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Brian  Meier
Brian Meier Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Brian K Meier

Office: Union Square
30 Irving Place New York, NY 10003
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1065 Vermont Street, Apt. 2H, East New York $324,000In Contract
190 Cozine Avenue, Apt. 5B, East New York $245,000In Contract

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
150 West 12th Street M6 West Village$5,921,47622.552,425Condo
159 Duane StreetPHTribeca$5,625,0003262,675Condo
1025 Fifth Avenue2BNUpper East Side$5,500,00055103,600Co-op
169 HUDSON ST Second FloTribeca$5,075,00043.564,203Condo
121 West 19th Street PHB Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,900,0003372,358Condo
160 West 1231West Village$4,570,00022.541,566Condo
330 East 30th StreetMurray Hill$4,000,000Townhouse
210 Central Park South16CDCentral Park South$3,750,00043.582,150Co-op
133 MULBERRY ST 6B Soho/Nolita$3,742,0682241,932Condo
140 Charles Street2ETWest Village$3,600,00022.54696Condo
133 MULBERRY ST 2A Soho/Nolita$3,510,0002243,301Condo
38 NORTH MOORE 6E Tribeca$3,500,0002241,950Co-op
121 West 19th Street3FChelsea/Hudson Yards$3,500,00032.563,326Condo
48 Bond Street8ASoho/Nolita$3,295,0002241,590Condo
316 East 81st StreetUpper East Side$3,200,0002,820Townhouse
133 MULBERRY ST 2B Soho/Nolita$3,200,00033.552,957Condo
211 East 2nd Street 7 East Village$3,035,00033.581,865Condo
133 MERCER ST Floor 3 Soho/Nolita$3,000,0002241,400Co-op
52 THOMAS ST 3A Tribeca$2,990,0003251,753Condo
133 MULBERRY ST 3D Soho/Nolita$2,927,4683241,820Condo
540 West 28th Street10CChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,900,0002241,380Condo
471 WASHINGTON ST1CTribeca$2,825,00023.552,639Condo
225 Lafayette Street7DSoho/Nolita$2,800,00022.552,032Condo
68 THOMAS ST 3rd Floor Tribeca$2,750,000325Condo
415 East 37th Street PH43K Murray Hill$2,700,00033.552,218Condo
48 Bond Street2ASoho/Nolita$2,625,0002251,512Condop
48 Bond Street7BGreenwich Village$2,600,0002241,551Condop
133 MULBERRY ST 3A Soho/Nolita$2,545,6251231,544Condo
200 East 90th Street26BCDUpper East Side$2,500,000337Condop
48 Bond Street4BSoho/Nolita$2,500,0002251,551Condo
210 Central Park South16DCentral Park South$2,500,00022.551,500Co-op
959 First Avenue14CSutton Area$2,459,9902241,340Condo
133 MULBERRY ST PHA Soho/Nolita$2,450,0002241,544Condo
121 West 19th StreetPHEChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,445,8102251,906Condo
133 MULBERRY ST 5B Soho/Nolita$2,425,9803271,351Condo
133 MERCER ST 2FLR Soho/Nolita$2,400,0002141,400Co-op
144 West 27th Street5THRChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,350,00032.563,600Condo
133 MULBERRY ST 4D Soho/Nolita$2,291,0622241,820Condo
133 MULBERRY ST 5D Soho/Nolita$2,275,0002241,820Condo
411 East 57th Street 11AB Sutton Area$2,250,0003362,200Co-op
133 MULBERRY ST 3C Soho/Nolita$2,250,0002261,384Condo
263 Ninth Avenue 5D Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,220,0001241,489Condo
525 West 22nd Street3EChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,200,0002241,633Condo
133 Second Avenue2East Harlem$2,200,0001241,416Condo
2112 Broadway2AUpper West Side$2,200,0002241,839Condo
252 Seventh Avenue12RChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,200,0002262,259Condo
322 West 22nd Street3Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,175,000327Co-op
305 West 16th StreetPHCChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,100,000225Condop
18 West 48th Street24AMidtown West$2,100,0002241,222Condo
133 MULBERRY ST 4C Soho/Nolita$2,100,0002241,384Condo
133 MULBERRY ST 4B Soho/Nolita$2,087,4122261,351Condo
61 East 77th Street3CDUpper East Side$2,075,0002241,500Co-op
178 SUFFOLK ST 2nd Floor Lower East Side$2,025,0003172,000Co-op
251 West 19th Street4AChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,020,0002241,652Condo
101 LEONARD ST3FTribeca$2,000,8612251,275Condo
263 Ninth Avenue7DChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,000,0002241,500Condo
272 Water Street5R/6RFinancial District$2,000,0001251,595Condo
133 MULBERRY ST 3B Soho/Nolita$1,998,3152261,351Condo
35 West 15th Street 11E Flatiron$1,950,000113917Condo
215 Avenue BPHAEast Village$1,950,0002261,465Condo
132 East 30th StreetFloor 2Murray Hill$1,934,6753351,620Condo
350 West 50th Street18DEMidtown West$1,900,0002361,714Condo
434 West 20th Street PH Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,885,000123Co-op
30 West Street29GBattery Park City$1,860,0002251,190Condo
105 East 16th Street3NGramercy$1,860,0002241,850Co-op
246 West End Avenue7cUpper West Side$1,850,0002241,400Co-op
41 Crosby Street4RSoho/Nolita$1,843,5001141,315Co-op
208 Fifth Avenue 4W Flatiron$1,830,000111,400Co-op
215 East 96th Street35BUpper East Side$1,810,0003251,653Condop
240 Riverside Blvd 14O Upper West Side$1,800,0002241,151Condo
167 East 67th Street3ABUpper East Side$1,799,0003362,000Co-op
165 East 32nd Street3DEMurray Hill$1,795,0002351,800Co-op
237 East 12th Street B East Village$1,775,000224Co-op
524 East 72nd Street 29A Upper East Side$1,775,0002241,231Condo
288 19th Street3Greenwood$1,760,00042.572,106Condo
54 West 16th Street8DCFlatiron$1,750,0003261,800Co-op
263 Ninth Avenue9BChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,750,0002241,536Condo
178 Suffolk Street1Lower East Side$1,720,0003252,730Condop
104 Bedford Street6ABWest Village$1,700,0003271,450Co-op
1595 Lexington Avenue7EEast Harlem$1,700,000Condo
555 West 23rd Street N12H Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,700,0002241,135Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue7DEast Harlem$1,690,2952261,506Condo
107 West 25th Street2DChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,650,0002251,250Co-op
