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Robby Browne Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Robert M Browne

Office: East Side
660 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10065
  • Office: (212) 893-1728
  • Mobile: (917) 903-3542
  • Fax: (212) 415-6000
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
432 Park AvenuePH88Midtown East$60,893,87357.598,055Condo
25 Columbus CirclePH76-77ACentral Park South$43,065,303Studio8,274Condo
94 Jane StreetWest Village$34,000,00017,422Townhouse
85-89 Jane StreetWest Village$32,000,00012,179Commercial
755 Greenwich StreetWest Village$28,500,00075.51610,200Townhouse
25 Columbus Circle71ACentral Park South$27,000,00034.573,923Condo
139 West 11th StreetGreenwich Village$25,044,28257.5216,979Townhouse
140 West 12th StreetPH7BWest Village$20,137,75043.57.53,977Condo
151 East 58th StreetPH55WUpper East Side$16,750,00034.574,267Condo
25 Columbus Circle72CCentral Park South$16,250,00034.563,027Condo
40 East 66th Street12BUpper East Side$15,450,00045.5104,913Condo
151 East 58th Street44AUpper East Side$15,250,00033.563,058Condo
400 West 1214CWest Village$14,250,00054.583,234Condo
400 West 12th StreetTH-5West Village$14,127,75065.5104,865Condo
62 Bethune StreetWest Village$14,127,75065.5104,865Townhouse
25 Central Park West29QORUpper West Side$14,000,00043.57.52,962Condo
25 Columbus Circle77ACentral Park South$14,000,0003473,866Condo
155 West 11th StreetPH6 EASTGreenwich Village$13,615,52444.583,153Condo
151 East 58th StreetPH55EUpper East Side$13,000,00044.573,779Condo
150 Charles Street4BSWest Village$12,877,28644.57.54,031Condo
25 Columbus Circle77BCentral Park South$12,741,3494574,334Condo
25 Columbus Circle71CCentral Park South$12,650,00034.563,027Condo
25 Central Park West21-22JUpper West Side$12,000,00044.5103,432Condo
950 Park AvenuePHBUpper East Side$12,000,00055.512Co-op
101 Central Park West9BCUpper West Side$12,000,00055.5147,000Co-op
230 Central Park SouthPH17Central Park South$11,900,00033.58Co-op
150 Charles StreetM10West Village$11,754,01244.575,612Condo
151 East 58th Street48DUpper East Side$11,398,70033.572,936Condo
25 Central Park West29QOUpper West Side$10,800,00032.552,078Condo
211 Central Park West16DUpper West Side$10,500,00034.58Co-op
101 Central Park West11EUpper West Side$10,500,00033.593,300Co-op
145-146 Central Park West25EUpper West Side$10,250,000236Co-op
15 West 63rd Street23BUpper West Side$10,200,00044.572,907Condo
211 Central Park West19DUpper West Side$10,200,00022.572,300Co-op
25 Central Park West19JUpper West Side$10,050,0003472,767Condo
25 Central Park West17NUpper West Side$10,000,00022.561,979Condo
25 Central Park West12QUpper West Side$9,400,0003372,244Condo
64 Perry StreetWest Village$9,011,00053104,104Townhouse
131 East 66th Street2-3DUpper East Side$9,000,00054.5114,850Co-op
120 West 72nd StreetPH1Upper West Side$8,962,5004373,335Condo
25 Central Park West15JUpper West Side$8,500,0003372,580Condo
151 East 58th Street49BUpper East Side$8,250,00033.52,669Condo
25 Central Park West27OQUpper West Side$8,223,5653372,200Condo
655 Sixth AvenuePHBChelsea/Hudson Yards$8,150,00033.584,819Condo
2 Horatio StreetPHCDWest Village$8,000,00044.582,950Co-op
160 West 12108West Village$7,950,00033.562,455Condo
525 West 22nd StreetPH6AChelsea/Hudson Yards$7,750,0003393,609Condo
147 Waverly Place9Greenwich Village$7,500,00043.573,389Condo
128 East 93rd StreetCarnegie Hill454,000Townhouse
211 Central Park West9EUpper West Side$7,500,000338Co-op
150 Charles Street6DNWest Village$7,500,00033.552,268Condo
15 Central Park West24CUpper West Side$7,100,00022.54.51,745Condo
25 Central Park West6QUpper West Side$7,060,00022.572,249Condo
33 Charles StreetWest Village$7,050,0003,243Townhouse
