Gilian Abramowitz

Gilian Abramowitz, a top realtor in New York City for Corcoran, a real estate firm in SoHo.

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About Gilian Abramowitz

A Native New Yorker, Gilian Abramowitz has always considered Manhattan her very own backyard. A proud Gramercy Park resident for almost 20 years, she has lived in the city throughout her life and possesses a keen understanding not only of the overall marketplace but of the unique personalities of each special neighborhood niche.


  • 18 Years in Real Estate


  • Antiquing
  • Baking
  • Entertaining
  • Exercise
  • Wine tasting

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Words from our clients

Throughout the process, Gilian behaved with the utmost professionalism, while maintaining a friendly and warm demeanor, to say nothing of your patience. You knew just how to handle us. I can't wait for the opportunity to recommend you.

Jack and DeDe

Gilian was another species completely. She is 100% professional, proactive, and hard-working. She knows the business and the market, and she offered us guidance every step of the way. Most impressive was her handling of our board package.

Chester, Beth, Jonah and Theo