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Teddy Cafaro, a top realtor in New York City for Corcoran, a real estate firm in East Side.
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About Teddy Cafaro

Teddy is a native New Yorker and current resident of South Brooklyn, where he boasts an on-the-ground understanding of and appreciation for the emerging real estate market there. With years of experience in and around the industry, Teddy assumes a calm and compassionate approach when it comes to helping his clients. He knows full well that no two deals are created equal and that each transaction requires a think-on-your-feet attitude and an ability to be creative and problem solve. Whether you need to navigate a rigorous co-op board approval or are looking for the best value in a multi-family investment, Teddy’s competent and cool-headed approach is sure to get you to where you want to go. When working with sellers, Teddy is diligent and detail-oriented, so as to achieve the best possible representation for his clients. Keeping them informed and up-to-date on feedback of the property is key to his success. Teddy is honest, accountable and always available to his clients. This is why they return to him time and time again to help actualize their dreams for all things real estate related.


  • Johns Hopkins University Class of 2009


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