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The Blumstein Team
The Blumstein Team Office: Village
49 East 10th Street New York, NY 10003

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
149 Wooster StreetSoho/Nolita$24,000,000Townhouse
155 Wooster Street Soho/Nolita$20,000,00045,000Townhouse
763 Greenwich Street West Village$17,500,00055.510Townhouse
199 MOTT ST PH Soho/Nolita$10,793,4503353,088Condo
48 West 10th Street Greenwich Village$10,500,00054.5124,479Townhouse
71 Laight Street6ATribeca$9,600,00045143,739Condo
898 Park Avenue PH Upper East Side$8,350,00075.594,100Co-op
62 West 12th Street Greenwich Village$8,000,00054.5133,800Townhouse
313 West 4th StreetWest Village$7,650,0004,779Townhouse
250 West 10th Street West Village$7,640,00065.59Townhouse
199 MOTT ST 7 Soho/Nolita$7,382,3123352,894Condo
21 JAY ST 3E/4E Tribeca$7,250,00054.54,380Condo
153 Franklin Street Tribeca$6,790,000345,148Townhouse
62 West 12th Street Greenwich Village$6,700,00054.5133,800Townhouse
140 Franklin Street PHC Tribeca$6,600,00044.584,000Condo
157 West 13th Street Greenwich Village$6,400,00056125,900Townhouse
432 West 22nd Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$6,400,0005410Townhouse
19 Jay Street Tribeca$6,150,00066.5158,500Townhouse
161 West 75th Street 2/3D Upper West Side$6,000,00045.5103,600Co-op
161 West 75th Street2-3DUpper West Side$6,000,00045.510Co-op
161 West 75th Street 2/3D Upper West Side$5,899,00045.5103,600Co-op
42 WOOSTER ST5NSoho/Nolita$5,800,00033.564,800Condo
11 Christopher Street PH4S Greenwich Village$5,600,37543.52,845Condo
345 West 13th Street 4F West Village$5,500,0003262,866Condo
115 East 38th Street Murray Hill$5,375,00056104,675Townhouse
93 Crosby Street Soho/Nolita$5,250,000Townhouse
236 West 26th Street 903-905 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,200,00034.584,400Co-op
140 West 22nd Street PHA Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,190,00032.582,596Condo
PHA $5,190,00032.582,596Condo
310 East 18th Street Gramercy$5,108,50074.5Townhouse
214 East 50th Street Midtown East$5,100,0003,190Townhouse
521 West 23rd Street 9 FL Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,000,00043.573,820Condo
138 West 19th StreetPENTHOUSEChelsea/Hudson Yards$4,944,71222.552,400Condo
53 Jane StreetWest Village$4,940,00043.52,850Townhouse
48 West 10th Street Greenwich Village$4,800,00054.5124,479Townhouse
140 Franklin Street PHC Tribeca$4,795,00044.584,000Condo
48 West 10th Street Greenwich Village$4,700,00054.5124,479Townhouse
42 East 20th StreetPHCFlatiron$4,679,24432.552,368Condo
151 WOOSTER ST 7A Soho/Nolita$4,650,00033.583,009Condo
7A $4,650,00033.583,009Condo
217 West 19th Street8 FLChelsea/Hudson Yards$4,650,0003372,675Condo
460 West 22nd StreetChelsea/Hudson Yards$4,600,000543,376Townhouse
42 WOOSTER ST 2NF Soho/Nolita$4,500,000322,696Condo
5C CARMINE ST West Village$4,500,00032.562,162Townhouse
735 Washington Street West Village$4,400,0003,200Townhouse
151 WOOSTER ST 6B Soho/Nolita$4,378,475335.53,007Condo
468 West Broadway 6G Soho/Nolita$4,300,000222,438Co-op
106 Waverly Place PH Greenwich Village$4,150,0002363,500Condo
1 LEROY ST 2-3C Greenwich Village$4,065,0003262,101Condo
400 Park Ave South29DMurray Hill$3,950,00022.531,717Condo
331 East 6th Street East Village$3,900,00077,750Townhouse
151 WOOSTER ST 5B Soho/Nolita$3,900,0003353,007Condo
195 HUDSON ST1ATribeca$3,850,0003353,205Condo
370 Washington AvenueClinton Hill$3,850,000Townhouse
123 Sullivan Street 1 Soho/Nolita$3,800,0003310Condo
331 East 6th Street East Village$3,700,00077,750Townhouse
195 HUDSON ST 4C Tribeca$3,700,0001222,339Condo
62 West 12th Street Greenwich Village$3,650,00054.5133,800Townhouse
77 White Street 4 FL Tribeca$3,600,00012.532,255Condo
151 WOOSTER ST 4B Soho/Nolita$3,563,875336Condo
30 Bond StreetPHGreenwich Village$3,550,0003262,350Co-op
134 West 10th Street PH5N Greenwich Village$3,500,000221,540Condo
561 Broadway5ASoho/Nolita$3,475,0002242,200Co-op
303 MERCER ST B102 Greenwich Village$3,365,00042.572,287Co-op
102 GATES AVEClinton Hill$3,350,00053.52,960Townhouse
151 WOOSTER ST 3B Soho/Nolita$3,207,487335.53,007Condo
245 West 14th Street 8A Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,207,4872231,572Condo
360 West 20th Street 1 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,200,00022.541,600Co-op
50 HAMILTON TERRACEHamilton Heights$3,200,00054.53,564Townhouse
134 West 10th Street PH5N Greenwich Village$3,150,000221,540Condo
330 West 12th Street West Village$3,110,0694382,600Townhouse
305 East 51st Street 6G Midtown East$3,095,48033.562,133Condo
122 East 25th Street 3 FL Murray Hill$3,075,0003373,300Condo
199 MOTT ST 4B Soho/Nolita$3,054,750224.51,225Condo
240 Park Ave South5CFlatiron$3,050,00022.541,472Condo
1016 Fifth Avenue9DUpper East Side$3,009,0002272,200Co-op
199 MOTT ST 6B Soho/Nolita$3,003,8372241,225Condo
199 MOTT ST 4A Soho/Nolita$3,003,837224.51,229Condo
134 West 10th Street 2N Greenwich Village$3,000,000332,140Condo
644 Broadway 5E Greenwich Village$3,000,00043.593,890Co-op
199 MOTT ST 6A Soho/Nolita$3,000,0002241,229Condo
135 West 3rd Street 4 FL Greenwich Village$2,995,0002242,250Condo
199 MOTT ST 5A Soho/Nolita$2,978,8372241,229Condo
42 East 12th Street #2 Greenwich Village$2,975,000324Condo
134 West 10th Street 3N Greenwich Village$2,950,0003372,140Condo
11 Christopher Street 2S Greenwich Village$2,950,0003371,838Condo
199 MOTT ST 5B Soho/Nolita$2,927,4682241,227Condo
199 MOTT ST 3B Soho/Nolita$2,902,012224.51,225Condo
42 WOOSTER ST 4NF Soho/Nolita$2,851,0003362,696Condo
11 Christopher Street 3S Greenwich Village$2,800,188331,838Condo
120 East 79th Street15BCUpper East Side$2,800,00033.572,250Co-op
35 VESTRY ST 2 FL Tribeca$2,786,000224Condo
110 Third Avenue15CEast Village$2,760,00032.551,439Condo
236 West 26th Street 701 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,750,0003362,717Co-op
50 West 15th Street 2C Flatiron$2,749,0003351,549Condo
154 Stanton St Lower East Side$2,700,000Townhouse
199 MOTT ST 3A Soho/Nolita$2,698,3622241,229Condo
155 West 15th Street PH 6AB/5A Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,675,00044123,140Co-op
1 LEROY ST PHB Greenwich Village$2,600,0002482,862Condo
832 Broadway 9 FL Greenwich Village$2,600,000224,500Co-op
48 East 13th Street 5B Greenwich Village$2,595,0002252,200Co-op
170 Second Avenue9BEast Village$2,550,0003261,500Co-op
42 WOOSTER ST 2NF Soho/Nolita$2,500,000322,696Condo
141 West 24th Street 4 FL Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,500,00022.562,500Condo
129 West 20th StreetPHCChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,500,00032.572,120Condo
106 Waverly Place3Greenwich Village$2,500,0002261,350Condo
582 Madison StreetBedford-Stuyvesant$2,500,00054.53,600Townhouse
68 Jane Street PH7W West Village$2,499,0002363,000Co-op
60 Gramercy Park North 5LM Gramercy$2,462,0003261,850Co-op
60 Gramercy Park North 17B Gramercy$2,450,00032.56Co-op
40 West 22nd Street 7AB Flatiron$2,436,0004263,000Co-op
421 HUDSON ST 820-821 West Village$2,400,00034133,010Condo
80 Riverside Blvd 12E Upper West Side$2,400,0002251,492Condo
360 West 22nd Street15EChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,400,000225Co-op
345 West 13th Street4FWest Village$2,380,0003262,866Condo
325 Lexington Avenue 22C Midtown East$2,357,2482241,138Condo
130 West 30th Street 17B Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,350,0003372,100Condo
445 Lafayette Street 6B Greenwich Village$2,350,00022.551,681Condop
51 Fifth Avenue16BGreenwich Village$2,350,0002241,200Co-op
186 Spring Street Soho/Nolita$2,300,00022.58Townhouse
43 Fifth Avenue 3SE Greenwich Village$2,300,000215Co-op
263 West 112th Street Penthouse Morningside Heights$2,300,00043.5112,050Condo
