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Belle Meade

For Nashvillians, Belle Meade is the epitome of exclusivity and prestige. Though located within Nashville’s boundaries, Belle Meade is its own independent city, with its own mayor and police force. You’ll know you’re in Belle Meade when you see its distinct street signs: a horse and a foal standing against a fence atop each street name. The town is small—just slightly over three square miles—and was created out of land that originally belonged to the Belle Mead plantation, which served as a horse farm from 1816 to 1903. Belle Meade was home to multiple champions; in fact, more than two-thirds of all Kentucky Derby-winners are descendants of Belle Mead’s prize stallion Bonnie Scotland. Grand estates dominate Belle Meade, with acres of verdant lawns and towering trees surrounding Colonial, Georgian, and Tudor houses, some dating back to the 1920s, with newer houses built by modern architects in the mix as well.

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Living in the Nashville Metropolitan Area

Nashville’s nickname is “Music City,” and it has steadily been climbing the charts as one of the best places to live in the country. The quality that sets Nashville apart is its spirit—something that’s hard to quantify, but that touches every part of the metro area. Of course, by any measure, Nashville is a powerhouse, as it serves as the state capital; a well-known college town, anchored by Vanderbilt University; a major center for healthcare; and as a burgeoning destination for tech, with both Amazon and Oracle building major campuses in town. But it’s the generations of musicians who have imbued Nashville with its distinct personality. Nashville is synonymous with country music, but the city’s musicians can’t be so easily defined, as they play everything from the blues to indie rock. Music is Nashville’s heart and soul, creating a soundtrack to every part of life here.