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Get to know Greenport

Located on the south shore of the North Fork of Long Island, Greenport fronts the Peconic River and Greenport Harbor. The village, set within the town of Southold, sprawls in a haphazard jumble geographically and even nearly touches the northern coast of the North Fork. Greenport’s diminutive size (little more than a square mile) belies its history, which looms large and is especially colorful. Settled in 1682, Greenport has known whaling, ship building, and Prohibition-era rum running. With more than 200 buildings dating from 1750, the village’s historic district is on the National Register of Historic Places. Perhaps more than any other North Fork town, pretty Greenport has name-brand recognition: The village is lively, thriving, and sophisticated by area standards, but it still maintains its laid-back appeal.

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Greenport Commerce & Culture

You can spend days just reading the historic plaques, and there’s so much more: scenic docks, farm-to-table cuisine and area wines, old Victorians, and lovely beaches. The deep-water harbor is an authentic working port, and the diversions of Shelter Island are just a ferry ride away. Front Street and Main Street, which are perpendicular, hold much of the village’s commerce and gastronomy. Little Creek Oyster Farm & Market, with its seasonal menu, is a local institution; Crazy Beans is the quintessential town diner; and Claudio’s offers Monday lobster specials and jazz on Saturday evenings. The East End Seaport Museum, a history-drenched place for discovering the village’s maritime lineage, includes a saltwater aquarium and several Fresnel lenses.