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Debbie  Baum Corcoran Cares Member
Debbie Baum Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Deborah H Baum

Office: East Side
660 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10065
  • Office: (212) 821-9158
  • Mobile: (917) 697-1359
  • Fax: (212) 415-6095
  • Email:
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
50 United Nations PlazaPH36Midtown East$23,250,00056.5105,893Condo
164 East 83rd Street Upper East Side$7,750,00064104,782Townhouse
888 Park AvenueUpper East Side$7,000,0004410Co-op
56 LEONARD ST 24B WEST Tribeca$6,996,24833.552,252Condo
200 East 65th Street 26N Upper East Side$6,150,00033.562,650Condo
200 East 66th Street B6-06 Upper East Side$5,995,00033.563,186Condo
30 East 85th Street22BUpper East Side$5,380,00022.551,695Condo
440 West End AvenueUpper West Side$5,150,00055104,000Co-op
200 East 65th StreetUpper East Side$4,900,00033.572,483Condo
200 East 65th Street26NUpper East Side$4,900,00033.562,650Condo
29 East 64th Street11AUpper East Side$4,215,00032.562,100Co-op
56 LEONARD ST 28B EAST Tribeca$4,139,66022.541,668Condo
80 Riverside Blvd 36B Upper West Side$3,950,0003361,712Condo
150 East 69th Street 16G Upper East Side$3,825,0004472,468Co-op
107 West 89th Street GB Upper West Side$3,800,00043.561,960Condo
22 East 88th Street 6E Carnegie Hill$3,625,0003372,200Co-op
500 Greenwich Street 601 Soho/Nolita$3,500,00043.5105,400Condo
1100 Park Avenue 6C Carnegie Hill$3,500,000336.52,600Co-op
99 WARREN ST 7J Tribeca$3,300,0002341,650Condo
225 Fifth AvenueFlatiron$3,250,00022.571,529Condo
107 West 89th Street GB Upper West Side$3,250,00043.561,960Condo
320 East 72nd Street9AUpper East Side$3,200,000448Co-op
320 East 72nd Street9AUpper East Side$3,200,000448Co-op
60 Riverside Blvd 1802 Upper West Side$3,000,00022.541,410Condo
1150 Fifth Avenue8DCarnegie Hill$2,937,651326Co-op
60 Riverside Blvd 1902 Upper West Side$2,785,00022.541,410Condo
33 West 56th Street6CMidtown West$2,650,00011.55987Condo
305 East 51st Street 5B Midtown East$2,538,0592241,632Condo
333 East 79th Street 16M Upper East Side$2,500,0003362,000Co-op
200 CHAMBERS ST5BTribeca$2,395,0002251,260Condo
178 East 80th Street 3ABC Upper East Side$2,275,00053.5102,300Co-op
230 Central Park SouthCentral Park South$2,250,0002241,250Condo
35 East 9th StreetGreenwich Village$2,175,00021.551,600Co-op
462 West 58th Street1AMidtown West$2,150,00032.551,635Condo
150 West 56th Street5201Midtown West$2,060,00022.541,588Condo
150 West 56th StreetMidtown West$2,060,00022.551,600Condo
225 Fifth Avenue10HFlatiron$2,000,000113881Condo
177 East 77th Street4AUpper East Side$1,990,0002251,513Condo
176 East 71st Street 7B Upper East Side$1,975,00022.551,500Co-op
1725 York Avenue 30CD Upper East Side$1,960,00033.562,000Co-op
200 Riverside Blvd 37E Upper West Side$1,955,000224.51,217Condo
176 East 71st Street 4B Upper East Side$1,950,00022.551,550Co-op
176 East 71st Street 12E Upper East Side$1,940,00022.55.51,575Co-op
350 East 57th Street 3B Sutton Area$1,900,00022.562,000Co-op
142 East 71st StreetUpper East Side$1,900,0002251,600Co-op
11 East 29th StreetFlatiron$1,890,0002251,159Condo
340 East 23rd Street2DGramercy$1,860,0002251,082Condo
177 East 79th Street4FLRUpper East Side$1,800,0002251,585Co-op
60 Riverside BoulevardUpper West Side$1,800,00022.551,410Condo
212 East 57th Street8CMidtown East$1,750,00022.541,260Condo
22 North 6th Street 18H Williamsburg$1,730,0002241,101Condo
310 West 52nd Street20HClinton$1,662,50022.541,253Condo
180 East End Avenue 5A Upper East Side$1,650,0004482,600Co-op
11-02 49th Avenue7CLong Island City$1,650,00022.551,389Condo