263 Weirfield Street Bushwick$2,300,00084173,039Townhouse
31 West 31st Street 8 Flatiron$2,300,00021.542,665Co-op
330 West 12th StreetWest Village$2,275,0004382,600Townhouse
708 Greenwich Street 3F West Village$2,260,0001131,360Co-op
1 IRVING PLACE P21EFG Gramercy$2,200,000332,000Condo
18 East 12th Street 1C Greenwich Village$2,200,00022.551,750Condo
58 WALKER ST4 FLTribeca$2,150,0003251,927Condo
58 Walker Street #4Tribeca$2,150,000325Condo
141 West 24th Street 2 FL Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,125,00032.562,500Condo
11 West 18th Street2WFlatiron$2,101,1112141,300Co-op
143 West 27th Street 3F Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,100,0003252,000Co-op
128 East 7th Street East Village$2,075,0002251,800Condo
37 West 12th Street 10C Greenwich Village$2,050,000221,600Co-op
311 East 11th Street 1C East Village$2,040,00022.551,460Condo
55 East 11th Street 1 FL Greenwich Village$2,000,00011.543,036Co-op
106 Duane Street 2 FL Tribeca$2,000,00011.541,987Condo
117 East 57th Street 21B Midtown East$2,000,0002241,424Condo
93 Crosby Street6Soho/Nolita$1,995,000123Condo
15 UNION SQUARE WEST2BFlatiron$1,975,000213.51,415Condo
311 East 11th Street PH1C East Village$1,965,0002241,216Condo
55 East 11th Street 3 FL Greenwich Village$1,950,00032.552,325Co-op
692 Greenwich Street 1 West Village$1,950,00022.592,700Condo
150 East 69th Street3QUpper East Side$1,950,0002251,756Co-op
55 East 11th Street 5TH FL Greenwich Village$1,910,0002162,325Co-op
259 Bowery 5 FL Lower East Side$1,900,0001141,450Condo
315 Riverside Drive3DUpper West Side$1,895,00032.56.51,800Co-op
311 East 11th Street1DEast Village$1,875,00011.531,280Condo
311 East 11th Street1DEast Village$1,875,00011.51,273Condo
255 West 21st Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,850,000Townhouse
1 GRACIE TERRACE 12D Upper East Side$1,850,000225Co-op
130 West 17th Street 5N Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,837,500322,750Co-op
380 West 12th Street 1F West Village$1,825,0002292,100Co-op
70 East 10th Street3GGreenwich Village$1,825,0001151,100Co-op
101 West 24th Street15DChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,825,0002241,286Condo
144 East 30th Street 2 Murray Hill$1,807,3932251,543Condo
773 Hart StreetBushwick$1,795,615165.54,275Townhouse
311 East 11th Street PH2D East Village$1,775,0002241,223Condo
144 East 30th Street 3 Murray Hill$1,775,0002251,543Condo
128 East 7th Street5East Village$1,775,0002251,800Condo
107 West 25th Street 3B Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,770,0001251,200Co-op
93 Crosby Street 5 Soho/Nolita$1,754,0001231,300Condo
70 East 10th Street 19L Greenwich Village$1,750,00022.55.52,200Co-op
311 East 11th Street PH1A East Village$1,750,0002241,205Condo
359 Macon StreetBedford-Stuyvesant$1,750,00053.5132,280Townhouse
311 East 11th Street PH2B East Village$1,725,0002241,211Condo
201 East 17th Street21EFGramercy$1,725,0002251,300Co-op
77 Seventh Avenue12FChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,701,777224.5Co-op
144 East 30th Street 4 Murray Hill$1,700,0002251,543Condo
425 East 58th Street27BSutton Area$1,700,00022.54.51,800Co-op
311 East 11th Street 6A East Village$1,690,0002241,328Condo
618 Dean Street 4C Prospect Heights$1,680,0002241,322Condo
236 West 26th Street 901 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,675,0002231,400Co-op
140 West 22nd Street10CChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,665,10011.541,115Condo
464 West Broadway 2 FL Soho/Nolita$1,652,5732251,500Co-op
178 SUFFOLK ST 3 FL Lower East Side$1,650,0002252,002Co-op
107 West 25th Street6EChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,645,0001131,100Co-op
140 East 28th Street10GMurray Hill$1,635,000224.5Co-op
525 East 11th Street PHA East Village$1,630,000224.51,040Condo
39 Fifth Avenue 4C Greenwich Village$1,625,000113875Co-op
792 Hart StreetBushwick$1,614,50086Townhouse
468 West 23rd Street 5R Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,614,000224900Condo
105 West 13th Street 7E Greenwich Village$1,612,500224Co-op
93 Crosby Street 4 Soho/Nolita$1,600,0001241,408Condo
128 East 7th Street 2 East Village$1,600,000321,800Condo
23 East 10th Street 106 Greenwich Village$1,600,0002241,164Co-op
233 West 26th Street 1E Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,600,0001241,450Co-op
3 BEDFORD ST 1A Greenwich Village$1,575,00031.551,315Condo
520 LAGUARDIA PLACE 6S Greenwich Village$1,575,0002251,500Co-op
311 East 11th Street 3A East Village$1,575,0002241,328Condo
105 West 13th Street 16AB Greenwich Village$1,560,0002271,100Co-op
311 East 11th Street 2A East Village$1,545,0002241,328Condo
380 Herkimer Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,531,60043Townhouse
93 Crosby Street 2 Soho/Nolita$1,527,3751241,408Condo
136 West 24th Street 3F Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,501,0001131,000Co-op
238 West 11th Street PH West Village$1,500,0003251,700Co-op
74 Fifth Avenue 9B Greenwich Village$1,500,0002271,800Co-op
59 FOURTH AVE 7A Greenwich Village$1,500,0002251,700Co-op
60 Gramercy Park North 3CD Gramercy$1,500,00042.571,964Co-op
519 Evergreen Avenue Bushwick$1,500,00042.582,919Townhouse
720 Greenwich Street 6D West Village$1,499,9991121,000Co-op
217 Second Avenue 3 East Village$1,485,0002151,360Condo
120 West 18th Street 3B Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,475,0002241,770Condo
552 LAGUARDIA PLACE 6 FL Greenwich Village$1,445,000325.51,823Co-op
140 Fifth Avenue 2AB Flatiron$1,430,000Studio43,500Co-op
333 East 68th Street 3A Upper East Side$1,425,0003272,000Co-op
311 East 11th Street PH2C East Village$1,425,0002241,021Condo
42 West 13th Street 4FG Greenwich Village$1,400,000224900Co-op
155 Freeman StreetGreenpoint$1,400,0005,073Townhouse
236 West 26th Street3NEChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,400,000StudioCo-op
4 Lexington Avenue4DEGramercy$1,399,00011.531,300Co-op
46-30 Center BoulevardPH7Long Island City$1,387,4262341,432Condo
333 West 22nd Street 5B Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,375,0003261,204Co-op
305-313 West 22nd Street 4A Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,375,0002241,050Condo
60 Broadway 10F Williamsburg$1,375,00022.54.51,446Condo
1374 Hancock Street Bushwick$1,375,00063153,750Townhouse
360 West 20th StreetGRDNUChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,372,5493361,500Co-op
757 Marcy Avenue Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,360,00042.5112,800Townhouse
136 West 24th Street 3R Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,350,000322,115Co-op
60 East 8th Street 12B Greenwich Village$1,350,0002141,100Condop
40-50 East 10th Street 1B Greenwich Village$1,350,00021.54.5Co-op
40-50 East 10th Street 9L Greenwich Village$1,350,000113.5Co-op
2142 Fulton Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,340,00063104,000Townhouse
399 Fenimore Street Lefferts Gardens$1,339,00053.58Townhouse
381 Broome Street 4 Soho/Nolita$1,330,000224.5997Condo
832 Broadway 9 FL Greenwich Village$1,325,000224,500Co-op
97 Crosby Street 4 FL Soho/Nolita$1,310,000311,300Co-op
64 West 15th Street 2E Flatiron$1,299,000121,400Co-op
40-50 East 10th Street 6J Greenwich Village$1,295,00011.53.5Co-op
410 West 24th Street 11L Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,295,0002141,050Co-op
37 West 12th Street 6K Greenwich Village21.541,170Co-op
134 East 93rd Street 7C Carnegie Hill$1,250,000335.51,351Condo
211 North 5th Street4AWilliamsburg$1,250,000327Condo
175A Vernon AvenueBedford-Stuyvesant$1,250,000532,532Townhouse
305-313 West 22nd Street4AChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,250,0002241,050Condo
