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Get to know Las Vegas

What happens here stays here—and you should, too. Las Vegas represents the largest city in Nevada and America’s 26th-most overall, claiming some 2.2 million residents with its surrounding communities in Clark County. It’s also a boomtown in the truest sense: Just over 100 years ago, the entire Las Vegas Valley was predominantly bare desert, making the region the largest to be both founded and fully developed in the 20th century. While the touristy draws of Vegas need little introduction, it’s an equally exciting place to live and work, nearly doubling in population just through the 1990s. Tech, ecommerce, and other sectors support more travel-centric players in the local economy, with countless others holding conventions in the area regularly. Highway access keeps Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix within a few hours’ reach, with high-speed rail service under development to Southern California.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Las Vegas History & Culture

For the better part of a century, Las Vegas has set the stage as the world’s self-proclaimed entertainment capital, informing global trends in hospitality and experience travel. But before the glitz, glamor, and neon, it was just a dusty stop on the Union Pacific, which completed its rail link between Salt Lake City and the Los Angeles Basin in 1905—the same year the city was founded. The area saw little development until 1931, when Nevada legalized gambling as Hoover Dam construction jobs brought a swath of new residents to the area, stoking the economy at the Great Depression’s rock bottom. El Rancho Vegas, the first hotel-casino on “The Strip,” opened a decade later, prompting the modern development boom since capitalized on by everyone from Bugsy Siegel to Steve Wynn.

Las Vegas Dine & Shop

There’s little in Vegas that isn’t done on a grand scale, and the restaurant and retail scenes are no exception. Fremont Street and its eponymous pedestrian mall form the most famous shopping district in town, cutting that deck with its share of slot, shows, and more. You’ll also find self-contained shopping areas inside the air-conditioned comfort in several of The Strip’s massive casinos. The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian assembles some 160 luxury stores in a simulated piazza, replete with gondoliers plying its indoor waterways past weathered storefronts beneath painted skies. Celebrity chefs reign over the dining scene: You’ll find extravagant eateries by the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, Tom Colicchio, and Joël Robuchon, just to name a few.