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Frank  Castelluccio Corcoran Cares Member
Frank Castelluccio Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Frank Castelluccio

Office: Brooklyn Heights
1 Pierrepont Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
1 Main Street 16 DUMBO/Vinegar Hill$15,000,00033.511.56,813Condo
878 Carroll Street Park Slope$3,954,0004.54.510House
453 DeGraw Street Boerum Hill$3,850,00044.514Townhouse
505 Clinton Avenue Clinton Hill$3,800,000StudioVacant Land
429 Clinton Street Carroll Gardens$3,450,00064152,700Townhouse
164-168 West 136th Street Harlem$3,000,000Townhouse
55 Prince Street 5R Soho/Nolita$3,000,0003151,800Co-op
65 Prospect Park West Park Slope$2,895,0004383,000Townhouse
260 8th Street Park Slope$2,820,0003,765Townhouse
45 Madison Street Clinton Hill$2,800,0007613Townhouse
245 Greene Avenue Clinton Hill$2,700,00054.510Townhouse
86 6th Avenue Park Slope$2,670,00063.5143,600Townhouse
308 Clermont Avenue Fort Greene$2,650,00053163,720Townhouse
160 Bond StreetBoerum Hill$2,650,0001,440Townhouse
30 Saint Marks Avenue Park Slope$2,550,00063.512Townhouse
218 Greene Avenue Clinton Hill$2,450,00044.512Townhouse
270 Clifton Place Bedford-Stuyvesant$2,410,00064.5122,941Townhouse
226 Union Street Carroll Gardens$2,400,000527Townhouse
141 Lincoln Place Park Slope$2,325,00042.57Townhouse
49 Irving Place Clinton Hill$2,299,0005593,922Townhouse
90 6th Avenue Park Slope$2,275,00053.593,360Townhouse
336 10th Street Park Slope$2,240,000Townhouse
56 South 3rd Street 3A Williamsburg$2,225,00032.562,403Condo
56 South 3rd Street 3B Williamsburg$2,200,00032.56.52,439Condo
64 Prospect Place Park Slope$2,200,0006312Townhouse
47 Irving Place Clinton Hill$2,199,000Townhouse
155 Nelson Street Carroll Gardens$2,125,0004312Townhouse
64 Prospect Place Park Slope$2,000,0006312Townhouse
222 Riverside Drive16CUpper West Side$1,995,0002251,178Condo
223 Washington Avenue Clinton Hill$1,990,0005312Townhouse
116 3rd Place 1 Carroll Gardens$1,965,00032.562,431Condo
233 Pacific Street 2E Boerum Hill4381,929Condo
233 Pacific Street 3E Boerum Hill$1,875,0004381,929Condo
150 Nelson Street 1 Carroll Gardens$1,860,0002.52.572,023Condo
48 Devoe StreetWilliamsburg$1,837,50042111,620Townhouse
233 Pacific Street 4A Boerum Hill$1,815,0003261,921Condo
49 2nd Place Carroll Gardens$1,812,500Townhouse
704 Putnam Avenue Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,800,00044123,640Townhouse
119 Pulaski Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,790,0009614Townhouse
413 Classon Avenue Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,720,000105.520Townhouse
63 Maple Street Lefferts Gardens$1,700,00043.5183,963Townhouse
145 Park Place 7D Park Slope$1,699,0003251,330Condo
6 3rd Street Carroll Gardens$1,690,00063.5133,040Townhouse
170 South Oxford Fort Greene$1,675,00064144,008Townhouse
229 Cornelia Street Bushwick$1,668,91185183,276Townhouse
232 Greene Avenue Clinton Hill$1,650,0006315Townhouse
56 South 3rd Street 2A Williamsburg$1,650,0003261,661Condo
924 Lincoln Place Crown Heights$1,625,00083153,475Townhouse
145 Park Place 4G Park Slope$1,612,0003251,330Condo
128 Douglass Street Boerum Hill$1,605,0004312Townhouse
1711 DORCHESTER ROAD Ditmas Park$1,600,00053.510House
111 Malcolm X Boulevard Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,595,00066102,700Townhouse
116 3rd Place 5 Carroll Gardens$1,595,00032.551,678Condo
116 3rd Place 4 Carroll Gardens$1,577,5003261,138Condo
678 Dean Street Prospect Heights$1,575,0004283,168Townhouse
233 Pacific Street 2G Boerum Hill$1,575,0003261,688Condo
231 15th Street 3C Park Slope$1,565,0003241,444Condo
145 Park Place 4F Park Slope$1,525,000223.51,360Condo
541 Kosciuszko Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,500,0006615Townhouse
2 Northside Piers 25L Williamsburg$1,500,0002251,120Condo
1313 Sterling Place Crown Heights$1,499,5004212Townhouse
482 7th Street 1 Park Slope$1,495,00011.531,785Condo
56 South 3rd Street 1A Williamsburg$1,475,0003261,417Condo
764 Marcy Avenue Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,450,00063.510Townhouse
225 Pacific Street 5A Cobble Hill$1,435,0003261,713Condo
360 Gates Avenue Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,425,00054.512Townhouse
56 South 3rd Street 2B Williamsburg$1,425,0003371,520Condo
91 Malcolm X Boulevard Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,425,0004310Townhouse
56 South 3rd Street 1B Williamsburg$1,400,0003261,403Condo
163 Stuyvesant AvenueBedford-Stuyvesant$1,400,000532,520Townhouse
233 Pacific Street 2A Boerum Hill$1,400,0003261,656Condo
233 Pacific Street 2C Boerum Hill$1,385,0003261,562Condo
537 Hancock Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,360,00032.512Townhouse
90 6th AvenuePark Slope$1,350,00053.593,360Townhouse
350 South 3rd Street 1 Williamsburg$1,350,00022.542,169Condo
233 Pacific Street 5A Boerum Hill3261,624Condo
233 Pacific Street 2F Boerum Hill$1,350,0003261,375Condo
233 Pacific Street 3A Boerum Hill$1,350,0003261,656Condo
233 Pacific Street 3G Boerum Hill3261,688Condo
2142 Fulton Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,340,00063104,000Townhouse
243 Rutland Road Lefferts Gardens$1,324,00053103,120Townhouse
139 Maple Street Lefferts Gardens$1,320,000327Townhouse
233 Pacific Street 4D Boerum Hill2261,536Condo
712 Sackett Street2FPark Slope$1,300,0003251,163Condo
233 Pacific Street 3C Boerum Hill3261,620Condo
245 Manhattan AvenueB-3Williamsburg$1,299,0002261,151Condo
2098 FREDERICK DOUGLASS B 7M Harlem$1,285,0002241,144Condo
85 Monroe Street Clinton Hill$1,275,0007720Townhouse
175 West 93rd Street 6F Upper West Side$1,275,000214.51,200Co-op
825 Hancock Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,275,0006412Townhouse
175 West 93rd Street 4F Upper West Side$1,275,000214.51,200Co-op
233 Pacific Street 5C Boerum Hill2261,548Condo
233 Pacific Street 5D Boerum Hill2251,361Condo
75 Henry Street 25H Brooklyn Heights$1,255,000224Co-op
555 Henry Street 2 Carroll Gardens$1,250,0002251,169Condo
233 Pacific Street 4B Boerum Hill$1,250,0003261,620Condo
494 Warren Street Boerum Hill$1,240,00084163,200Townhouse
93 Somers Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,237,50054122,255Townhouse
673 Evergreen Avenue Bushwick$1,215,000Townhouse
233 Pacific Street 4F Boerum Hill2251,722Condo
233 Pacific Street 3F Boerum Hill$1,200,0003261,375Condo
225 Pacific Street 5B Cobble Hill$1,200,0003261,392Condo
153 Lincoln Place 3A Park Slope$1,200,00032.551,555Condo
1311-13 Dean Street Crown Heights$1,200,000104184,049Townhouse
350 South 3rd Street FL 4 Williamsburg$1,200,0002241,242Condo
119 Pacific Street 1 Cobble Hill$1,195,000214Co-op
318 23rd Street Greenwood$1,170,00011616Townhouse
272 Greene Avenue Clinton Hill$1,166,400StudioVacant Land
703 Putnam Avenue Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,165,000339House
350 South 3rd Street FL 2 Williamsburg$1,160,0002241,242Condo
350 South 3rd Street 3 Williamsburg$1,150,0002241,242Condo
1285 Nostrand Avenue Lefferts Gardens$1,150,000410Townhouse