75 Livingston Street 15D Brooklyn Heights$1,638,00021.551,557Co-op
418 East 59th Street34ASutton Area$1,635,00022.551,400Co-op
178 Suffolk Street5Lower East Side$1,610,0002252,200Condop
486 3rd Street 1 Park Slope$1,600,0002261,446Condo
350 West 42nd Street54BMidtown West$1,600,0002241,250Condo
54 West 16th Street8CDFlatiron$1,600,0003261,800Co-op
110 Third Avenue16BEast Village$1,583,3682241,128Condo
172 East 4th Street 8H East Village$1,535,0003151,237Co-op
216A 22nd StreetGreenwood$1,510,000Townhouse
8 8th Avenue3Park Slope$1,500,00022Co-op
1060 Park Avenue9DCarnegie Hill$1,495,000214Co-op
140 West End Avenue14GUpper West Side$1,475,000224Co-op
1 Wall Street Court405Financial District$1,460,0003251,494Condo
135 East 39th Street 5BC Murray Hill$1,460,000325Co-op
21 East 22nd Street8AFlatiron$1,450,000114Co-op
215 West 29th Street2FLChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,450,0002241,850Condo
862 Lafayette AvenueBedford-Stuyvesant$1,450,00064.53,300Townhouse
1 Hanson Place15KFort Greene$1,435,0002251,359Condo
40 White Street4Tribeca$1,425,0001131,000Co-op
229 14th Street Park Slope$1,410,000329House
215 Avenue BPHBEast Village$1,400,0001261,085Condo
350 West 42nd Street47GMidtown West$1,395,0022251,320Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 16E Downtown Brooklyn$1,350,0002241,037Condo
157 East 72nd Street 2D Upper East Side$1,350,0002141,000Condo
380 Lenox AvenuePHBHarlem$1,350,00022.542,068Condo
1210 Jefferson AvenueBushwick$1,340,00053.5102,700Townhouse
411 East 57th Street2ASutton Area$1,335,000224.51,300Co-op
280 Park Avenue South11BFlatiron$1,330,0002241,050Condo
333 East 79th Street17OUpper East Side$1,320,0002241,100Co-op
1600 Broadway9AMidtown West$1,300,000113889Condo
119 Malcolm X BoulevardBedford-Stuyvesant$1,300,00053.5132,400Townhouse
119 Malcolm X BoulevardBedford-Stuyvesant$1,300,00053.5132,400Townhouse
68 Harman Street Bushwick$1,299,00053.5121,716Townhouse
215 East 96th Street 28C Upper East Side$1,275,0002251,077Condop
10-50 Jackson Avenue 9B Long Island City$1,275,000224Condo
133 Essex Street701Lower East Side$1,272,8122251,251Condo
133 MULBERRY ST 6C Soho/Nolita$1,250,000113803Condo
215 East 96th Street29DUpper East Side$1,225,0002241,033Condop
200 East 32nd Street32EMurray Hill$1,220,000124988Condo
13-33 Jackson Avenue5ALong Island City$1,210,00022Condo
70 Little West Street19ABattery Park City$1,205,000113819Condo
1 Hanson Place16JFort Greene$1,200,0002241,355Condo
62 Rivington Street3ALower East Side$1,200,000215900Condo
513 Herkimer Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,200,00074.5152,920Townhouse
136 Waverly Place17EWest Village$1,200,000113800Co-op
139 Saint Felix StreetFort Greene$1,200,0002,360Townhouse
54 West 16th Street3BFlatiron$1,200,0002241,250Co-op
137 East 13th Street6AEast Village$1,200,0002251,032Condo
95 East 2nd StreetWindsor Terrace$1,190,000522,040Townhouse
215 East 96th Street 32E Upper East Side$1,185,0002241,006Condop
120 Boerum Place3HCobble Hill$1,185,0001241,101Condo
121 East 23rd Street 20C Gramercy$1,177,500114724Condo
39 West 67th Street 1401-1501 Upper West Side$1,175,000214Co-op
121 West 19th Street4CChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,175,000Studio141,069Condo
500 Grand Street5DELower East Side$1,175,00042102,200Co-op
333 East 79th Street20NUpper East Side$1,165,0002241,100Co-op
201 West 70th Street30FUpper West Side$1,150,000214Co-op
139-141 West 126th StreetGARDENBHarlem$1,149,60422.541,392Condo
385 First Avenue12FGramercy$1,143,190113720Condo
448 West 37th Street6EMidtown West$1,125,000Studio121,340Condo
47-28 11th Street2BLong Island City$1,115,0002241,082Condo
18 East 12th Street6cGreenwich Village$1,107,5001131,275Condo
215 East 96th Street26CUpper East Side$1,100,0002241,100Condop
49 West 12th Street 7G Greenwich Village$1,100,000113Co-op
130 West 20th Street4-DChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,090,000113620Condo
271 Pleasant AvenueEast Harlem$1,085,0002,501Townhouse
20 Pine Street1411Financial District$1,085,0002141,223Condo
389 East 89th Street 11B Upper East Side$1,071,912113731Condo
50 Bridge Street410DUMBO/Vinegar Hill$1,071,0002161,155Condo
1 Hanson Place16GFort Greene$1,070,0002251,054Condo
215 Avenue B2BEast Village$1,067,5002251,108Condo
108 Pierrepont Street6Brooklyn Heights$1,065,000214Co-op
34-32 35th Street3EAstoria$1,063,000223973Condo
210 Central Park South16CCentral Park South$1,050,000Studio13650Co-op
199 Bowery6ALower East Side$1,050,000224911Co-op
215 East 96th Street28AUpper East Side$1,050,000224997Condop
20 Pine Street1411Financial District$1,038,6152141,223Condo
266 West 115th Street4AHarlem$1,035,0002251,217Condo
1 Hanson Place15GFort Greene$1,035,0002251,054Condo
290 Sixth Avenue1KGreenwich Village$1,028,5002141,000Co-op
99 East 4th Street2EEast Village$1,025,000215Condop
212 16th StreetPark Slope$1,020,0001,890Townhouse
1485 Fifth Avenue17EHarlem$1,018,0002241,088Condo
225 West 70th Street1EUpper West Side$1,000,0002241,125Co-op
440 Kent Avenue11EWilliamsburg$999,5002241,246Condo
350 West 42nd Street47HMidtown West$999,500113794Condo
137 East 13th Street6AEast Village$999,0002251,032Condo
101 West 80th Street4BUpper West Side$995,000113Condop
67 East 11th Street523Greenwich Village$995,000214Co-op
2-17 51st Avenue308Long Island City$995,000113Condo
34 Eckford Street 4A Williamsburg$990,000224915Condo
345 East 86th Street 9E Upper East Side$990,000214Co-op
454 West 46th Street2DSMidtown West$985,0002251,550Co-op
360 Furman Street415Brooklyn Heights$978,000Studio121,003Condo
184 Kent AvenueB609Williamsburg$976,500113639Condo
560 7th Avenue 4A Park Slope$965,000224Condo
525 East 11th Street 4F East Village$950,000113632Condo
100 Congress Street506Cobble Hill$950,000224800Condo