500 4th Avenue 6M Park Slope$1,240,000223912Condo
93 Somers Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,237,50054122,255Townhouse
240 CENTRE ST 4F Soho/Nolita$1,200,0003262,800Condop
17 White Street PH6D Tribeca$1,200,00011.531,700Co-op
311 East 11th Street 3E East Village$1,200,0002251,162Condo
241 Fifth Avenue5AFlatiron$1,200,000113566Condo
137 East 36th Street 3F Murray Hill$1,190,00022.54.51,500Co-op
2 Horatio Street 17R West Village$1,190,000113930Co-op
250 West 16th Street 2FL Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,185,0002171,000Co-op
18 East 12th Street 6A Greenwich Village$1,161,000113960Condo
40-50 East 10th Street 2B Greenwich Village$1,150,00021.541,250Co-op
100 West 12th Street 6GH Greenwich Village$1,150,0002241,035Co-op
425 Park Ave South19DMurray Hill$1,150,0001231,000Co-op
27 COMMERCE ST 5A West Village$1,149,500114524Condo
464 West Broadway2Soho/Nolita$1,145,000111,500Co-op
201 East 17th Street 2H Gramercy$1,144,00021.54Co-op
2 CORNELIA ST 406 Greenwich Village$1,140,000113.5773Condo
1056 President StreetCrown Heights$1,130,00032.56Townhouse
11 Riverside Drive14PEUpper West Side$1,120,000224.51,200Co-op
263 West End Avenue 4A Upper West Side$1,100,0002241,300Co-op
31 Jane Street PH18F West Village$1,100,000113625Co-op
263 Weirfield StreetBushwick$1,100,00084173,039Townhouse
110 Warren StreetB401Cobble Hill$1,099,0002241,010Condo
465 West 23rd Street 16CDE Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,075,000234.5Co-op
35 Riverside Drive1Upper West Side$1,075,000224Co-op
2 Horatio Street 1P West Village$1,072,50011875Co-op
135 East 39th Street4EDMurray Hill$1,070,0002261,500Co-op
272 Water Street5FFinancial District$1,069,162Studio121,213Condo
133 WOOSTER ST 3REAR Soho/Nolita$1,065,000Studio131,100Co-op
221 Lexington AvenueBedford-Stuyvesant$1,065,0004210Townhouse
679 Vanderbilt Avenue 4L Prospect Heights$1,051,800214Co-op
707 Macdonough StreetBedford-Stuyvesant$1,050,00063132,925Townhouse
80 Park Avenue18NMurray Hill$1,050,000224886Condo
27-28 Thomson Avenue 525 Long Island City$1,040,0001241,163Condo
311 East 11th Street 5B East Village$1,025,000114880Condo
808 Broadway2JGreenwich Village$1,025,0001131,100Co-op
150 East 56th Street3CMidtown East$1,015,000214880Condo
145 NASSAU ST 7C Tribeca$1,000,000221,860Co-op
60 Broadway 2M Williamsburg$997,89011.541,140Condo
324 West 23rd Street 3A Chelsea/Hudson Yards$995,0002251,000Condo
40-50 East 10th Street 1E Greenwich Village$995,00011.54Co-op
10 West 15th Street 611 Flatiron$995,000113.5750Co-op
252 Seventh Avenue8ZChelsea/Hudson Yards$995,000113861Condo
720 Greenwich Street1RWest Village$990,000113725Co-op
100 West 12th Street4JGreenwich Village$990,000113800Co-op
311 East 11th Street 4D East Village$980,000214900Condo
18 DESBROSSES ST 18-2 Tribeca$966,000Studio2,100Condop
321 WEIRFIELD STBushwick$960,0004312Townhouse
401 East 84th Street3CUpper East Side$955,000123.5900Condo
133 WOOSTER ST 2R Soho/Nolita$950,0001131,200Co-op
1855 Prospect Place Crown Heights$949,50074House
151 West 21st Street 7A Chelsea/Hudson Yards$949,000112771Condo
136 West 24th Street 3F Chelsea/Hudson Yards$915,0001131,000Co-op
1215 Hancock StreetBushwick$915,0005412Townhouse
23 East 10th Street106Greenwich Village$910,0002241,164Co-op
311 East 11th Street 3B East Village$900,0001.513.5880Condo
130 East 18th Street 5U Gramercy$900,000113Co-op
328 PLYMOUTH STDUMBO/Vinegar Hill$900,00032.58Townhouse
7 East 35th Street 10E Murray Hill$899,0002241,250Co-op
60 Broadway 7E Williamsburg$895,0002251,241Condo
234 West 21st Street43Chelsea/Hudson Yards$890,750215920Co-op
230 West End Avenue3AUpper West Side$890,000224Co-op
43 East 10th Street 1J Greenwich Village$880,0002261,250Co-op
272 St Nicholas Avenue Bushwick$880,0008314Townhouse
358 Eastern Parkway 1 Crown Heights$875,0002251,100Co-op
178 SUFFOLK ST 5 FL Lower East Side$870,0002252,000Co-op
311 East 11th Street 2B East Village$870,000113.5880Condo
67 East 11th Street 323 Greenwich Village$869,000213.5Co-op
13 West 13th Street 6CS Greenwich Village$868,000214875Co-op
7 East 35th Street 14G Murray Hill21.541,380Co-op
302 West 12th Street 15F West Village$850,000113900Condo
178 SUFFOLK ST 3 FL Lower East Side$850,0002252,002Co-op
217 East 5th Street 4 East Village$850,000113.5625Condop
2 CHARLTON ST 15B Soho/Nolita$850,000113700Co-op
111 Fourth Avenue 6M Greenwich Village$849,000Studio12Co-op
251 East 32nd Street16BMurray Hill$849,000213.5925Co-op
31 Covert Street 1 Bushwick$845,0002251,248Condo
298 Weirfield StBushwick$840,000
254 West 25th Street 5A Chelsea/Hudson Yards$833,000215970Co-op
70 East 10th Street 11L Greenwich Village$830,000224.51,450Co-op
30-32 West 9th Street 5A Greenwich Village$825,000113550Condo
311 East 11th Street 5C East Village$825,000113733Condo
100 West 12th Street 2C Greenwich Village$820,427113850Co-op
78 Charles Street 1W West Village$820,000124850Co-op
306 Gold Street18EDowntown Brooklyn$820,000113800Condo
108 Fifth Avenue7CFlatiron$817,000113825Condo
100 West 39th Street 41I Midtown West$815,000113482Condo
527 West 110th Street5Morningside Heights$815,000214.5Condo
362 Eastern Parkway4DCrown Heights$815,000226895Condo
350 West 42nd Street 6K Midtown West$800,000113710Condo
1342 Gates AvenueBushwick$800,000Townhouse
477 IrvingBushwick$799,000
477 IRVING AVEBushwick$799,00093Townhouse
301 East 48th Street15JMidtown East$790,000113.5830Co-op
845 Second Avenue 6B Midtown East$789,000214658Condo
710 West End Avenue16EUpper West Side$785,330113.5750Co-op
260 West 10th Street 5E West Village$780,000114.5906Townhouse
55 SAINT MARKS PLACE 4 East Village$780,000215Co-op
20 DESBROSSES 1E Tribeca$775,000111,279Co-op
130 Cornelia StreetBushwick$775,000Townhouse
239 East 79th Street 13H Upper East Side$772,000113750Co-op
111 FULTON ST 805 Financial District$770,000Studio12588Condo
201 East 66th Street 4K Upper East Side$765,000114850Co-op
255 West End Avenue 2B Upper West Side$762,500214Co-op
85-101 North 3rd Street 212 Williamsburg$755,0001131,221Condo
26 East 10 4G Greenwich Village$750,000113800Co-op
145 East 84th Street 6D Upper East Side$742,500113785Co-op
812 Quincy Street Bedford-Stuyvesant$739,00032.5111,920Townhouse
404 East 76th Street 5B Upper East Side$739,000113.5847Condo
225 Adams Street15HBrooklyn Heights$730,000214893Co-op
150 NASSAU ST 6E Financial District$725,000113650Condo
24 Fifth Avenue329Greenwich Village$725,000113700Co-op
35-26 79th Street51Jackson Heights$722,00032Co-op
250 Mercer Street C316 Greenwich Village$720,0001141,000Co-op
305 Second Avenue 330 Gramercy$720,000Studio13619Condo
201 East 28th Street 3D Murray Hill$719,50021.531,100Co-op
170 Second Avenue6CEast Village$715,000113650Co-op
31 Covert Street 3 Bushwick$712,0003261,300Condo
224 Weirfield Street0Bushwick$710,0006312Townhouse
311 East 11th Street 2C East Village$704,000113735Condo
37 West 12th Street 6G Greenwich Village$700,0002251,620Co-op
30 East 85th Street 4K Upper East Side$699,000Studio12.5670Condo
137 East 66th Street1DUpper East Side$695,00011.54900Co-op
468 West 23rd Street 3F Chelsea/Hudson Yards$675,000113800Condo
333 East 45th Street 20D Midtown East$675,000113564Condo
200 East 89th Street 38E Upper East Side$670,000113776Condo
244 Madison Avenue 10I Murray Hill$670,000114700Co-op
39 Fifth Avenue3DGreenwich Village$670,000113.5850Co-op
30 East 37th Street4KMurray Hill$666,953113683Condo
24-75 38th Street C6-7 Astoria$660,000326.5Co-op
33 Greenwich Avenue 7D Greenwich Village$659,0002241,200Co-op
60 East 8th Street5GGreenwich Village$656,000Studio12550Condop
7 East 35th Street 6B Murray Hill$650,00011.54900Co-op
42 West 13th Street5AGreenwich Village$647,250113Co-op
185 13th Street 3A Park Slope$640,000114614Condo