100 Moffat Street Bushwick$1,150,00043152,889Townhouse
153 Lincoln Place 1D Park Slope$1,150,0003361,644Condo
225 Pacific Street 2B Cobble Hill$1,150,0003271,355Condo
191 Cornelia Street Bushwick$1,140,50053102,565Townhouse
233 Pacific Street 2H Boerum Hill$1,135,0002251,156Condo
233 Pacific Street 5B Boerum Hill$1,130,0002251,341Condo
482 7th Street 3 Park Slope$1,100,0003251,007Condo
214 Withers Street Williamsburg$1,090,00021.55Townhouse
1257 Dekalb Avenue Garden Bushwick$1,075,00032.54.51,691Condo
233 Pacific Street 3D Boerum Hill$1,075,0002241,341Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street PHA Downtown Brooklyn$1,070,000224987Condo
373 Lincoln Road Lefferts Gardens$1,070,00052.5101,808Townhouse
1 Hanson Place 12B Fort Greene$1,068,0001.513.5924Condo
94 Prospect Place 1 Park Slope$1,035,0002241,555Condo
1774A Pacific StreetCrown Heights$1,024,9987.55203,386Townhouse
175 West 93rd Street 7H Upper West Side$1,020,0002141,100Co-op
1 Hanson Place 17D Fort Greene$999,500113934Condo
482 7th Street 2 Park Slope$999,0003251,007Condo
116 3rd Place 2 Carroll Gardens$999,0002241,324Condo
233 Pacific Street 2B Boerum Hill$999,000124934Condo
285A Hart Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$999,0004212Townhouse
345A 14th Street Park Slope$999,000Townhouse
90 WILLIAM ST 16B Financial District$999,0002241,186Condo
225 Pacific Street 4B Cobble Hill$997,0003261,335Condo
233 Pacific Street 4G Boerum Hill$995,0002251,156Condo
1257 Dekalb Avenue 2 Bushwick$992,7932241,169Condo
233 Pacific Street 5E Boerum Hill2251,145Condo
225 Pacific Street 3B Cobble Hill$980,0003261,335Condo
153 Lincoln Place 3B Park Slope$980,00032.551,324Condo
153 Lincoln Place 2C Park Slope$975,00032.541,422Condo
527 Court Street 3B Carroll Gardens$969,000214865Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 601 Fort Greene$965,0003251,620Condo
116 3rd Place 4 Carroll Gardens$962,2463261,138Condo
116 3rd Place 3 Carroll Gardens$955,0002251,144Condo
28 Roosevelt Place Bedford-Stuyvesant$950,00053.512Townhouse
95 Adelphi Street Fort Greene$950,0004.548Townhouse
233 Pacific Street 3H Boerum Hill$950,0002251,156Condo
3108 Farragut Road Flatbush$935,00043.57Townhouse
153 Lincoln Place 3C Park Slope$932,50022.551,388Condo
239 Sumpter Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$925,00063.5132,139Townhouse
1257 Dekalb Avenue 3 Bushwick$920,0002241,169Condo
90 WILLIAM ST 16A Financial District$918,0002241,156Condo
309 Garfield Place 3 Park Slope$904,0002.524Co-op
90 WILLIAM ST 6B Financial District$902,500324.51,186Condo
622 Grand Avenue 201 Prospect Heights$900,0003251,005Condo
1663 Lincoln Place Bedford-Stuyvesant$895,0006210House
189 Schermerhorn Street PHB Downtown Brooklyn$895,000224965Condo
225 Pacific Street 2D Cobble Hill$859,0002261,048Condo
65 Poplar Street 3A Brooklyn Heights$848,00022.541,160Condo
388 Bridge Street33EDowntown Brooklyn$844,000113.5783Condo
675 Sackett Street 101 Park Slope$834,000224.51,280Condo
36 Monroe Street Clinton Hill$827,000326Townhouse
90 WILLIAM ST 6G Financial District$815,0002241,080Condo
618 Washington Avenue301Prospect Heights$815,000223964Condo
17-04 George Street Queens$815,0004310Townhouse
189 Schermerhorn Street 16E Downtown Brooklyn$812,0002241,037Condo
69-71 South Oxford Street 6A Fort Greene$810,0002141,011Condo
175 West 93rd Street 6D Upper West Side$810,000113800Co-op
153 Lincoln Place 2A Park Slope$806,0002251,034Condo
483 12th Street 4L Park Slope$805,0001.513.5Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 25E Downtown Brooklyn$804,0002241,037Condo
638 Jerome Street East New York$800,00052.510House
189 Schermerhorn Street 23E Downtown Brooklyn$799,5002241,037Condo
225 Pacific Street 4D Cobble Hill$799,0002261,057Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 24E Downtown Brooklyn$797,0002241,037Condo
545 Washington Avenue 103 Clinton Hill$795,0003371,656Condo
225 Pacific Street 3D Cobble Hill$790,0002261,057Condo
319 18th Street 2C Park Slope$789,000224Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street PHE Downtown Brooklyn$785,5002241,037Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 605 Fort Greene$782,0002241,200Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 21E Downtown Brooklyn$780,000223.51,037Condo
240 West 75th Street6CUpper West Side$780,000113Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 20E Downtown Brooklyn$770,2502241,037Condo
545 Washington Avenue 707 Clinton Hill$770,0002241,166Condo
102 Prospect Park West 1 Park Slope$759,500113Co-op
1558 Saint Marks Avenue Bedford-Stuyvesant$755,00073102,700Townhouse
225 Pacific Street 4A Cobble Hill$755,000226988Condo
545 Washington Avenue 207 Clinton Hill$750,0002241,114Condo
225 Pacific Street 3A Cobble Hill$750,000225988Condo
306 Saint James Place Clinton Hill$750,0007314Townhouse
189 Schermerhorn Street 22E Downtown Brooklyn$750,0002241,037Condo
60 Court Street 2K Brooklyn Heights$750,000113712Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 19E Downtown Brooklyn$745,0002241,037Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 604 Fort Greene$745,0002241,200Condo
320 23rd Street Park Slope$740,000328Townhouse
301 East 78th Street 7D Upper East Side$740,000113.5900Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 15B Downtown Brooklyn$739,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 18E Downtown Brooklyn$735,0002241,037Condo
233 Pacific Street 3B Boerum Hill$734,500124934Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 17E Downtown Brooklyn$730,0002241,030Condo
90 WILLIAM ST 16H Financial District$725,000Studio121,096Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 108 Fort Greene$725,0002241,179Condo
303 Beverley Road 7A Kensington$725,00031.55.51,320Co-op
545 Washington Avenue 701 Clinton Hill$715,0002251,131Condo
545 Washington Avenue 703 Clinton Hill$715,0003261,300Condo
225 Pacific Street 2A Cobble Hill$715,000226968Condo
99 Bergen Street 4R Boerum Hill$705,000113Co-op
90 WILLIAM ST 12H Financial District$700,0001131,096Condo
90 WILLIAM ST 14H Financial District$700,000Studio121,096Condo
90 WILLIAM ST 15H Financial District$695,000Studio121,096Condo
446 Kent Avenue 3E Williamsburg$695,0002241,211Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 311 Fort Greene$692,0002251,072Condo
545 Washington Avenue 503 Clinton Hill$690,000326Condo
69-71 South Oxford Street 6A Fort Greene$690,0002141,011Condo
476 Sterling Place 202 Crown Heights$690,000214Condo
412 7th Avenue 2R Park Slope$685,000214Condop
719 Carroll Street 1L Park Slope$683,0002.515Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 16J Downtown Brooklyn$682,500224910Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 25J Downtown Brooklyn$682,500224910Condo
545 Washington Avenue 403 Clinton Hill$680,0003251,295Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 306 Fort Greene$679,0002251,108Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 303 Fort Greene$679,0002241,126Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 211 Fort Greene$675,0002241,104Condo