66 East 79th Street9 FLUpper East Side$6,900,0004410Co-op
48 Bank StreetWest Village$6,750,000Townhouse
115 Central Park West12FUpper West Side$6,700,00033.59Co-op
171 East 62nd StreetUpper East Side$6,650,0009,000Townhouse
155 West 11th Street5KGreenwich Village$6,621,03033.55.52,024Condo
1 Lexington Avenue8/9CDGramercy$6,608,00053.59Co-op
140 West 12th Street200West Village$6,532,13833.552,370Condo
200 ELEVENTH AVE9SChelsea/Hudson Yards$6,500,00033.572,328Condo
25 Central Park West12QUpper West Side$6,500,0003372,244Condo
92 Laight Street9ATribeca$6,500,00033.572,666Condo
44 West 77th Street10EUpper West Side$6,495,111338Co-op
171 East 73rd StreetUpper East Side$6,375,00065.5116,500Townhouse
25 Central Park West14JUpper West Side$6,337,00033.56.52,229Condo
525 West 22nd StreetPHCChelsea/Hudson Yards$6,300,0003362,200Condo
155 West 11th Street11DGreenwich Village$6,170,273224.51,515Condo
147 Waverly Place7Greenwich Village$6,100,00033.573,375Condo
211 Central Park West19DUpper West Side$6,025,00022.572,300Co-op
169 East 71st StreetUpper East Side$5,975,000453,200Townhouse
40 East 66th Street8CUpper East Side$5,956,76234.572,458Condo
151 East 85th Street19JUpper East Side$5,857,4375572,717Condo
25 Central Park West7QUpper West Side$5,750,0003272,221Condo
333 Central Park West86Upper West Side$5,750,00054.511Co-op
548 East 87th StreetUpper East Side$5,700,00044.510.53,168Townhouse
40 East 66th Street6CUpper East Side$5,650,00034.572,458Condo
40 East 66th Street4CUpper East Side$5,646,19634.572,458Condo
25 Central Park West15JUpper West Side$5,525,0003372,580Condo
5 East 17th StreetFlatiron43105,628Rental Building
8 West 19th Street3Flatiron$5,500,0005474,100Condo
25 Central Park West8Q-7PUpper West Side$5,500,0003493,132Condo
160 Central Park South1201Central Park South$5,400,0003362,350Condo
104 WOOSTER ST2NSoho/Nolita$5,375,0003363,093Condo
41 Central Park West7BUpper West Side$5,250,000337Co-op
173 Perry Street12NWest Village$5,150,00011.53.51,853Condo
38 West 87th StreetUpper West Side$5,150,00069.5106,254Townhouse
40 East 66th Street7CUpper East Side$5,100,00034.572,458Condo
45 Gramercy Park North8BGramercy$5,100,00032.582,500Co-op
116 East 68th Street3-4AUpper East Side$5,000,00034.59Co-op
143 East 19th StreetGramercy$5,000,00066.5104,240Townhouse
559 West 23rd StreetPH12 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,918,1473251,765Condo
245 East 71st StreetUpper East Side$4,900,00043.583,000Townhouse
40 East 66th Street2CUpper East Side$4,850,00022.55.52,309Condo
27 West 67th Street5FWUpper West Side$4,750,000337Co-op
15 West 81st StreetMAISONETTEUpper West Side$4,750,00053.5104,000Co-op
145-146 Central Park West2GUpper West Side$4,680,00033.582,650Co-op
211 Central Park West8KUpper West Side$4,675,000337.5Co-op
80 Columbus Circle67ECentral Park South$4,600,000224.51,488Condo
173 MACDOUGAL ST4EGreenwich Village$4,600,00032.552,266Condo
25 Central Park West15TUpper West Side$4,550,00022.551,815Condo
320 Central Park West4AUpper West Side$4,500,00032.572,500Co-op
15 West 53rd Street33EFMidtown West$4,500,00022.552,391Condo
2 Sutton Place South19ACSutton Area$4,500,00023.57Co-op
157 East 74th Street7BCUpper East Side$4,495,0003372,255Condo
460 Broome StreetSoho/Nolita$4,400,00011,000Commercial
345 West 13th Street5DWest Village$4,400,0003252,700Condo
66 Charles StreetWest Village$4,400,00044.53,600Townhouse
15 West 81st Street6DUpper West Side$4,350,000226Co-op
41 Central Park West10BUpper West Side$4,350,000225.5Co-op
25 Central Park West14HIUpper West Side$4,300,000437.52,400Condo
327 East 51st StreetMidtown East$4,287,50043104,000Townhouse
31 NORTH MOORE2ETribeca$4,250,00032.573,845Condo
171 West 71st Street7-8BUpper West Side$4,250,00054.511Co-op
25 Central Park West3JUpper West Side$4,250,000336.52,200Condo