180 Park Row 5C Chinatown$639,000114800Co-op
415 Argyle Road7JDitmas Park$639,000215950Co-op
135 East 54th Street 8D Midtown East$635,000113700Condo
140 East 28th Street 3H Murray Hill$635,0001131,000Co-op
345 West 58th Street14KUpper West Side$635,000113710Co-op
55 East 9th Street5JGreenwich Village$629,000Studio12.5530Co-op
424 East 52nd Street 11G Beekman$625,000113900Co-op
468 West 23rd Street 4F Chelsea/Hudson Yards$625,000113700Condo
24 Fifth Avenue1215Greenwich Village$625,000113Co-op
23 East 10th Street 3H Greenwich Village$621,000114600Co-op
315 West 86th Street5EUpper West Side$610,000113Co-op
201 East 28th Street4RMurray Hill$609,000113780Co-op
141 East 3rd Street12AEast Village$599,000113550Co-op
531 Vanderbilt Avenue6AClinton Hill$599,000114563Condo
308 West 103rd Street 9F Upper West Side$595,000113650Co-op
160 East 27th Street8EMurray Hill$594,840113750Co-op
160 East 27th Street8EMurray Hill$594,840113750Co-op
424 East 57th Street 6D Sutton Area$585,000113800Co-op
13 Downing Street1DGreenwich Village$577,222Studio12Co-op
333 East 43rd Street 403 Midtown East$575,000113Co-op
215 East 17th Street 2 Gramercy$570,000113Co-op
22 IRVING PLACE2DGramercy$570,000113Co-op
1267 Hancock StreetBushwick$569,00073.5143,000Townhouse
140 West 74th Street2A-3AUpper West Side$565,000116Co-op
155 West 15th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$560,000331,900Co-op
206 East 18th Street1Gramercy$560,00011.54Co-op
362 Eastern Parkway1BCrown Heights$558,0003251,531Condo
39 East 12th Street 709 Greenwich Village$555,000Studio13800Co-op
1283 Hancock StreetBushwick$555,00010510Townhouse
211 Thompson Street 4M Greenwich Village$552,500114680Co-op
23 East 10th Street 703 Greenwich Village$550,000113600Co-op
56 Jane Street 1B West Village$549,000112.5Co-op
33 Fifth Avenue 4B Greenwich Village$540,000113.5800Co-op
23 East 10th Street 704 Greenwich Village$539,000113645Co-op
314 West 56th Street 2C Midtown West$535,000113700Co-op
205 East 78th Street11BUpper East Side$530,000113750Co-op
205 East 78th Street11BUpper East Side$530,000113750Co-op
415 GrandE607Lower East Side$529,000114800Co-op
67 East 11th Street 721 Greenwich Village$522,000113550Co-op
200 East 16th Street 5D Gramercy$510,000113Co-op
517 East 77th Street4BUpper East Side$499,000113Co-op
201 West 16th Street14CChelsea/Hudson Yards$489,000Studio12Co-op
201 West 16th Street15GChelsea/Hudson Yards$487,500Studio12490Co-op
7 East 14th Street 416 Flatiron$485,000113600Co-op
22 IRVING PLACE 2C Gramercy$483,000113Co-op
245 East 25th Street 3J Gramercy$480,000114700Co-op
224 East 11th Street2East Village$478,000113500Co-op
115 Ashland Place6CFort Greene$478,000113750Co-op
302 East 88th Street 2A Upper East Side$475,000113.5850Co-op
211 Thompson Street GLH Greenwich Village$475,000113Co-op
154 West 77th StreetBFUpper West Side$470,000113700Co-op
35 East 10th Street3GGreenwich Village$470,000Studio12.5450Co-op
570 44th Street 3 Sunset Park$460,000214Co-op
69 East 130th Street4CEast Harlem$460,00011.54849Condo
324 West 89th Street4AUpper West Side$455,500113550Co-op
575 Riverside Drive5Hamilton Heights$455,000214840Co-op
135 Prospect Park Southw B5 Windsor Terrace$450,000113Co-op
253 West 16th Street6EChelsea/Hudson Yards$450,000Studio11.5450Co-op
330 Third Avenue12DMurray Hill$441,000Studio12.5515Co-op
330 Third Avenue12DMurray Hill$441,000Studio12.5515Co-op
43 East 10th Street 2K Greenwich Village$440,000113Co-op
405 West 23rd Street3BChelsea/Hudson Yards$430,000Studio13Co-op
333 East 43rd Street502Midtown East$430,000113Co-op
43 East 10th Street 3K Greenwich Village$425,000112Co-op
1270 Fifth Avenue 4K Upper East Side$425,000113Co-op
634 East 14th Street 19 East Village$425,000Studio12.5495Co-op
813 8th Avenue 3F Park Slope$422,500214Co-op
235 East 49th Street3GMidtown East$420,000113.5Co-op
56 Jane Street 1B West Village$410,000112.5Co-op
69 West 9th Street 4D Greenwich Village$405,000Studio12450Co-op
310 East 49th Street 9C Midtown East$401,388Studio12430Co-op
104 East 37th Street1CMurray Hill$401,000Studio12400Co-op
430 West 34th Street 9K Chelsea/Hudson Yards$399,000Studio12.5550Co-op
345 West 58th Street14LUpper West Side$395,000Studio12500Co-op
345 West 58th Street14LUpper West Side$395,000Studio12500Co-op
430 West 34th Street 6A Chelsea/Hudson Yards$389,000Studio12.5500Co-op
79 West 12th Street 3B Greenwich Village$375,000Studio12600Co-op
66 East 83rd Street 5A Upper East Side$371,420Studio12Co-op
10 Park Avenue3RMurray Hill$367,500Studio12.5400Co-op
35 East 10th Street 6E Greenwich Village$367,000Studio12Co-op
566 Prospect Place1DCrown Heights$354,500113Co-op
607 Manhattan Avenue1Greenpoint$348,000113557Condo
230 East 15th Street 3K Gramercy$339,000Studio12400Co-op
130 Barrow Street West Village$338,00022.51,200Condo
41 Clarkson Avenue3HLefferts Gardens$337,500113478Condo
75 West 238th Street 4E Bronx$329,0002261,100Co-op
302 East 88th Street 2A Upper East Side$325,000113.5850Co-op
69 West 9th Street 7A Greenwich Village$325,000Studio11Co-op
148 West 23rd Street 5H Chelsea/Hudson Yards$315,000Studio12565Co-op
200 East 36th Street12JMurray Hill$315,000Studio12450Co-op
2515 Glenwood Road 6d Ditmas Park$304,000214970Co-op
522 West 50th Street D1 Clinton$303,500113.5600Co-op
230 Park Place3PProspect Heights$299,000Studio12.5Co-op
321 East 45th Street5EMidtown East$297,500Studio12400Co-op
434 West 20th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$290,000113650Co-op
310 East 49th Street9CMidtown East$272,000Studio12430Co-op
25 West 13th Street 6MN Greenwich Village$265,000Studio12.5500Co-op
262 Bergen Street2FBoerum Hill$258,00011Co-op
313 East 89th Street2FUpper East Side$249,000Studio11Co-op
211 East 17th Street 8 Gramercy$230,000Studio12280Co-op
236 West 26th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$225,000Studio21,650Co-op
445 West 19th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$170,000113650Condo
101 West 12th Street Greenwich Village$93,000Studio12475Co-op
20-32 Palmetto StreetRidgewood5,600Townhouse
155 Freeman StreetBrooklyn
333 Johnson AvenueBushwickCommercial
1363 Hancock StreetBushwick3,300House
66 East 11th StreetGreenwich Village29,702Other
2 Horatio Street Apt. 17RWest Village3930Condo
111 Fourth Avenue Apt 11G NY NY 10003East VillageStudio1Co-op
75 Wall StreetFinancial DistrictStudio1Condo
410 West 24th StreetChelsea/Hudson YardsStudio11Condo
75 Wall StreetFinancial DistrictStudio11445Condo
140 WEA #12EUpper West SideStudio12Co-op
50 Park Ave. Apt. 4EMurray HillStudio12568Co-op
416 Ocean Avenue Apt.40Brooklyn11.54770Co-op
252 West 17th StreetChelsea/Hudson Yards12Co-op
425 East 9th Street Apt 4AEast Village12Co-op
149 West 12th Street1-5Greenwich Village11Co-op
18 West 48th Street Apt. 25DClinton113630Condo
262 Bergen Street Apt. 2FBrooklyn113Co-op
39 Gramercy Park North Apt. 8FGramercy113850Co-op
425 East 9th Street Apt 4AEast Village113675Co-op
54 West 16th StreetFlatiron113Co-op
607 Manhattan Ave.Greenpoint113557Condo
432-434 East 10th Street4East Village1141,550Co-op
211 North 6th Street 4ABrooklyn22Condo
84 Second Place #4Brooklyn22Condo
11 RSD Apt. 14PEUpper West Side2241,200Co-op
131 Avenue BEast Village2241,600Co-op
248 East 31st St. Apt. 5CMurray Hill2241,100Condo
36 West 15th StreetChelsea/Hudson Yards224Co-op
84 Second Place #4Brooklyn224Condo
165 West 20th StreetChelsea/Hudson Yards2251,450Co-op
211 North 6th Street 4ABrooklyn2271,600Condo
15 West 20th StreetFlatiron235Condo
58 Walker Street #4Tribeca325Condo
54 Morningside Drive Apt.31Morningside Heights3271,800Co-op
129 West 20th PHCChelsea/Hudson Yards32.572,120Condo
135 Eastern Parkway8DProspect Heights32Co-op
162 Herkimer StreetBedford-Stuyvesant7612Townhouse
1721 Hart StreetRidgewood52.5Townhouse