69-71 South Oxford Street 1C Fort Greene$675,0002.51.541,053Condo
545 Washington Avenue 303 Clinton Hill$670,0003261,298Condo
840 Saint Marks Avenue 3D Crown Heights$665,000325Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 24J Downtown Brooklyn$660,000224910Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 606 Fort Greene$658,0002261,014Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 308 Fort Greene$655,0002241,117Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 302 Fort Greene$655,000225Condo
372 8th Street 3L Park Slope$655,0002151,100Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 22J Downtown Brooklyn$653,250224910Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 513 Fort Greene$650,0002241,054Condo
813 8th Avenue 4R Park Slope$650,000215Co-op
545 Washington Avenue 203 Clinton Hill$645,0003251,295Condo
545 Washington Avenue 706 Clinton Hill$645,0002251,143Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 312 Fort Greene$645,0002261,122Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 514 Fort Greene$645,0002231,138Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 2L Downtown Brooklyn$645,000224871Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 25G Downtown Brooklyn$640,000114512Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 212 Fort Greene$635,0002241,108Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 501 Fort Greene$635,0002251,104Condo
545 Washington Avenue 606 Clinton Hill$635,0002251,143Condo
545 Washington Avenue 502 Clinton Hill$630,0002251,333Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 207 Fort Greene$630,0002251,104Condo
719 Carroll Street 1L Park Slope$630,0002.515Co-op
181 Clermont Avenue 213 Fort Greene$629,0002241,080Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 23J Downtown Brooklyn$628,000224910Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 214 Fort Greene$625,0002241,126Condo
225 Pacific Street 2C Cobble Hill$625,000115785Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 201 Fort Greene$625,0002251,105Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 21J Downtown Brooklyn$625,000225910Condo
796 DeKalb Avenue B3 Bedford-Stuyvesant$625,000123.51,133Condo
608 East 37th Street Flatbush$620,0002.53.581,050House
189 Schermerhorn Street PHF Downtown Brooklyn$620,000113510Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 401 Fort Greene$620,0002261,105Condo
233 Pacific Street 4E Boerum Hill113677Condo
545 Washington Avenue 610 Clinton Hill$617,5972251,131Condo
545 Washington Avenue 705 Clinton Hill$617,5002251,075Condo
545 Washington Avenue 506 Clinton Hill$615,0002251,143Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 413 Fort Greene$615,0002261,072Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 402 Fort Greene$615,0002251,072Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 607 Fort Greene$615,0002261,028Condo
681 Union Street D Park Slope$615,000214Co-op
681 Union Street D Park Slope$614,500214Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 18J Downtown Brooklyn$614,250224910Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 203 Fort Greene$612,0002231,126Condo
545 Washington Avenue 605 Clinton Hill$612,0002251,075Condo
545 Washington Avenue 402 Clinton Hill$610,0002251,333Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 309 Fort Greene$610,0002261,108Condo
17 Adler Place East New York$610,00032House
181 Clermont Avenue 209 Fort Greene$607,5002251,102Condo
545 Washington Avenue 602 Clinton Hill$607,500225Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 20J Downtown Brooklyn$607,500224910Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 19J Downtown Brooklyn$606,000224910Condo
303 Beverley Road 11C Kensington$605,00021.55Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 17J Downtown Brooklyn$604,500224900Condo
545 Washington Avenue 704 Clinton Hill$602,0002251,014Condo
545 Washington Avenue 302 Clinton Hill$600,000225Condo
82 Pioneer StreetRed Hook$600,00032.581,128Townhouse
240 Baltic Street 1 Cobble Hill$599,000113Co-op
225 Pacific Street 4C Cobble Hill$599,000113785Condo
383 Carlton Avenue 3S Fort Greene$599,000226837Condo
768 East 45th Street East Flatbush$599,00032.58Townhouse
181 Clermont Avenue 510 Fort Greene$595,000113796Condo
545 Washington Avenue 306 Clinton Hill$595,0002251,143Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 105 Fort Greene$595,000114831Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 25A Downtown Brooklyn$593,0001.525828Condo
545 Washington Avenue 202 Clinton Hill$590,0002251,333Condo
225 Pacific Street 3C Cobble Hill$590,000114785Condo
545 Washington Avenue 505 Clinton Hill$590,0002251,075Condo
545 Washington Avenue 510 Clinton Hill$590,0002241,133Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 602 Fort Greene$590,0002231,028Condo
255 Eastern Parkway G12 Prospect Heights$590,0003161,083Condo
138 Broadway 2B Williamsburg$585,000113933Condo
545 Washington Avenue 604 Clinton Hill$585,0002251,014Condo
90 Vanderveer Street Bushwick$585,0003310Townhouse
545 Washington Avenue 504 Clinton Hill$582,5002251,014Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 22A Downtown Brooklyn$579,000125828Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 23A Downtown Brooklyn$578,000114828Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 24A Downtown Brooklyn$578,000123.5828Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 304 Fort Greene$578,000114751Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 18A Downtown Brooklyn$576,550123828Condo
566 20th Street 1B Windsor Terrace$575,00022.551,668Condo
545 Washington Avenue 702 Clinton Hill$575,00011.541,128Condo
545 Washington Avenue 305 Clinton Hill$575,0002241,075Condo
505 Court Street 3G Carroll Gardens$575,000113702Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 20A Downtown Brooklyn$570,000123.5828Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 603 Fort Greene$569,0002251,014Condo
545 Washington Avenue 404 Clinton Hill$566,3282251,014Condo
483 12th Street 3L Park Slope$565,0001.515Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 21A Downtown Brooklyn$562,000123.5828Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 15A Downtown Brooklyn$560,000123.5828Condo
545 Washington Avenue 405 Clinton Hill$560,0002251,075Condo
545 Washington Avenue 501 Clinton Hill$560,0002251,098Condo
545 Washington Avenue 304 Clinton Hill$560,0002251,014Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 14C Downtown Brooklyn$556,500224910Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4C Downtown Brooklyn$556,500224910Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 15C Downtown Brooklyn$555,500224910Condo
351 21st Street 4F Greenwood$555,0002251,063Condo
545 Washington Avenue 206 Clinton Hill$555,0002241,143Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 409 Fort Greene$555,0002231,034Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 405 Fort Greene$555,0002251,034Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 19A Downtown Brooklyn$554,000224828Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 12C Downtown Brooklyn$551,625225910Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 17A Downtown Brooklyn$550,000123.5828Condo
