Seymour Miles

  • licensed as Seymour Miles
, a top realtor in New York City for Corcoran, a real estate firm in undefined.

About Seymour

In the late summer of ’83, Seymour saw the Hudson Valley for the first time, driving with a friend who borrowed her parent’s car. On a lark, they stopped at a real estate agent’s office in Columbia County, who showed them four houses. He can talk for hours about this, but the simple fact is he fell in love with the fourth home’s location and, on an impulse, bought the house. The house was a mess and he can talk for hours about that as well. Initially his weekend home was an escape from the madness of being a Mad Man in Manhattan. He had just returned to the U.S., having spent over five years working internationally, first in London and then Tokyo. The expat life was great; he found returning to New York not so much. As a city kid, Seymour never thought watching generation after generation of a red-tailed hawk family to be so rewarding; he never imagined that he would find the countryside so soulful. Germantown became his family’s center, a place of continued growth, celebration, renewal and lots and lots of laughter. Recently he started spending most of his time living and working here rather than in Manhattan, and so he smiles much more now. He so thoroughly enjoys showing and selling homes throughout the Hudson Valley that it really doesn’t feel like work (as it does showing and selling homes in Manhattan). Instead, it feels like he’s sharing his slice of heaven.


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