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
215 Sullivan Street THC Greenwich Village$35,00044.5154,069Condo
25 West 11th StreetTOWNHOUSEGreenwich Village$30,00045.59Rental Building
21 JAY ST 3E/4E Tribeca$25,00054.54,380Condo
3E/4E $25,00054.54,380Condo
400 Park Ave South 36B Murray Hill$25,0003352,753Condo
400 Park Ave South 36B Murray Hill$25,0003352,753Condo
252 Seventh Avenue 8H Chelsea/Hudson Yards$22,5003383,256Condo
335 Greenwich Street 7AB Tribeca$20,00044103,000Co-op
101 WARREN ST 7B Tribeca$19,50033.57.52,184Condo
15 UNION SQUARE WEST 4D Flatiron$19,25022.542,282Condo
15 MERCER ST 4 Soho/Nolita$17,5002263,100Condo
4 $17,5002263,100Condo
105 HUDSON ST 6S Tribeca$17,0003282,900Co-op
6S $17,0003282,900Co-op
322 West 71st StreetUpper West Side$17,000449Townhouse
15 UNION SQUARE WEST 4D Flatiron$16,00022.542,282Condo
57 LISPENARD ST 3 Tribeca$15,5003352,365Rental Building
151 WOOSTER ST 4B Soho/Nolita$15,000336Condo
4B $15,000336Condo
20 HARRISON ST PH Tribeca$15,00042.552,700Rental Building
257 West 17th Street 6B Chelsea/Hudson Yards$15,00032.562,050Condo
57 LISPENARD ST 2 Tribeca$15,0003352,365Rental Building
11 Charles Street1Greenwich Village$15,00033.58.52,000Condo
37 LISPENARD ST 2 Tribeca$14,500224.52,365Rental Building
122 Greenwich Avenue3EWest Village$14,50033.55.51,954Condo
57 LISPENARD ST 4 Tribeca$14,2103352,365Rental Building
29 HOWARD ST 4THFLOOR Soho/Nolita$14,2002252,500Condo
42 WOOSTER ST 2NF Soho/Nolita$14,000322,696Condo
46 Perry StreetWest Village$14,000327Townhouse
37 LISPENARD ST PH Tribeca$13,9002262,365Rental Building
486 Broadway PH Soho/Nolita$12,999224.52,196Rental Building
69 Bank Street PH2 West Village$12,75022.541,400Condo
18 LEONARD ST Tribeca$12,50032.552,637Condo
327 Central Park West12ABUpper West Side$11,8003262,240Condo
151 East 85th Street 7F Upper East Side$11,75022.541,621Condo
88 Washington Place 3A Greenwich Village$11,500224.51,645Condo
75 Perry StreetPARLORWest Village$11,50022.551,650Rental Building
139 WOOSTER ST 5B Soho/Nolita$11,0002241,452Condo
5B $11,0002241,452Condo
132 WOOSTER ST 6 FL Soho/Nolita$11,000223.51,825Rental Building
132 WOOSTER ST 4 FL Soho/Nolita$10,5002251,850Rental Building
132 WOOSTER ST 4th Floor Soho/Nolita$10,450225Rental Building
132 WOOSTER ST 6 FL Soho/Nolita$9,900223.51,825Rental Building
132 WOOSTER ST 6 FL Soho/Nolita$9,500223.51,825Rental Building
251 West 21st Street 1 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$9,50021.571,600Rental Building
132 WOOSTER ST 3 FL Soho/Nolita$9,0002242,300Rental Building
40 West 17th Street PH12C Flatiron$9,000224.51,700Co-op
77 GREENE ST PH Soho/Nolita$9,0002242,000Rental Building
32 Morton Street 5A West Village$9,00011.55Co-op
582 Madison Street All Bedford-Stuyvesant$9,00054.510Rental Building
255 HUDSON ST 4B Soho/Nolita$8,95022.541,406Condo
255 HUDSON ST 4B Soho/Nolita$8,80022.541,406Condo
111 Jane Street3West Village$8,400224.51,750Condo
255 HUDSON ST 3B Soho/Nolita$8,25022.541,406Condo
132 WOOSTER ST 3 FL Soho/Nolita$8,0002242,300Rental Building
132 WOOSTER ST 3 FL Soho/Nolita$8,0002242,300Rental Building
132 WOOSTER ST 4 FL Soho/Nolita$8,0002251,850Rental Building
28 East 2nd Street 3 East Village$8,000226Rental Building
366 Broadway4ATribeca$8,0003251,660Co-op
546 Broadway5FSoho/Nolita$7,9502131,500Rental Building
130 East 12th Street 3B Greenwich Village$7,7003251,665Condo
125 Prince Street Soho/Nolita$7,500222,500Rental Building
125 Prince Street Soho/Nolita$7,500222,500Rental Building
255 HUDSON ST 4B Soho/Nolita$7,50022.541,406Condo
132 WOOSTER ST 4 FL Soho/Nolita$7,5002251,850Rental Building
250 East 53rd Street 1102 Midtown East$7,495224.51,335Condo
108 WOOSTER ST 4C Soho/Nolita$7,4952251,200Co-op
250 East 53rd Street 1102 Midtown East$7,295224.51,335Condo
20 Bond Street 2 Greenwich Village$7,2502251,800Co-op
56 East 13th Street 7 Greenwich Village$7,2003261,955Condo
132 WOOSTER ST 6 FL Soho/Nolita$7,000223.51,825Rental Building
132 WOOSTER ST 6 FL Soho/Nolita$7,000223.51,825Rental Building
56 East 13th Street 4 Greenwich Village$7,0002242,000Condo
331 West 19th Street 4 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$6,6952171,400Rental Building
331 West 19th Street 4 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$6,6952171,400Rental Building
201 West 17th Street 8C Chelsea/Hudson Yards$6,6002261,203Condo
42 West 17th Street 7A Flatiron$6,6002151,500Co-op
132 WOOSTER ST 4 FL Soho/Nolita$6,5002251,850Rental Building
132 WOOSTER ST 4 FL Soho/Nolita$6,5002251,850Rental Building
201 West 17th Street 8C Chelsea/Hudson Yards$6,5002261,203Condo
201 West 17th Street 8C Chelsea/Hudson Yards$6,5002261,203Condo
55 GROVE ST PH West Village$6,500114Rental Building
280 West 4th Street 2 West Village$6,500113800Rental Building
225 Fifth Avenue 11N Flatiron$6,500113.5917Condo
419 17th Street Park Slope$6,500328Townhouse
331 West 19th Street PARLOR Chelsea/Hudson Yards$6,4952151,400Rental Building
56 East 13th Street 4 Greenwich Village$6,3502242,000Condo
315 East 70th Street 10DC Upper East Side$6,3503251,400Co-op
50 West 15th Street 3B Flatiron$6,3001251,068Condo
56 East 13th Street 3 Greenwich Village$6,250Studio131,965Condo
132 WOOSTER ST 6 FL Soho/Nolita$6,200223.51,825Rental Building
331 West 19th Street PARLOR Chelsea/Hudson Yards$6,2002151,400Rental Building
439 Lafayette Street 2B Greenwich Village$6,200215Co-op
311 East 11th Street PH1B East Village$6,2002251,024Condo
201 West 17th Street 8C Chelsea/Hudson Yards$6,1502261,203Condo
211 North 5th Street 4A Williamsburg327Condo
201 West 17th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$6,0002261,203Condo
255 HUDSON ST 3B Soho/Nolita$6,00022.541,406Condo
40 West 17th Street 10A Flatiron$6,0002251,800Co-op
331 West 19th Street 4 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$6,0002171,400Rental Building
225 West 83rd Street4EUpper West Side$6,0002261,138Condo
132 WOOSTER ST 5 FL Soho/Nolita$5,99921.542,320Rental Building
132 WOOSTER ST 5 FL Soho/Nolita$5,99921.542,320Rental Building
251 West 21st Street Apt 1 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,99921.581,600Rental Building
331 West 19th Street 3 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,9952181,400Rental Building
251 West 21st Street 3-4 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,99521.551,350Rental Building
15 Charles Street 10F Greenwich Village$5,950113702Condo
644 Broadway Greenwich Village$5,90043.593,890Co-op
211 North 5th Street 4A Williamsburg$5,850327Condo
201 West 17th Street 8C Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,8002261,203Condo
110 West 26th Street4FFlatiron$5,7503151,600Rental Building
176 East 3rd Street6AEast Village$5,750315Rental Building
543.5 East 6th Street 2B East Village$5,70031.551,700Rental Building
20 Pine Street 1718 Financial District$5,6002241,387Condo
132 WOOSTER ST 6 FL Soho/Nolita$5,500223.51,825Rental Building
132 WOOSTER ST Soho/Nolita$5,5002242,300Rental Building
6 FL $5,500223.51,825Rental Building
259 Bowery Lower East Side$5,5001141,450Condo
331 West 19th Street GARDEN Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,50021.541,400Rental Building
217 Second Avenue 3 East Village$5,5002151,360Condo
175 West 12th Street 14F Greenwich Village$5,500215857Condo
2 Northside Piers 25M Williamsburg$5,5002261,179Condo
162 Herkimer Street 2 Bedford-Stuyvesant$5,49943.582,142Rental Building
9 Barrow Street 2A Greenwich Village$5,495113Co-op
12 West 90th Street2Upper West Side$5,4952241,300Rental Building
77 West 24th Street 22B Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,4002241,150Rental Building
216 East 47th Street 31AB Midtown East$5,35022.551,640Condo