545 Washington Avenue 406 Clinton Hill$550,0002251,143Condo
545 Washington Avenue 301 Clinton Hill$550,0002251,098Condo
545 Washington Avenue 310 Clinton Hill$549,855225Condo
313-314 23rd Street 4B Park Slope$549,00011.54900Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 11C Downtown Brooklyn$546,750224910Condo
545 Washington Avenue 410 Clinton Hill$545,0002251,131Condo
110 Warren Street B303 Cobble Hill$545,000113609Condo
545 Washington Avenue 401 Clinton Hill$543,2802251,098Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 10C Downtown Brooklyn$541,875224910Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 16A Downtown Brooklyn$540,000123.5828Condo
545 Washington Avenue 204 Clinton Hill$540,0002241,014Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 9C Downtown Brooklyn$536,000224910Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 15E Downtown Brooklyn$535,000124871Condo
545 Washington Avenue 104 Clinton Hill$534,8672251,197Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 8C Downtown Brooklyn$531,125224910Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 11E Downtown Brooklyn$530,000224871Condo
545 Washington Avenue 205 Clinton Hill$530,0002251,075Condo
545 Washington Avenue 209 Clinton Hill$530,0002251,131Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 7C Downtown Brooklyn$526,250224910Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 14E Downtown Brooklyn$525,000223.5871Condo
545 Washington Avenue 208 Clinton Hill$525,0002251,155Condo
481 Lexington Avenue Bedford-Stuyvesant$525,000326Townhouse
189 Schermerhorn Street 10A Downtown Brooklyn$524,950123.5828Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5L Downtown Brooklyn$522,500224871Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 11A Downtown Brooklyn$522,000113.5828Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 14A Downtown Brooklyn$520,000123.5828Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 12E Downtown Brooklyn$520,000123.5871Condo
313-314 23rd Street 4A Park Slope$520,00011.55890Condo
545 Washington Avenue 201 Clinton Hill$520,0002241,098Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 110 Fort Greene$520,000113843Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 12A Downtown Brooklyn$517,000123.5828Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 6C Downtown Brooklyn$516,750224910Condo
102 Prospect Park West 1 Park Slope$515,000113Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 9A Downtown Brooklyn$514,250224828Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 8A Downtown Brooklyn$514,250123828Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5C Downtown Brooklyn$510,000224910Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 10E Downtown Brooklyn$505,000124871Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4L Downtown Brooklyn$503,738224871Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3C Downtown Brooklyn$502,125224910Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 109 Fort Greene$500,000112801Condo
400 East 59th Street 14D Upper East Side$499,900113.5900Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 2A Downtown Brooklyn$499,000123.5842Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3L Downtown Brooklyn$498,750224871Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 9E Downtown Brooklyn$497,000225871Condo
313-314 23rd Street 1B Park Slope$493,0001.51.55980Condo
313-314 23rd Street 1D Park Slope$490,0001.51.55940Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3A Downtown Brooklyn$489,500225842Condo
545 Washington Avenue 102 Clinton Hill$489,0002241,072Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 7A Downtown Brooklyn$488,000123.5842Condo
320-321 23rd Street 4A Park Slope$485,00011.54890Condo
320-321 23rd Street 4D Park Slope$485,00011.54900Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 25B Downtown Brooklyn$479,975113662Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 101 Fort Greene$479,00011.52878Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 102 Fort Greene$479,000113863Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 411 Fort Greene$479,000113689Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 24B Downtown Brooklyn$475,025113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 6A Downtown Brooklyn$475,000123.5842Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 2S Downtown Brooklyn$475,000113702Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 15F Downtown Brooklyn$475,000113.5739Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 15G Downtown Brooklyn$470,000113.5749Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5A Downtown Brooklyn$470,000123.5842Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 15H Downtown Brooklyn$465,0001.514712Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 23B Downtown Brooklyn$462,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 22B Downtown Brooklyn$460,000113662Condo
320-321 23rd Street 1B Park Slope$460,00011.54980Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 14F Downtown Brooklyn$459,575114739Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 21B Downtown Brooklyn$458,000113662Condo
20 Bayard Street 3C Williamsburg$456,000113661Condo
1 Hanson Place 17F Fort Greene$455,000113722Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 14H Downtown Brooklyn$455,000113.5712Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 8E Downtown Brooklyn$454,000123.5871Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4A Downtown Brooklyn$451,560123.5842Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 7E Downtown Brooklyn$449,000123.5871Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 6E Downtown Brooklyn$447,000123.5871Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5S Downtown Brooklyn$446,775113701Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 14G Downtown Brooklyn$445,000113.5749Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 12F Downtown Brooklyn$445,000113.5739Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 12H Downtown Brooklyn$442,0001.513.5712Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5E Downtown Brooklyn$442,000123.5871Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 2M Downtown Brooklyn$441,250113729Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 11F Downtown Brooklyn$440,000113.5739Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 11G Downtown Brooklyn$440,000213749Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 11H Downtown Brooklyn$440,000112.5712Condo
545 Washington Avenue 507 Clinton Hill$440,000113806Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 410 Fort Greene$440,000112713Condo
