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Patricia Cliff Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Patricia W Cliff

Office: East Side
660 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10065
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
515 Park Avenue34-35Upper East Side$16,100,00045105,000Condo
30 West 63rd Street28DEFGHUpper West Side$13,500,0005610Condo
2 East 88th Street10 FLCarnegie Hill$12,200,00034.59Co-op
145 HUDSON ST14BTribeca$11,800,0003384,120Condo
720 Park Avenue16AUpper East Side$11,250,00034.510Co-op
25 Columbus Circle62CECentral Park South$9,500,0005584,400Condo
2 RUTHERFORD PLGramercy$9,001,000Townhouse
1107 Fifth Avenue7NCarnegie Hill$8,750,0003413Co-op
920 Fifth Avenue9AUpper East Side$7,650,00033114,000Co-op
10 GRACIE SQUARE3GUpper East Side$7,525,00056115,000Co-op
160 WOOSTER STPHASoho/Nolita$7,250,00043.583,474Condo
1141 Park AvenueCarnegie Hill$6,900,000565,720Townhouse
30 East 85th Street11DUpper East Side$6,800,00054.593,170Condo
35 East 76th Street2601Upper East Side$6,451,25044.581,250Co-op
160 WOOSTER STPHBSoho/Nolita$6,400,00033.563,205Condo
181 East 65th Street32AUpper East Side$6,400,0004482,940Condo
200 East 66th StreetC1205Upper East Side$6,364,06243.593,351Condo
1 Central Park West26AUpper West Side$6,300,00033.55.52,110Condo
1 Beekman Place15ABeekman$6,150,00034103,850Co-op
200 East 69th StreetPH48AUpper East Side$6,000,00044.573,664Condo
28 Laight StreetPHNTribeca$5,900,00043.57.53,910Condo
40 East 78th Street15FUpper East Side$5,900,0003372,567Condo
55 Central Park West15FUpper West Side$5,500,000237Co-op
3 East 71st Street7-8CUpper East Side$5,450,00034.59Co-op
170 Sullivan StreetGreenwich Village$5,400,00055.510Townhouse
200 East 65th Street25NUpper East Side$5,350,00033.572,500Condo
1 Central Park West36FGUpper West Side$5,300,0003373,059Condo
14 East 90th Street6ACarnegie Hill$5,200,00033.59Co-op
1100 Park Avenue12BCarnegie Hill$5,049,5103382,870Co-op
518 East 89th StreetUpper East Side$5,000,000334,000Townhouse
288 West 4th StreetWest Village$5,000,0006693,360Townhouse
1150 Fifth Avenue6ACarnegie Hill$4,800,0003372,345Co-op
700 Park Avenue11AUpper East Side$4,750,00033.592,925Co-op
110 Central Park South4BCentral Park South$4,500,00033.562,391Condop
161 HUDSON ST2ATribeca$4,400,00032.572,325Condo
1220 Park Avenue10DCarnegie Hill$4,395,000237Co-op
1 Beekman PlaceTRIPLEXBeekman$4,250,00022.572,500Co-op
860 Fifth AvenuePHBUpper East Side$4,200,000226Co-op
4 Indian Chase DriveGreenwich, CT$3,950,00065.2
1 Central Park West32GUpper West Side$3,900,00022.55.51,767Condo
75 Central Park West2CDUpper West Side$3,890,00022.552,200Co-op
116 Central Park SouthPHBCentral Park South$3,800,0004372,432Condo
930 Fifth Avenue7AUpper East Side$3,800,000226Co-op
145 HUDSON ST14BTribeca$3,665,7003384,120Condo
181 East 65th Street23AUpper East Side$3,650,00033.562,459Condo
12 East 87th Street8ACarnegie Hill$3,595,0003372,150Co-op
860 Fifth Avenue11CUpper East Side$3,500,000225Co-op
345 West 13th Street2AWest Village$3,400,0002282,400Condo
200 Riverside Blvd15KLUpper West Side$3,350,0004572,674Condo
905 West End Avenue111Upper West Side$3,300,000437.52,290Condo
455 East 57th Street9ASutton Area$3,200,0003382,400Co-op
570 Park Avenue8CUpper East Side$3,125,0003382,600Co-op
14 East 4th StreetPH1104Greenwich Village$3,100,00022.55.52,179Condo
184 East 64th Street3-4 FLUpper East Side$3,100,00033.582,800Townhouse
20 Sutton Place South18ASutton Area$3,075,00022.572,300Co-op
150 East 73rd Street7CUpper East Side$3,050,000337Co-op
140 East 7218AUpper East Side$3,000,00033.57Co-op
435 East 52nd Street10A2 Sutton Area$3,000,00033.56Co-op
1112 Park Avenue11CCarnegie Hill$2,900,000236Co-op
150 East 73rd Street7CUpper East Side$2,825,000337Co-op
207 East 74th Street10ALUpper East Side$2,810,000426.5Co-op
1185 Park Avenue8BCarnegie Hill$2,750,000236Co-op
210 West 90th Street11CUpper West Side$2,675,00032.582,165Co-op
181 East 65th Street16DUpper East Side$2,550,00022.541,404Condo
