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Get to know East Quogue

If the question is how one secures a Hamptons zip code without necessarily getting overwhelmed by the Hamptons hustle, the answer is East Quogue. Undoubtedly a place where you can gaze out on stunning waterside vistas, the scene leans more toward backyard barbecue than it does benefit gala — it’s a neighborhood to spend the summer kicking back rather than rubbing elbows. While there’s plenty of room for activities on Shinnecock Bay and in smaller bodies like the Weesuck Creek, there is also the delightfully named Hot Dog Beach across the bay on the ever-sandy Dune Road. Also known by the slightly less appetizing name Triton Lane, Hot Dog Beach used to be quite the party spot. But while the atmosphere has calmed, the beach remains a white sand paradise befitting its Hamptons location.

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East Quogue History & Culture

East Quogue was known as Fourth Neck from 1673 until earning its current name, appropriate for the hamlet east of Quogue, in 1891. You can spot nods to the hamlet’s past in street names such as Carter, Squires, and Foster — tips of the hat to previously prominent East Quogue families. Author and illustrator Palmer Cox would spend winters in the hamlet, developing his “The Brownies” characters and often enthralling local children with tales. Fishing and farming started as big industries during the hamlet’s Fourth Neck days, as one might suspect for an early Long Island settlement. Later, ample natural area in the northern portion of East Quogue cleared the way for woodcutting to emerge as a valuable supplemental line of work. Some of that portion remains untouched today as the Westhampton Dwarf Pine Plains, nearly 800 acres of preserved space ideal for hiking, birdwatching, and the like.

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East Quogue Dining & Shopping

Being the resident small-town that’s also still part of the Hamptons, East Quogue’s dining options give you a little bit of everything: from take-out to dine-in, hearty to decadent, surf to turf. Stay as simple as a sandwich, a slice, or a schmear on your bagel. Branch out and bite into Asian, Caribbean, or Mediterranean cuisines. Stop in for brunch or a happy hour to take advantage of humankind’s two favorite between-meals options for eating and drinking. Or really lean into the East End lifestyle and enjoy seafood on the water at sunset. As that sun completely goes down, this relatively relaxed hamlet gets a jolt of energy in the form of its popular nightlife scene. Shops tend to be locally-owned establishments, only accentuating the feeling of East Quogue as a small community on the South Shore.