375 Lincoln Place1HProspect Heights$440,0002241,100Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 5M Downtown Brooklyn$439,375113729Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5J Downtown Brooklyn$439,375113.5843Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 15B Downtown Brooklyn$439,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3E Downtown Brooklyn$438,750125871Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 6J Downtown Brooklyn$437,500113.5843Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 20B Downtown Brooklyn$437,000113685Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 19B Downtown Brooklyn$436,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 7J Downtown Brooklyn$436,000113.5843Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4E Downtown Brooklyn$436,000123.5871Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 16B Downtown Brooklyn$435,700113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 12G Downtown Brooklyn$435,000113.5749Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 505 Fort Greene$435,000113811Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 406 Fort Greene$435,000113713Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 18B Downtown Brooklyn$434,000113662Condo
175 Eastern Parkway 5A Prospect Heights$433,000114Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 17B Downtown Brooklyn$432,500113Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 511 Fort Greene$431,000114750Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 506 Fort Greene$429,000113800Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 404 Fort Greene$427,500113750Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 15K Downtown Brooklyn$427,000113733Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4J Downtown Brooklyn$425,000114843Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 208 Fort Greene$425,000113747Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street PHC Downtown Brooklyn$425,000113623Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 15D Downtown Brooklyn$424,500113679Condo
545 Washington Avenue 708 Clinton Hill$423,500113757Condo
545 Washington Avenue 609 Clinton Hill$423,500113753Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3J Downtown Brooklyn$423,000214850Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4S Downtown Brooklyn$422,000113701Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 10F Downtown Brooklyn$421,000113.5739Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street PHD Downtown Brooklyn$420,500113606Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 24C Downtown Brooklyn$420,000113616Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 507 Fort Greene$420,000114750Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 508 Fort Greene$420,000114742Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5R Downtown Brooklyn$420,000113714Condo
255 Eastern Parkway G12 Prospect Heights$420,0003161,083Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4M Downtown Brooklyn$419,250113729Condo
545 Washington Avenue 608 Clinton Hill$418,000113710Condo
313-314 23rd Street 3C Park Slope$417,50011.54685Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 504 Fort Greene$417,000113742Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 408 Fort Greene$415,000114751Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 25D Downtown Brooklyn$415,000113606Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 14B Downtown Brooklyn$415,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 23C Downtown Brooklyn$415,000113616Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3R Downtown Brooklyn$414,375113714Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 2R Downtown Brooklyn$414,000113714Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 25C Downtown Brooklyn$414,000113616Condo
545 Washington Avenue 509 Clinton Hill$412,500113753Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 14D Downtown Brooklyn$410,000113684Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 12D Downtown Brooklyn$408,500113684Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3S Downtown Brooklyn$407,500113701Condo
175 Eastern Parkway 1F Prospect Heights$407,000113750Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 24D Downtown Brooklyn$407,000113606Condo
262 Hicks Street 2R Brooklyn Heights$407,000Studio12Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 3M Downtown Brooklyn$406,000113729Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 12K Downtown Brooklyn$406,000113733Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 10H Downtown Brooklyn$406,000113.5712Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4R Downtown Brooklyn$405,000113714Condo
320-321 23rd Street 3C Park Slope$405,00011.54685Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 14K Downtown Brooklyn$402,000113733Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 21D Downtown Brooklyn$400,950112.5606Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 23D Downtown Brooklyn$400,000113606Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 11K Downtown Brooklyn$400,000113733Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 12B Downtown Brooklyn$400,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 10D Downtown Brooklyn$400,000113684Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 9B Downtown Brooklyn$399,750113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 21C Downtown Brooklyn$399,750113623Condo
320-321 23rd Street 3D Park Slope$399,0001.51.54685Condo
313-314 23rd Street 3D Park Slope$399,00011.54680Condo
320-321 23rd Street 3B Park Slope$399,0001.51.54685Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 2B Downtown Brooklyn$399,000113664Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 210 Fort Greene$399,000113726Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 22D Downtown Brooklyn$398,000113606Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 9D Downtown Brooklyn$398,000113684Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 11D Downtown Brooklyn$398,000113684Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 11B Downtown Brooklyn$396,344113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 10B Downtown Brooklyn$396,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 20D Downtown Brooklyn$396,000113606Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5Q Downtown Brooklyn$395,400113627Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 9H Downtown Brooklyn$394,000114712Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 22C Downtown Brooklyn$393,000113616Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 10K Downtown Brooklyn$390,428113733Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 8K Downtown Brooklyn$390,000113733Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 9K Downtown Brooklyn$390,000113733Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 9F Downtown Brooklyn$390,000113.5510Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 9G Downtown Brooklyn$390,000114749Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 6B Downtown Brooklyn$390,000113662Condo