40 East 78th Street15DUpper East Side$4,200,0003261,577Condo
27 West 67th Street6FWUpper West Side$4,185,0003362,400Co-op
62 BEACH ST4ETribeca$4,175,0003351,857Condo
15 West 81st Street2BUpper West Side$4,125,000337Co-op
115 Central Park West19DUpper West Side$4,100,0002252,000Co-op
101 Central Park West16GUpper West Side$4,100,0002362,200Co-op
160 West 1246West Village$4,062,2132241,586Condo
332 West 20th StreetChelsea/Hudson Yards$4,005,00054Townhouse
50 Central Park West4AUpper West Side$3,995,000449Co-op
25 Central Park West29RUpper West Side$3,920,00011.53.5884Condo
50 Gramercy Park North2BGramercy$3,900,00022.552,318Condop
682 BroadwayPHGreenwich Village$3,800,00022.563,000Co-op
171 West 57th Street2BMidtown West$3,775,0003372,744Condo
125 East 74th Street8-9AUpper East Side$3,725,0004382,270Co-op
90 Franklin Street14Tribeca$3,725,00044.575,027Condo
170 East End Avenue5JUpper East Side$3,695,0003351,924Condo
781 Fifth Avenue2304-06Upper East Side$3,650,000224.5Co-op
171 West 71st Street10BUpper West Side$3,625,0003372,000Co-op
144 West 18th StreetPH8-9EChelsea/Hudson Yards$3,600,00022.552,005Condo
285 Lafayette Street3ESoho/Nolita$3,551,00033.553,175Condo
60 East End Avenue38ABUpper East Side$3,500,00054.5104,500Co-op
245 Seventh Avenue3BChelsea/Hudson Yards$3,500,00032.562,258Condo
213 West 23rd Street8SChelsea/Hudson Yards$3,500,00032.564,128Condo
90 Riverside Drive8GUpper West Side$3,475,000337Co-op
252 East 78th StreetUpper East Side$3,450,00084Townhouse
336 Central Park West12AUpper West Side$3,450,000327Co-op
372 West 11th StreetWest Village$3,450,00044.58Townhouse
220 Riverside Blvd25AUpper West Side$3,425,0003361,859Condo
25 Central Park West2MUpper West Side$3,400,000226.52,036Condo
25 Central Park West10EUpper West Side$3,400,000225.51,700Condo
50 Central Park West2AUpper West Side$3,395,00032.562,400Co-op
80 Columbus Circle66ECentral Park South$3,375,00022.551,757Condo
345 West 13th Street4AWest Village$3,362,5003262,373Condo
435 East 52nd Street7CSutton Area$3,325,000226Co-op
200 East 62nd Street16AUpper East Side$3,313,40622.54.51,689Condo
1060 Fifth Avenue10CCarnegie Hill$3,300,00022.572,600Co-op
532 West 22nd Street3AChelsea/Hudson Yards$3,275,0003262,515Condo
302 West 12th Street3GWest Village$3,275,000224.51,300Condo
355 West BroadwaySoho/Nolita$3,250,0005,447Townhouse
147 Waverly Place2EGreenwich Village$3,237,5002351,887Condo
285 Lafayette Street2ESoho/Nolita$3,225,0003262,600Condo
59 West 12th Street6EGreenwich Village$3,223,0002241,400Condo
160 Central Park South1214Central Park South$3,200,00022.541,555Condo
25 Central Park West18EUpper West Side$3,200,00032.572,091Condo
62 BEACH ST4ETribeca$3,200,0003351,857Condo
1 Fifth Avenue7GHGreenwich Village$3,200,00032.562,100Co-op
176 MULBERRYPenthouse Soho/Nolita$3,158,33332.551,828Condo
25 Central Park West11EUpper West Side$3,155,0002241,686Condo
257 West 17th Street4DChelsea/Hudson Yards$3,150,00022.551,889Condo
525 West 22nd Street5CChelsea/Hudson Yards$3,150,0002241,784Condo
3 West 13th Street7th FlGreenwich Village$3,100,000225Condo
66 Ninth Avenue8EChelsea/Hudson Yards$3,100,00032.561,834Condo
1185 Park Avenue2BCarnegie Hill$3,100,0002262,200Co-op
15 West 81st Street11EUpper West Side$3,100,000236Co-op
90 Riverside Drive6GUpper West Side$3,100,000337.5Co-op
6 West 77th Street10EUpper West Side$3,100,00032.57Co-op
15 West 81st Street15AUpper West Side$3,095,000226Co-op
155 West 11th Street2JGreenwich Village$3,062,26211.53.51,206Condo
525 West 22nd Street2AChelsea/Hudson Yards$3,050,0002263,033Condo
369 Bleecker Street4-5West Village$3,025,0003361,590Condo
128 Central Park South13BCentral Park South$3,000,00022.54.51,400Co-op
1 West 72nd Street8Upper West Side$3,000,0003372,500Co-op
