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Get to know Coconut Grove

The Grove (as the locals call it) is Miami’s greenest neighborhood. Here, palms are crowded in with giant live oaks and other hardwood trees that line the boulevards. If it seems like more of an old-fashioned town than other parts of the metropolitan area, that’s because it’s been inhabited since 1825, making it Miami’s oldest neighborhood as well as its most verdant. It sits on the banks of Biscayne Bay, and the sheltered cove that let the first inhabitants set up a Caribbean-style settlement is now full of marinas for some of Miami’s toniest yacht clubs. Not all of the action is on the water, however, since the town is bustling with restaurants and bars along the waterfront and on charming (and shady) streets. Its legendary nightlife — rarely ruined by crowds of tourists — caters to fashionable Miami professionals and students from the nearby universities.

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Coconut Grove Commerce & Culture

Coconut Grove has a longer history than most cities in Florida, and that’s reflected in a strong sense of community and also in some genuinely historic architecture. The feel is more island-like than some other cities, and the annual Goombay Festival celebrates the Grove’s close connection to the Bahamas with a carnival that features Bahamian food and music. The Coconut Grove Arts Festival is among the best in an arts-festival-rich area, and food and wine festivals seem to happen constantly, with the biggest in April of each year. Those shady streets — and the walking and biking paths along them — are full of charming boutiques and shops, many with thoughtfully curated collections of fashion and furnishings. Most, however, don’t bother with the too-hip aesthetic you’ll find in other parts of Miami. The Grove may be a part of the city, but it still feels like a perfect little island community.