150 East 69th StreetUpper East Side$1,600,0002251,756Co-op
415 East 52nd Street 5CA Beekman$1,561,000225.51,400Co-op
1725 York Avenue 35GH Upper East Side$1,542,00032.561,600Co-op
1435 Lexington Avenue 2D Carnegie Hill$1,500,0003361,750Co-op
176 East 71st Street 7C Upper East Side$1,500,00022.561,550Co-op
176 East 71st Street 11C Upper East Side$1,500,00022.551,550Co-op
176 East 71st Street 11C Upper East Side$1,500,00022.551,550Co-op
1438 Third AvenueUpper East Side$1,495,00022.55Condo
838 Greenwich Street4DWest Village$1,465,00011.53Co-op
525 East 86th Street20DUpper East Side$1,465,000224.51,322Co-op
251 West 19th Street1CChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,430,0001231,341Condo
166 East 61st Street17HUpper East Side$1,395,0002251,550Co-op
300 East 74th StreetUpper East Side$1,350,0002251,500Co-op
300 East 74th Street36GUpper East Side$1,350,0002251,500Co-op
201 East 79th StreetUpper East Side$1,325,000225Co-op
1435 Lexington Avenue 11D Carnegie Hill$1,325,00032.561,750Co-op
2250 Broadway11DUpper West Side$1,300,0002241,089Condo
270 W 17th StreetChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,280,000123Condo
176 East 71st Street 11D Upper East Side$1,275,00022.55.51,800Co-op
1725 York Avenue 11E Upper East Side$1,275,0002251,300Co-op
301 East 79th Street15JUpper East Side$1,270,000224950Condo
180 East End AvenueUpper East Side$1,267,500236Co-op
401 East 89th StreetUpper East Side$1,250,00022.551,350Condo
300 East 40th Street 5C Murray Hill$1,230,0002141,125Condop
422 East 72nd StreetUpper East Side$1,212,5002241,340Condo
176 East 71st Street 14C Upper East Side$1,150,00022.55.5Co-op
250 East 54th Street24CMidtown East$1,140,00011.53900Condo
111 East 75th Street5BUpper East Side$1,125,000214Co-op
440 East 79th Street6DUpper East Side$1,125,000224Co-op
200 Riverside Blvd 8C Upper West Side$1,120,00011.53.51,055Condo
200 East 66th StreetUpper East Side$1,107,940113975Condo
215 East 80th StreetUpper East Side$1,100,0002251,300Condo
215 East 80th Street6BUpper East Side$1,100,0002241,300Condo
444 East 86th StreetUpper East Side$1,050,0002241,150Co-op
750 Park Avenue 6B Upper East Side$1,050,000113.5Co-op
525 East 86th Street 5H Upper East Side$1,040,000224.51,350Co-op
525 East 86th Street5HUpper East Side$1,040,000221,350Co-op
201 West 70th Street 11F Upper West Side$1,025,000113Co-op
1725 York Avenue 34D Upper East Side$999,999224Co-op
150 West End Avenue 20D Upper West Side$980,000224.5Co-op
1641 Third AvenueUpper East Side$980,000225Condo
1 Irving PlaceG10AGramercy$975,000113Condo
250 East 40th Street29BMidtown East$960,0002241,002Condo
240 East 79th Street 2B Upper East Side$960,000224.51,150Co-op
300 East 85th Street1406Upper East Side$950,000113Condo
15 West 11th Street 8A Greenwich Village$949,000113Co-op
350 West 50th Street 18F Clinton$945,0002241,087Condo
350 West 50th Street18FClinton$945,0002241,087Condo
63 East 9th Street 8X Greenwich Village$900,000113850Condop
20 Pine StreetFinancial District$890,000Studio131,005Condo
58 West 58th Street16BMidtown West$882,000113754Condo
1725 York Avenue 4C Upper East Side$875,00011.53.51,000Co-op
1725 York Avenue 14G Upper East Side$850,000214950Co-op
300 East 62nd Street 704 Upper East Side$845,000113820Condo
171 East 84th Street11HUpper East Side$830,000113700Condo
235 East 87th Street3BUpper East Side$825,000114Co-op
1641 Third Avenue 14K Upper East Side$825,000224.51,200Condo
1725 York Avenue 33C Upper East Side$822,50011.53.51,000Co-op
201 East 79th Street 18A Upper East Side$820,000214Co-op
300 East 62nd Street 501 Upper East Side$819,900113615Condo
