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Paul  Chapru
Paul Chapru Licensed RE Salesperson
Licensed as Richard Paul Chapru

Office: Chelsea/Flatiron
218 West 18th Street 6th Floor New York, NY 10011
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
900 West 190th Street10MWashington Heights113Co-op
880 West 181st Street5FWashington Heights214Co-op
880 West 181st Street4FWashington Heights214950Co-op
880 West 181st Street3DWashington Heights2151,200Co-op
880 West 181st Street5DWashington Heights215Co-op
880 West 181st Street5GWashington HeightsStudio12Co-op
880 West 181st Street6CWashington Heights214Co-op
880 West 181st Street4EWashington Heights214Co-op
870 West 181st Street59AWashington Heights213.5850Co-op
870 West 181st Street54Washington Heights113600Co-op
870 West 181st Street56Washington Heights214900Co-op
870 West 181st Street38Washington Heights113700Co-op
870 West 181st Street35Washington Heights113650Co-op
870 West 181st Street34Washington Heights113Co-op
870 West 181st Street24Washington Heights113Co-op
870 West 181st Street29ABWashington Heights2261,100Co-op
870 West 181st Street25Washington Heights113650Co-op
860 West 181st Street66Washington Heights2151,100Co-op
860 West 181st Street44Washington Heights113Co-op
860 West 181st Street51AWashington Heights2141,100Co-op
860 West 181st Street5Washington Heights113Co-op
860 West 181st Street42 Washington Heights315Co-op
860 West 181st Street22 Washington Heights3151,300Co-op
860 West 181st Street62 Washington Heights2151,250Co-op
860 West 181st Street59Washington Heights113600Co-op
860 West 181st Street46Washington Heights2141,060Co-op
860 West 181st Street56Washington Heights214Co-op
860 West 181st Street22 Washington Heights3151,300Co-op
860 West 181st Street44Washington Heights113Co-op
860 West 181st Street9Washington Heights113Co-op
854 West 181st Street4EWashington Heights113Co-op
854 West 181st Street5FWashington Heights113Co-op
854 West 181st Street5BWashington Heights114850Co-op
854 West 181st Street4AWashington Heights214.51,150Co-op
854 West 181st Street4BWashington Heights114800Co-op
854 West 181st Street4GWashington Heights113.5700Co-op
854 West 181st Street3HWashington Heights113Co-op
854 West 181st Street4DWashington Heights113.5Co-op
854 West 181st Street3CWashington Heights113.5700Co-op
854 West 181st Street6EWashington Heights113Co-op
854 West 181st Street4BWashington Heights114800Co-op
854 West 181st Street3HWashington Heights113Co-op
854 West 181st Street3GWashington Heights113700Co-op
854 West 181st Street4AWashington Heights214.51,150Co-op
854 West 181st Street3JWashington Heights113.5700Co-op
801 West End Avenue4DDUpper West Side113Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVEPH5Washington Heights113625Co-op
680 West 204th Street3GInwood113.5750Co-op
516 West 47th StreetS3HClinton224861Condo
50 PARK TERRACE WEST5GInwoodStudio12.5Co-op
4-74 48th Avenue9FLong Island City113725Condop
45 OVERLOOK TERRACE7BWashington Heights113750Co-op
45 OVERLOOK TERRACE5BWashington Heights113750Co-op
45 OVERLOOK TERRACE7EWashington Heights113750Co-op
45 OVERLOOK TERRACE3CWashington Heights113691Co-op
45 OVERLOOK TERRACE7GWashington Heights113.5802Co-op
45 Overlook TerraceWashington Heights113745Co-op
427 East 6th Street5REast Village113Co-op
350 CABRINI BOULEVARD3JWashington Heights214Co-op
340 HAVEN AVE1HWashington Heights113.5Co-op
340 HAVEN AVE1CWashington Heights113Co-op
340 HAVEN AVE5BWashington Heights214Co-op
340 HAVEN AVE4PWashington Heights214Co-op
340 HAVEN AVE6MWashington Heights113Co-op
331 W 89 StreetUpper West Side112500Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE2NWashington Heights113.5700Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE2FWashington Heights113.5725Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE2FWashington Heights113.5725Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE2KWashington Heights113.5650Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE1RWashington HeightsStudio12475Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE#1PWashington Heights113Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE#6PWashington Heights214.5875Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE6HWashington Heights325Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE5KWashington Heights113650Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE1CWashington Heights113700Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE6BWashington Heights214Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE#6DWashington Heights112.5850Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE#6BWashington Heights113.5720Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE1PWashington Heights214.5Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE1PWashington Heights214.5Co-op
330-40 HAVEN AVE6BWashington Heights214Co-op
325 West 45th Street506AClintonStudio11Co-op
325 W 45Clinton113Co-op
325 W 45ClintonStudio11Co-op
320 W 84Upper West Side11600Co-op
259 Bennett AveWashington Heights214930Co-op
259 Bennett AveWashington Heights214Co-op
259 BENNETT AVE5BWashington Heights214Co-op
255 CABRINI BLVDWashington Heights11Condo
250 CABRINI BOULEVARD7GWashington Heights113.5800Co-op
155 East 93rd Street4GCarnegie Hill113.5800Co-op
154 West 77th Street4FUpper West Side113Co-op
142 EDGECOMBE AVE2BHarlem214746Condo
140 East 40th Street10BMurray HillStudio12425Co-op
123 West 93rd Street10BUpper West SideStudio12.5500Co-op
116 PINEHURST AVEC54Washington Heights113.5Co-op
116 PINEHURST AVET42 Washington Heights113.5800Co-op
100 OVERLOOK TERRACE77Washington Heights214Co-op
100 OVERLOOK TERRACE213Washington Heights214Co-op
100 BENNETT AVE5HWashington Heights113.5700Co-op

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About Paul

With over 15 years of experience, Paul is active in the Manhattan market in dynamic neighborhoods from the Financial District, Clinton, and the Upper West Side to Hudson Heights and Washington Heights. Paul has developed a loyal following of clients through a network of dedicated friends.
Whether he is preparing a board package for a first-time homebuyer or negotiating a condominium for an international investor, Paul does what it takes to close the deal.

New York represents the best of what the world has to offer which is why in 1986, Paul made it home for his family. He was born in Vienna, Austria and raised in Madison, Wisconsin by a family of educators. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.A. in Communications. He also studied architectural interior design at the New School in Manhattan. Paul has a passion for traveling. Just a few of his endeavors have included trekking the Gobi desert in Mongolia, enjoying the spectacular wines in Argentina, Safari in South Africa, delighting in watching his son play soccer in Paris, and watching the sun set on the Zambezi river in Mozambique.
Paul, his partner, and their son are owners of a Manhattan co-op. His joy in life is raising his son in Manhattan and spending time with his family at their 1800’s farmhouse in upstate New York.

  • 26 Years in Real Estate
  • 2016 Multi-Million Dollar Club
  • 2015 Multi-Million Dollar Club
  • 2016 Gold Council

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