Elizabeth Patrick

  • licensed as Elizabeth Patrick
, a top realtor in New York City for Corcoran, a real estate firm in undefined.

About Elizabeth

From the time she was a child, Elizabeth has loved real estate. Riding with her Dad to look at homes, or decorating a shed in the back yard to mimic a house with a play kitchen and “rooms”, she’d always been excited. Elizabeth grew up in Kingston, and spent many happy times in Woodstock and the surrounding areas. After graduating from college in the 70’s, she ventured to California, where she had the good fortune of arriving in Silicon Valley just as the microcomputer revolution was beginning. Thus began a long career in software engineering placement. Through those years, she had the opportunity to buy and renovate homes and came to know the real value of real estate. After almost 30 years in the fast-paced environment of high-tech it was time to take stock of what she would do in the years ahead, and she opted to spend those with family. In moving back to the East Coast, there is one thing she have come to realize: no matter where she traveled in the world, nothing was as profoundly beautiful as driving up to the Catskills in the Hudson Valley, and finally taking that turn down Levon Helm Blvd toward Overlook Mountain and Woodstock. Elizabeth has had good fortune with real estate and she wants her clients to have that too. Real estate is a quest, a journey. She loves the personal nature of it all most of all the life-changing results for her clients.


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