644 Broadway Greenwich Village$5,30043.593,890Co-op
251 West 21st Street 3-4 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,29521.551,350Rental Building
165 Christopher Street 1I West Village$5,29521.54.51,000Co-op
331 West 19th Street PARLOR Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,2502151,400Rental Building
395 Broadway 4A Tribeca$5,250214Condo
331 West 19th Street 4 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,2002171,400Rental Building
231 West 16th Street 5WR Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,200215930Co-op
197 Clifton Place 2F Clinton Hill$5,2002152,000Rental Building
217 Second Avenue 3RDFL East Village$5,1002161,400Condo
331 West 19th Street 4 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,0002171,400Rental Building
331 West 19th Street GARDEN Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,00021.541,400Rental Building
355 Pacific Street 1 Boerum Hill$5,0002151,500Rental Building
331 West 19th Street 3 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,0002181,400Rental Building
236 West 139th Street 2 Harlem$5,00042.572,400Rental Building
139 East 30th Street 6D Murray Hill$5,0002241,025Co-op
139 East 30th Street 5D-6D Murray Hill$5,0002241,025Co-op
251 West 21st Street 3-4 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,99521.551,350Rental Building
9 Barrow Street 2M Greenwich Village$4,995113Co-op
9 Barrow Street 2M Greenwich Village$4,995113Co-op
2 CORNELIA ST 406 Greenwich Village$4,900113.5773Condo
331 West 19th Street GARDEN Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,75021.541,400Rental Building
331 West 19th Street 3 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,7002181,400Rental Building
331 West 19th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,60021.541,400Rental Building
264 East 7th Street East Village$4,50042Rental Building
197 Clifton Place 2R Clinton Hill$4,5002152,000Rental Building
446 Kent Avenue 14D Williamsburg$4,4202241,133Condo
197 Clifton Place 2R Clinton Hill$4,3252152,000Rental Building
197 Clifton Place 2F Clinton Hill$4,3252152,000Rental Building
178 SUFFOLK ST Lower East Side$4,3002252,002Co-op
555 West 23rd Street N7A Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,275113850Condo
38 LEROY ST 3 FL West Village$4,250214Rental Building
4545 Center Boulevard4006Long Island City$4,225224Rental Building
331 West 19th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,2002151,400Rental Building
402 West 22nd Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,20042.561,800Rental Building
217 Second Avenue 3 East Village$4,2002151,360Condo
340 West 57th Street 4A Midtown West$4,200113Condo
111 Fourth Avenue 7B Greenwich Village$4,200113Co-op
666 Greenwich Street838West Village$4,195Studio22666Rental Building
331 West 19th Street PARLOR Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,1002151,400Rental Building
214 East 17th Street GARDEN Gramercy$4,100214Rental Building
529 East 85th Street 6E Upper East Side$4,100326Rental Building
50 East 86th Street 4B Carnegie Hill$4,100214900Rental Building
529 East 85th Street6EUpper East Side$4,100326Rental Building
38 LEROY ST 1 West Village$4,050214Rental Building
331 West 19th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,0002171,400Rental Building
331 West 19th Street GARDEN Chelsea/Hudson Yards$4,00021.541,400Rental Building
18 West 48th Street 25D Midtown West$4,000113630Condo
340 West 57th Street 4A Midtown West$4,000113Condo
38 LEROY ST 1 West Village$4,000214Rental Building
2 JONES ST201Greenwich Village$4,000113Rental Building
160 Bleecker Street 5GE Greenwich Village$3,999214Condop
241 Fifth Avenue 5A Flatiron$3,999113566Condo
38 LEROY ST 2 West Village$3,995214800Rental Building
38 LEROY ST 1 West Village$3,995214Rental Building
38 LEROY ST 3 FL West Village$3,995214Rental Building
251 West 21st Street 2 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,995114Rental Building
85 Barrow Street3KWest Village$3,995113Co-op
425 East 13th Street6NEast Village$3,995113700Condo
38 LEROY ST 3 West Village$3,975214Rental Building
331 West 19th Street 4 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,9502171,400Rental Building
252 Seventh Avenue 8Z Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,900113861Condo
34 DESBROSSES ST 816 Tribeca$3,900113Rental Building
331 West 19th Street PARLOR Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,8002151,400Rental Building
331 West 19th Street 4 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,8002171,400Rental Building
38 LEROY ST 3 West Village$3,800214Rental Building
217 East 5th Street 4 East Village$3,800113.5625Condop
200 CHAMBERS ST 2J Tribeca$3,795113677Condo
20 King Street GARDEN Soho/Nolita$3,750112Rental Building
422 West 20th Street 2E Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,750112613Condo
362 Eastern Parkway 1B Crown Heights$3,7503251,531Condo
110 First Avenue 4 East Village$3,750315Rental Building
50 East 86th Street 5A Carnegie Hill$3,750214Rental Building
20 King Street GARDEN Soho/Nolita$3,700112Rental Building
38 LEROY ST 2 West Village$3,700214800Rental Building
1 IRVING PLACEP12EGramercy$3,675113Condo
165 HUDSON ST 4C Tribeca$3,65021.551,650Co-op
4C $3,65021.551,650Co-op
7 West 8th Street2Greenwich Village$3,650113Rental Building
331 West 19th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,6002181,400Rental Building
197 Clifton Place 2R Clinton Hill$3,600216Rental Building
251 West 21st Street 2 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,595114Rental Building
251 West 21st Street 2 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,595114Rental Building
321 WEIRFIELD ST 3 Bushwick$3,575428Rental Building
440 Irving Avenue 1A Bushwick$3,55032.57Rental Building
105 Broad Street 3 FL Financial District$3,5002141,200Rental Building
214 East 17th Street GARDEN Gramercy$3,500214Rental Building
197 Clifton Place 2R Clinton Hill$3,500216Rental Building
166 Covert Street 2 Bushwick$3,500428Rental Building
477 IRVING AVE 3 Bushwick$3,50041.56Rental Building
350 West 14th Street 3A West Village$3,500113Condo
50 East 86th Street 4A Carnegie Hill$3,500214900Rental Building
418 East 59th Street3CSutton Area$3,500113700Condop
380 Herkimer Street B Bedford-Stuyvesant$3,4992.524.5Rental Building
118 Malcolm X Boulevard 1 Bedford-Stuyvesant$3,4992.52.56Rental Building
7 East 14th Street 328 Flatiron$3,495113.5750Co-op
249 East 13th StreetGardenEast Village$3,495Studio1.54Rental Building
321 Weirfield Street 3 Bushwick$3,450428Rental Building
275A Malcolm X Boulevard 4 Bedford-Stuyvesant$3,450426Rental Building
404 East 79th Street 19D Upper East Side$3,400113750Condo
224 Weirfield Street 3 Bushwick$3,400417Rental Building
275A Malcolm X Boulevard 3 Bedford-Stuyvesant$3,400428Rental Building
9 Barrow Street 2L Greenwich Village$3,395Studio12Co-op
9 Barrow Street 2K Greenwich Village$3,395Studio12500Co-op
115 Washington Place 12 Greenwich Village$3,395214Rental Building
7 East 14th Street 328 Flatiron$3,350113.5750Co-op
214 East 17th Street 5 Gramercy$3,300214650Rental Building
223 West 14th Street 1C Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,300Studio13525Condo
9 Barrow Street 2K Greenwich Village$3,300Studio12500Co-op
130 Cornelia Street 4 Bushwick$3,300417Rental Building
1215 Hancock Street 3 Bushwick$3,295418Rental Building
1215 Hancock Street C Bushwick$3,295317Rental Building
60 East 8th Street 5G Greenwich Village$3,295Studio12550Condop
60 East 8th Street 5G Greenwich Village$3,295Studio12550Condop
10 Downing Street2EGreenwich Village$3,295Studio13Rental Building
225 RECTOR PLACE 3K Battery Park City113695Condo
