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Jessica  Buchman Corcoran Cares Member
Jessica Buchman Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Jessica L Buchman

Office: Park Slope
125 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
763 Greenwich Street West Village$5,995,00055.510Townhouse
535 1st Street Park Slope$5,975,00097.5236,190Townhouse
10 West Street 32AG Battery Park City$5,400,00033.573,736Condo
47 Plaza Street WestPHPark Slope$4,999,00033.573,000Co-op
131 Lincoln Place Park Slope$4,795,00053124,000Townhouse
300 Prospect Place Prospect Heights$4,425,00063.5104,200Townhouse
194 St Johns Place Park Slope$4,300,00043.5124,157Townhouse
415 3rd StreetPark Slope$4,200,000112Townhouse
865 Union Street Park Slope$4,175,00063.518Townhouse
140 Saint Johns Place Park Slope$4,030,00063.512Townhouse
763 Carroll Street Park Slope$3,950,00093.516Townhouse
369 Park Place Prospect Heights$3,790,70564.515Townhouse
140 Saint Johns Place Park Slope$3,780,00063.512Townhouse
634 3rd Street Park Slope$3,750,0006311Townhouse
295 Prospect Place Prospect Heights$3,710,00053.59Townhouse
104 Prospect Park West Park Slope$3,700,00055145,249Townhouse
163 6th Avenue Park Slope$3,660,00063.512Townhouse
457 9th Street Park Slope$3,510,0008410Townhouse
1 Hanson Place 26A Fort Greene$3,500,00043.573,263Condo
190 SAINT JOHNS PLACE0Park Slope$3,450,00083Townhouse
31 Prospect Park West Park Slope$3,410,00043.58Townhouse
562 Henry Street Carroll Gardens$3,400,0006411Townhouse
21 Grace Court AlleyBrooklyn Heights$3,325,000Townhouse
308 7th Street Park Slope$3,300,00052.5112,646Townhouse
181 Washington Park Fort Greene$3,285,0005412Townhouse
428 8th street Park Slope$3,250,0005382,700Townhouse
354 1st Street Park Slope$3,150,00042.512Townhouse
34 Park Place Park Slope$3,150,00054.5133,600Townhouse
87 Saint Marks AvenueProspect Heights$3,095,0003,800Townhouse
1 Main Street11DDUMBO/Vinegar Hill$3,050,00032.552,477Condo
538 6th Avenue Park Slope$2,995,00075123,000Townhouse
475 8th Street Park Slope$2,925,00042102,295Townhouse
691 President StreetPark Slope$2,925,000332,295Townhouse
124 Park Place Park Slope$2,910,0006.53.5124,160Townhouse
264 Clinton Avenue Clinton Hill$2,850,00074134,300Townhouse
360 4th Street Park Slope$2,750,00064.513.53,295Townhouse
429 Kent AvenueD723Williamsburg$2,718,72733.552,557Condo
552 6th Avenue Park Slope$2,700,00032.592,744Townhouse
219 Jefferson Avenue Bedford-Stuyvesant$2,695,00086114,000Townhouse
160 Prospect Park West 1 Park Slope$2,600,0004482,491Condo
441 4th Street Park Slope$2,600,00063.5124,000Townhouse
145 Park PlacePH8DPark Slope$2,500,0003251,400Condo
25 8th Avenue 4-5 Park Slope$2,450,0003394,000Condo
305 Saint Marks Avenue Prospect Heights$2,400,000Townhouse
415 16TH STREET Park Slope$2,400,0005310Townhouse
52 Dean Street1aCobble Hill$2,399,0003362,868Condo
326 4th Street Park Slope$2,351,0006312Townhouse
857 President StreetPark Slope$2,350,000Townhouse
488 13th Street Park Slope$2,350,00053.5102,870Townhouse
141 Lincoln Place Park Slope$2,325,00042.57Townhouse
49 Sidney Place Brooklyn Heights$2,300,000Townhouse
56 Willow Street #2 Brooklyn Heights$2,300,0003252,000Co-op
514 6th Avenue Park Slope$2,295,00042.5102,160Townhouse
133 Sterling Place 4C Park Slope$2,260,00032.561,614Condo
438 12th Street 5B Park Slope$2,200,0003261,537Condo
363 13th Street Park Slope$2,160,00063123,528Townhouse
429 6th Street Park Slope$2,150,000Townhouse
342 2nd Street 4F Park Slope$2,130,00032.551,678Condo
351 Pacific Street Boerum Hill$2,120,0003,600Townhouse
16 HUDSON ST 3A Tribeca$2,109,7503261,860Co-op
364 BUTLER ST Park Slope$2,100,0006312Townhouse
30 Garfield Place 3W Park Slope$2,050,0004271,489Condo
438 12th Street 4B Park Slope$2,045,0003251,537Condo
30 Garfield Place 2W Park Slope$2,030,0004271,489Condo
25 Dekoven CourtDitmas Park$2,000,00062.5House
75 Prospect Park West3BPark Slope$2,000,00031.56Co-op
438 12th Street 1E Park Slope$1,975,0003251,490Condo
882 Union Street 2B/C Park Slope$1,925,000325Condo
535 Dean Street PH107 Prospect Heights$1,895,00022.54.52,094Condo
405 2nd Street Park Slope$1,855,00042Townhouse
420 12th Street F3R Park Slope$1,850,00032.55Co-op
212 16th Street Park Slope$1,850,00042.57Townhouse
415 Dean Street Park Slope$1,830,00042.581,968Townhouse
9 Prospect Park West4APark Slope$1,825,0002251,800Co-op
27 Saint Johns Place 1 Park Slope$1,820,000234Condo
