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Deborah  Grubman Corcoran Cares Member
Deborah Grubman Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Deborah Grubman

Office: East Side
660 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10065
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
73 WOOSTER ST 3B Soho/Nolita44.584,222Condo
23 West 73rd Street 1516 Upper West Side113682Co-op
50 Central Park South 33 FL Central Park South23.584,600Condo
47 East 91st Street 7 Carnegie Hill44.584,000Condo
151 East 58th Street 44B Upper East Side33.562,669Condo
143 READE ST 11C Tribeca3251,727Condo
170 East End Avenue 16C Upper East Side55.593,605Condo
48 West 70th Street Upper West Side76.5157,626Townhouse
655 Park Avenue 10D Upper East Side336Co-op
1111 Park Avenue 7B Carnegie Hill439Co-op
151 East 85th Street 15A Upper East Side55.573,478Condo
12 East 73rd Street Upper East Side57.51810,410Townhouse
418 East 59th Street 25B Sutton Area335.51,800Condop
134 East 93rd Street 11C Carnegie Hill3351,366Condo
155 West 11th Street 7D Greenwich Village2241,515Condo
960 Park Avenue10EUpper East Side55124,200Co-op
145 East 15th Street 8D GramercyStudio12.5Co-op
740 Park Avenue 2/3D Upper East Side44.515Co-op
145 East 15th Street 14N GramercyStudio12.5600Co-op
293 Lafayette Street PH6 Soho/Nolita34.554,895Condo
143 READE ST15ATribeca3352,320Condo
160 West 12 67 West Village22.541,745Condo
160 West 12 54 West Village44.57.52,818Condo
135 West 52nd Street21AMidtown West2341,805Condo
45 Sutton Place South 3B Sutton Area225Co-op
150 West 12th Street 8 WEST West Village22.55.52,079Condo
785 Fifth Avenue 14B Upper East Side23.56Co-op
40 East 66th Street PH W-E Upper East Side55134,350Condo
860 United Nations Plaza27DMidtown East33.56Co-op
20 West 53rd Street 36A Midtown West33.552,525Condo
20 West 53rd Street 38A Midtown West33.552,525Condo
24 Central Park South 17W Central Park South12.54Co-op
150 Charles Street3HSWest Village33.552,722Condo
36 Bleecker Street4CGreenwich Village2241,132Condo
38 West 87th StreetUpper West Side69.5106,254Townhouse
20 West 53rd Street 41A Midtown West33.552,525Condo
20 West 53rd Street 39B Midtown West2241,625Condo
1 Central Park South 1603 Central Park South22.552,000Condo
911 Park Avenue12A Upper East Side43.510Co-op
20 West 53rd Street 35A Midtown West33.552,525Condo
147 East 63rd StreetUpper East Side54104,725Townhouse
135 West 14th Street 5 Chelsea/Hudson Yards224.52,161Condo
20 West 53rd Street 28B Midtown West22.541,843Condo
80 Riverside Blvd 26B Upper West Side3361,712Condo
435 East 52nd Street 8-9C Sutton Area44.510Co-op
60 West 11th Street Greenwich Village53.5113,696Townhouse
25 Columbus Circle Central Park South33.552,632Condo
240 East 35th Street 7A Murray Hill113.5Co-op
50 West 67th Street Upper West Side113.5Co-op
80 Riverside Blvd Upper West Side33.551,845Condo
1212 Fifth AvenuePHUpper East Side33.572,689Condo
25 Sutton Place South Sutton Area225Co-op
37 WARREN ST 2A Tribeca224.51,623Condo
41 Central Park West 7H Upper West Side113.5Co-op
101 WARREN ST Tribeca2341,921Condo
155 Perry Street West Village1231,222Condo
200 East 61st Street Upper East Side113Condo
330 SPRING ST Soho/Nolita22.541,722Condo
781 Fifth Avenue Upper East Side22.55Co-op
40 Sutton Place Sutton Area3251,200Condo
25 Columbus Circle 69B Central Park South33.572,317Condo
167 East 67th Street Upper East Side22.55Co-op
363 Greenwich Street Tribeca4363,000Condo
145-146 Central Park West Upper West Side227.5Co-op
345 West 13th Street PH6C West Village33.563,233Condo
860 Fifth Avenue 19/20B Upper East Side669Co-op
930 Fifth Avenue 12C Upper East Side33.56Co-op
206 West 17th Street 12 FL Chelsea/Hudson Yards44.5115,664Condo
785 Fifth Avenue PH17-18 Upper East Side71120Co-op
1 Central Park South 1807 Central Park South11.53Condo
111 East 85th Street 7E Upper East Side113680Co-op
176 East 71st Street 6B Upper East Side22.55Co-op
39 East 79th Street 8-9 Upper East Side44.514Co-op
62 East 83rd Street Upper East Side53147,500Townhouse
625 Park Avenue 9A Upper East Side44.512Co-op
575 Park Avenue 104 Upper East Side447Co-op
170 East End Avenue 10/11B Upper East Side33.562,642Condo
1 MORTON SQUARE 6B EAST West Village22.541,668Condo
1 Central Park South 802 Central Park South11.53.51,155Condo
335 Greenwich Street 11B Tribeca224.51,200Co-op
112 West 56th Street 22N Midtown West22.54.51,650Condo
435 East 52nd Street 4A Sutton Area44.510Co-op