641 Fifth Avenue44DMidtown East$3,000,00022.562,200Condo
211 Central Park West16HUpper West Side$3,000,000225Co-op
31 Jane Street16BCWest Village$2,995,000225Co-op
520 West 195BChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,975,0003362,041Condo
505 Greenwich Street9DSoho/Nolita$2,922,50033.552,404Condo
285 Lafayette Street2ESoho/Nolita$2,850,0003262,600Condo
15 West 81st Street6FUpper West Side$2,840,000336Co-op
60 East 13th Street5EGreenwich Village$2,827,50031.552,575Condo
55 Central Park West18DUpper West Side$2,825,000225Co-op
532 West 22nd Street3AChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,820,0003262,515Condo
157 East 74th Street7BCUpper East Side$2,807,2503372,255Condo
138 Ninth AvenueChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,800,0003,000Townhouse
257 West 17th Street2DChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,800,00032.561,889Condo
325 West End Avenue2CUpper West Side$2,800,0003361,900Co-op
25 Central Park West8TUpper West Side$2,800,000225.51,715Condo
1 Lexington Avenue6-7DGramercy$2,795,000326Co-op
25 Central Park West16MUpper West Side$2,775,00022.562,003Condo
110 West 25th Street10 FLChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,766,00032.562,500Condo
55 Central Park West15EUpper West Side$2,760,00033.57Co-op
211 Central Park West6HUpper West Side$2,700,000226Co-op
40 East 83rd Street11WUpper East Side$2,700,00022.56Co-op
115 Fourth AvenuePH8FEast Village$2,650,000225.51,800Condo
4 West 21st Street14BFlatiron$2,650,0003371,674Condop
45 East 9th Street98Greenwich Village$2,600,00011.54Co-op
55 White Street1CTribeca$2,599,0003372,600Condo
15 West 81st Street7DUpper West Side$2,595,000226.5Co-op
150 East 69th Street14SUpper East Side$2,575,000225Co-op
157 East 74th Street5AUpper East Side$2,575,00022.51,298Condo
45 CHRISTOPHER ST4BGreenwich Village$2,565,000224.51,350Condo
25 Central Park West8ZUpper West Side$2,550,0002241,322Condo
100 Riverside Drive9AUpper West Side$2,550,0002262,000Co-op
650 Park Avenue7FUpper East Side$2,550,00022.56Co-op
80 Central Park West18FGUpper West Side$2,525,000336Co-op
144 West 18th StreetPH8-9EChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,503,00022.552,005Condo
200 East 69th Street19CUpper East Side$2,500,000336Condo
170 East 78th Street2A-3BUpper East Side$2,500,000225Co-op
224 West 18th Street6AChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,500,0002251,866Condo
1 Harrison StreetTribeca$2,500,0003,000Townhouse
50 Central Park West5AUpper West Side$2,500,000326Co-op
15 West 81st Street3FUpper West Side$2,500,000236Co-op
639 West End Avenue14DUpper West Side$2,450,000336.5Co-op
520 West 198AChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,425,00022.551,582Condo
25 East End Avenue10CUpper East Side$2,425,000225Co-op
400 East 70th Street2702 Upper East Side$2,410,00033.572,000Condo
231 TENTH AVE10BChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,400,000224.51,421Condo
258 Broadway6-7ATribeca$2,400,0003362,500Co-op
35 East 10th Street7ABGreenwich Village$2,400,000226Co-op
7 East 20th Street9FFlatiron$2,395,0001131,359Condo
121 West 19th Street9GChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,385,00032.551,848Condo
257 West 17th Street7DChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,375,00022.552,000Condo
111 West 82nd Street2AUpper West Side$2,337,5003362,200Co-op
166 East 63rd Street11CUpper East Side$2,325,0003462,150Condo
272 West 107th Street9CUpper West Side$2,300,00032.562,187Condo
176 East 71st Street14CUpper East Side$2,295,00022.55.5Co-op
380 West 12th Street6DWest Village$2,287,5002141,250Co-op
25 Central Park West2PUpper West Side$2,275,000224.51,205Condo
302 West 12th Street17BWest Village$2,275,000113617Condo