545 Washington Avenue 607 Clinton Hill$390,000113806Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 8B Downtown Brooklyn$389,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 7G Downtown Brooklyn$388,500213.5749Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 8F Downtown Brooklyn$388,000113.5739Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 7B Downtown Brooklyn$387,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 8H Downtown Brooklyn$386,000213714Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 19D Downtown Brooklyn$386,000113606Condo
111 Hicks Street 12D Brooklyn Heights$385,000114Co-op
545 Washington Avenue 709 Clinton Hill$385,000113750Condo
545 Washington Avenue 308 Clinton Hill$385,000113710Condo
846 President Street 5F Park Slope$385,000113Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 7H Downtown Brooklyn$384,000113.5712Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 6F Downtown Brooklyn$383,875113.5739Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 6G Downtown Brooklyn$383,875113.5749Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 6H Downtown Brooklyn$383,875113.5712Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 8D Downtown Brooklyn$383,000113679Condo
320-321 23rd Street 1C Park Slope$381,10011.54970Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 17C Downtown Brooklyn$380,250113616Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 19C Downtown Brooklyn$380,000113623Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 20C Downtown Brooklyn$380,000113623Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 7F Downtown Brooklyn$380,000113.5739Condo
320-321 23rd Street 3A Park Slope$380,0001.51.54685Condo
313-314 23rd Street 3A Park Slope$380,00011.54685Condo
313-314 23rd Street 3B Park Slope$380,00011.54685Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5B Downtown Brooklyn$380,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 2Q Downtown Brooklyn$380,000113627Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 112 Fort Greene$380,000113662Condo
2 SOUTH END AVE 7F Battery Park City$380,000113632Condo
320-321 23rd Street 1A Park Slope$376,00011.54980Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 18D Downtown Brooklyn$376,000113606Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 7D Downtown Brooklyn$375,000113684Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 407 Fort Greene$375,000114689Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5D Downtown Brooklyn$372,500113684Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 17D Downtown Brooklyn$372,000113606Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5F Downtown Brooklyn$371,500214739Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5H Downtown Brooklyn$370,000113.5712Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 6D Downtown Brooklyn$370,000113679Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3H Downtown Brooklyn$370,000114714Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4D Downtown Brooklyn$370,000113684Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4H Downtown Brooklyn$367,625113.5712Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street PHF Downtown Brooklyn$366,550113510Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 16F Downtown Brooklyn$365,625113510Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 16G Downtown Brooklyn$365,625113512Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 16H Downtown Brooklyn$365,625113507Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 16C Downtown Brooklyn$365,000113616Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 16D Downtown Brooklyn$365,000113606Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4B Downtown Brooklyn$365,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5P Downtown Brooklyn$365,000113618Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4Q Downtown Brooklyn$360,750113627Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 2H Downtown Brooklyn$360,000114737Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4F Downtown Brooklyn$360,000113.5739Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4G Downtown Brooklyn$360,0001.513.5749Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5G Downtown Brooklyn$360,000113.5749Condo
313-314 23rd Street 2B Park Slope$360,0001.51.54685Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3D Downtown Brooklyn$360,000113684Condo
545 Washington Avenue 508 Clinton Hill$360,000113710Condo
545 Washington Avenue 409 Clinton Hill$360,000113753Condo
545 Washington Avenue 407 Clinton Hill$360,000113806Condo
108 Pierrepont Street 10 Brooklyn Heights$357,500Studio13Co-op
320-321 23rd Street 2A Park Slope$357,25011.54680Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4P Downtown Brooklyn$355,875113618Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street PHG Downtown Brooklyn$355,875113512Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3B Downtown Brooklyn$355,000113662Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3G Downtown Brooklyn$355,0001.513749Condo
40 Tehama Street 4G Kensington$351,858113Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 3F Downtown Brooklyn$351,425113.5739Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3P Downtown Brooklyn$351,000113618Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 2P Downtown Brooklyn$351,000113618Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3Q Downtown Brooklyn$350,000113701Condo
320-321 23rd Street 2B Park Slope$350,00011.54685Condo
545 Washington Avenue 307 Clinton Hill$350,000113806Condo
545 Washington Avenue 307 Clinton Hill$350,000113806Condo
313-314 23rd Street 2A Park Slope$349,0001.51.54685Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street PHH Downtown Brooklyn$348,500113507Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 111 Fort Greene$347,000Studio11520Condo
545 Washington Avenue 309 Clinton Hill$345,000113753Condo
320-321 23rd Street 2C Park Slope$345,00041.54685Condo
320-321 23rd Street 2D Park Slope$345,00011.54685Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 5N Downtown Brooklyn$345,000113541Condo
313-314 23rd Street 2D Park Slope$344,0001.51.54680Condo
545 Washington Avenue 408 Clinton Hill$342,500113710Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 2G Downtown Brooklyn$340,000113673Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 25F Downtown Brooklyn$336,375113510Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 25G Downtown Brooklyn$336,375114512Condo
40 Tehama Street 2K Kensington$336,000113Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 25H Downtown Brooklyn$332,000113507Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 22G Downtown Brooklyn$331,400113612Condo
225 Adams Street 2I Brooklyn Heights$330,000113Co-op
40 Tehama Street 2E Kensington$329,550113Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 2N Downtown Brooklyn$327,600113541Condo
