller said it best: “Maggie's extensive knowledge of the market helps both sellers and buyers quickly find the right price for a space, and her very positive attitude and great personality leads to quick and productive negotiations.” Another noted that she “was the essential piece for selling our home in NYC,” and “her calm, sensible demeanor make Maggie a pleasure to work with.”

Commencing her real estate business in Cobble Hill nearly ten years ago, Maggie quickly built her reputation as a go-to closer. She played a key role in NYC's fastest selling building of 2010, and has spent her career helping sellers and buyers transition to and from townhouses, lofts, coops, and condos. The consistent referrals Maggie receives are a testament to her commitment and skill. Prior to becoming a broker, Maggie practiced as an Antitrust and Commercial Litigation attorney in Manhattan, where she was known for her diplomatic approach. Before receiving her J.D. from Fordham, Maggie earned a BFA from NYU. Her unique blend of transactional savvy and artistic ability enables Maggie to offer practical advice to sellers and buyers on every facet of the process, from skilled negotiation to optimizing interior design.

Originally hailing from Schenectady, NY, Maggie lived in the West Village before becoming a proud Brooklynite. Her love for exploration, architecture, and history has given her a wonderful insider knowledge of our great City. Maggie currently lives a restored townhouse in Windsor Terrace with her family and their two rescue mutts. When she is not working, Maggie can be found in Prospect Park running after her two sons.

Maggie Ross Team

  • 10 Years in Real Estate
  • 5 Years in Law
  • 2012 Multi-Million Dollar Club
  • 2013 Multi- Million Dollar Club
  • 2015 Multi-Million Dollar Club
  • 2014 Multi-Million Dollar Club
Memberships & Clubs
  • Carroll Gardens Association
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy
  • Brooklyn Historical Society
  • Bococa Parents
  • Gowanus Canal Conservancy
  • Prospect Park Alliance
Maggie's extensive knowledge of the market helps both sellers and buyers quickly find the right price for a space, and her very positive attitude and great personality leads to quick and productive negotiations. We highly recommend her.
— Larry, Client
Maggie was able to masterfully accomplish my sale and purchase with poise and meticulous attention to detail. She's a true professional, compassionate and readily available to answer any question and guide her clients through the process.
— Jeremy, Client
Maggie was the essential piece for selling our home in New York City. Not only was she reliable and always made herself available to us, but we also felt we could trust her and she would be honest about pros or cons. Her knowledge is invaluable.
— Sonja, Client
Maggie gave expert, honest advice, providing both a real picture of the selling process It was a pleasure working with such a smart, savvy professional--one who clearly knows how to work with people to either buy or sell their home the right way.
— Shelly and Dave, Client
Maggie spent a lot of time with us, both showing us apartments and answering follow-up questions via phone and email. She was very accessible and really had our best interests at heart. We love our new home, and recommend Maggie wholeheartedly!
— Shari and Matt, Customer

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