399 East 72nd Street 7B Upper East Side$805,0001131,060Co-op
11 Riverside Drive 2ME Upper West Side$800,000214Co-op
55 East 87th Street1ECarnegie Hill$800,000Studio14957Co-op
1725 York Avenue 12E Upper East Side$775,000224.51,300Co-op
1725 York Avenue 15G Upper East Side$770,000114950Co-op
325 East 41st Street301Murray Hill$765,000224.51,100Co-op
510 East 80th Street5DUpper East Side$760,000113692Condo
225 East 74 4B Upper East Side$750,000113.5750Co-op
1725 York Avenue 4C Upper East Side$730,00011.53.51,000Co-op
1725 York Avenue 18H Upper East Side$730,00011.53.51,025Co-op
150 West 56th Street3606Midtown West$725,000Studio12.5Condo
1725 York Avenue 19H Upper East Side$720,00011.54975Co-op
1725 York Avenue 14H Upper East Side$720,00011.541,000Co-op
1725 York Avenue 6H Upper East Side$715,00021.541,000Co-op
1725 York Avenue 8H Upper East Side$700,00021.541,000Co-op
300 West 109th Street 5J Upper West Side$695,000113850Co-op
310 Riverside Drive 403 Upper West Side$695,000113615Co-op
2109 Broadway602Upper West Side$695,000113750Condo
200 East 74th StreetUpper East Side$685,00011850Co-op
350 West 50th StreetMidtown West$668,0002241,087Condo
350 West 50th Street18FClinton$668,0002241,087Condo
310 Riverside Drive 403 Upper West Side$660,000113615Co-op
200 East 58th Street 15A Midtown East$655,000113790Condo
1040 Park Avenue12G1Carnegie Hill$641,000113600Co-op
92 Perry StreetWest Village$635,000113418Condo
115 East 87th Street 23E Carnegie Hill$620,00011.53.51,000Co-op
1853-55 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd 3D Harlem$615,00031.571,650Co-op
202 West 92nd Street 4F Upper West Side$610,000113.5700Co-op
345 East 93rd Street 13K Upper East Side$605,000113850Co-op
325 East 77 StreetUpper East Side$600,0002151,000Co-op
240 Riverside BoulevardUpper West Side$600,000Studio12Condo
325 East 77th Street4DUpper East Side$600,0002151,000Co-op
425 East 78th StreetUpper East Side$585,00011.53Co-op
257 Central Park West 7G Upper West Side$585,000123600Co-op
300 East 71st StreetUpper East Side$580,000113750Co-op
202 West 92nd Street4FUpper West Side$575,000113750Co-op
202 West 92nd Street4FUpper West Side$575,000113.5700Co-op
464 Columbus Avenue 4B Upper West Side$575,000113700Co-op
300 East 62nd Street 1505 Upper East Side$565,000Studio12400Condo
524 East 72nd Street25EUpper East Side$565,00011.53Condo
524 East 72nd StreetUpper East Side$565,00011.53Condo
52 Riverside Drive12BUpper West Side$557,000113675Co-op
555 West 23rd StreetChelsea/Hudson Yards$545,000Studio12462Condo
446 East 86th Street 10C Upper East Side$545,000113750Co-op
221 West 21st Street 1B Chelsea/Hudson Yards$540,000113Co-op
1725 York Avenue 7A Upper East Side$520,000113740Co-op
302 2nd StreetPark Slope$518,000113734Condo
345 E 93rd StreetUpper East Side$512,000113750Co-op
320 East 35th Street7FMurray Hill$510,000113650Co-op
44-27 Purves StreetLong Island City$472,32011.5738Condo
215 East 73rd Street9GUpper East Side$471,510Studio12.5Co-op
225 East 36th Street 8F Murray Hill$462,500113750Co-op
327 West 85th Street3AUpper West Side$445,000113500Co-op
327 West 85th Street 3A Upper West Side$425,000113500Co-op
446 East 86th StreetUpper East Side$419,500113750Co-op
221 West 21st Street 4B Chelsea/Hudson Yards$419,000113Co-op
75 Bank Street2PWest Village$415,000Studio12Co-op
75 Bank StreetWest Village$415,000Studio12Co-op
166 East 92nd StreetCarnegie Hill$410,000113Co-op
525 East 82nd Street 5E Upper East Side$399,000112.5Co-op
439 East 89th StreetUpper East Side$398,000113650Co-op
11 West 95 3R Upper West Side$397,500113Co-op
35 East 38th Street2EMurray Hill$385,000113525Condo
1725 York Avenue4AUpper East Side$375,000113629Co-op