401 Park Place Prospect Heights$1,820,0004282,407Townhouse
1523 11th Avenue Windsor Terrace$1,800,00012520Townhouse
1706 11th Avenue Windsor Terrace$1,800,0007415Townhouse
70 8th Avenue 6 Park Slope$1,800,000325Condo
284 16th Street Park Slope$1,800,00042.58House
26 Winthrop Street Lefferts Gardens$1,782,5006210House
263 15th Street Park Slope$1,775,000447Townhouse
708 President Street Park Slope$1,750,000426Townhouse
535 Dean Street 317 Prospect Heights$1,745,0002252,000Condo
322 12TH STREET 1 Park Slope$1,725,0002.52.552,033Condo
270 5th Street 1C Park Slope$1,720,018325Co-op
212 18th Street Park Slope$1,720,00032.59Townhouse
145 Park Place 7D Park Slope$1,699,0003251,330Condo
10 8th Avenue 2 Park Slope$1,675,0002241,800Co-op
310 2nd Street 4D Park Slope$1,650,000325Condo
308 7th Street Park Slope$1,650,00052.5112,646Townhouse
784 Carroll Street 5-6 Park Slope$1,630,5003261,700Co-op
905 Union Street #1 Park Slope$1,601,000226Co-op
438 12th StreetPHA Park Slope$1,600,0003.5271,610Condo
125 Prospect Park West 3A Park Slope$1,600,0003.529Co-op
220 Berkeley Place 1GH Park Slope$1,595,000329Co-op
420 12th Street D3L Park Slope$1,576,000224Co-op
420 12th Street D3R Park Slope$1,575,00032.55Co-op
212 16th Street Park Slope$1,565,00042.57Townhouse
9935 Shore Road 6C Bay Ridge$1,562,0003271,475Condo
489 7th Avenue Park Slope$1,560,000Townhouse
174 Clermont Avenue 1B Fort Greene$1,550,0002.524.51,382Condo
409 3rd Street 2 Park Slope$1,550,000326Condo
44 8th Avenue 5 Park Slope$1,540,000325Condo
438 12th Street 6C Park Slope$1,520,0003261,610Condo
9935 Shore Road 8A Bay Ridge$1,500,0003251,500Condo
580 Carroll Street 4A Park Slope$1,500,0003251,302Condo
527 18th Street Park Slope$1,500,00053162,700House
125 Prospect Park West 6E/F Park Slope$1,499,0004261,500Co-op
694 De Graw Street 1 Park Slope$1,495,0002.52.541,260Condo
420 12th Street E1L Park Slope$1,495,00021.54Co-op
535 Dean Street 308 Prospect Heights$1,460,000334.51,975Condo
378 9th Street Park Slope$1,455,0003,200Townhouse
420 12th Street L3L Park Slope$1,451,50031.55Co-op
14-57 165th Street Whitestone$1,450,00033103,128House
44 Prospect Park WestC9Park Slope$1,450,0002241,300Co-op
142 Prospect Park West 3 Park Slope$1,450,00032.541,800Condo
376 15th Street 1C Park Slope$1,445,00021.56.51,430Condo
565 Dean Street 1 Prospect Heights$1,439,00022.542,200Condo
444 12th Street 1H/2H Park Slope$1,425,0002141,050Condo
444 12th Street 1B Park Slope$1,425,0003251,775Condo
444 12th Street 4B Park Slope$1,412,5003271,700Condo
127 Willoughby Avenue Apt #1 Clinton Hill$1,403,5002.5251,700Co-op
48-21 5th Street2ELong Island City$1,403,0003252,128Condo
310 2nd Street 4D Park Slope$1,400,0003251,362Condo
9 Montgomery Place 6 Park Slope$1,395,0002241,482Condo
85 Argyle Road Ditmas Park$1,395,00064Townhouse
210 Rugby Road Ditmas Park$1,395,00094.517Townhouse
444 12th Street 4B Park Slope$1,395,0003271,700Condo
535 Dean Street 314 Prospect Heights$1,395,0002273,370Condo
409 3rd Street 4 Park Slope$1,380,000317Condo
444 12th Street 5E Park Slope$1,360,0003261,600Condo
155 15th Street 5A Park Slope$1,350,00022.551,416Condo
218 Saint Marks Avenue Prospect Heights$1,350,000Townhouse
372 15th Street 1B Park Slope$1,350,00021.531,451Condo
575 20th Street Windsor Terrace$1,350,0005310Townhouse
420 12th Street C3L Park Slope$1,350,000224Co-op
420 12th Street Park Slope$1,335,00021.55Co-op
75 Prospect Park West 2A Park Slope$1,330,000326Co-op
535 Dean Street 308 Prospect Heights$1,325,000334.51,975Condo
231 15th Street 5A Park Slope$1,325,0002251,219Condo
515 5th Avenue 4A Park Slope$1,310,000326Condo
30 Garfield Place 3W Park Slope$1,310,0004271,489Condo
444 12th Street 4E Park Slope$1,300,0003251,570Condo
101 8th Avenue 9 Park Slope$1,300,00021.541,054Co-op
155 15th Street PHA Park Slope$1,299,00022.551,416Condo
420 12th Street K1R Park Slope$1,295,00032.56.5Co-op
1804 Glenwood Road Ditmas Park$1,295,000Townhouse
30 Garfield Place 1W Park Slope$1,285,0003261,489Condo
530 4th Street 3 Park Slope$1,270,0002.524.5Co-op
1329 Carroll Street Crown Heights$1,250,0005410Townhouse
1329 Carroll Street Crown Heights$1,250,0005410Townhouse
27 Prospect Park West2APark Slope$1,250,000326Co-op
441 10th StreetPark Slope$1,250,0001,667Townhouse
353A 14th Street Park Slope$1,250,0003292,265Townhouse
420 12th Street D3R Park Slope$1,250,00032.55Co-op
30 Garfield Place 1E Park Slope$1,250,0002.526.5Condo
