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Palm Beach is exceptional because it could not have been any other way. It’s an island — literally and metaphorically — founded as a Gilded Age resort by Henry Morrison Flagler at the turn of the last century. Beneath the swaying palms he built a fabulous Beaux-Arts mansion and luxury hotels, and the world followed him there. From the very start, Palm Beach defined timeless elegance. Though it’s now connected to the mainland by bridges, Palm Beach remains a place set apart. It’s a world unto itself, a city with global tastes and residents who clearly value the finer things in life. Every aspect of the island, from its spectacular private residences to its immaculate public parks, is designed with luxury in mind.
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History & Culture

More than a century in, Palm Beach still captures the imagination of visitors and a passion in its residents. To own a home here is to signal success, and the locals find themselves a part of a community that has branches in London, Manhattan, and Capri. Economy-changing conversations take place over tennis matches, next to turquoise pools, and at gala philanthropic occasions. But simple pleasures are equally enjoyed. Walks along beaches and pathways are a daily activity for most, and arts festivals and concerts — as well as boat and auto shows — are scheduled throughout the year. While tourists come to take in the magnificent architecture and spectacular weather, the residents of Palm Beach know it as a friendly beach town, and are quick to give a wave to their neighbors across a crowded restaurant floor, on the sidewalks of Worth Avenue, or from dock to dock while their yachts are being fueled up.

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Dine & Shop

Shopping isn’t so much a pastime here as a full-fledged adventure. Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue is a four-block stretch that rivals Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue in the caliber of its retailers, with all the best labels rendered in brass on the doorframes. Crisp paper shopping bags are the accessory of choice on the island, though they’re quickly hidden away in the trunk of the Rolls. Restaurants helmed by some of the world’s great chefs are a mainstay of social life on the island. Elegant dining rooms are full every night of the week with people recognizable by name if not by sight. During the day, the café crowd soaks in the sun and ocean breezes, reveling in an endless meal that starts with brunch and continues until a time that somewhere else might be called “after work.”