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Get to know Pajaros Point

Rising theatrically from the Caribbean Sea, Pajaros Point forms the most northeasterly point of Oil Nut Bay. Jagged shards of rock lead to rugged cliffs and rolling hillside brimming with endemic flora and flora, including the rare Turks Head Cactus. A beloved hiking and fishing spot for generations, this breathtaking locale is 50 acres of Caribbean wilderness—exposed to the elements, dramatic in geography, thrilling in authenticity.

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Living in Oil Nut Bay

Oil Nut Bay is a sustainable, master-planned community on Virgin Gorda’s coveted North Sound that boasts some of the finest architecture in the region, much of which blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Nestled amidst a lush expanse of green topography and rising rocky terrain, it’s a feast for the senses that offers residents and guests alike a profound connection with the natural elements of the Caribbean. Residents relish the comfort, safety, and seclusion of their own private island while also enjoying one-of-a-kind resort amenities. Clear blue waters and gentle northeastern trade winds provide the world’s best sailing and yachting, while the mild climate allows opportunities for adventure both on water and ashore.