25 Central Park West29RUpper West Side$2,260,00011.53.5884Condo
123 Sullivan Street5Soho/Nolita$2,250,0002261,648Condo
75 Central Park West15DUpper West Side$2,250,000236Co-op
142 West 10th Street2AGreenwich Village$2,240,000271,115Condo
25 Central Park West15TUpper West Side$2,200,00022.551,815Condo
201 West 17th Street4AChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,150,00032.552,218Condo
165 West 18th Street11BChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,150,0002241,013Condo
252 Seventh Avenue10JChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,135,0002241,313Condo
11 Fifth Avenue8TGreenwich Village$2,100,000224.5Co-op
475 Broadway6ESoho/Nolita$2,037,0003382,490Condo
272 West 107th Street9CUpper West Side$1,985,58832.562,187Condo
532 West 22nd Street3BChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,950,000224.51,490Condo
25 Central Park West15TUpper West Side$1,950,00022.551,815Condo
25 Central Park West12SUpper West Side$1,925,00011.53.5945Condo
270 West 19th Street1BChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,925,0001241,370Condo
39 West 67th Street1204Upper West Side$1,920,000327Co-op
121 West 72nd Street14CDUpper West Side$1,895,000337950Co-op
124 East 79th Street8DUpper East Side$1,825,000224.51,261Condo
7 East 14th Street21OFlatiron$1,816,0002241,300Co-op
15 West 81st Street5GUpper West Side$1,810,00032.55Co-op
121 West 20th Street2BChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,800,0002251,800Condo
25 Central Park West20RUpper West Side$1,800,000113646Condo
25 Central Park West5BUpper West Side$1,795,000224.51,297Condo
25 Central Park West2SUpper West Side$1,775,00011.53886Condo
308 East 72nd Street5DUpper East Side$1,750,00023.551,662Condo
4 West 21st Street7AFlatiron$1,726,0002241,225Condop
4 West 21st Street5AFlatiron$1,720,0002241,225Condop
25 Central Park West26RUpper West Side$1,705,00011.53.5Condo
25 Central Park West27RUpper West Side$1,700,00011.53.5884Condo
29 East 64th Street8CUpper East Side$1,700,0002361,700Co-op
575 Sixth Avenue9BFlatiron$1,695,0001241,300Co-op
655 Sixth Avenue3GChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,695,0001251,231Condo
12 West 96th Street2AUpper West Side$1,625,00032.57Co-op
39 Fifth Avenue12BGreenwich Village$1,625,000113875Co-op
157 East 74th Street3CUpper East Side$1,600,00022.54.51,300Condo
136 East 64th Street3EUpper East Side$1,600,0003372,200Co-op
201 West 17th Street2BChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,575,00032.551,937Condo
59 West 12th Street6GGreenwich Village$1,565,000113933Condo
180 West 58th Street12EMidtown West$1,560,000224.5Co-op
330 East 38th Street23NMurray Hill$1,525,0003361,750Condo
157 East 74th Street3CUpper East Side$1,500,00022.54.51,300Condo
655 Sixth Avenue5JChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,500,00011.531,022Condo
272 Water Street3RFinancial District$1,495,0001121,083Condo
300 East 77th Street10AUpper East Side$1,465,00022.551,600Condo
15 West 81st Street3HUpper West Side$1,460,000224.51,450Co-op
50 Morningside Drive42Morningside Heights$1,451,00031.561,300Co-op
80 Central Park West18AUpper West Side$1,450,00011.53.5Co-op
15 West 72Upper West Side$1,450,000224.5Co-op
340 West 57th Street6IMidtown West$1,450,000113.51,200Condo
1 IRVING PLACEG18BGramercy$1,428,000113Condo
870 Fifth Avenue12EUpper East Side$1,425,0002251,500Co-op
15 West 81st Street7JUpper West Side$1,400,000224.5Co-op
320 Central Park West4DUpper West Side$1,397,000224.5Co-op
525 West 22nd Street5CChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,385,0002241,784Condo
970 Park Avenue6NUpper East Side$1,375,0002251,800Co-op
336 Central Park West12EUpper West Side$1,350,000336Co-op
55 East 9th Street12CGreenwich Village$1,350,000224.51,200Co-op