322 West 57th Street17DMidtown West$950,000Studio12.5585Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue6EEast Harlem$940,0002241,119Condo
70 East 10th Street7GEast Village$940,00021.54Co-op
77 Bleecker Street325Greenwich Village$937,000124775Co-op
236 South 1st Street 2E Williamsburg$935,000224Condo
325 West 21st Street 4 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$935,00011.53700Co-op
1595 Lexington Avenue5EEast Harlem$929,0002251,100Condo
247 West 46th Street2405Midtown West$925,000113748Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue4EEast Harlem$923,1602241,119Condo
281 18th Street Greenwood$915,0001,800Townhouse
445 Fifth Avenue23GMurray Hill$910,000113650Condo
164 Bank Street7BWest Village$905,000Studio12683Condo
100 Jay Street 6M DUMBO/Vinegar Hill$900,000113789Condo
99 John Street 204 Financial District$900,000225800Condo
170 Second Avenue 16C East Village$900,000113650Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street17JDowntown Brooklyn$900,000224910Condo
522 West End Avenue4CUpper West Side$900,0002151,100Co-op
120 East 90th Street2EECarnegie Hill$899,000214875Condo
201 East 36th Street 12F Murray Hill$899,000113840Condo
120 East 90th Street2ECarnegie Hill$890,000213857Condo
350 West 42nd Street20BMidtown West$885,000113712Condop
245 West 74th Street4EUpper West Side$875,000113800Co-op
251 East 51st Street8JMidtown East$875,000113.5Co-op
304 West 89th Street4AUpper West Side$865,0002141,000Co-op
540 West 28th Street 5A Chelsea/Hudson Yards$865,000Studio12567Condo
215 East 96th Street39AUpper East Side$860,000113872Condop
311 East 11th Street3CEast Village$860,000113733Condo
30 East 9th Street6AAGreenwich Village$850,000214925Co-op
148 Suffolk StreetALower East Side$841,000215813Condo
350 West 50th Street33IMidtown West$835,000113601Condo
133 Essex Street301Lower East Side$834,965214902Condo
250 West 16th Street5AChelsea/Hudson Yards$830,000214950Co-op
352 20th StreetGreenwood$825,0001,800Townhouse
302 West 79th Street6FUpper West Side$825,000214Co-op
148 East 24th Street7AMurray Hill$819,000113747Condo
1810 Third Avenue B5B Upper East Side$808,400314793Condo
1810 Third Avenue B6A Upper East Side$804,6502.514.5776Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 25C Downtown Brooklyn$800,000113616Condo
71 East 3rd Street11East Village$800,000214900Co-op
67 West 87th Street22Upper West Side$800,0004161,460Co-op
660 Eastern ParkwayCrown Heights$800,0003,492Townhouse
54 West 16th Street8AFlatiron$800,000113950Co-op
1810 Third Avenue B8A Upper East Side$799,000215776Condo
1810 Third Avenue B5A Upper East Side$795,000315776Condo
2 Charlton Street10GSoho/Nolita$795,000214Co-op
1810 Third Avenue B-8D Upper East Side$792,163315847Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-8B Upper East Side$790,000313793Condo
350 West 42nd Street19BMidtown West$790,000113712Condo
1810 Third Avenue B6B Upper East Side$787,968313793Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-9B Upper East Side$785,000313793Condo
77 Bleecker Street 618 Greenwich Village$785,000113775Co-op
1595 Lexington Avenue8FEast Harlem$785,000215Condo
99 John Street304Financial District$775,000Condo
350 West 42nd Street16BMidtown West$775,000113712Condo
1810 Third Avenue A8C Upper East Side$774,000214754Condo
184 Thompson Street1OGreenwich Village$770,000113Condo
350 West 42nd Street16AMidtown West$770,000113741Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue7FEast Harlem$768,778214852Condo
7 East 14th Street1218Flatiron$765,000113Co-op
1810 Third Avenue B-9D Upper East Side$765,000315Condo
10 West 15th Street405Flatiron$760,0003Co-op
35 Clarkson Avenue 1B Lefferts Gardens$760,000315906Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-4B Upper East Side$760,000315793Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-7D Upper East Side$760,000315847Condo
345 East 86th Street9EUpper East Side$760,000214Co-op
1810 Third Avenue B-7B Upper East Side$755,000313793Condo
44-27 Purves Street8ALong Island City$752,8002241,300Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-6D Upper East Side$750,000315847Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-4D Upper East Side$750,000315847Condo
1810 Third Avenue B7B Upper East Side$750,000315Condo
235 East 22nd Street12SGramercy$750,000113750Co-op
201 East 28th Street8GMurray Hill$750,0002141,120Co-op
520 West 23rd Street3AChelsea/Hudson Yards$750,000113700Condop
365 West 20th Street9CChelsea/Hudson Yards$750,000214750Co-op
13-33 Jackson Avenue4ELong Island City$750,000113637Condo
382 Eastern Parkway2BCrown Heights$748,413214860Condo
133 Essex Street202Lower East Side$745,473113662Condo
1810 Third Avenue B4A Upper East Side$745,000315776Condo
350 West 42nd Street19CMidtown West$742,500113663Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-5D Upper East Side$738,231315847Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-3B Upper East Side$737,000113793Condo
1810 Third Avenue B3B Upper East Side$737,000113793Condo
1810 Third Avenue A7D Upper East Side$725,000315Condo
430 Sterling Place 1A Prospect Heights$725,000224935Co-op
1810 Third Avenue B-2D Upper East Side$725,000315847Condo
916 Union Street1DPark Slope$725,000215Co-op
88 Greenwich Street1510Financial District$725,000113814Condo
440 Kent Avenue6DWilliamsburg$723,5002241,222Condo
440 Kent Avenue6DWilliamsburg$723,5002241,222Condo
354 West 23rd Street3BChelsea/Hudson Yards$720,000Co-op
416 East 117th Street7AEast Harlem$720,0002231,238Condo
42-22 Ketcham Street C5 C6 Jackson Heights$720,000325Co-op
2107 Bedford Avenue A1 Flatbush$715,00021.541,634Condo
1810 Third Avenue A8D Upper East Side$710,000214754Condo
309 West 20th Street 4R Chelsea/Hudson Yards$710,000113Co-op
1810 Third Avenue B-2B Upper East Side$710,000315793Condo
3001 Ft Hamilton Pkwy4BWindsor Terrace$710,000224891Condo