310 East 49th Street 4D Midtown East$367,000113740Co-op
370 East 76th StreetB207Upper East Side$350,000Studio12500Co-op
370 East 76th StreetUpper East Side$350,000Studio12Co-op
343 East 74th Street 11F Upper East Side$333,500113625Condop
150 East 83rd StreetUpper East Side$325,000113Co-op
311 East 75th Street1DUpper East Side$325,000Studio12Co-op
205 East 77th Street 7J Upper East Side$305,000Studio12450Co-op
20 East 88th Street 1D Carnegie Hill$297,500Studio12255Co-op
25 Tudor City Place717Midtown East$280,000Studio12300Co-op
25 Tudor City Place 2117 Murray Hill$270,000Studio12300Co-op
25 Tudor City Place 717 Murray Hill$270,000Studio12300Co-op
205 East 77th Street 7J Upper East Side$260,000Studio12450Co-op
234 East 35th Street 7 Murray Hill$235,000Studio12Co-op
300 East 74th StreetUpper East Side$225,000Studio12Co-op
428 East 85th Street 3B Upper East Side$220,000Studio12Co-op
25 Tudor City Place2117Murray Hill$148,500Studio12300Co-op
207 East 21st Street4CGramercy$146,500Studio12Co-op
207 East 21st StreetGramercy$146,500Studio12Co-op
428 East 85th StreetUpper East Side$131,000Studio12Co-op
35-16 85th Street1GJackson Heights215.5Co-op
166 East 92nd Street1FUpper East Side113700Co-op
115 East 87th StreetUpper East Side11.531,000Co-op
200 East 58th StreetMidtown East113789Condo
200 East 74th StreetUpper East Side113800Co-op

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
56 LEONARD ST 24A EAST Tribeca$21,50033.552,245Condo
500 Greenwich Street 402 Soho/Nolita$20,0003283,963Condo
500 Greenwich Street 402 Soho/Nolita$19,0003283,963Condo
1 Central Park West 42B Upper West Side$17,50022.551,945Condo
134 West 13th StreetWest Village$16,00081,935Townhouse
56 LEONARD ST 38B EAST Tribeca$13,75022.541,418Condo
30 East 85th Street 22B Upper East Side$13,00022.551,695Condo
56 LEONARD ST 28B EAST Tribeca$13,00022.541,668Condo
56 Leonard Street32BETribeca$13,00022.541,668Condo
25 Central Park West 9AD Upper West Side$12,25042.56.51,900Condo
25 Central Park West 9AD Upper West Side$12,25042.56.51,900Condo
800 Fifth AvenueTribeca$12,000225Rental Building
25 Central Park West9ADUpper West Side$11,75032.561,900Condo
25 Central Park West 9AD Upper West Side$11,00042.56.51,900Condo
66 Franklin Street8DTribeca$10,9953251,900Rental Building
25 Central Park West 9AD Upper West Side$10,50042.56.51,900Condo
80 Riverside Blvd 19D Upper West Side$10,50033.571,863Condo
270 West 17th Street 19C Chelsea/Hudson Yards$8,200124.5934Condo
305 East 51st Street 5B Midtown East$7,9002241,632Condo
310 West 52nd Street 20H Clinton$7,60022.55.5Condo
33 West 56th Street 6C Midtown West$7,20011.55987Condo
270 West 17th Street 19C Chelsea/Hudson Yards$7,000124.5934Condo
310 West 52nd Street 20H Clinton$6,85022.55.51,253Condo
200 Riverside Blvd 37E Upper West Side$6,500224.51,217Condo
33 West 56th Street 6C Midtown West$6,25011.55987Condo
150 West 56th Street 5201 Midtown West$6,25022.541,588Condo
7 East 81st Street 4 Upper East Side$6,10011.53Rental Building
215 East 80th Street 6B Upper East Side$6,1002241,300Condo
2250 Broadway 11D Upper West Side$5,9502241,089Condo
7 East 81st Street 3 Upper East Side$5,90011.53Rental Building
270 West 17th Street 19B Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,9002241,000Condo
270 West 17th Street 19C Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,800124.5934Condo
2250 Broadway 11D Upper West Side$5,3002241,089Condo
215 East 80th Street 2J Upper East Side$5,3002241,297Condo
440 East 56th Street9CSutton Area$5,250224Co-op
270 West 17th Street 19C Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,100124.5934Condo
