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Set within the town of Southampton, Flanders sits roughly at the spot where the North Fork and the South Fork of Long Island meet. Thus, while it is in the Hamptons, the 11.6-square-mile hamlet affords convenience to the wineries and beaches off Long Island Sound to the north, while still enjoying easy access to the coastlines of Quogue and East Quogue to the south. But Flanders is far from landlocked: The hamlet’s northern shoreline is shaped by the scenic and irregular Flanders Bay and Peconic River. All in all, Flanders boasts quite a desirable and accessible location. And it contains the unspoiled Hubbard County Park, which, at 1,815 acres, offers hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and hunting.

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Flanders Commerce & Culture

Flanders has one thing that none of the other Hamptons has. Arguably Long Island’s best-known manmade landmark, the Big Duck is a duck-shaped building constructed in the 1930s to sell poultry products. Today, it sits on Flanders Road at Reeves Bay and has a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. Nearby, Great Bay Marine is the place for boat sales and rentals. What little there is of commerce — an auto repair shop, a 7-Eleven — occurs due west of the Big Duck. Hampton Deli serves up chocolate chip pancakes, salads, heroes, and prepared foods. But Flanders is more about the outdoors: In addition to Hubbard County Park, it is also home to Maple Swamp County Park and Birch Creek Owl Pond County Park.