64 West 15th Street5EFlatiron$1,350,0002141,400Co-op
299 West 12th Street10JWest Village$1,350,000113.5850Condo
325 West 16th Street4WChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,350,000113Co-op
25 Central Park West2SUpper West Side$1,325,00011.53.5886Condo
25 Central Park West4EUpper West Side$1,325,000325.51,715Condo
432 Park Avenue29MMidtown East$1,321,344Studio12351Condo
140 East 63rd Street6FUpper East Side$1,300,000113686Condo
515 West End Avenue14AUpper West Side$1,300,000224.5Co-op
10 West 15th Street1917Flatiron$1,295,0002241,100Co-op
25 Central Park West9GUpper West Side$1,270,000113.5860Condo
253 West 73rd Street17-18GUpper West Side$1,250,000224.5949Condo
50 East 79th Street10BUpper East Side$1,250,00021.54Co-op
1060 Park Avenue9ECarnegie Hill$1,242,812114Co-op
25 Central Park West4GUpper West Side$1,225,000113.5804Condo
157 East 74th Street8CUpper East Side$1,215,00022.54.51,350Condo
25 Central Park West1YUpper West Side$1,210,000224.51,335Condo
15 West 81st Street3JUpper West Side$1,200,000224.5Co-op
61 Jane Street18MWest Village$1,200,000113.5Co-op
8-10 Bethune Street4ABWest Village$1,199,000113Co-op
302 West 12th Street3CWest Village$1,180,000113800Condo
75 Central Park West10AUpper West Side$1,165,000224.5Co-op
176 East 71st Street14CUpper East Side$1,150,00022.55.5Co-op
353 West 56th Street8AMidtown West$1,150,000113850Condo
505 West 47th Street1DNClinton$1,149,0002241,075Condo
25 Central Park West29RUpper West Side$1,126,00011.53.5884Condo
36 West 69th Street1BUpper West Side$1,100,000113.5760Co-op
2 West 67th Street12-13DUpper West Side$1,087,500113.5Co-op
410 West 24th Street11CDChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,085,000123975Co-op
25 Central Park West1BUpper West Side$1,055,000224.51,291Condo
333 West 56th Street8MMidtown West$1,050,000113.5800Condo
16 Sutton Place3CSutton Area$1,050,000224.5Co-op
860 Fifth Avenue10MUpper East Side$995,0002251,500Co-op
45 West 67th Street14CUpper West Side$995,0002131,014Condo
160 Central Park South2307Central Park South$990,000113830Condo
165 Christopher Street4IWest Village$985,00021.54.51,100Co-op
17 East 84th Street9BUpper East Side$980,00021.56Co-op
422 West 20th Street3DChelsea/Hudson Yards214785Condo
353 West 56th Street2AMidtown West$925,000113809Condo
25 Central Park West6DUpper West Side$920,000113.5836Condo
329 West 19th Street3Chelsea/Hudson Yards$906,00011.53.5830Co-op
15 West 721EUpper West Side$899,000113.5960Co-op
300 East 77th Street8BUpper East Side$886,25011.53.51,067Condo
2109 Broadway16-02 Upper West Side$870,000123950Condo
25 Central Park West20UUpper West Side$850,000Studio12600Condo
555 West 23rd StreetN9EChelsea/Hudson Yards$834,965113704Condo
521 West 47th Street2BClinton$815,000113.51,000Co-op
45 West 67th Street14AUpper West Side$814,725Studio12.5526Condo
470 West 24th Street11EChelsea/Hudson Yards$780,000113850Co-op
45 West 67th Street14CUpper West Side$775,0002131,014Condo
23 East 74th Street11GUpper East Side$770,000113500Co-op
15 West 81st Street1HUpper West Side$760,0001131,220Co-op
25 Central Park West8UUpper West Side$750,000113741Condo
7 East 14th Street21DFlatiron$725,000113662Co-op
350 East 82nd Street6NUpper East Side$725,000113700Condo
116 East 66th Street12DUpper East Side$725,000224.5Co-op
422 West 20th Street3CChelsea/Hudson Yards$721,175112612Condo
167 Perry Street4HWest Village$705,000113Co-op
555 West 23rd StreetN5MChelsea/Hudson Yards$687,319113670Condo
172 West 79th Street9BUpper West Side$685,000114807Condo
520 West 23rd Street7FChelsea/Hudson Yards$680,000113626Condop
715 Park Avenue9CUpper East Side$625,000113800Condo
39 Fifth Avenue6BGreenwich Village$600,000113850Co-op
405 West 21st Street2FChelsea/Hudson Yards$585,000113Co-op
25 Central Park West8UUpper West Side$555,000113741Condo