10 West End Avenue8JUpper West Side$705,000111600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A7C Upper East Side$702,500315Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-2A Upper East Side$700,000214776Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-3D Upper East Side$700,000315847Condo
81 Hendrix Street East New York$700,00031.561,724Townhouse
350 West 42nd Street11AMidtown West$700,000113741Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue3FEast Harlem$699,000113792Condo
1810 Third Avenue A4C Upper East Side$695,000315Condo
2231 ADAM C POWELL BLVD518Harlem$694,446113680Condo
215 East 96th Street34AUpper East Side$694,000113880Condop
970 Kent Avenue501Bedford-Stuyvesant$690,000224950Condo
1810 Third Avenue A5D Upper East Side$690,000214754Condo
735 East 9th Street2REast Village$687,5003251,400Co-op
165 Clinton Avenue 5F Clinton Hill$685,0002141,050Co-op
133 Essex Street502Lower East Side$683,245113789Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-3C Upper East Side$681,159214754Condo
1810 Third Avenue A2C Upper East Side$680,000214750Condo
1810 Third Avenue A4D Upper East Side$680,000214754Condo
420 East 58th Street3ASutton Area$680,00011.53801Condo
200 West 108th Street3GUpper West Side$680,000215800Co-op
1810 Third Avenue A9D Upper East Side$679,250113557Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-2D Upper East Side$675,000214754Condo
520 West 23rd Street3AChelsea/Hudson Yards$675,000113700Co-op
1810 Third Avenue A7B Upper East Side$672,948214600Condo
246 SPRING ST 2904 Soho/Nolita$670,000Studio12425Condo
320 East 42nd Street2009Murray Hill$669,000113Co-op
333 East 43rd Street701Midtown East$667,500214800Co-op
635 West 42nd Street16HMidtown West$667,300113678Condo
1810 Third Avenue A5C Upper East Side$666,953214750Condo
396 3rd Street6Park Slope$665,000114Co-op
290 Sixth Avenue3HGreenwich Village$662,500113Co-op
1810 Third Avenue A9C Upper East Side$661,862114549Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-6D Upper East Side$660,000315754Condo
440 Kent Avenue9EWilliamsburg$660,0002251,246Condo
1810 Third Avenue B9C Upper East Side$657,664214Condo
1810 Third Avenue A12D Upper East Side$656,771213557Condo
426 Sterling Place4AProspect Heights$652,000214900Co-op
1810 Third Avenue A11D Upper East Side$651,680214Condo
2107 Bedford Avenue B1 Flatbush$650,000315945Condo
509 2nd Street1LPark Slope$650,000215Co-op
2107 Bedford Avenue A6 Flatbush$645,0003151,050Condo
311 East 10th Street5BEast Village$640,000114Co-op
39 East 29th Street4EFlatiron$640,000Studio13536Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street6HDowntown Brooklyn$640,00011.53712Condo
2943 Brighton 4th Street7CBrighton Beach$640,00032Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue3BEast Harlem$639,461113778Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue 4G East Harlem$638,000113556Condo
2 Tudor City Place6LSMurray Hill$637,500113750Co-op
24-15 Queens Plaza N3ELong Island City$635,000113760Condo
40 Broad Street14CFinancial District$635,000Studio12581Condo
232 President Street3RCarroll Gardens$635,000213Co-op
754 East 6th Street5EEast Village$635,00021.54936Condo
170 West 89th Street4DUpper West Side$632,500215850Co-op
650 Barrow Street2West Village$630,699114Co-op
200 East 69th Street5AUpper East Side$630,000Studio12456Condo
111 Fourth Avenue2A East Village$630,000Studio13Co-op
215 Parkville Avenue 6B Kensington$630,000224850Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-12B Upper East Side$630,000113600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-12A Upper East Side$630,000113600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A12A Upper East Side$630,000113600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-11A Upper East Side$625,000113600Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street17JDowntown Brooklyn$622,755224910Condo
1810 Third Avenue A9A Upper East Side$620,000113.5600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A5A Upper East Side$619,335114600Condo
393 West 49th Street3BMidtown West$618,000113673Condo
1270 Fifth Avenue11CCarnegie Hill$617,500214Co-op
446 Kent Avenue2FWilliamsburg$615,000112844Condo
150 West 56th Street4809Midtown West$615,000Studio12483Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-10A Upper East Side$615,000113.5600Condo
535 Dean Street217Prospect Heights$615,0002151,122Condo
754 East 6th Street3EEast Village$615,00021.54936Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue8BEast Harlem$614,000113778Condo
82 Horatio Street2AWest Village$612,500114Co-op
155 15th street1APark Slope$610,0001131,018Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue4BEast Harlem$610,000114778Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-11B Upper East Side$605,000113600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-9B Upper East Side$600,000213600Condo
86 Horatio Street 5A West Village$600,000Studio12400Co-op
2107 Bedford Avenue A2 Flatbush$600,0003141,008Condo
1810 Third Avenue B4C Upper East Side$600,000214593Condo
1810 Third Avenue B7C Upper East Side$600,000214593Condo
245 West 74th Street4EUpper West Side$600,000113800Co-op
205 East 10th Street1AEast Village$600,00011.53800Co-op
1 Plaza Street West2CPark Slope$600,00011Co-op
10 Plaza Street 10F Prospect Heights$599,000113Co-op
1595 Lexington Avenue5BEast Harlem$595,676113680Condo
310 East 46th Street5WMidtown East$595,000113Condop
27 Thomson Avenue231Long Island City$595,000113895Condo
1810 Third Avenue A12C Upper East Side$595,000113549Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-7A Upper East Side$595,000113600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-10C Upper East Side$595,000113549Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-10B Upper East Side$595,000213600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-2A Upper East Side$595,000214600Condo