438 12th Street 5D Park Slope$1,250,0003251,440Condo
97 Marlborough RoadDitmas Park$1,240,00073.5Townhouse
939 Union Street 4B Park Slope$1,225,000224.51,205Condo
452 12th Street 2 Park Slope$1,210,0002.524.5Condo
125 Prospect Park West 2B Park Slope$1,200,000215Co-op
801 Union Street2Park Slope$1,200,0003151,300Condo
397 1st Street 3R Park Slope$1,200,000214994Condo
438 12th Street 6D Park Slope$1,200,0002251,440Condo
305 12th Street Park Slope$1,200,00031.57Townhouse
155 15th Street 5B Park Slope$1,196,44322.541,184Condo
535 Dean Street 317 Prospect Heights$1,187,5002252,000Condo
75 Prospect Park West 2C Park Slope$1,185,000214Co-op
231 15th Street 4A Park Slope$1,175,0003241,471Condo
535 Dean Street PH105 Prospect Heights$1,170,000223.51,352Condo
125 Prospect Park West 4B Park Slope$1,155,000216Co-op
75 Prospect Park West 2B Park Slope$1,155,000328Co-op
231 15th Street 1A Park Slope$1,150,0003261,471Condo
535 Dean Street 309 Prospect Heights$1,150,0003262,200Condo
444 12th Street 2E Park Slope$1,150,0003271,600Condo
60 Plaza Street East3AProspect Heights$1,150,0003252,000Co-op
444 12th Street 2A Park Slope$1,144,0004251,525Condo
135 Eastern Parkway 3D Prospect Heights$1,140,0002241,127Co-op
86 Prospect Park West 4L Park Slope$1,135,00031.591,650Co-op
50 7th Avenue 6 Park Slope214Co-op
515 5th Avenue 7C Park Slope$1,125,000224Condo
155 15th Street PHB Park Slope$1,125,00022.541,184Condo
284 20th Street 4A Park Slope$1,121,250335.51,849Condo
35 Underhill Avenue A5C Prospect Heights$1,115,0002231,200Condo
182 Saint Marks Avenue 1 Prospect Heights$1,110,000214950Co-op
782 President Street 1L Park Slope$1,101,0002.51.55Co-op
420 12th Street Park Slope$1,100,00021.54Co-op
420 12th Street M1R Park Slope$1,100,000225Co-op
444 12th Street2E Park Slope$1,100,0003271,600Condo
675 Sackett Street405Park Slope$1,100,000224.51,400Condo
39 Plaza Street West 10C Park Slope$1,099,000224Co-op
438 12th Street 4-E Park Slope$1,090,000326Condo
831 Carroll Street 1 Park Slope$1,085,000214.5846Co-op
459 12th Street 3D Park Slope$1,060,0002241,485Co-op
444 12th Street 4D Park Slope$1,060,0002251,120Condo
513 8th Avenue 2 Park Slope$1,050,000417Co-op
420 12th Street M4R Park Slope$1,050,0002261,500Co-op
438 12th Street 5B Park Slope$1,050,0003261,537Condo
535 Dean Street 322 Prospect Heights$1,025,0002262,275Condo
409 3rd Street 2 Park Slope$1,020,000326Condo
301 12th Street Park Slope$1,012,00028Townhouse
704 Sterling Place Crown Heights$999,99932.58Townhouse
657 Warren Street 3A Park Slope$999,99931.55Condo
372 12th Street 4 Park Slope$999,0002251,045Condo
231 15th Street 5A Park Slope$999,0002251,219Condo
580 Carroll Street 1A Park Slope$999,0002241,212Condo
346 11th Street 1A Park Slope$995,0002.5251,900Condo
130 8th Avenue 1DE Park Slope$995,000224Co-op
231 15th Street 5B Park Slope$990,0002231,254Condo
47 Plaza Street West 3A Park Slope$985,0003.5371,650Co-op
404 6th Avenue 4R Park Slope$985,0003161,350Co-op
40 Prospect Park West 3J Park Slope$979,000215Co-op
849 Carroll Street 4 Park Slope$975,000214Co-op
372 12th Street 2 Park Slope$975,00021.541,257Condo
392 8th Street 3L Park Slope$975,000215Co-op
420 12th Street L3L Park Slope$975,00031.55Co-op
27A Jackson Place Park Slope$975,0001,700Townhouse
452 Prospect Avenue Park Slope$975,000327Townhouse
917 President Street gdn Park Slope$974,0002.525Co-op
22 8th Avenue 3 Park Slope$970,0002.524.51,400Co-op
535 Dean Street 901 Prospect Heights$965,0001241,220Condo
420 12th Street M4R Park Slope$965,0002261,500Co-op
372 15th Street1BPark Slope$964,00021.531,451Condo
580 Carroll Street 4B Park Slope$959,5002241,100Condo
535 Dean Street 316 Prospect Heights$955,000224.52,084Condo
272 Saint Marks Avenue 2R Prospect Heights$955,000114885Condo
279 Prospect Park West 1I Windsor Terrace$950,0001.5251,300Condo
168 Sterling Place 4L Park Slope$950,000326Condo
580 Carroll Street 2C Park Slope$950,0002241,270Condo
433 3rd Street 6 Park Slope$950,000316Co-op
911 Union Street 3 Park Slope$943,000215Co-op
551 4th Street 2R Park Slope$939,0002.516Co-op
535 Dean Street 318 Prospect Heights$937,5002251,900Condo
580 Carroll Street 5D Park Slope$935,7502241,085Condo
225 Park Place 3F Prospect Heights$930,0003261,600Co-op
254 Park Place 3D Prospect Heights$929,0003261,400Co-op
25 Plaza Street West 3B Park Slope$925,0002251,200Co-op
602 Pacific Street Prospect Heights$925,000Townhouse
526 17th StreetWindsor Terrace$925,0003153,310Townhouse