163 SAINT NICHOLAS AVE5EHarlem$525,000113713Condo
32 Gramercy Park South3FGramercy$522,500113700Co-op
245 East 50th Street7AMidtown East$505,000113793Condo
100 West 12th Street5EGreenwich Village$499,995Studio12450Co-op
516 West 47th StreetN3EClinton$494,700113600Condo
405 West 23rd Street12JChelsea/Hudson Yards$490,000Studio12500Co-op
2373 Broadway1426Upper West Side$460,000113700Condop
320 Central Park West2EUpper West Side$450,000Studio12Co-op
39 East 79th Street3AUpper East Side225Co-op

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
1000 Park AvenueUpper East Side$50,00055.5135,180Co-op
65 West 13th Street6EFGreenwich Village$45,00043.5104,584Condo
400 West 12th Street14CWest Village$37,25054.583,234Condo
147 Waverly Place7Greenwich Village$30,00033.573,375Condo
205 East 85th Street15CDUpper East Side$30,00044.58.52,567Condo
177 Ninth Avenue3AChelsea/Hudson Yards$27,0004463,176Condop
40 East 66th Street6BUpper East Side$27,0003472,455Condo
525 West 22nd Street5DChelsea/Hudson Yards$26,0003393,686Condo
21 East 61st Street10AUpper East Side$25,00033.562,432Condop
140 West 12th Street300West Village$25,00033.55.52,386Condo
177 Ninth Avenue3AChelsea/Hudson Yards$25,0004463,176Condop
45 West 67th Street15ABCUpper West Side$25,00053.5104,059Condo
40 East 66th Street6BUpper East Side$23,0003372,455Condo
400 West 12th Street14BWest Village$22,25033.562,169Condo
147 Waverly Place9Greenwich Village$22,00043.573,389Condo
157 East 74th Street9CUpper East Side$20,00022.561,721Condo
147 West 15th Street116Chelsea/Hudson Yards$20,00022.58Co-op
1 Central Park South507Central Park South$20,00022.551,843Condo
400 West 12th Street16AWest Village$19,000224.51,441Condo
15 Central Park West24CUpper West Side$19,00022.54.51,745Condo
15 Central Park West6JUpper West Side$18,54022.54.51,482Condo
400 West 12th StreetWest Village$18,5003362,284Condo
106 Central Park South24ACentral Park South$18,00033.562,296Condo
15 Central Park West6JUpper West Side$18,00022.54.51,482Condo
15 Central Park West6JUpper West Side$17,50022.54.51,482Condo
345 West 13th Street4HWest Village$17,50032.572,573Condo
345 West 13th Street4HWest Village$17,50032.572,573Condo
345 West 13th Street4HWest Village$17,00032.572,573Condo
15 Central Park West6JUpper West Side$16,50022.54.51,482Condo
137 West 87th StreetUpper West Side$16,50053113,560Townhouse
52 THOMAS ST4DTribeca$16,0003351,967Condo
345 West 13th Street4HWest Village$15,00032.572,573Condo
110 Central Park South9ACentral Park South22.551,849Condop
150 Charles Street3ESWest Village$13,50022.541,577Condo
150 West 56th Street6104Midtown West$12,50033.551,900Condo
147 Waverly Place2EGreenwich Village$12,5002351,887Condo
92 Laight Street9BTribeca$12,5002251,710Condo
92 Laight Street9BTribeca$12,0002251,710Condo
257 West 17th Street4CChelsea/Hudson Yards$12,00032.562,342Condo
15 Central Park West7KUpper West Side$11,50011.541,026Condo
270 West 19th Street1BChelsea/Hudson Yards$9,2501241,370Condo
106 Central Park South26BCentral Park South$9,00022.541,430Condo
106 Central Park South26BCentral Park South$8,80022.541,430Condo
25 Central Park West28QUpper West Side$8,10011.53.5891Condo
25 Central Park West2PUpper West Side$8,000224.51,205Condo
106 Central Park South24BCentral Park South$7,95022.541,430Condo
25 Central Park West28QUpper West Side$7,25011.53.5891Condo
177 Ninth Avenue5CChelsea/Hudson Yards$7,0001231,202Condop
25 Central Park West28KUpper West Side$6,900224.51,235Condo
25 Central Park West28QUpper West Side$6,90011.53.5891Condo
231 TENTH AVE7AChelsea/Hudson Yards$6,700224.51,421Condo
25 Central Park West10PUpper West Side$6,500113900Condo
340 West 86th Street7BUpper West Side$6,3002251,368Condo
2150 Broadway10GUpper West Side$6,20011.53922Condo
