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Boynton Beach is one of the quieter cities in the Palm Beaches, a community for people who aren’t afraid of a little glitz and glamour (and accompanying traffic and prices) but would prefer that it weren’t right next door. Golfing is serious business to the west of the city, where well-manicured subdivisions have been basking in the Florida sun for decades. On the east side of town, the downtown is enjoying redevelopment, and savvy investors are taking advantage of some excellent investment opportunities. Farther to the east, of course, is the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s marinas launch fishing boats into fresh and salt waters, and locals are often out on paddleboards and kayaks that they launch from waterside parks — including Oceanfront Park, with its canopy-covered boardwalk. Natural and artificial reefs for diving and snorkeling are nearby, and wildlife abounds in the sawgrass of the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge.
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Boynton Beach isn’t a small city, but it hasn’t suffered from the overdevelopment that has crowded its neighbors. It retains a small-town feel, and local shops and restaurants haven’t been pushed out to make way for luxury retail mini-malls. Fine dining and tasteful boutiques do exist here, but Boynton isn’t a place where you’ll valet park your Rolls-Royce at brunch. Instead, you’ll enjoy restaurants with no wait times, a range of stores that provide everything you need for comfortable living, and easy access to all the cultural richness of the Miami Metropolitan Area. The city hosts a Haunted Pirate Fest and Mermaid Splash every fall, but the same free-spirited party happens year-round in the restaurants and bars along the docks. The people who live here enjoy Boynton for what it is: a laid-back city with notable beaches and perfect Florida weather.

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