313-314 23rd Street 2C Park Slope$327,0001.51.54685Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 24G Downtown Brooklyn$327,000113550Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 23F Downtown Brooklyn$326,625113510Condo
11 Terrace Place 2E Windsor Terrace$325,000113744Condo
303 Beverley Road 3B Kensington$325,000113Co-op
361 Clinton Avenue 3A Clinton Hill$322,000113.5Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 22H Downtown Brooklyn$321,750113507Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 4N Downtown Brooklyn$321,750113541Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 24H Downtown Brooklyn$320,000112507Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 23G Downtown Brooklyn$320,000113512Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 23H Downtown Brooklyn$320,000113507Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 3N Downtown Brooklyn$316,875113541Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 21F Downtown Brooklyn$316,875113510Condo
40 Tehama Street 4M Kensington$316,000113Co-op
40 Tehama Street 1C Kensington$315,000215Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 21G Downtown Brooklyn$313,000113512Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 21H Downtown Brooklyn$312,000113510Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 20F Downtown Brooklyn$312,000113510Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 20G Downtown Brooklyn$312,000113512Condo
330 Lenox Road 7A Flatbush$310,000113889Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 20H Downtown Brooklyn$307,125112507Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 19G Downtown Brooklyn$307,125113512Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 22F Downtown Brooklyn$307,000113512Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 19F Downtown Brooklyn$304,000113Condo
4404 6th Avenue 3d Sunset Park$303,000214Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 18G Downtown Brooklyn$302,250112512Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 18H Downtown Brooklyn$302,250113507Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 18F Downtown Brooklyn$302,000113510Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 15J Downtown Brooklyn$300,000Studio12444Condo
175 Eastern Parkway 6N Prospect Heights$300,000113570Co-op
175 Eastern Parkway 1F Prospect Heights$298,000113750Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 17H Downtown Brooklyn$297,375113507Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 17F Downtown Brooklyn$297,375113510Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 17G Downtown Brooklyn$297,375113512Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 19H Downtown Brooklyn$295,000113507Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 12J Downtown Brooklyn$280,725Studio11Condo
40 Tehama Street 4L Kensington$278,850113Co-op
545 Washington Avenue 101 Clinton Hill$275,000Studio11465Condo
101 Lafayette Avenue 10E Fort Greene$270,000Studio11450Co-op
189 Schermerhorn Street 8J Downtown Brooklyn$265,950Studio11444Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 10J Downtown Brooklyn$265,000Studio12444Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 11J Downtown Brooklyn$262,000Studio12444Condo
3400 Snyder Avenue6TFlatbush$239,000214Co-op
70 Remsen Street 6E Brooklyn Heights$235,000Studio12Co-op
225 Adams Street 15K Brooklyn Heights$210,000Studio12480Co-op
42 Remsen Street 5 Brooklyn Heights$191,000Studio12Co-op
40 Tehama Street 1E Kensington$185,000Studio12Co-op
90 6th AvenuePark SlopeTownhouse
706 Sackett Street 2LPark Slope113Condo
53 Boerum Place 2ADowntown Brooklyn21.54Condo
53 Boerum Place 3CDowntown Brooklyn113Condo
403 3rd StreetPark Slope214800Co-op
373 Baltic Street #1Boerum Hill225977Condo
373 Baltic Street #3Boerum Hill2251,291Condo
240 Baltic StreetCobble Hill114700Co-op
449 9th StreetPark Slope21.561,200Co-op
102 Prospect Park WestPark Slope114850Co-op
1 Hanson PlaceFort Greene11722Condo
1 Hanson PlaceFort Greene1.51937Condo
1 Hanson PlaceFort GreeneStudio1489Condo
722 Sackett StreetPark SlopeTownhouse
7 South Portland AveFort Greene11Co-op
35 Pierrepont StreetBrooklyn Heights221,150Co-op
99 Bergen StreetBoerum Hill11Co-op
566 20th StreetWindsor Terrace221,108Condo
1 Hanson PlaceFort Greene11867Condo
306 Saint James PlaceClinton HillTownhouse
70 Clifton PlaceClinton Hill12Townhouse
141 Lincoln PlacePark SlopeTownhouse
600 Van Buren StreetBushwick122,400Townhouse
251 7TH STREETPark Slope113683Condo
185 Hall StreetClinton Hill21.55Co-op
205 Clinton Ave #3HClinton Hill213Co-op
66 Orange #1CBrooklyn Heights3251,450Co-op

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
397 3rd Street Park Slope$17,00064.512Townhouse
397 3rd Street Park Slope$17,00064.512Townhouse
397 3rd Street Park Slope$15,00064.512Townhouse
397 3rd Street Park Slope$13,00064.512Townhouse
64 Prospect Place Park Slope$9,5006312Townhouse
172 Sterling Place 7 Park Slope$7,7503361,867Condo
184 Lefferts Place 2 Clinton Hill$6,75053.512Rental Building
20 Bayard Street PHA Williamsburg$6,17532.551,940Condo
348 Adelphi Street 2 Fort Greene$6,00042.56.5Rental Building
82 Sterling Place 1 Park Slope$5,900223.5Rental Building
82 Sterling Place 1 Park Slope$5,700223.5Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 11B Carroll Gardens$5,3002241,088Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 11A Carroll Gardens$5,1002241,079Rental Building
145 Sixth Avenue 6E Soho/Nolita113Condo
71 Carroll Street 3D Carroll Gardens$5,0002.5241,286Condo
110 Livingston Street 14N Brooklyn Heights$4,8002251,146Condo
20 Bayard Street 11A Williamsburg$4,6753251,296Condo
20 Bayard Street PARKA Williamsburg$4,6003251,578Condo
65 1st Place 4 Carroll Gardens$4,600224Rental Building
88 6th ave 2 Park Slope$4,500336Rental Building
185 Prospect Park West 1A Park Slope$4,5003262,000Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 10B Carroll Gardens$4,5002261,085Rental Building
20 Bayard Street 11D Williamsburg$4,4753251,312Condo
100 Luquer Street10ACarroll Gardens$4,3382241,088Rental Building
20 Bayard Street 4A Williamsburg$4,3003251,296Condo
20 Bayard Street 5A Williamsburg$4,2753251,296Condo
20 Bayard Street 8D Williamsburg$4,2753251,312Condo
20 Bayard Street 15A Williamsburg$4,2003251,302Condo
20 Bayard Street 4D Williamsburg$4,2003251,312Condo
88 6th ave 1 Park Slope$4,200327Rental Building
20 Bayard Street 14D Williamsburg$4,1752241,196Condo
20 Bayard Street 16A Williamsburg$4,1003261,302Condo
100 Luquer Street 6A Carroll Gardens$4,0502241,088Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 7B Carroll Gardens$4,0502241,088Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 5B Carroll Gardens$4,0002241,085Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 8B Carroll Gardens$4,0002241,088Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 8A Carroll Gardens$3,9692261,090Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 5B Carroll Gardens$3,9502241,085Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 5A Carroll Gardens$3,9002241,090Rental Building
