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Jupiter is a place both in the solar system and in Florida, but it’s on Jupiter Island that the adjective “astronomical” is the most apt. This is the most highly regarded stretch of beach (nine miles of it) in the United States, frequently named as having some of the most sought-after real estate around. The town stretches along an island of the same name, from a wildlife refuge in the north to another in the south, and is connected to the mainland with a bridge to Hobe Sound, but barely. Housing here is in the form of genteel estates, single-family homes, and carve-outs for conservation and preservation.

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Jupiter Island Living in The Palm Beaches

When the Spanish brigantine “Providencia” ran aground in 1878 with a cargo of 20,000 coconuts, early settlers planted most of them in the sand, sprouting the spindly non-native trees that would come to define South Florida’s preeminent paradise playground. From a singular, namesake enclave on Lake Worth Lagoon grew a cluster of mainland and barrier island communities that would come to collectively be known as The Palm Beaches. What was once predominantly a winter haven for Northeast magnates and moguls is today a thriving metropolitan region, welcoming residents and sojourners alike with world-class culture, a thriving economy, and the quintessential climate to maximize your time outdoors. Whether deep sea fishing off Jupiter Inlet, hitting the links off PGA Boulevard, or mounting on horseback in Wellington, there’s little one can’t enjoy year-round.