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Get to know Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Taking its rather long name from three nearby locations — Prospect Park, Lefferts Manor, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden — Prospect Lefferts Gardens ("PLG," to locals) can be found below Empire Boulevard, on the eastern side of its namesake park. Settled by the Dutch in 1660, it wasn’t until the late 19th century that the neighborhood’s character began to take shape. You'll find mostly low and mid-rise buildings — many of them prewar, with some newer builds along the avenues. Due to a still-observed 1893 land-use covenant, residences located within the eight-block, rectangular Lefferts Manor Historic District must be single-family homes, built of brick or stone, and at least two stories high, among other guidelines. Befitting a neighborhood with multiple namesakes combined into one, Lefferts Manor is hardly PLG's only Historic District with a distinct architectural character: The Chester Court Historic District is a cul-de-sac made up of 18 Tudor Revival-style houses, while the Ocean on the Park Historic District consists of two brick and 10 limestone townhouses set back from the road behind a row of trees.

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Prospect Lefferts Gardens Commerce & Culture

Being nestled right up against Prospect Park, the neighborhood allows you to take full advantage of one-third of its namesake. Particularly close is the LeFrak Center at Lakeside, with a rink for roller or ice skating (depending on the season) in addition to boat and bike rentals. The historic Beaux-Arts Boathouse on the Lullwater — home to the Audubon center, for the nature lover — is but a short distance further. PLG is an ever-evolving neighborhood, and that's well reflected by its dining scene. You'll find all corners of the globe represented in food — and, on and off Flatbush, you'll find time-honored classics mingling among newer, more avant-garde arrivals with tasting menus dreamt up from whatever the foragers can haul in. If you want to head to points outside, the 2, 5, B, and Q trains all stop in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, as does the Franklin Avenue Shuttle. The Shuttle is your best bet for a rapid ride north to the picturesque Brooklyn Botanic Garden.