1810 Third Avenue B3C Upper East Side$590,000214Condo
347 West 57th Street 28BB Midtown West$590,000Studio12Condo
15 Jones Street2GWest Village$590,000114Co-op
440 Kent Avenue8EWilliamsburg$590,0003241,246Condo
188 15th Street301Park Slope$586,000113621Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-8B Upper East Side$585,292113600Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-8C Upper East Side$585,000214593Condo
1810 Third Avenue B-6C Upper East Side$585,000214593Condo
2107 Bedford Avenue B7 Flatbush$585,000214790Condo
2107 Bedford Avenue B9 Flatbush$585,000214790Condo
343 East 92nd Street1RUpper East Side$585,00021.55950Co-op
1595 Lexington Avenue4FEast Harlem$582,000113792Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue6BEast Harlem$581,500113778Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue8CEast Harlem$580,000114694Condo
88 Horatio Street 4A West Village$580,000112400Co-op
1810 Third Avenue A-4A Upper East Side$580,000113Condo
790 Riverside Drive2PWashington Heights$580,000113Co-op
310 East 46th Street16JMidtown East$579,587113800Condop
215 Parkville Avenue6AKensington$579,000224846Condo
170 West 23rd Street3PChelsea/Hudson Yards$577,500112576Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-10D Upper East Side$577,000113557Condo
1810 Third Avenue A4B Upper East Side$575,500113600Condo
2107 Bedford Avenue B10 Flatbush$575,000214790Condo
130 East 94th Street 4C Carnegie Hill$575,000113Co-op
1810 Third Avenue A-11C Upper East Side$575,000113549Condo
300 East 33rd Street2AMurray Hill$575,000114723Condo
118 8th Avenue5CPark Slope$575,000112Co-op
364 Lafayette Avenue2BClinton Hill$570,000112Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue5CEast Harlem$570,000113690Condo
59 John Street3HFinancial District$570,000Studio12690Condo
2107 Bedford Avenue C6 Flatbush$570,000214765Condo
1810 Third Avenue A8A Upper East Side$566,000113600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-8A Upper East Side$566,000113Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue5FEast Harlem$565,000114Condo
1810 Third Avenue A3A Upper East Side$560,037113600Condo
2107 Bedford Avenue A8 Flatbush$560,000214800Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-6B Upper East Side$560,000113600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-5B Upper East Side$560,000113600Condo
2107 Bedford Avenue C1 Flatbush$560,000214772Condo
162 East 91st Street5BCarnegie Hill$560,00021.53950Co-op
111 Hicks Street6MBrooklyn Heights$559,000113800Co-op
1 Plaza Street West10APark Slope$557,000113Co-op
1810 Third Avenue B2C Upper East Side$555,900214600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-6A Upper East Side$550,875113600Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-3B Upper East Side$550,000113600Condo
30 East 37th Street10CMurray Hill$550,000Studio12581Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street18FDowntown Brooklyn$550,000113510Condo
215 Avenue B6CEast Village$548,836Studio12503Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue6HEast Harlem$546,000113Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue3CEast Harlem$546,000113690Condo
320 West 83rd Street1DUpper West Side$545,000112700Co-op
320 West 83rd Street4FUpper West Side$545,000113600Co-op
350 West 53rd Street4IMidtown West$545,000Studio12502Condo
1810 Third Avenue A-2B Upper East Side$545,000113600Condo
88 Horatio Street3AWest Village$545,000113Co-op
320 West 83rd Street4FUpper West Side$545,000113600Co-op
156 Pulaski Street3ABedford-Stuyvesant$545,000113436Condo
86 Horatio Street 1A West Village$542,000Studio13Co-op
219 East 7th Street 19 East Village$540,000214Co-op
2107 Bedford Avenue C-7 Flatbush$540,000214772Condo
350 East 62nd Street 2K Upper East Side$540,000113492Condo
201 East 28th Street9LMurray Hill$540,000113Co-op
114 West 80th Street 4R Upper West Side$535,000113Co-op
360 CABRINI BOULEVARD5AWashington Heights$533,000113.5Co-op
84 Horatio Street4AWest Village$530,000114Co-op
86 Horatio Street4AWest Village$530,000113Co-op
2107 Bedford Avenue B8 Flatbush$525,000215742Condo
200 East 27th Street11GMurray Hill$525,000113725Co-op
49 West 72nd Street12CUpper West Side$525,000113Co-op
215 East 24th Street306Murray Hill$525,000113600Co-op
170 West 23rd Street2KChelsea/Hudson Yards$525,000Studio11650Condo
951 President Street4RPark Slope$525,000214Co-op
150 Joralemon Street6DBrooklyn Heights$525,00021.54850Co-op
1595 Lexington Avenue5HEast Harlem$523,000113682Condo
1912 Avenue H 1C Midwood$520,000315950Condo
315 West 86th Street10EUpper West Side$517,500113650Co-op
2107 Bedford Avenue C10 Flatbush$517,000315772Condo
245 East 54th Street7RMidtown East$512,500113750Co-op
1595 Lexington Avenue3DEast Harlem$511,000113610Condo
261 West 112th StreetPHCHarlem$510,000113.5661Condo
86 Horatio Street3AWest Village$510,000113Co-op
333 East 14th Street9GEast Harlem$508,000Studio14Co-op
432 Grand Street102Williamsburg$507,00011.531,115Condo
114 West 80th Street 1F Upper West Side$505,000Studio12Co-op
2107 Bedford Avenue B-11 Flatbush$505,000214742Condo
82 Horatio Street5BWest Village$505,000114Co-op
1912 Avenue H4ADitmas Park$500,0004281,099Condo
257 West 86th Street8DUpper West Side$500,000113Co-op
2107 Bedford Avenue B3 Flatbush$500,000113667Condo
426 Sterling Place2CProspect Heights$500,000114Co-op
23 Waverly Place6NGreenwich Village$500,000Studio12550Co-op
1595 Lexington Avenue8AEast Harlem$500,000Studio12433Condo
86 Horatio Street2DWest Village$499,900113Co-op
130 East 94th Street6DCarnegie Hill$499,000113725Co-op
250 East 40th Street33CMurray Hill$492,500Studio12482Condo
993 Amsterdam Avenue3BWashington Heights$490,000114750Co-op
573 Grand StreetD803Lower East Side$490,000113Co-op
193 Clinton Avenue3GClinton Hill$489,000113775Co-op
