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Get to know Pahrump

Pahrump is an exurb of Las Vegas, existing in the rural wildness of the Mojave Desert. The town is located between Death Valley, an hour drive to the west, and Las Vegas, an hour drive to the east. Pahrump grew slowly—a few ranchers made their way out in the late 1800s, growing alfalfa and raising livestock over the years. But even in the 1960s, Pahrump had neither telephone service nor paved roads. Now, Pahrump is more developed, with some 36,000 residents, who cherish the town’s fierce individuality and where unconventional ideas and personalities flourish. After all, this is town where a dead politician won a state assembly seat in a landslide and where Art Bell would broadcast Coast to Coast, his paranormal radio show, every night for decades. Surrounded by nature, Pahrump’s motto is “Your base camp to adventure,” and it’s certainly worth exploring.

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Living in Las Vegas

What happens here stays here—and you should, too. Las Vegas represents the largest city in Nevada and America’s 26th-most overall, claiming some 2.2 million residents with its surrounding communities in Clark County. It’s also a boomtown in the truest sense: Just over 100 years ago, the entire Las Vegas Valley was predominantly bare desert, making the region the largest to be both founded and fully developed in the 20th century. While the touristy draws of Vegas need little introduction, it’s an equally exciting place to live and work, nearly doubling in population just through the 1990s. Tech, ecommerce, and other sectors support more travel-centric players in the local economy, with countless others holding conventions in the area regularly. Highway access keeps Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix within a few hours’ reach, with high-speed rail service under development to Southern California.