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Get to know Miami

Miami is a singular city. It’s a global metropolis, located not merely on the sparkling sands of South Florida but at the intersection of a thousand cultures. It’s the de facto capital of the Caribbean Basin, and a year-round playground. Packed with excitement, it’s a dense city with well-defined neighborhoods that each seems to have its own specialty — from finance to food, arts to entertainment, big-city bustle to genteel quietude. Most of the city lies along Biscayne Bay, a pool of unrelenting blue that’s dotted with islands natural and manmade. Boats of every size — but leaning toward the larger end of things — ply the waters, and the shores are lined with grand hotels, luxury high-rise apartments, historic neighborhoods, and legendary beaches. The Gulf Stream brings in both warm water and cool breezes, giving the city a tropical but well-tempered climate.

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Miami History & Culture

Miami is a young city — officially just over a century old — but it’s been inhabited consistently for at least 2,500 years. (People have always liked the beach, it seems.) The city exploded during the Florida land boom of the 1920s as Northerners flocked to its warm climate. Today, the population continues to increase, and new buildings and businesses are always on the rise. The city’s various communities still celebrate their native identities, creating a vibrant, multicultural city. Miami is mad for its major sports teams and the sunny pursuits of golf, boating, and tennis. But the major cultural touchstone is the arts. Cultural centers and museums abound, and live music and public art seem to grace every street corner. Though much of the world’s focus is on the annual Art Basel show, there are festivals and shows throughout the year, plus a lively gallery scene.

Miami Dining & Shopping

Dining in Miami is an endless adventure. There are enough restaurants that you’d never have to eat at the same one twice, except that it won’t take long to find a neighborhood favorite. Cuisine is influenced by a seemingly endless craving for culinary extravagance. From the corner café to seriously swank haute cuisine, you’ll never go hungry in Miami. The city is also known as an international shopping destination, and the trends of tropical life always begin in Miami. Luxury fashion houses share streetscapes with bold fashion innovators in the trendy districts and in ritzy malls, and the city is rich with home design and art galleries that gather the best from global artists.