314 12th Street 101 Park Slope$923,5001.5241,082Condo
580 Carroll Street 3C Park Slope$922,2502231,270Condo
294 Van Brunt Street Red Hook$920,0003352,400Townhouse
916 8th Avenue 4 Park Slope$920,0003261,200Condo
420 12th Street K1L Park Slope$920,00021.56Co-op
523 8th Street 3L Park Slope$910,0002.515Co-op
309 Garfield Place 3 Park Slope$904,0002.524Co-op
420 12th Street A3R Park Slope$900,00021.571,200Co-op
580 Carroll Street 1D Park Slope$900,0002261,050Condo
182 Seeley Street Windsor Terrace$899,0003281,146Townhouse
444 12th Street 1G Park Slope$899,0002241,200Condo
446 15th Street 4L Park Slope$899,000214.5Co-op
444 12th Street 4D Park Slope$895,0002251,120Condo
580 Carroll Street 4D Park Slope$895,0002241,035Condo
648 2nd Street 3 Park Slope$890,000215Co-op
580 Carroll Street 3D Park Slope$885,0002241,035Condo
420 12th Street B3R Park Slope$885,00032.51,200Co-op
246 5th Avenue 2R Park Slope$885,000214Co-op
563 8th Street 3R Park Slope$875,00031.59Co-op
482 East 16th Street Ditmas Park$872,5002,600Townhouse
404 6th Avenue 1L Park Slope$870,0003151,300Co-op
363 7th Street 1R Park Slope$870,000214Co-op
361 Clinton Avenue6FClinton Hill$860,0002151,000Co-op
674 Park Place Crown Heights$860,000Townhouse
563 8th Street 3R Park Slope$859,00031.59Co-op
40 Prospect Park West 6C Park Slope$855,500214Co-op
497 12th Street 1L Park Slope$850,00031.561,055Condo
449 12th Street 2R Park Slope$849,000213Co-op
226 East 2nd Street 1C East Village$826,000115Co-op
92 Prospect Park West 4D Park Slope$826,000215Co-op
450 Clinton Street 4C Carroll Gardens$826,00011Co-op
708 8th Avenue 3R Park Slope$825,00021.551,000Co-op
75 Prospect Park West 1D Park Slope$825,000215Co-op
9 Prospect Park West11APark Slope$825,000227Co-op
220 Berkeley Place4DPark Slope$825,000224.5Co-op
459 12th Street 3D Park Slope$815,0002241,485Co-op
98 Saint Marks Avenue 4 Prospect Heights$814,000224842Condo
171 Park Place 2 Prospect Heights$813,000214Co-op
100 Sterling Place 3F Park Slope$806,000224940Condo
511 8th Street Park Slope$805,000215950Co-op
404 6th Avenue 2L Park Slope$805,000316Co-op
535 Dean Street 202 Prospect Heights$805,0002251,350Condo
15A Berkeley Place 3A Park Slope$801,000214Co-op
414 7th Avenue 3 Park Slope$800,000226Co-op
155 15th Street 2A Park Slope$795,00022.54Condo
155 15th Street 4C Park Slope$785,00022.541,113Condo
730 Rugby Road Ditmas Park$780,00072.52,136Townhouse
99 State Street GRDN Brooklyn Heights$777,000215850Co-op
420 12th Street G4R Park Slope$775,0002251,050Co-op
645 Carlton Avenue 3 Prospect Heights$775,0002171,330Co-op
92 Prospect Park West 4C Park Slope$775,000224Co-op
155 15th Street 3C Park Slope$770,00022.541,113Condo
375 Lincoln Place 4J Prospect Heights$765,000326Co-op
100 Sterling Place 3F Park Slope$765,000224940Condo
535 Dean Street 130 Prospect Heights$760,000112966Condo
155 15th Street 4D Park Slope$758,596224.51,036Condo
155 15th Street 2C Park Slope$755,00022.54.51,113Condo
443 12th Street 4B Park Slope$750,0002141,150Co-op
45 Plaza Street West 2D Park Slope$750,000214Co-op
1 Tiffany Place 2F Cobble Hill$750,000223Condo
34 Butler Place 23 Prospect Heights$750,000214Condo
433 3rd Street8 Park Slope$740,0002151,200Co-op
420 12th Street C4L Park Slope$739,0002261,050Co-op
528 4th Street Garden Park Slope$735,0002241,015Co-op
422 13th Street 4F Park Slope$735,000215Co-op
107 Wyckoff Street 3 Cobble Hill$730,0002151,200Co-op
420 12th Street C4L Park Slope$725,0002261,050Co-op
17 Temple Court Windsor Terrace$725,000Townhouse
92 Prospect Park West 3D Park Slope$720,000114750Co-op
459 12th Street 2C Park Slope2131,200Co-op
155 15th Street 3D Park Slope$705,0002241,036Condo
416 Clermont Avenue 1R Fort Greene$705,0001.51.541,000Co-op
230 Park Place 1L Prospect Heights$705,000214960Co-op
92 Prospect Park West 3C Park Slope$699,000113Co-op
226 East 2nd Street 1D East Village$699,000113850Co-op
20 Saint Johns Place 3 Park Slope$699,000328.51,200Co-op
370 12th Street 3 Park Slope$695,0002231,045Condo
14 Prospect Park SW47Windsor Terrace$691,259215Co-op
436 Sterling Place 15 Prospect Heights$685,000214Co-op
155 15th Street 2D Park Slope$685,000223.51,036Condo
305 5th Avenue 2B Park Slope$679,0002151,000Co-op
99 Bergen Street 3F Boerum Hill$676,000214Co-op
372 12th Street 3 Park Slope$675,0002231,045Condo
397 7th Street 2 Park Slope$675,000215900Co-op
34 Plaza Street East 1206 Prospect Heights$675,0002141,000Co-op