222 Riverside Drive2FUpper West Side$486,000Studio12547Condo
417 East 90th Street3HUpper East Side$485,000113700Co-op
86 Horatio Street5AWest Village$485,000Studio12Co-op
205 East 63rd Street 9A Upper East Side$485,000113625Co-op
575 Grand StreetE1401Lower East Side$485,000214Co-op
2107 Bedford Avenue C11 Flatbush$480,000214666Condo
2107 Bedford Avenue C5 Flatbush$480,000214666Condo
223 East 50th Street 5D Midtown East$480,000113Co-op
162 East 91st Street5BCarnegie Hill$480,00021.53950Co-op
85 Eighth Avenue4UChelsea/Hudson Yards$480,000113578Co-op
426 Sterling Place4CProspect Heights$477,500114Co-op
446 Kent Avenue2FWilliamsburg$475,000112844Condo
319 West 18th Street4IChelsea/Hudson Yards$475,000113600Co-op
2056 Fifth Avenue 5C Harlem$475,000Studio12526Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue4GEast Harlem$473,486113556Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue5GEast Harlem$471,510113556Condo
30 East 37th Street3HMurray Hill$470,000Studio12579Condo
30 East 37th Street3HMurray Hill$470,000Studio12579Condo
35 Clarkson Avenue1DLefferts Gardens$461,370315906Condo
400 West 58th Street3DMidtown West$460,000114875Co-op
307 West 20th Street3FChelsea/Hudson Yards$455,000113575Co-op
170 Claremont Avenue9Morningside Heights$455,000214800Co-op
41 Clarkson Avenue1FLefferts Gardens$451,230314Condo
305 West 18th Street2HChelsea/Hudson Yards$450,000Studio12465Condo
1206 Pacific Street4CCrown Heights$450,000214Condo
245 East 24th Street4AMurray Hill$447,500Studio12Co-op
577 Grand StreetF802Lower East Side$445,000114Co-op
360 Riverside Drive7DUpper West Side$445,000113711Co-op
2107 Bedford Avenue B5 Flatbush$444,000113618Condo
230 East 15th Street7FGramercy$441,250Studio12Co-op
41 Clarkson Avenue1GLefferts Gardens$441,090315906Condo
133 East 30th Street4BMurray Hill$440,000113750Co-op
170 Claremont Avenue12AMorningside Heights$440,000214750Co-op
839 East 19th Street2DDitmas Park$440,000215843Condo
535 Clinton Street4ACarroll Gardens$439,000113Co-op
1595 Lexington Avenue6AEast Harlem$436,020Studio12433Condo
84-12 35th Avenue1CJackson Heights$435,000325Co-op
260 Linden Boulevard 4P Flatbush$435,000214Condo
343 East 92nd Street1WUpper East Side$430,00021.541,000Co-op
135 West 58th Street9CMidtown West$430,000113Co-op
161 Adelphi Street7Fort Greene$428,00011.54765Condo
35 Clarkson Avenue1CLefferts Gardens$425,880315906Condo
30 East 37th Street3HMurray Hill$425,000Studio12579Condo
40 Clinton Street6LBrooklyn Heights$425,000113Co-op
170 West End Avenue30LUpper West Side$420,000Studio12Co-op
142 East 49th Street8CMidtown East$420,000114600Condop
1595 Lexington Avenue7AEast Harlem$417,362Studio12443Condo
161 Adelphi Street2Fort Greene$415,000114579Condo
142 West 82nd Street8Upper West Side$412,500113Co-op
161 Adelphi Street3Fort Greene$412,000114765Condo
161 Adelphi Street5Fort Greene$410,000114765Condo
200 West 20th Street1206Chelsea/Hudson Yards$410,000Studio12500Co-op
245 East 35th Street10DMurray Hill$410,000113650Co-op
426 Sterling Place3CProspect Heights$410,000113650Co-op
298 Garfield Place5FPark Slope$410,000113600Co-op
188 Meserole Avenue2NGreenpoint$406,000113638Condo
140 West End Avenue22FUpper West Side$405,000Studio12600Co-op
111 West 113th Street6BHarlem$405,000113550Condo
350 East 77th Street5PUpper East Side$405,000113625Co-op
592 Alabama AvenueEast New York$400,0003281,300Townhouse
155 East 38th Street7CMurray Hill$400,000Studio12369Condo
205 West End Avenue27FUpper West Side$395,000Studio12550Co-op
759 President Street1GPark Slope$395,000113650Co-op
1595 Lexington Avenue5AEast Harlem$393,000Studio12433Condo
100 Bank Street1FWest Village$392,500Studio12475Co-op
333 East 43rd Street617Midtown East$390,000113700Co-op
122 Ashland Place6CDowntown Brooklyn$389,536113750Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street6HDowntown Brooklyn$389,249113Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue3AEast Harlem$381,264Studio12433Condo
426 Sterling Place2DProspect Heights$381,000114Co-op
915 President Street4RPark Slope$376,000113475Co-op
56 West 82nd Street4Upper West Side$375,000Studio12495Co-op
250 Cabrini Boulevard6BWashington Heights$375,000113Co-op
438 West 49th Street4CMidtown West$375,000113Co-op
12205 Flatlands Avenue 9D East New York$375,00031.551,186Condo
327 East 3rd Street4CEast Village$370,000214600Co-op
161 Adelphi Street8Flatlands$370,000114636Condo
135 West 58th Street8DMidtown West$367,500113550Co-op
190 Cozine Avenue 3D East New York$366,50031.551,186Condo
380 Cozine Avenue 5c East New York$365,374214920Condo
35 Clarkson Avenue2ALefferts Gardens$365,040113615Condo
971 Jerome Street 2D East New York$365,00031.551,186Condo
8413 Avenue K 3-A Canarsie$360,000224Condo
1912 Avenue H2BDitmas Park$360,000214897Condo
430 Sterling Place3DProspect Heights$360,000113650Co-op
35 Clarkson Avenue2CLefferts Gardens$359,970214765Condo
41 Clarkson Avenue2FLefferts Gardens$359,970214Condo
405 East 63rd Street9MUpper East Side$356,250Studio13600Co-op
161 Adelphi Street6Fort Greene$355,000114636Condo
161 Adelphi Street4Fort Greene$355,000114579Condo
175 Eastern Parkway3FProspect Heights$355,000113Co-op
343 East 51st Street 5F Midtown East$355,000Studio12Co-op
12421 Flatlands Avenue 6C East New York$351,000214920Condo
24 Fifth Avenue919Greenwich Village$350,000Studio12450Co-op
1912 Avenue H 2E Midwood$350,000113574Condo
86 Horatio Street1AWest Village$350,000Studio13Co-op
430 Sterling Place2DProspect Heights$350,000114Co-op
1065 Vermont Street 4D East New York$349,00031.551,186Condo
1060 Vermont Street CD East New York$345,80531.551,054Condo
35 Clarkson Avenue4BLefferts Gardens$345,000214767Condo
245 East 24th Street4EGramercy$345,000Studio13550Co-op
41 Clarkson Avenue4HLefferts Gardens$344,760214767Condo
41 Clarkson Avenue2GLefferts Gardens$344,760213765Condo