252 Seventh Avenue 15I Chelsea/Hudson Yards2342,202Condo
333 East 57th Street 10B Sutton Area43.593,000Co-op
50 East 77th Street 5C Upper East Side449Co-op
43 West 64th Street PH10-11B Upper West Side3484,000Condo
7 HUBERT ST 7C Tribeca33.55.52,542Condo
1010 Fifth Avenue 10A Upper East Side65.512Co-op
25 NORTH MOORE PHA Tribeca33.594,519Condo
995 Fifth Avenue 9S Upper East Side33.563,092Condop
50 Riverside Drive 10C Upper West Side226Co-op
151 East 58th Street PH54E Upper East Side44.573,779Condo
3 East 77th Street 10B Upper East Side224Co-op
2 N Moore Street Tribeca571310,916Townhouse
151 East 58th Street PH55E Upper East Side44.573,779Condo
101-103 GREENE ST 2A Soho/Nolita32.552,695Condo
875 Fifth Avenue 8A Upper East Side336Co-op
655 Park Avenue 7E Upper East Side448Co-op
211 Thompson Street GLC Greenwich Village113Co-op
416 East 11th Street 4B East Village224.51,236Condo
15 East 26th Street 9A Flatiron2352,380Condo
850 Park Avenue 11-12C Upper East Side54.510Co-op
115 East 9th Street 16A Greenwich Village325.5Co-op
360 Court Street26Carroll Gardens213.5825Condo
43 West 64th Street5DUpper West Side1241,586Condo
150 Central Park South 402 Central Park South113Co-op
188 East 64 3904 Upper East Side2252,486Condo
301 West 57th Street 44A Midtown West124887Condo
965 Fifth Avenue 14C Upper East Side12.54.5Co-op
15 Central Park West9AUpper West Side45.594,565Condo
1 Central Park South1807Central Park South11.53Condo
15 Central Park West35CUpper West Side33.572,761Condo
33 East End Avenue 2F-3FE Upper East Side32.57Co-op
260 Park Ave South 7J Flatiron22.552,525Condo
252 Seventh Avenue15IChelsea/Hudson Yards2342,202Condo
778 Park Avenue 3 FL Upper East Side65.514Co-op
76 Crosby Street 3FL Soho/Nolita3485,433Condo
800 Park Avenue 7FLR Upper East Side33.510Co-op
110 Central Park South 16C Central Park South11.531,026Condop
110 Central Park South 16B Central Park South33.562,400Condop
111 East 85th Street 30D Upper East Side347Co-op
109 West 26th Street 11AB Chelsea/Hudson Yards5494,500Co-op
27 NORTH MOORE ST 9D Tribeca32.562,900Condo
838 Fifth Avenue UNIT 9 Upper East Side32.574,720Condo
2 Horatio Street 10R West Village113.5Co-op
205 West 19th Street 11R Chelsea/Hudson Yards1141,770Co-op
205 West 19th Street 11F Chelsea/Hudson Yards3252,941Co-op
205 West 19th Street 11FR Chelsea/Hudson Yards4315,000Co-op
408 East 79th Street 14C Upper East Side2351,608Condo
260 West Broadway 9/10B Tribeca33.572,830Condo
158 MERCER ST 9M Soho/Nolita3364,500Condo
11 Spring Street Soho/Nolita14,000Townhouse
1040 Fifth Avenue 15 FL Upper East Side55.5125,300Co-op
930 Park Avenue 2N Upper East Side32.583,000Co-op
784 Park Avenue 7B Upper East Side339Co-op
27 NORTH MOORE ST PH1 Tribeca4484,837Condo
1 Central Park West 51A Upper West Side45.565,046Condo
50 East 89th Street PHC Carnegie Hill33.57Co-op
998 Fifth Avenue8WUpper East Side5515Co-op
810 Fifth AvenuePHUpper East Side3412Co-op
176 East 71st Street6BUpper East Side22.55Co-op
605 Park Avenue2CUpper East Side2251,500Co-op
141 Prince Street PH Soho/Nolita44169,309Co-op
1070 Park Avenue PHE Carnegie Hill3373,000Co-op
5 East 64th Street Upper East Side56.517Townhouse
200 East 69th Street 3UT Upper East Side224.51,046Condo
145-146 Central Park West 2A Upper West Side3382,800Co-op
13 HARRISON ST Tribeca108.52011,428Townhouse
143 East 19th Street Gramercy66.5104,240Townhouse
80 Columbus Circle66DCentral Park South33.552,159Condo
160 East 72nd Street 3A Upper East Side22.562,300Co-op
160 East 72nd Street 3B Upper East Side2241,200Co-op
151 East 58th Street46AUpper East Side33.563,058Condo
80 Columbus Circle Central Park South45.574,822Condo
43 West 64th Street 8C Upper West Side3352,044Condo
173 Perry Street PHN West Village2243,600Condo
150 Central Park South 703 Central Park South123462Co-op
200 East 65th Street 46S Upper East Side44.583,100Condo
993 Fifth Avenue 12 FL Upper East Side43.5125,200Co-op
205 East 63rd Street 11D Upper East Side2251,350Co-op
34 West 11th Street Greenwich Village11.54Townhouse
150 Central Park South 702 Central Park SouthStudio12891Co-op
65 West 13th Street 4B Greenwich Village22.562,395Condo
1035 Fifth Avenue 10C Upper East Side3584,000Co-op
25 West 13th Street6TNGreenwich VillageStudio12Co-op
127 East 73rd Street Upper East Side66Townhouse
9 East 64th Street Upper East SideTownhouse
160 Central Park South 1001 Central Park South3362,250Condo