140 8th Avenue 3O Park Slope$665,000213956Co-op
391 3rd Street 2 Park Slope$660,000214850Co-op
414 7th Avenue 3 Park Slope$659,000226Co-op
111 8th Avenue 6 Park Slope$658,000113Co-op
415 Leonard Street4FWilliamsburg$656,000113Condo
911 Union Street 3 Park Slope$655,000215Co-op
372 8th Street 3R Park Slope$654,000214Co-op
39 Plaza Street West 10C Park Slope$650,000224Co-op
372 12th Street 5 Park Slope$650,000113685Condo
421 Quincy Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$645,0002,364Townhouse
171 Park Place 2 Prospect Heights$642,500214Co-op
792 President Street 3R Park Slope$640,00021.54Co-op
709 Carroll Street 2L Park Slope$634,7502151,050Condo
45 Plaza Street West 2D Park Slope$632,500214Co-op
370 12th Street 4 Park Slope$632,0002231,045Condo
372 12th Street 4 Park Slope$630,0002251,045Condo
422 13th Street 1F Park Slope$630,0002261,300Co-op
1113 8th Avenue4RPark Slope$630,000114750Co-op
535 Dean Street616Prospect Heights$626,000Studio121,107Condo
299 13th Street 1D Park Slope$625,000224.5Co-op
396 12th Street 2R Park Slope$620,000113Co-op
262 Bergen Street 4F Boerum Hill$620,000113Co-op
209 Lincoln Place 6C Park Slope$615,000113.5Co-op
34 Plaza Street East 704 Prospect Heights$615,0001.5151,000Co-op
162 Garfield Place 3R Park Slope$615,0002.516Co-op
209 Lincoln Place 2B Park Slope$615,000214Co-op
88 Prospect Park West 1D Park Slope$615,000215Co-op
372 12th Street 1 Park Slope$611,00011.53913Condo
155 15th Street 1A Park Slope$610,00011.531,018Condo
171 Park Place 3 Prospect Heights$610,000214Co-op
362 12th Street 4 Park Slope$608,000224986Condo
363 7th Street 2L Park Slope$607,500215Co-op
356 12th Street 1A Park Slope$600,000113730Condo
790 President Street 2l Park Slope$600,000215Co-op
120 Boerum Place 1G Cobble Hill$600,0001141,080Condo
458 Lincoln Place 4A Crown Heights$599,999315930Condo
456 15th Street 1R Park Slope$599,0002151,100Co-op
118 8th Avenue 1E Park Slope$595,0002151,140Co-op
225 Lincoln Place 2E Park Slope$595,000113750Co-op
482 12th Street 1 Park Slope$594,000215Co-op
230 Park Place 1L Prospect Heights$590,000214960Co-op
375 Lincoln Place 2J Prospect Heights$590,00021Co-op
221 8th Avenue 1 Park Slope$585,000214900Co-op
370 12th Street 2 Park Slope$585,0001121,257Condo
790 President Street 1L Park Slope$582,000214Co-op
372 12th Street 2 Park Slope$580,00021.541,257Condo
162 Garfield Place 1R Park Slope$580,000215Co-op
155 15th Street 2B Park Slope$579,00011.53881Condo
155 15th Street 3B Park Slope$579,00011.53881Condo
34 Plaza Street East 804 Prospect Heights$577,500113.5Co-op
535 Dean Street 602 Prospect Heights$575,0001121,015Condo
260 Bergen Street 4R Boerum Hill$575,000113Co-op
630 Union Street 1F Park Slope$570,000214Condo
272 19th Street 3 Park Slope$569,0002241,020Rental Building
155 15th Street 4B Park Slope$560,000113881Condo
40 Prospect Park West 5G Park Slope$560,0001.513.5900Co-op
277 19th Street 2B Park Slope$559,000225884Condo
338 Prospect Place Prospect Heights$555,000213.5804Condo
75 Henry Street 12D Brooklyn Heights$555,000Studio12Co-op
11 Sterling Place 2E Park Slope$550,000Studio13Condo
390 14th Street 2 Park Slope$549,00011.55829Condo
270 1st Street 1A Park Slope$547,3501.5131,037Condo
951 President Street 3R Park Slope$545,000215Co-op
135 Prospect Park West 12 B Park Slope$545,000214Co-op
499 12th Street 4L Park Slope$545,000214900Co-op
155 15th Street 1B Park Slope$540,00011.53716Condo
404 3rd Street C-1 Park Slope$540,000113Co-op
362 12th Street 6 Park Slope$530,000114749Condo
155 15th Street 1C Park Slope$525,000113747Condo
277 19th Street 1B Park Slope$525,00011.541,386Condo
372 12th Street 6 Park Slope$525,0003121,059Condo
99 Bergen Street 4R Boerum Hill$525,000113Co-op
1113 8th Avenue 1R Park Slope$520,0001.514750Co-op
224 16th Street 4 Park Slope$520,000224887Condo
362 12th Street 2 Park Slope$520,00021.541,080Condo
90-06 80th Street Woodhaven$519,90052.58Townhouse
390 14th Street 5 Park Slope$515,000113809Condo
356 12th Street 4B Park Slope$515,000113730Condo
420 12th Street C3R Park Slope$510,500113.5750Co-op
25 Plaza Street West 3D Park Slope$505,000114800Co-op
362 12th Street 5 Park Slope$500,000114860Condo
155 15th Street 2E Park Slope$497,000113715Condo
189 Park Place 3 Prospect Heights$495,0001.515Co-op
692 President Street 2 Park Slope$492,000113Co-op
331 Sackett Street 2L Carroll Gardens$485,000113Co-op
135 Prospect Park SW A6 Windsor Terrace$483,500113Co-op