518 East 89th StreetUpper East Side$2,500,000334,000Townhouse
221 CENTRE ST9BSoho/Nolita$2,500,00022.541,831Condo
1112 Park Avenue11CCarnegie Hill$2,495,000236Co-op
1441 Third Avenue12CBUpper East Side$2,400,000436.52,000Condo
258 Broadway6-7ATribeca$2,400,0003362,500Co-op
535 Park Avenue14CUpper East Side$2,400,000225Co-op
200 Central Park South3ACentral Park South$2,328,00032.56Co-op
1 Central Park West40BUpper West Side$2,325,00022.541,599Condo
930 Fifth Avenue6AUpper East Side$2,300,00032.56Co-op
140 Riverside Drive18FUpper West Side$2,300,000224Co-op
11 Riverside DrivePH17CEUpper West Side$2,300,000225Co-op
140 Thompson Street2FSoho/Nolita$2,300,000224Co-op
75 Central Park West8AUpper West Side$2,300,000224.5Co-op
430 East 57th Street12DSutton Area$2,150,000226Co-op
880 Fifth Avenue11DUpper East Side$2,150,000225.5Co-op
50 East 89PHACarnegie Hill$2,125,00022.55.5Co-op
146 West 57th Street74AMidtown West$2,100,00022.562,092Condo
333 East 68th Street9AUpper East Side$2,100,000337Co-op
444 East 57th Street4ASutton Area$2,100,0002251,250Condo
200 East 66th StreetD603Upper East Side$2,075,0002251,460Condo
200 East 57th Street18KMidtown East$2,025,00022.551,973Co-op
345 West 13th Street1EWest Village$2,000,00022.542,330Condo
161 Grand Street5BSoho/Nolita$1,995,00022.541,831Condo
161 Grand Street7BSoho/Nolita$1,995,00022.541,850Condo
545 West 111th Street4FGMorningside Heights$1,950,0003271,700Co-op
35 East 76th Street1712-17Upper East Side$1,900,000235Co-op
90 Franklin Street10NTribeca$1,880,0002251,895Condo
40 East 94th Street11ACarnegie Hill$1,800,0003361,822Condo
969 Park Avenue5DUpper East Side$1,800,0002241,325Co-op
1 Beekman Place1ABeekman$1,770,000348Co-op
30 West Street32EBattery Park City$1,725,00022.571,526Condo
345 West 13th Street1AWest Village$1,687,5001241,800Condo
111 East 859GUpper East Side$1,677,00022.55Co-op
40 Fifth Avenue7CGreenwich Village$1,650,000224.51,200Co-op
12 Beekman Place6ABeekman$1,625,0002251,400Co-op
891 Park Avenue3 FLUpper East Side$1,603,00022.56Co-op
670 West End Avenue8AUpper West Side$1,600,000325.5Co-op
114 East 84th Street9CUpper East Side$1,595,0002261,200Co-op
80 CHAMBERS ST14ATribeca$1,575,0003251,964Condo
252 West 30th Street14 FLChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,550,0003351,700Condo
880 Fifth Avenue11KUpper East Side$1,550,000225Co-op
122 East 82nd Street3AUpper East Side$1,521,500327Co-op
440 East 57th Street20BSutton Area$1,500,000224.5Co-op
125 East 72nd Street9CUpper East Side$1,475,000226Co-op
139 East 94th Street4CCarnegie Hill$1,460,0002241,200Co-op
180 East 79th Street3DUpper East Side$1,450,000236.52,000Co-op
67 Park Avenue15BMurray Hill$1,430,000224Co-op
170 East 78th Street4AUpper East Side$1,380,000113.5Co-op
969 Park Avenue5CUpper East Side$1,350,000113.5950Co-op
100 West 58th Street15FMidtown West$1,300,0002241,176Condo
1441 Third Avenue9AUpper East Side$1,295,000224.51,230Condo
1080 Madison Avenue2AUpper East Side$1,275,000224.51,350Condo
15 West 53rd Street22CMidtown West$1,250,00011.53.5973Condo
969 Park Avenue5EUpper East Side$1,250,000224.51,125Co-op
969 Park Avenue9EUpper East Side$1,235,0002241,150Co-op
2 Beekman Place3CBeekman$1,225,000224.51,200Co-op
1075 Park AvenuePARLORCarnegie Hill$1,225,000225Co-op
434 East 52nd Street9EBeekman$1,200,0002251,300Co-op
146 West 57th Street34AMidtown West$1,180,00022.54.51,463Condo
400 East 51st Street19CMidtown East$1,170,0002241,288Condo
36 West 84th Street3BUpper West Side$1,100,000225Co-op
160 West 86th Street7BUpper West Side$1,100,000224.51,100Condo
36 West 84th Street9AUpper West Side$1,017,500214Co-op
875 Fifth Avenue15EUpper East Side$999,999224.51,450Co-op
114 East 84th Street5CUpper East Side$999,000325.51,250Co-op
785 Park Avenue6CUpper East Side$995,00011.541,196Co-op
100 Ocean Drive524Humacao PR$975,0003362,000
27 East 65th Street14DUpper East Side$975,0002241,350Co-op
137 East 15th Street1BGramercy$975,000221,100Co-op
45 Fifth Avenue2ABGreenwich Village$950,0002261,100Co-op