225 RECTOR PLACE 3K Battery Park City$3,250113695Condo
85 Barrow Street 4M West Village$3,250112Co-op
88 East 3rd Street FG East Village$3,250115Co-op
27 WASHINGTON SQUARE NO 2D Greenwich Village$3,250113Rental Building
138 East 31st Street73Upper East Side$3,250113Rental Building
214 East 17th Street 1 Gramercy$3,2252151,000Rental Building
224 Weirfield Street 3 Bushwick$3,218417Rental Building
1215 Hancock Street 3 Bushwick$3,218418Rental Building
22 IRVING PLACE 2C Gramercy$3,200113Co-op
225 RECTOR PLACE 3K Battery Park City113695Condo
477 IRVING AVE 3 Bushwick$3,20041.56Rental Building
215 E 24119Murray Hill$3,200215Co-op
322 West 57th Street25UMidtown West$3,200Studio12585Condo
30 East 37th Street 4K Murray Hill113683Condo
60 East 8th Street 5G Greenwich Village$3,150Studio12550Condop
130 Cornelia Street 4 Bushwick$3,109417Rental Building
214 East 17th Street Gramercy$3,1002151,000Rental Building
7 East 14th Street 328 Flatiron$3,100113.5750Co-op
189A SCHAEFER ST 2 Bushwick$3,10031.56Rental Building
27 WASHINGTON SQUARE NO 5E Greenwich Village$3,100Studio12Rental Building
305 West 20th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$3,000226800Rental Building
2 SHERIDAN SQUARE 2 Greenwich Village$3,000Studio12.5Condo
312 Weirfield Street 2 Bushwick$3,000426Rental Building
100 West 39th Street 41I Midtown West$3,000113482Condo
95 Lexington Avenue 4B Clinton Hill$3,000Studio12600Condo
322 West 57th Street47VMidtown West$3,000Studio12615Condo
189A SCHAEFER ST 2 Bushwick$2,99531.56Rental Building
27 WASHINGTON SQUARE NO 5EE Greenwich Village$2,995Studio12Rental Building
419 West 55th Street 6A Midtown West$2,995113616Condop
172 East 4th Street 2C East Village$2,950114850Co-op
28 East 2nd Street East Village$2,950113Townhouse
28 East 2nd Street 1 East Village$2,950113Rental Building
298 Weirfield Street D Bushwick$2,900328Rental Building
214 East 17th Street Gramercy$2,850214650Rental Building
298 Weirfield Street 2 Bushwick$2,850325Rental Building
321 WEIRFIELD ST 1 Bushwick$2,800327Rental Building
45 West 10th Street 2A Greenwich Village$2,800Studio12Co-op
56 Jane Street 1B West Village$2,800112.5Co-op
607 Manhattan Avenue 1 Greenpoint$2,800113557Condo
214 East 17th Street 4R Gramercy$2,795113Rental Building
477 IRVING AVE 2 Bushwick$2,790316Rental Building
214 East 17th Street Gramercy$2,750214650Rental Building
55 West 14th Street 21F Flatiron$2,750Studio12.5Rental Building
25 LEROY ST 11 Greenwich Village$2,750113Co-op
130 Cornelia Street 1 Bushwick$2,750328Rental Building
477 IRVING AVE 2 Bushwick$2,725316Rental Building
214 East 17th Street 5 Gramercy$2,700214650Rental Building
150 NASSAU ST 6E Financial District$2,700113650Condo
130 Cornelia Street G Bushwick$2,700328Rental Building
60 Broadway 6L Williamsburg$2,700Studio12.5682Condo
305 East 63rd Street8JUpper East Side$2,700Studio13Rental Building
303 East 37th Street 5N Murray Hill$2,695113.5800Co-op
477 IRVING AVE 2 Bushwick$2,675316Rental Building
214 East 17th Street 5 Gramercy$2,650214650Rental Building
75 Wall Street 28H Financial District$2,600Studio12452Condo
224 Weirfield Street 1 Bushwick$2,600316Rental Building
298 Weirfield Street 2 Bushwick$2,600325Rental Building
75 Wall Street 28H Financial District$2,600Studio12452Condo
792 Hart Street 1R Bushwick$2,600214Rental Building
1215 Hancock Street 2 Bushwick$2,575316Rental Building
1215 Hancock Street 2 Bushwick$2,550316Rental Building
214 East 17th Street Gramercy$2,500214650Rental Building
214 East 17th Street 5 Gramercy$2,500214650Rental Building
73 Thompson Street 5D Soho/Nolita$2,500113Rental Building
73 Thompson Street 6C Soho/Nolita$2,500113Rental Building
80 Charles Street 3E West Village$2,500113Co-op
214 East 17th Street 4R Gramercy$2,500113Rental Building
25 LEROY ST 11 Greenwich Village$2,500113Co-op
1342 Gates Avenue 3 Bushwick$2,500327Rental Building
440 Irving Avenue 1B Bushwick$2,50011.53Rental Building
264 West 77th Street1Upper West Side$2,500Studio12.5749Condo
817 West End Avenue 12CC Upper West Side$2,495113Condo
130 Cornelia Street 2 Bushwick$2,495316Rental Building
1215 Hancock Street 2 Bushwick$2,475316Rental Building
224 Weirfield Street 2 Bushwick$2,450315Rental Building
275A Malcolm X Boulevard 1 Bedford-Stuyvesant$2,45011.53.5Rental Building
1263 Pacific Street 3 Crown Heights$2,45021.54783Condo
272 St Nicholas Avenue c Bushwick$2,4501.515Rental Building
263 Weirfield Street 1 Bushwick$2,449224Rental Building
20 EXCHANGE PLACE 201 Financial District$2,425Studio12496Rental Building
150 NASSAU ST 6E Financial District$2,400113650Condo
130 Cornelia Street P Bushwick$2,400316Rental Building
1215 Hancock Street 1 Bushwick$2,400214Rental Building
152 West 13th Street 2 FL Greenwich Village$2,350113750Rental Building
214 East 17th Street 4F Gramercy$2,350113Rental Building
211 West 71st Street10DUpper West Side$2,350Studio12.5528Condo
400 West 22nd Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,300113515Rental Building
264 East 7th Street East Village$2,300211,000Rental Building
214 East 17th Street 4R Gramercy$2,300113Rental Building
310 West 56th Street 14C Midtown West$2,300Studio12.5500Co-op
1215 Hancock Street 1 Bushwick$2,300214Rental Building
1500 Bushwick Avenue 4B Bushwick$2,300315Rental Building
83A Himrod Street 1 Bushwick$2,295214Rental Building
1049 Greene Avenue 1 Bushwick$2,295325Rental Building
201 East 21st Street 20G Gramercy$2,250113800Co-op
264 East 7th Street 3 East Village$2,250211,000Rental Building
169 Columbia Heights202Brooklyn Heights$2,250113416Rental Building
315 East 69th Street 10M Upper East Side$2,195Studio14Co-op
448 West 46th Street5REClinton$2,195113Rental Building
50 West 34th Street Midtown West$2,150Studio12579Rental Building
440 Irving Avenue 3B Bushwick$2,150214Rental Building
440 Irving Avenue #3A Bushwick$2,150214Rental Building
140 West 10th Street West Village$2,100Studio12500Co-op
214 East 17th Street Gramercy$2,100113Rental Building
477 IRVING AVE 1 Bushwick$2,100214Rental Building
440 Irving Avenue 2B Bushwick$2,100214Rental Building
298 Weirfield Street 1 Bushwick$2,100214Rental Building
420 East 55th Street 6U Sutton Area$2,050Studio13542Co-op
477 IRVING AVE GARDEN Bushwick$2,050214Rental Building
214 East 17th Street 4F Gramercy$2,000113Rental Building
697 Jefferson Avenue 2 Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,995Studio12.5Rental Building
1500 Bushwick Avenue 3R Bushwick$1,995214Rental Building
123 West 3rd StreetKWest Village$1,955Studio13Rental Building
214 East 17th Street Gramercy$1,950113Rental Building
166 Covert Street 1 Bushwick$1,950215Rental Building
298 Weirfield Street 1 Bushwick$1,950214Rental Building
124 Mott Street21Chinatown$1,950114Rental Building
1500 Bushwick Avenue 1L Bushwick$1,900214Rental Building
214 East 17th Street 4F Gramercy$1,850113Rental Building
503 Macon Street 2 Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,850314Rental Building
321 Weirfield Street G Bushwick$1,850115900Rental Building
108 West 81st Street3RUpper West Side$1,850Studio12Rental Building
477 IRVING AVE GARDEN Bushwick$1,800214Rental Building
159 West 85th Street1DUpper West Side$1,750Studio12Rental Building
71 East 3rd Street 16 East Village$1,725112350Co-op
35 East 10th Street 5F Greenwich Village$1,700Studio12Co-op
101 Lafayette Avenue 3C Fort Greene$1,500Studio12500Co-op
12 Mother Gaston Boulev 3 Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,475114Rental Building
208 West 23rd Street1512Chelsea/Hudson YardsStudio12Rental Building
31 East 12th Street4BGreenwich VillageStudio12400Co-op
60 West 66th Street19IUpper West Side113Rental Building
About Us