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
56 LEONARD ST19AWESTTribeca3352,303Condo
293 Lafayette Street PH3 Soho/Nolita35.554,998Condo
5 East 64th Street Upper East Side56.517Townhouse
114 LIBERTY ST PH Financial District54147,175Condo
95 Charles Street 1 West Village44.5116,200Condo
2 CORNELIA ST 1004-05 Greenwich Village43.592,650Condo
23 CORNELIA ST Greenwich Village45.585,500Townhouse
140 West 12th Street 403 West Village32.551,653Condo
39 Crosby Street 5N Soho/Nolita32.551,713Condo
47 East 91st Street 7 Carnegie Hill44.584,000Condo
47 East 91st Street 7 Carnegie Hill44.584,000Condo
55 WARREN STPHTribeca44.575,924Condo
114 LIBERTY ST PH Financial District54147,175Condo
285 Lafayette Street 8B Soho/Nolita22.552,100Condo
160 Central Park South3903Central Park South2241,100Condo
45 CHRISTOPHER ST 10G Greenwich Village113900Condo
25 Fifth Avenue 12G Greenwich Village113703Condo
252 Seventh Avenue14CChelsea/Hudson Yards2241,400Condo
45 CHRISTOPHER ST 10G Greenwich Village113900Condo
62 East 83rd Street Upper East Side53147,500Townhouse
222 Park Ave South 12C Gramercy113Co-op
800 Fifth Avenue Upper East Side22.55Rental Building
200 CHAMBERS ST 28F Tribeca22.551,624Condo
27 NORTH MOORE ST 4C Tribeca32.562,300Condo
285 Lafayette Street 8B Soho/Nolita22.552,100Condo
62 East 83rd Street Upper East Side53147,500Townhouse
200 CHAMBERS ST 17G Tribeca22.551,345Condo
200 CHAMBERS ST 28F Tribeca22.551,624Condo
285 Lafayette Street 6D Soho/Nolita22.53,305Condo
151 East 58th Street PH 55E Upper East Side44.573,779Condo
285 Lafayette Street 8D Soho/Nolita34.563,290Condo
285 Lafayette Street 8B Soho/Nolita22.552,100Condo
About Deborah

Deborah Grubman’s career has skyrocketed since she started selling New York real estate over 20 years ago. She is currently one of the country’s preeminent brokers and a household name in the Manhattan real estate industry.
She has handled transactions in the luxury market for some of the biggest names in the United States and abroad, representing buyers and sellers at every price range and in every part of Manhattan.
She has consistently been nominated to Corcoran’s President’s Council, which recognizes the top 2% of agents company-wide, and to Corcoran’s Million Dollar Club, which counts brokers with annual sales in excess of $100 million. As of 2017, she is ranked 17th in The Real Deal’s top 75 Manhattan Residential agents and she is one of its top luxury sellers’ agents. She is also a fixture on The Wall Street Journal’s list of top 1,000 agents nationwide.

An authority on New York real estate, she is often quoted in publications, including New York Magazine, The Real Deal, Architectural Digest, Quest, Avenue, Hamptons Magazine and The New York Observer, which described her as “downright courteous.” The Real Deal voted her one of the Best All-Around Brokers in Manhattan, and described her as:
“Closing big deals in a tough climate, while earning rave reviews from colleagues and clients. Brokers from other firms refer to her as ‘very honest’ and a ‘consummate professional’ and perhaps most important, ‘totally accessible’ when it comes to showing properties.”
She attributes her success to her work ethic, wide network, superb instincts and passion for real estate.

  • 27 Years in Real Estate
  • 2015 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
  • 2015 The Real Deal: Top 75 Listing Brokers in Manhattan
  • 2016 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
  • 2016 Multi-Million Dollar Club
Memberships & Clubs
  • Corcoran Cares
  • REBNY - Real Estate Board of New York

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