401 8th Avenue 61 Park Slope$480,0001.514Co-op
404 3rd Street C3 Park Slope$475,000213Co-op
199 8th Avenue D4 Park Slope$472,500215Co-op
11 Terrace Place 1D Windsor Terrace$470,000112698Condo
88 Prospect Park West 4c Park Slope$465,000113Co-op
530 4th Street 2 Park Slope$460,000112Co-op
130 8th Avenue 4F Park Slope$460,000114Co-op
15 Butler Place 3E Prospect Heights$455,000214800Co-op
570 Westminster Road B24 Ditmas Park$440,0002141,200Co-op
404 3rd Street C4 Park Slope$440,00011750Co-op
589 17th Street 2L Windsor Terrace$440,000215766Condo
2108 Dorchester Road 3D Ditmas Park$440,000214Condo
306 Gold Street 20G Downtown Brooklyn$433,000113709Condo
155 15th Street 1D Park Slope$425,000113634Condo
406 7th Avenue 5 Park Slope$399,000113630Co-op
322 6th Street 15 Park Slope$399,000214Co-op
140 8th Avenue 2N Park Slope$399,000113Co-op
394 12th Street 1 Park Slope$390,000Studio1.53700Condo
370 12th Street 5 Park Slope$385,320Studio11685Condo
372 12th Street 1 Park Slope$385,00011.53913Condo
846 President Street 5F Park Slope$385,000113Co-op
390 14th Street 1 Park Slope$382,785Studio1.54832Condo
372 DeKalb Avenue 6C Clinton Hill$380,000113765Co-op
372 DeKalb Avenue 2C Clinton Hill$379,500113776Co-op
372 12th Street 5 Park Slope$375,180113685Condo
25 Plaza Street West 3A Park Slope$375,000113Co-op
245 16th Street 1 Park Slope$370,000Studio1.511,105Condo
370 12th Street 1 Park Slope$367,555Studio11913Condo
134-28 Sitka Street Ozone Park$360,000215Townhouse
362 12th Street 1 Park Slope$359,970Studio1.53808Condo
322 6th Street 2 Park Slope$355,000113Co-op
224 16th Street 1 Park Slope$337,000Studio1.53794Condo
394 Lincoln Place A4 Prospect Heights$320,000114Co-op
199 8th Avenue D3 Park Slope$320,00011Co-op
272 19th Street 1 Park Slope$309,000Studio1.52866Rental Building
394 Lincoln Place A4 Prospect Heights$299,000114Co-op
270 Jay Street 2G Brooklyn Heights$278,000113Co-op
9902 3rd Avenue 6A Bay Ridge$255,000113Co-op
151-35 84th Street 1F Queens$196,000113Condo
391 Dean StreetPark Slope225875Condo
393 Dean StreetPark Slope2261,477Condo
391 Dean StreetPark Slope225875Condo
394 Lincoln PlaceProspect Heights114900Co-op
118 8th AvePark Slope215885Co-op
225 Lincoln PlacePark Slope114850Co-op
96 6th AvePark Slope64,000Townhouse
9 Prospect Park WestPark Slope2271,500Co-op
27 Prospect Park WestPark Slope3271,600Co-op
444 12th StreetPark Slope3271,600Condo
532 4th StreetPark Slope2271,250Co-op
Clinton AvenueClinton Hill114850Co-op
Carroll StreetCarroll Gardens32.552,195Condo
205 Clinton AveClinton Hill2151,000Co-op
6th StreetPark Slope214900Co-op
444 12th StreetPark Slope3291,596Condo
535 Dean StreetProspect Heights1131,200Condo
857 President StreetPark Slope93,800Townhouse
444 12th StreetPark Slope3271,700Condo
302 2nd StreetPark Slope22985Condo
404 6th AvePark Slope3161,500Co-op
100 Ocean ParkwayKensington221,280Co-op
441 10th StreetPark SlopeTownhouse
52 Dean StreetCobble Hill332,868Condo
446 12th streetPark Slope4272,000Condo
419 13th StreetPark SlopeTownhouse
60 Plaza Street EastProspect Heights3252,000Co-op
401 Park PlaceProspect Heights93,000Townhouse
125 Willoughby AvenueFort GreeneTownhouse
90 St Marks AveProspect Heights325Co-op
526 17th StreetWindsor TerraceTownhouse
378 12th StreetPark Slope221,189Condo
392 3rd StreetPark Slope32.52,700Condo
230 Ashland PlaceFort Greene221,156Condo
711 Greenwood AvenueWindsor TerraceTownhouse
245 16th StreetPark SlopeStudio1.51,105Condo
306 Gold StreetDowntown Brooklyn113Condo
394 Lincoln PlaceProspect Heights113Co-op
338 Prospect PlaceProspect Heights21804Condo
511 8th StreetPark Slope215950Co-op
295 Prospect PlaceProspect HeightsTownhouse
624 3rd StreetPark SlopeTownhouse
80 Metropolitan Ave.Williamsburg2251,156Condo
675 Sackett StreetPark Slope2251,400Condo
675 Sackett StreetPark Slope2251,400Condo
220 Berkeley PlacePark Slope4271,600Co-op
1 Grand Army PlazaProspect Heights344.52,620Condo
1 Grand Army PlazaProspect Heights1141,091Condo
151 Berkeley Apt: 2Park Slope316Co-op
270 5th StreetPark Slope321,350Co-op
2098 Frederick Douglass BLVDHarlem2251,100Condo
1 Grand Army Plaza 4JProspect Heights32.571,952Condo
372 15th Street 1BPark Slope225Condo
226 15th 3BPark Slope114Condo

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
345 Park Place Prospect Heights$15,0004284,128Townhouse
554 4th Street TOWNHOUSE Park Slope$12,00052.59Rental Building
