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Ocean Ridge has a name just generic enough that it could be anywhere sea-adjacent, and it’s a point of local pride that people who live elsewhere in the Palm Beaches have no idea where it lies. The town sits on the most oceanward thrust of land next to Boynton Beach (which, logically, is the original name of Ocean Ridge), sandwiched between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic. Most of Ocean Ridge lies on the main barrier island, but it includes two inlet-side islands built from dredged material from the waterway. That makes for a lot of water in a very small town, and its 2 square miles are almost evenly divided between sea and firmament. Locals take advantage of this, and the town has active marinas with jetties that host fishing boats, pleasure boats, and personal watercraft.
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Commerce & Culture

Through a happy, marshy accident, Ocean Ridge has several large areas of undeveloped land that remain in a relatively pristine state and are protected as county parks and natural areas. These feature amenities like boardwalk walking trails, observation towers, and plenty of greenery and wildlife. The local beaches are as fine as any on the coast, and Ocean Ridge Hammock Park is a wild oasis in the middle of a more crowded stretch of Atlantic coastline. Other than boat charters and (mostly) long-term rentals, there’s no business getting done in Ocean Ridge, though there are a variety of fun and funky restaurants just across the Intracoastal in the more bustling Boynton Beach. Locals venture west for all their services, and then disappear back across the water when their errands are done.

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