969 Park Avenue5CUpper East Side$937,500113.5950Co-op
40 East 94th Street11BCarnegie Hill$925,000224.51,350Condo
350 East 72nd Street12AUpper East Side$900,0002241,404Condo
24 West 55th Street9CMidtown West$880,00011.53.51,154Co-op
925 Park Avenue9DUpper East Side$875,000114750Co-op
200 East 89th Street44AUpper East Side$875,0002231,200Condo
465 Park Avenue11EMidtown East$875,000224.51,100Co-op
1 Wall Street Court409Financial District$865,0002261,000Condo
230 East 50th Street4BMidtown East$845,00021.54.51,060Co-op
220 East 67th Street4GUpper East Side$822,5002241,375Co-op
137 East 15th StreetGRDNGramercy$800,00022.551,800Co-op
170 West End Avenue23AUpper West Side$783,750113Co-op
440 East 57th StreetSutton Area$775,0001.57Co-op
166 East 61st Street21GUpper East Side$775,000224Co-op
353 West 56th Street8NMidtown West$760,000113.5814Condo
527 East 72nd Street3CDUpper East Side$745,0002241,100Co-op
477 Broome Street44Soho/Nolita$712,5001131,165Co-op
230 East 50th Street7AMidtown East$690,00021.54.5Co-op
67 Park Avenue15CMurray Hill114Co-op
477 Broome Street43Soho/Nolita$650,000221,111Co-op
27 East 65th Street14CUpper East Side$650,000Studio12550Co-op
111 East 56th Street1008Midtown East$630,000113Co-op
100 West 57th Street12JMidtown West$611,754224.51,182Co-op
333 East 43rd Street801Midtown East$599,000214900Co-op
150 East 77th Street2BUpper East Side$590,000113.5993Co-op
400 East 59th Street14DSutton Area$565,000113.5900Co-op
230 East 50th Street8CMidtown East$560,00011.53.5Co-op
36 West 84th Street8AUpper West Side$525,0002151,036Co-op
348 West 36th Street4SClinton$505,000113850Co-op
35 East 76th Street515-517Upper East Side$500,0001241,200Co-op
30 Beekman Place10CBeekman$495,0001131,000Co-op
106 Central Park South18NCentral Park South$470,000Studio12513Condo
230 East 50th Street8CMidtown East$455,00011.53.5Co-op
400 East 59th Street14DSutton Area$439,000113.5900Co-op
235 East 49th Street8CMidtown East$430,000113700Co-op
315 East 68th Street13RUpper East Side$425,000113.5875Co-op
140 East 56th Street9JMidtown East$392,000113700Condo
240 East 55th Street2AMidtown East$330,000Studio12.5550Co-op
50 East 895GCarnegie Hill$230,000Studio12.5Co-op
829 Park AvenueUpper East Side42.5Co-op
Beekman PlaceBeekman7Co-op
Beekman PlaceBeekman4.5Co-op
210 Riverside DriveUpper West SideCondo
40 East 88 StreetUpper East SideCo-op
19 East 88 StreetUpper East SideCo-op
150 Central Park SouthCentral Park South22Townhouse
1170 Fifth AvenueUpper East SideCo-op
1175 Park AvenueUpper East Side9Co-op
200 East 69 StreetUpper East Side2.57Condo
181 East 65 StreetUpper East Side3.5Condo
103 East 75 StreetUpper East SideCo-op
500 Park AvenueMidtown East1.5Condo
124 East 79th StreetUpper East SideCondo
90 Franklin StreetTribeca33Condo
161 Grand StreetSoho/Nolita22.55Condo
518 East 89th StreetUpper East Side10Townhouse
258 BroadwaySoho/Nolita336Co-op
25 Columbus CircleCentral Park South6810Condo
116 CPSCentral Park South437Condo
891 Park AveUpper East Side226Co-op
150 E 73Upper East Side327Co-op
110 Cental Park South #4BCentral Park South33.562,391Condo
200 ChambersTribeca2241,260Condo
565 ParkUpper East Side22Co-op
160 Wooster StreetSoho/Nolita43.583,476Condo
929 Park AvenueUpper East Side225Co-op
305 West 52nd StreetMidtown West114850Condo
502 Park AvenueUpper East Side2241,554Condo
15 CPWUpper West Side46.5115,417Condo
1049 Fifth AvenueUpper East Side3362,074Condo
14 East 75th StreetUpper East Side9Co-op
1150 Fifth AvenueCarnegie Hill3372,345Co-op
100 Riverside DriveUpper West Side449Co-op
575 Park Avenue, 1104Upper East Side12Co-op
400 West 12th #12AWest Village2241,441Condo
305 East 85th Street #6AUpper East Side33.552,349Condo
1 CPW #25BUpper West Side2241,600Condo
300 Albany #4NBattery Park City113648Condo
155 Perry #6AWest Village11.541,200Condo
75 Central Park WestUpper West Side22.5Co-op
200 E 66th StUpper East Side2241,460Condo
75 Central Park WestUpper West Side22.552,200Co-op
55 Central Park WestUpper West Side237Co-op