554 4th Street TOWNHOUSE Park Slope$12,00052.59Rental Building
554 4th Street TOWNHOUSE Park Slope$12,00052.59Rental Building
181 Washington Park Fort Greene$11,0005412Townhouse
732 Carroll Street 2 Park Slope$10,5005292,160Rental Building
530 10th Street Park Slope$10,00042.511Townhouse
190 SAINT JOHNS PLACE 2 Park Slope$8,75032.55Rental Building
398 Dean Street TRPLX Park Slope$8,500428Rental Building
444 12th Street 5D Park Slope$8,000437Condo
396 Park Place TRIPLEX Prospect Heights$8,00052.510Rental Building
396 Park Place TRIPLEX Prospect Heights$8,00052.510Rental Building
732 Carroll Street Park Slope$8,000529Townhouse
361 1st Street 1 Park Slope$8,0003272,565Rental Building
415 3rd Street #1 Park Slope$7,9504312Rental Building
624 3rd Street upper duplPark Slope$7,5003271,900Condo
398 Dean Street TRPLX Park Slope$7,500428Rental Building
396 Park Place TRIPLEX Prospect Heights$7,50052.510Rental Building
133 Sterling Place 4E Park Slope$7,400325Condo
444 12th Street 3E Park Slope$7,000325Condo
444 12th Street 5E Park Slope$7,0003261,600Condo
444 12th Street 3E Park Slope$7,000325Condo
444 12th Street 3E Park Slope$7,000325Condo
624 3rd Street upper duplPark Slope$6,8003271,900Condo
145 Prospect Park West 3E Park Slope$6,750329Condo
398 Dean Street TRPLX Park Slope$6,500428Rental Building
732 Carroll Street Park Slope$6,350529Townhouse
732 Carroll Street 2 Park Slope$6,3505292,160Rental Building
580 Carroll Street 5C Park Slope$6,3002241,402Condo
580 Carroll Street 5C Park Slope$6,3002241,402Condo
580 Carroll Street 4C Park Slope$6,000226Condo
343 4th Avenue 11G Park Slope$6,0003271,173Condo
712 Union Street 1 Park Slope$5,90042.56Rental Building
174 Clermont Avenue 1B Fort Greene$5,6002.524.51,382Condo
45 Joralemon Street 3 Brooklyn Heights21.55Rental Building
438 12th Street 2A Park Slope$5,3003251,440Condo
373 12th Street #1 Park Slope$5,2002.51.57Rental Building
373 12th Street Park Slope$5,200Townhouse
444 12th Street 4B Park Slope$5,0003271,700Condo
420 12th Street Park Slope$5,00021.55Co-op
1 Main Street 5G DUMBO/Vinegar Hill$5,00011.53Condo
380 15th Street 4F Park Slope$5,00021.55925Condo
231 15th Street 2C Park Slope$4,9503241,444Condo
420 12th Street D3L Park Slope$4,7502261,200Co-op
685 Sackett Street 1 Park Slope$4,75031.57Rental Building
133 Sterling Place 1A Park Slope$4,5002141,079Condo
25 Montgomery Place 4 Park Slope$4,500325Condo
530 4th Street 3 Park Slope$4,4002.524.5Co-op
712 Union Street 2 Park Slope$4,400315Rental Building
535 Dean Street 317 Prospect Heights$4,2502252,000Condo
535 Dean Street 904 Prospect Heights$3,9001251,300Condo
376 15th Street 2D Park Slope$3,60021.54Condo
35 Underhill Avenue B1I Prospect Heights$3,6002272,180Condo
302 2nd Street Park Slope$3,600224985Condo
535 Dean Street 317 Prospect Heights$3,5502252,000Condo
405 Dean Street 1A Park Slope$3,50021.551,508Condo
25 Montgomery Place 4 Park Slope$3,500325Condo
192 North 9th Street 2 Williamsburg$3,495214Rental Building
379 4th Street #1 Park Slope$3,35021.55800Rental Building
634 2nd Street 1 Park Slope$3,300114800Rental Building
130 8th Avenue 4F Park Slope$3,300114Co-op
443 12th Street 4C Park Slope$3,200113Co-op
163 6th Avenue Garden Park Slope$3,200113Rental Building
634 2nd Street 4 Park Slope$3,1001.513950Rental Building
50 Sidney Place Garden Brooklyn Heights$3,000214Rental Building
535 Dean Street 904 Prospect Heights$2,9501251,300Condo
535 Dean Street 904 Prospect Heights$2,9501251,300Condo
383 Carlton Avenue 3S Fort Greene$2,950226837Condo
396 Park Place Garden Prospect Heights$2,850214Rental Building
396 Park Place Garden Prospect Heights$2,800214Rental Building
443 12th Street 5A Park Slope$2,8001141,200Co-op
192 North 9th Street 1 Williamsburg$2,750214Rental Building
284 7th Street #2 Park Slope$2,6501.514Rental Building
260 Bergen Street 4R Boerum Hill$2,500113Co-op
373 12th Street 1 Park Slope$2,400214Rental Building
415 3rd Street 3R Park Slope$2,200112.5Rental Building
188 President Street 3 Carroll Gardens$2,000115Rental Building
398 Dean Street GARDEN Park Slope$1,950Studio12Rental Building
398 Dean Street GARDEN Park Slope$1,850Studio12Rental Building
212 16th Street 1 Park Slope$1,800112700Rental Building
91 16th Street 2 Gowanus$1,350113Rental Building
215 Prospect AvePark Slope2141,000Other
110 Garfield PlacePark Slope214800Other
878 President StreetPark Slope1141,000Rental Building
260 Garfield PlacePark Slope102,400Rental Building