20 Bayard Street 10D Williamsburg$3,9003251,312Condo
20 Bayard Street PHC Williamsburg$3,9002241,515Condo
20 Bayard Street 14A Williamsburg$3,9002241,200Condo
100 Luquer Street 4A Carroll Gardens$3,9002261,088Rental Building
230 Ashland Place 16C Fort Greene$3,900225Condo
82 Sterling Place 4 Park Slope$3,900325Rental Building
82 Sterling Place 2 Park Slope$3,900326Rental Building
189 Schermerhorn Street 9C Downtown Brooklyn$3,850224910Condo
20 Bayard Street 9D Williamsburg$3,8003251,312Condo
20 Bayard Street 12D Williamsburg$3,7502241,196Condo
20 Bayard Street 7A Williamsburg$3,7503261,296Condo
20 Bayard Street 8A Williamsburg$3,7503251,296Condo
100 Luquer Street 2A Carroll Gardens$3,7502241,088Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 4A Carroll Gardens$3,7502261,088Rental Building
82 Sterling Place 3 Park Slope$3,750325Rental Building
82 Sterling Place 4 Park Slope$3,750325Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 7A Carroll Gardens2261,088Rental Building
440A 13th Street 2 Park Slope$3,70021.55Rental Building
20 Bayard Street 15C Williamsburg$3,7002241,482Condo
209 Smith Street Boerum Hill$3,7003251,485Condo
90 6th Avenue 2 Park Slope$3,650325Rental Building
82 Sterling Place 2 Park Slope$3,600326Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 4B Carroll Gardens$3,5502261,085Rental Building
20 Bayard Street 4A Williamsburg$3,5503251,296Condo
20 Bayard Street 5D Williamsburg$3,5503251,312Condo
100 Luquer Street 3A Carroll Gardens$3,5502241,088Rental Building
362 Henry Street 5 Cobble Hill$3,500315Rental Building
82 Sterling Place 3 Park Slope$3,500325Rental Building
82 Sterling Place 4 Park Slope$3,500325Rental Building
440A 13th Street 3 Park Slope$3,50021.54Rental Building
100 Luquer Street 3B Carroll Gardens$3,5002241,085Rental Building
82 Sterling Place 4 Park Slope$3,500325Rental Building
12-18 Meserole Street 1A Williamsburg$3,4003251,150Rental Building
20 Bayard Street 14B Williamsburg$3,4002231,033Condo
189 Schermerhorn Street 7G Downtown Brooklyn$3,295213.5749Condo
476 Sterling Place 202 Crown Heights$3,200214Condo
196 Macon Street 4F Bedford-Stuyvesant$3,200214Rental Building
174 Vanderbilt Avenue 309 Fort Greene$3,2002251,108Condo
181 Clermont Avenue 306 Fort Greene$3,2002251,108Condo
388 Bridge Street 16C Downtown Brooklyn$3,095112.5615Condo
196 Macon Street 4d Bedford-Stuyvesant$3,050214Rental Building
196 Macon Street 4d Bedford-Stuyvesant$3,050214Rental Building
185 Prospect Park West 2L Park Slope$2,9001.513Rental Building
189 Schermerhorn Street 16C Downtown Brooklyn$2,850113616Condo
809 8th Avenue 2F Park Slope$2,800213Rental Building
367 Degraw Street 2 Boerum Hill$2,750214Rental Building
809 8th Avenue 3F Park Slope$2,600213Rental Building
501 12th Street 4L Park Slope$2,500215Rental Building
501 12th Street 1L Park Slope$2,500214Rental Building
924 Lincoln Place 1 Crown Heights$2,49521.54Rental Building
501 12th Street 4L Park Slope$2,450215Rental Building
501 12th Street 3L Park Slope$2,300215Rental Building
312 23rd Street 101 Park Slope$2,3001241,295Condo
309 Prospect Place 1 Prospect Heights$2,300214Rental Building
362 Henry Street 4R Cobble Hill$2,250113Rental Building
152 Willow Place 3rd fl Brooklyn Heights$2,250113Rental Building
320-321 23rd Street 4C Park Slope$2,2501.51.54890Condo
313-314 23rd Street 4D Park Slope$2,2501.51.54900Condo
313-314 23rd Street 4C Park Slope$2,2501.51.54890Condo
92 6th Avenue 3 Park Slope$2,250114Rental Building
320-321 23rd Street 1D Park Slope$2,20011.54975Condo
360 Furman Street 520 Brooklyn Heights$2,200Studio12588Condo
185 South 4th Street 11D Williamsburg$2,2004361,782Condo
320-321 23rd Street 4B Park Slope$2,15011.54900Condo
14 Meserole Street 1B Williamsburg$2,0001.523900Rental Building
18 Meserole Street 1B Williamsburg$2,0001.523900Rental Building
313-314 23rd Street 4D Park Slope$2,0001.51.54900Condo
185 Prospect Park West PH Park Slope$2,000113Rental Building
92 6th Avenue 3 Park Slope$1,950114Rental Building
106 8th Avenue 4R Park Slope$1,95011Rental Building
313-314 23rd Street 1C Park Slope$1,9001.51.55960Condo
313-314 23rd Street 1A Park Slope$1,8001.51.551,000Condo
106 8th Avenue 4R Park Slope$1,80011Rental Building
487 Dean Street 2 Prospect Heights$1,800214Rental Building
108 8th Avenue 3F Park Slope$1,775Studio12Rental Building
362 Henry Street 3R Cobble Hill$1,700113Rental Building
812 Carroll Street 2F Park Slope$1,700Studio11Rental Building
312 23rd Street 301 Park Slope$1,700113565Condo
312 23rd Street 402 Park Slope$1,700113575Condo
312 23rd Street 201 Park Slope$1,500113565Condo
312 23rd Street 202 Park Slope$1,500113575Condo
Kane StreetCobble HillTownhouse
86 6th AvePark Slope12Townhouse
About Frank

Frank Castelluccio has accumulated impressive knowledge and success in the New York City real estate market. Ranking in the Top 250 in The Wall Street Journal Nationwide, he and his team have made great strides in his ventures – most recently achieving status as Corcoran's 2016 Brooklyn Heights Team of The Year, and being named Sales Director of the fastest-selling building in 2010 (246 units in 10 months). Frank does not specialize in a particular niche or neighborhood; he specializes in REAL ESTATE – whether that involves the resale of co-ops, condominium or townhouses in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Frank's extreme passion for his work yields outstanding results for his clients. Superior service and innovative solutions is what he continually strives for and achieves. His intrigue with real estate began in Los Angeles where managed rental properties. Upon his return to NYC, Frank continued in residential real estate.

Originally from Italy, Frank studied Acting and Journalism at New York University, graduating with BFA degree. Frank is an advocate for animal’s rights. He lives in Park Slope with his life partner, their cats Whitley and Penelope, and three dogs, Maya, Nina and Ugo.

  • 2012 Wall Street Journal Real Estate Top 250
  • 2011 Wall Street Journal Real Estate Top 250
  • 2016 Brooklyn Heights Team of the Year
Memberships & Clubs
  • Corcoran Cares
I could not have asked for a better real estate team. They were responsive and attentive and caring in the selling of my property - making sure that the house was presentable and that we always had a pool of potential buyers seeing the house. They also assisted in the purchase of my new condo. At times, I felt like I was their only client! They know their business. They are caring and considerate.
— Leslie, Buyer & Seller
Over the past 10 years, we have engaged Frank Castelluccio in 6 transactions in Brooklyn. Given the many brokers available, our exclusive use of the Castelluccio team, standing alone, speaks volumes for the quality of their service, their well-informed advice and effectiveness. They closed all 6 transactions in a timely manner, demonstrating the patience & skill needed to maximize the outcome.
— Bob & Sue, Buyer & Seller

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