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
181 East 65th Street32AUpper East Side$22,0004482,940Condo
25 Columbus Circle59GCentral Park South$12,50022.541,595Condo
65 East 96th Street9BCarnegie Hill$10,5003261,800Condo
25 Columbus Circle59GCentral Park South$10,00022.541,595Condo
460 East 79th Street16DEUpper East Side$9,5004472,000Condo
100 West 58th Street15FMidtown West$4,5002241,176Condo
304 East 20th Street5AGramercy$3,500114Rental Building
14 West 17th StreetFlatiron32.552,000Co-op
About Patricia

Patricia Cliff has sold luxury real estate in New York City for more than 35 years. In January 2013, her book, "The Art of Selling Real Estate" was published. Available on Amazon as both a trade paperback and an e-book, it incorporates the wisdom that Patricia has acquired in the course of her very successful career selling real estate in an extremely competitive marketplace.

She began her NYC real estate career consulting with Aristotle Onassis on the planning and marketing of Olympic Tower and performed the same role for Charles Shaw, the Chicago developer of the architectural award winning Museum Tower, which rises above MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art. Patricia is the go to expert sought out by developers for advice on their forthcoming properties.

Patricia has introduced local as well as international buyers to every major condo development in Manhattan both as individuals seeking primary residences or pied-à-terres. She also specializes in satisfying investors’ diverse needs who wish to acquire a carefully chosen portfolio of Manhattan properties. The vast experience she has garnered representing the idiosyncratic needs of individual purchasers and sellers of cooperative apartments, condominiums and townhouses in Manhattan has ranked her as a recognized leader in the industry.

Licensed as an attorney in NY State, Patricia brings her legal analytical skills to the table in every negotiation. She has also served on various City Bar Association committees, including their Housing and Urban Planning Committee.

A guest lecturer at New York University’s Real Estate Institute, Patricia has shared her well known expertise in the field with numerous students who made her courses amongst the most popular at the Institute. She is also a sought after featured speaker.

  • 43 Years in Real Estate
  • 2012 NRT Top 1,000 Sales Associates Nationwide
  • 2012 President`s Council
  • 2015 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
Memberships & Clubs
  • New York Bar Association
  • Corcoran Advisory Council
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Corcoran Cares

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