About Jessica

"I love Brooklyn" exclaims Jessica Buchman. 21 years ago Jessica left her hometown Chicago and moved to New York with a small suitcase in tow and a friend's living room to call home. Since then she has lived in some of the city's most exciting and vibrant neighborhoods including Nolita, the West Village, Clinton and now Park Slope, Brooklyn.

With well over a 1/2 billion dollars in sales in just a decade at the Corcoran group, Jessica has accomplished countless consistent achievements including "Rookie of the Year" her 1st year out, "Park Slope Salesperson of the Year" currently and consecutively since 2006, the "Wall Street Journal top 250" and the esteemed and exclusive "President's Council" which names Corcoran's top 25 performing brokers company wide. In 2014 she was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as the #2 top producing individual in Brooklyn selling nearly 90 million in sales. This honor puts Jessica at the very top of Real Estate sales in brownstone Brooklyn with a focus on Park Slope, Brooklyn.

"I love the neighborhoods of New York, their personalities and eccentricities! I found myself truly fascinated by the many ways people live in this dynamic city. I realized helping people find their special place "to live and love" would be a great way to combine passion and profession".

After attending Miss Hall's school and Northeastern University in Boston, Jessica moved to New York to attend the fashion Institute of Technology. Jessica has worked in the fashion world as both buyer and merchandiser for stores such as BARNEYS NY, INTERMIX and LOUIS VUITTON as well as in textiles with the fabulous Lulu Dekwiatkowski. Jessica believes fashion and Real estate have many similarities: "what you choose to wrap yourself in and where you choose to live tells the world a little bit about you…as well as keep you warm she says with a smile”.

When Jessica is not hard at work, you can find her at the stables with her daughter Sophie. Her other favorite spots include Gibson Beach in Bridgehampton where she spends her summers, Difara’s pizzeria on Ave J enjoying the best slice in Brooklyn and glorious Prospect Park.

Jessica has a way of making you laugh and putting you at ease in all situations. She is a fantastic listener who will understand and anticipate your needs. She is also a Brooklyn enthusiast who often speaks of children's laughter and chirping birds when describing her own neighborhood Park Slope, Brooklyn.

  • 13 Years in Real Estate
  • 10 Years in Fashion
  • 2016 Wall Street Journal Real Estate Top 100
  • 2016 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
  • 2016 Park Slope Salesperson of the Year
  • 2015 The Real Deal, Brooklyn's Best
Memberships & Clubs
  • Corcoran Cares
  • Brooklyn Academy Of Music
Jessica, you were a star (and are) and we couldn't have done it without you. Your spot-on micro-market knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness are the best.
— Julie and Thom , Seller
The manner & ease, not to mention the time, in which you produced a buyer is truly amazing, I have a platform of comparison because I've dealt with your competition, if you can call it that. The difference is like night & day. I thank you.
— Stephen, Seller
We sold our house the summer of 2008 & still remark how supremely lucky we were to have found Jessica. The ease & speed in which she sold our place, and her unparalleled professionalism throughout the entire process, were nothing short of astounding.
— Tabitha and Matthew, Seller
She guided us through the deal, and what could have been a stressful negotion process with the grace of a seasoned professional. We always felt like she had our best interest in mind. In under 6 weeks we had a terrific offer, were in contract & done!
— Carey and Paul, Seller
You exceeded our expectations and handled every aspect of our sale with acumen and unparalleled professionalism. I know our deal quickly went from "quick & simple" to "long and complex". You and your team really shined when things got complicated. We are thrilled with the outcome.
— Darren, Seller
You were fantastic. I would recommend you in a heartbeat. 10’s in all categories. I can see why you are the Park Slope go-to broker. Smart and excellent service, a winning combination.
— Morton, Seller

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