Whether it be a rental or sale, co-op, condo, townhouse or new development site Meris and Kenny have the knowledge, connections and expertise to make deals happen. They have built many strong relationships in the industry and with years of experience and hundreds of closings under their caps,
Meris and Kenny are the brokers to go to because...
Everything They Touch Turns to SOLD!

Meris LOVES real estate! Especially New York real estate. Consistently a member
of The Corcoran Groups Top 25 Brokers with over $100 million dollars in rentals and
sales each year, Meris is lauded as one of the nicest brokers in New York.
Don’t let that fool you – Meris works tirelessly to make the
best deal for every client, and she makes sure that everyone has fun along the way!

Neuro-economics of real estate? That’s just one of the terms you will hear when
you sit down with Kenny to discuss your entry into what he calls the
“greatest market of the world.” With 30 years of sales experience in the fashion
industry behind him, Kenny made the jump to New York real estate ten
years ago! Consistently a member of The Corcoran Group’s Top 25 Brokers with
over $100 million in sales each year, he has been listening and watching
as his clients buy and sell properties. Kenny knows what you’re thinking because
he listens, what you need because he listens and most importantly,
how to get it for you because he listens! All that and he can figure out your
price per square foot in the blink of an eye!

The Blumstein Team

Meris Blumstein Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Meris G Blumstein

As the founding member of THE BLUMSTEIN TEAM, located in the Corcoran Village Office, Meris is extremely proud of the spectacular group she has gathered together to provide the ultimate in real estate services. Her integrity and commitment to excellence is a standard to her team! Meris loves her work and nothing speaks louder than results - Everything she touches turns to SOLD!

  • 10 Years in Fashion
  • 15 Years in Certified Negotiation Expert/CNE
  • 2015 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
  • 2015 President`s Council
  • 2016 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
  • 2015 Village Office Team of The Year
Memberships & Clubs
  • Certified Negotiation Expert
Kenny Blumstein Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Kenny Blumstein

In the mid 90s when Meris began her Real Estate career, Kenny became "Mr. Mom" taking care of the children (now teammates) Sydney and Cole. When his wife's business grew exponentially, Kenny realized his keen eye for design and knowledge of property investment was perfectly fitted for the industry. An avid jazz fan and follower of Joseph Pilates, Kenny appeals to a variety of real estate clients

  • 18 Years in Fashion
  • 2014 President`s Council
  • 2015 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
  • 2016 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
  • 2015 Village Office Team of The Year
"Thank you, thank you. I don't know what on earth we did to deserve you. I do know you and your team deserve every inch of what you earn! Congratulations on a great year! All good things..."
— , Seller
We enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) your friendship and are grateful for the experience, patience and knowledge that you brought to bear, which have finally culminated in our sale! So I say BRAVO to you!!
— M&E, Seller
If anyone you know is interested in using a great agent, I would recommend Kenny. Kenny is Major League! I can tell you that he is a truly terrific human being!
— Judy , Buyer
I really enjoyed meeting both of you! You gave me lots of great information and ideas. You are very right about stress muddling clarity. I have the feeling both of you could be life coach gurus if you ever decided to stop selling real estate!
— Maria, Buyer
…On a personal note, I must tell you that you both made a big impression on me when I first met you nearly twelve years ago when I began at Corcoran. You are among a short list of brokers whom I truly admire and hold in high regard, as you've been exemplars of good business people whose success is founded in hard work, integrity and kindness. Plus you're a lot of fun!
— Co-Broker, Client
You are amazing! We love telling people how incredible the process was for us - we had an apartment we loved, Meris & Kenny put it on the market during a real estate slow down and a week later, it was sold! Thank you for helping us!
— , Seller
You are amazing! We love telling people how incredible the process was for us - we had an apartment we loved, Meris & Kenny put it on the market during a real estate slow down and a week later, it was sold! Thank you for helping us price it right, for timing the open houses so well and for your commitment to making this time of our lives as easy as possible. We felt very well looked after!
— , Seller
We really enjoyed working with you both and are so happy with both the sale of Waverly and our new residence. We will definitely talk again when it's time for the next move!
— Kevin Connors, Seller
I have heard your name around and seen your picture and I have to say that you are truly a professional, right to the point and gracious at the same time! A pleasure!
— , Seller
It's 8pm and of course we all feel close to death, but you've been the brightest spot in our moving experience. Thank you so much for all your wonderful help and good work. Enjoy what's left of the weekend!
— , Buyer
Oh my goodness, how to begin?! Many, many moons ago, when we were having trouble selling 10th Street with our first broker, Mike and kept saying there was a reason we were being subjected to such craziness. And now we know it to be true, as we ended up with you(YEAH!)and with a wonderful new home at last!
— Mike and Laura, Buyer & Seller
Congratulations on being named in the Wall Street Journal's Real Estate Top Brokers! I am honored to be able to work with such amazing professionals and look forward to assisting you and your team in any way possible! All the best, Adam Turkewitz
— Adam Turkewitz, Client

Sydney and her brother/teammate Cole work diligently to uphold their parents’ well deserved reputation for kindness, honesty, creativity, communication and innovation. When you hire Sydney, you get the benefits of working with the entire team.

Sydney               Blumstein
Sydney Blumstein

A proud member of the Blumstein Team, this knowledgeable New Yorker will show you a side of the city of you never dreamed of while making real estate fun, easy and successful.

Cole                 Blumstein
Cole Blumstein

With The Blumstein Team since 2011, Adam is a real estate expert. He has the knowledge and experience to close on all sales and rentals alongside the most talented team in the business.

Adam                 Cronheim
Adam Cronheim

Justine's genuine care for her clients and tireless work ethic make her an esteemed and inspiring member of The Blumstein team. A Brooklyn resident for the past 7 years, Justine proudly identifies herself as the team's Brooklyn specialist.

Justine              Lee-Mills
Justine Lee-Mills

Home buying, selling or renting encompasses an emotional and personal decision. Lena listens to, understands, and gets to know her clients, and believes building trust is the key to building a strong relationship.

Lena                 Lerner
Lena Lerner

Paige is the perfect blend of southern charm and city savvy. Originally from Alabama, Paige's real estate philosophy is simple and effective. She provides her clients with the very best customer service always accompanied by an engaging smile

Paige                Goldberg
Paige Goldberg

Embarking on a decade in the New York City Real Estate market Diane has gained insight and experience in all aspects of the industry from the search to the closing table with customer service at the forefront of her mind every step of the way!

Diane                Lois
Diane Lois

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