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Get to know Lake View East

Lake View East may be the most Chicago of Chicago neighborhoods. It’s a bunch of little villages that sit cheek by jowl, and while each has its own personality, the whole area has a laid-back, fun-loving vibe. It’s a great spot for arts and culture, most of it unpretentious, and the same is true of its dining and shopping. This is a part of the city where the restaurants and bars are often packed with people on their way to or from a concert, play, or comedy show. Lake View East sits north of the Lincoln Park neighborhood and shares a bit of the park itself. Housing runs the gamut from high-rise luxury apartments with corresponding views to row houses and brawny brick apartment buildings.

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Living in Chicago

There may be people who live in Chicago who do not love Chicago, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one of them. From the shores of Lake Michigan to the sprawling suburbs, Chicago is a global metropolis that still manages to be Midwestern friendly. The city has some 600 parks, and 18.5 miles of trail along the shore of the lake and another lining the rivers of downtown. The food is among the best and most varied in the world. Museums and performance venues abound, and public art fills green space and public squares. Public transportation is easy, as is reaching either U.S. coast in half a day. Even in the midst of its notoriously frigid winters, you won’t find a warmer city to call home.