41 Clarkson Avenue4ELefferts Gardens$344,760214767Condo
41 Clarkson Avenue3HLefferts Gardens$342,225113478Condo
150 East 61st Street5BUpper East Side$340,000112600Co-op
400 Cozine Avenue2DEast New York$340,00031.5Condo
12205 Flatlands Avenue 3H East New York$339,275214920Condo
103-25 68th Avenue 5G Queens$338,000214Co-op
150 West End Avenue23PUpper West Side$337,500Studio12565Co-op
190 Cozine Avenue 8J East New York$336,000214920Condo
1019 Van Siclen Avenue 7J East New York$335,000214920Condo
4-74 48th AvenuePH1ELong Island City$335,000113694Condop
84 Horatio Street5BWest Village$335,000Studio12325Co-op
365 Clinton Avenue5AClinton Hill$334,924113775Co-op
12421 Flatlands Avenue 5H East New York$333,000214919Condo
200 Cozine Avenue 4J East New York$332,000214920Condo
12431 Flatlands Avenue DA East New York$331,00021.53836Condo
175 East 93rd Street 4D Upper East Side$330,000Studio12Co-op
200 Cozine Avenue 2C East New York$330,000214920Condo
35 Clarkson Avenue4DLefferts Gardens$329,550214767Condo
260 Linden Boulevard2RFlatbush$329,5503151,097Condo
41 Clarkson Avenue1ELefferts Gardens$329,550214906Condo
35 Clarkson Avenue2BLefferts Gardens$329,550213765Condo
1065 Vermont Street 7C East New York$329,000215920Condo
240 Cozine Avenue 4J East New York$329,000214920Condo
1019 Van Siclen Avenue 1J East New York$329,000214920Condo
110 East 36th Street2AMurray Hill$327,500Studio12500Co-op
201 East 28th Street4HMurray Hill$326,666Studio12Co-op
260 Linden Boulevard4CFlatbush$325,000315977Condo
12427 Flatlands Avenue BB Canarsie$320,25031.561,054Condo
3203 Nostrand Avenue 4R Sheepshead Bay$320,000214986Co-op
328 East 94th Street1BUpper East Side$320,000214Co-op
35 Clarkson Avenue5ALefferts Gardens$319,410214725Condo
400 Cozine Avenue 4H East New York$319,000215919Condo
260 Linden Boulevard3BFlatbush$315,0003151,009Condo
86 Horatio Street3BWest Village$315,000Studio12Co-op
12399 Flatlands Avenue6DEast New York$315,00031.55Condo
41 Clarkson Avenue5ELefferts Gardens$314,340214725Condo
3203 Nostrand Avenue 6R Sheepshead Bay$310,000214986Co-op
12421 Flatlands Avenue 6E East New York$310,000214Condo
400 Cozine Avenue 4j East New York$306,895214920Condo
1019 Van Siclen Avenue 6L East New York$305,000214808Condo
3202 Nostrand Avenue 1J Sheepshead Bay$305,000224Co-op
320 West 83rd Street4FUpper West Side$305,000113600Co-op
1065 Vermont Street 5L East New York$303,000214808Condo
12421 Flatlands Avenue 4L East New York$302,000214808Condo
175 East 93rd Street4DCarnegie Hill$300,000Studio12Co-op
1065 Vermont Street 5E East New York$299,000214Condo
3165 Nostrand Avenue 4L Sheepshead Bay$295,000214753Co-op
3202 Nostrand Avenue 4K Sheepshead Bay$295,000214865Co-op
3203 Nostrand Avenue 6B Sheepshead Bay$295,000224968Co-op
320 West 84th Street4BUpper West Side$293,000Studio12Co-op
8413 Avenue K 5A Canarsie$292,500113536Condo
3202 Nostrand Avenue 2C Sheepshead Bay$290,000224945Co-op
12205 Flatlands Avenue 7E East New York$290,000214885Condo
260 Linden Boulevard4NFlatbush$288,990214896Condo
3165 Nostrand Avenue 1L Sheepshead Bay$287,000214753Co-op
3165 Nostrand Avenue 1C Sheepshead Bay$285,000224945Co-op
260 Linden Boulevard3NFlatbush$285,000214896Condo
205 Clinton Avenue3HClinton Hill$285,000213Co-op
438 West 49th Street5CMidtown West$285,000113Co-op
41 Clarkson Avenue2ELefferts Gardens$283,920114615Condo
3202 Nostrand Avenue 3L Sheepshead Bay$283,500214765Co-op
3165 Nostrand Avenue 6T Sheepshead Bay$280,000214893Co-op
260 Linden Boulevard3RFlatbush$280,0003151,097Condo
260 Linden Boulevard4EFlatbush$280,000214809Condo
260 Linden Boulevard3EFlatbush$280,000214809Condo
508 East 78th Street6GUpper East Side$280,000112550Co-op
234 East 35th Street8FMurray Hill$280,000Studio12Co-op
35 Clarkson Avenue1ALefferts Gardens$278,850214655Condo
340 Haven Street2MWashington Heights$275,000113Co-op
1912 Avenue H 4E Midwood$275,000114574Condo
60-11 Broadway 4D Woodside$275,000113Co-op
45 Tudor City Place406Midtown East$270,000Studio11Co-op
260 Linden Boulevard2KFlatbush$270,000315981Condo
260 Linden Boulevard4DFlatbush$260,000214762Condo
60-11 Broadway4FWoodside$260,000114Co-op
321 East 54th Street2FSutton Area$255,766Studio12Co-op
270 Convent Avenue3CHamilton Heights$250,000215Co-op
260 Linden Boulevard2EFlatbush$248,430214809Condo
380 Cozine Avenue 8K East New York$240,000113666Condo
35 Clarkson Avenue3DLefferts Gardens$238,290114478Condo
35 Clarkson Avenue3CLefferts Gardens$235,00011478Condo
12421 Flatlands Avenue 5B East New York$231,000113666Condo
35 Clarkson Avenue3BLefferts Gardens$230,000114478Condo
130 Hicks Street2FBrooklyn Heights$230,000Studio12Co-op
240 Cozine Avenue 6F East New York$227,073113643Condo
240 Cozine Avenue 1K East New York$227,000113666Condo
457 West 57th Street210Midtown West$225,000Studio12400Co-op
35 Clarkson Avenue3ALefferts Gardens$223,080113478Condo
971 Jerome Street7GEast New York$222,250113Condo
1065 Vermont Street 4F East New York$222,000113643Condo
1065 Vermont Street 1G East New York$219,000113Condo
41 Clarkson Avenue3ELefferts Gardens$210,000113478Condo
41 Clarkson Avenue3FLefferts Gardens$202,800113478Condo
260 Linden Boulevard4MFlatbush$200,000214733Condo
3203 Nostrand Avenue 3D Sheepshead Bay$197,500113Co-op
260 Linden Boulevard1JFlatbush$192,660113678Condo
40 Clarkson Avenue2LFlatbush$190,000114Co-op
76-66 Austin Street3KForest Hills11Co-op
90 Troy Avenue3Crown Heights2241,026Condo
90 Troy Avenue2Crown Heights2241,026Condo
1595 Lexington Avenue6GEast HarlemStudio12556Condo
133 Essex Street302Lower East Side214896Condo
160 East 91st Street1DCarnegie Hill124700Co-op
121 East 23rd Street8AFlatiron113655Condo
100 Riverside Boulevard11RUpper West Side2251,029Condo

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
56 LEONARD ST 8A EAST Tribeca$23,00033.573,668Condo