406 West 22nd Street GARDEN Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,0002241,000Rental Building
39 East 29th Street 11C Flatiron$4,750113785Condo
301 East 79th Street 15J Upper East Side$4,600224Condo
740 West End Avenue64Upper West Side$4,60021.551,500Rental Building
502 Park Avenue 12F Upper East Side$4,490113730Condo
215 East 80th Street 6B Upper East Side$4,3002241,300Condo
60 Riverside Blvd808Upper West Side$4,250113Condo
65 Bank Street11West Village$4,195113Rental Building
1438 Third Avenue21BUpper East Side$4,15011.53780Condo
215 East 80th Street 6B Upper East Side$4,0002241,300Condo
171 East 84th Street 11H Upper East Side$3,950113700Condo
229 West 60th Street11NMidtown West$3,750113Rental Building
320 West 38th Street822Midtown West$3,695113Rental Building
585 West End AvenuePHFUpper West Side$3,695113Rental Building
401 East 86th Street 7C1 Upper East Side$3,6501231,000Co-op
171 East 84th Street 11H Upper East Side$3,500113700Condo
446 East 86th Street 14C Upper East Side$3,500113Co-op
211 East 51st Street 3C Midtown East$3,350113581Condo
212 East 47th Street28EMidtown East$3,300113683Condo
446 East 86th Street 14C Upper East Side$3,250113Co-op
211 East 53rd Street 7C Midtown East$3,250114800Condop
406 West 22nd Street 1R Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,20021.541,200Rental Building
525 West End Avenue6DUpper West Side$3,200113Rental Building
166 East 63rd Street 10D Upper East Side$3,100113Condo
555 West 23rd Street N5C Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,000Studio12462Condo
446 East 86th Street 10C Upper East Side$2,950113750Co-op
150 West 56th Street 3606 Midtown West$2,900Studio12.5Condo
400 East 54th Street 6G Sutton Area$2,800113Condo
88 Greenwich Street 1316 Financial District$2,800Studio12516Condo
88 Greenwich Street 1316 Financial District$2,750Studio12516Condo
202 West 92nd Street 4F Upper West Side$2,700113.5700Co-op
200 East 16th Street14MGramercy$2,700Studio12Co-op
200 East 58th Street 15A Midtown East$2,650113790Condo
200 East 58th Street 15A Midtown East$2,650113790Condo
88 Greenwich Street 1316 Financial District$2,500Studio12516Condo
88 Greenwich Street1316Financial District$2,500Studio12500Condo
345 East 93rd Street 19B Upper East Side$2,400113.5786Co-op
88 Greenwich Street 1316 Financial District$2,400Studio12516Condo
327 West 85th Street 3A Upper West Side$2,350113500Co-op
327 West 85th Street 3A Upper West Side$2,250113500Co-op
415 East 81st Street2BUpper East Side$2,195112600Rental Building
211 West 53rd Street 4E Midtown West$2,150112.5450Rental Building
406 West 22nd Street 4F Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,000Studio12Rental Building
406 West 22nd Street 5R Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,000Studio11400Rental Building
400 East 59th Street 9H Sutton Area$2,000Studio12425Co-op
25 Tudor City Place 717 Murray Hill$1,750Studio12300Co-op
25 Tudor City Place 2117 Murray Hill$1,725Studio12300Co-op
406 West 22nd Street 3F Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,700Studio11Rental Building
25 Tudor City Place 2117 Murray Hill$1,500Studio12300Co-op
610 West 110th StreetUpper West Side3886Condo
740 West End AvenueUpper West Side21.551,500Rental Building
330 West 85th StreetUpper West Side113500Rental Building
303 East 43rd StreetMidtown East32.551,600Condo
249 East 48th StreetMidtown East113900Condo
200 East 69th StreetUpper East Side21.54Condo
10 East End AvenueUpper East Side224Co-op
200 ChambersTribeca113Condo
10 East 29th StreetMurray Hill224Rental Building
3 Hanover SquareFinancial DistrictStudio12Condo
88 Lexington AvenueMurray Hill113Rental Building