25 Central Park West4KUpper West Side113.5930Condo
2150 Broadway10GUpper West Side$6,00011.53922Condo
231 TENTH AVE7AChelsea/Hudson Yards$5,700224.51,421Condo
299 West 12th Street10JWest Village$5,100113.5850Condo
25 Central Park West4FUpper West Side$5,10011.53.5930Condo
25 Central Park West12CUpper West Side$5,000113.5950Condo
200 East 66th StreetE3-06Upper East Side$4,950113955Condo
140 East 63rd Street5FUpper East Side$4,500112680Condo
140 East 63rd Street6FUpper East Side$4,350113686Condo
25 Central Park West4GUpper West Side$4,300113.5804Condo
140 East 63rd Street5FUpper East Side$4,250112680Condo
140 East 63rd Street5FUpper East Side$4,200112680Condo
50 West 67th Street5DUpper West Side$4,000113900Co-op
25 Central Park West12GUpper West Side$3,950113820Condo
140 East 63rd Street5FUpper East Side$3,850112680Condo
299 West 12th Street15HWest Village$3,500Studio12556Condo
25 Central Park West2HUpper West Side$3,000113.5783Condo
405 West 23rd Street12JChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,500Studio12500Co-op
About Robby

Widely recognized as one of New York's most successful real estate experts, Robby Browne cuts a distinctive figure in the Manhattan brokerage community.
Whether tending his rooftop garden on Central Park West, commuting to showings on his bicycle or closing one of the largest residential real estate deals in New York City history,
Robby approaches work and life with his own unique combination of intelligence, passion and humor. Equal parts seasoned professional, experienced negotiator and charming raconteur, Robby has sold luxury and major properties in all parts of Manhattan.

He is repeatedly and consistently recognized for his successes and notable achievements, which include:
- 2016 East Side Team of The Year
- 2016 Deal of The Year
- 2016 President's Council
- Ranked #3 by sales volume in 2015 Wall Street Journal/REAL Trends Top 1,000 Agents in New York City
- Ranked #8 by sales volume in 2015 Wall Street Journal/REAL Trends Top 1,000 Agents Nationwide
- Corcoran Group Real Estate’s Multi-Million Dollar Club (annual sales in excess of $200M) every year from 2004 to 2016
- Ranked in Top 3 Producing Teams at Corcoran Group Real Estate every year from 2004 to 2016
- Corcoran’s Broker of the Year (multiple times)
- Highest sales price on record for cooperative apartment in Upper West Side
- Highest and third highest sales price on record for townhouse in Greenwich Village
Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Robby is a graduate of Phillips Academy, Andover, MA, Princeton University and Harvard Business School. Prior to his career as a real estate broker, he worked in a wide variety of jobs. He owned and operated Browne-Ladd Tours (student trips to Europe) and served on the Organizing Committee of the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984 and was director of the Olympic Village at the University of California's Santa Barbara campus. In addition, he has worked as a teaching fellow at Andover and was an admissions officer at Harvard Undergraduate. He has served on the board of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), The Gay Games and has been actively involved with the Student Sponsor Partnership Program. Robby is a sponsor with the "Teach for America" program and, since 1985, has hosted an annual holiday party which benefits thousands of children and seniors by providing toys, clothing and financial support.

  • 31 Years in Real Estate
  • 2016 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
  • 2016 Corcoran Group's Deal of the Year
  • 2016 Eastside Sales Team of the Year
Memberships & Clubs
  • Corcoran Cares
  • Friends of the High Line

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