475 Broadway PH8 Soho/Nolita$14,9004383,000Condo
170 John Street 3/4E Financial District$9,25022.56Condo
192 Water Street 1E DUMBO/Vinegar Hill$8,00023.542,832Condo
121 East 23rd Street 9C Gramercy$7,250337.51,556Condo
200 East 94th Street2015Upper East Side$6,1502241,076Condo
388 Bridge Street44HDowntown Brooklyn$5,8002241,153Condo
162 West 54th Street 8a Midtown West$5,750315Rental Building
220 Riverside Blvd 14W Upper West Side$2,800Studio12Condo
426 Sterling Place 3C Prospect Heights$2,750113650Co-op
1810 Third Avenue A11D Upper East Side$2,600214Condo
109 SAINT MARKS PLACE4East Village$2,600113Rental Building
252 East 2nd Street2EEast Village$2,500Studio12Rental Building
302 MOTT ST34Greenwich Village$2,470113Rental Building
168 East 81st Street 1B Upper East Side$2,300113Rental Building
740 DEKALB Avenue 703 Kensington$2,250113502Condop
320 West 108th Street1CUpper West Side$2,250Studio12Rental Building
235 ELDRIDGE ST22Lower East Side21Rental Building
400 West 113th Street1230Harlem22Rental Building
43-10 Crescent Street2014Long Island City113583Rental Building
50 West 34th Street22-A06Midtown WestStudio12Rental Building
196 STANTON ST3ILower East Side113Rental Building
177 Avenue B1BEast VillageStudio12Rental Building
About Brian

Brian Meier is founder and managing director of The Meier Team at The Corcoran Group. The Team is the #1 Real Estate Team in transactions in Manhattan and Brian is one of the most accomplished and recognized residential agents in NYC. For the last four years, he has sold more property than any other salesperson or team in the City. According to The Wall Street Journal, his property sales are nearly double that of his closest competitor, with over 1,100 sales to his credit since 2012.

In 2016 alone, Brian sold 212 apartments and townhouses with his team working the seller’s side for many of the transactions. The portfolio of properties averaged less than 28 days on the market before receiving acceptable offers. The average price of the closed properties was 3.7% below the asking price and 97.3% of the listings where his Team served as the exclusive agent closed under their stewardship.

Brian has been hired to oversee more than 20 new development projects in NYC. He has served on advisory panels for many of the City’s largest, most expensive condo projects to-date, and currently sits on the board of Point72 in a hired advisory role which oversees $11 billion in real estate assets. Brian is a sought after expert on New York City residential real estate and provides content for nearly every major publication focusing on NYC real estate including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Real Deal, New York Post and many others.

Known for his strong work ethic and tenaciousness when selling properties, he is extremely knowledgeable on all that is residential real estate in New York City. His goal is to deliver the best terms possible for his clients, and make sure the transaction runs as smoothly as possible. For these reasons, it’s no surprise that over a quarter of Brian’s exclusive sales were properties previously marketed by other brokers. He prides himself on his stellar success rate and ability to beat the market indexes for his clients.

Brian began his real estate career 16 years ago after a decade in the New York City restaurant industry. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Brian held positions as the sous chef at Café des Artistes, the Chef de Partie at Union Square Cafe and One if by Land. Outside of real estate, he continues to enjoy cooking, amateur photography, and volunteering to such organizations as the Variety the Children’s Charity of New York, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and American Heart Association.

  • 16 Years in Real Estate
  • 10 Years in Culinary Arts
  • 2015 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
  • 2016 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
"There are three constants that characterize Brian’s approach. He always customizes his offerings and ideas to fit your situation; he is always organized and prepared, and he follows through with enthusiasm. He is a professional that I trust.”
— Robert Reni, Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Investor
“Brian’s advice during the offer stage was invaluable, allowing me to negotiate an excellent price for the unit. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, efficient and truthful throughout my entire buying experience. I would strongly recommend him to anyone buying a home.”
— Meredith A. Majesty, Vice President of Corporate Banking, RBC Capital Markets, Buyer
“Brian Meier did what can only be called an outstanding job of selling our home in SoHo... he is an intelligent, hard-working agent who knows his field and this market very well.”
— Michael B. Capilouto, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP, Seller
“I was most impressed with the way Brian came in with several innovative ideas and strong marketing. I was pleasantly surprised in how soon he came back to me with a great offer.”
— David Juracich, CTO Tradition Inc., Seller
“Most of all I appreciated your low-key selling style. You were a tremendous help in finding me a home, and a lawyer in Manhattan. I will recommend you in the future; it was a pleasure working with you!”
— Michelle Israel, Operating Vice President, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Bloomingdale’s, Seller
“Brian is an excellent leader and is complemented by an excellent support staff. With his unstoppable attitude, positive networking skills and high regard in the community, anyone would be well served to choose his team.”
— Dr. Mark K. Bryant, O.D., Myoptics, Seller

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