110 ChristopherGreenwich Village12Rental Building
About Debbie

“Real estate will always be in fashion,” …says Debbie Baum, a 22-year veteran of the fashion industry. With a strong business background after holding executive positions as President of Rena Lange (USA), VP of Sales and Marketing for Nicole Farhi, Sales Manager at Donna Karan New York and Perry Ellis, and principal of her own consulting business, Debbie applies her talents to the business she grew up in. “My parents had a successful real estate company in Westchester, and I grew up with a love of this business.”

“Customer service, satisfaction, and winning are what drive me,” says Debbie. And winning she is. With over $350M in real estate sales, Debbie is a member each year of The Corcoran Group’s Multi-Million Dollar Club and is often ranked among the Top Manhattan Sales Agents at Corcoran placing her as an elite member of the President's Council. She is ranked in the top 1% of all NRT sales associates nationally. Debbie enjoys selling properties within all areas of Manhattan.

In addition to working with domestic sellers and buyers, Debbie works with a wide range of clients throughout Europe, Asia, and Brazil who rely on her expertise when buying, renting, and selling properties. She understands the short and long-term needs of the investor with an emphasis on 1031 exchanges.

You can expect success with Debbie to guide you throughout your buying and selling experience; be assured that she will bring her warmth, caring and energy, along with her determination and persevering spirit, in structuring and completing the right deal for you. A tireless advocate on your behalf, Debbie sees to it that her customers are enjoying the process while she leaves no stone unturned.

“It is important to me that my customers are comfortable. While it can be an emotionally challenging experience for some, I make every effort to make sure that everyone I work with – on both sides – is well informed and finds me completely accessible."

  • 15 Years in Real Estate
  • 22 Years in Fashion
  • 2017 President`s Council
  • 2016 President`s Council
  • 2016 NRT Top 1,000 Sales Associates Nationwide - 4th Quarter
  • Top Rental Agent Of The Month - March 2017
Memberships & Clubs
  • Multi-Million Dollar Club
  • Hadassah Foundation
  • Corcoran Cares
  • President's Council
"Prepared, intelligent, articulate. Everything you want in someone helping you with a major purchase. She’s fun to be with. I spent a lot of time with her and a pleasant personality is a big plus. She is delightful! "
— Buyer
"Debbie was available on a 24/7 basis and was an integral part of the entire process, including getting the apartment prepared for showing, planning open houses, negotiating with potential buyers, and making sure the closing was handled smoothly."
— Seller
"Debbie is truly the "go to person" if you are either selling or buying a home. When we placed our apartment on the market during a down market, her efforts resulted in our getting our asking price."
— Seller
"Debbie Baum skillfully studied all my needs and desires and gathered together a number of excellent choices of properties. She helped me find a beautiful co-op that more than met my needs and comforts and even made the search exciting and fun!"
— Buyer
"Debbie Baum spent countless hours with me over the course of a year. I’m picky about what I wanted and felt after months and months she would give up on me. That never happened and she never made me feel like I was taking up too much of her time."
— Buyer

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