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Nick  Rafello Corcoran Cares Member
Nick Rafello Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Nick Rafello

Office: Chelsea/Flatiron
218 West 18th Street 6th Floor New York, NY 10011
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
55 West 130th Street Harlem$2,775,00073.5115,200Townhouse
465 West 143rd Street Hamilton Heights$2,275,00075164,604Townhouse
600 West 111th Street 15E Morningside Heights$2,050,00032.56Co-op
800 Riverside Drive 7E Washington Heights$2,025,00032.59Co-op
790 Riverside Drive 5g Washington Heights$1,800,000335Co-op
790 Riverside Drive 6L Washington Heights$1,750,000439Co-op
800 Riverside Drive 5J Washington Heights$1,620,000438Co-op
800 Riverside Drive 2F Washington Heights$1,600,000327Co-op
800 Riverside Drive 8E Washington Heights$1,400,00032.59Co-op
790 Riverside Drive 10E Washington Heights$1,275,000338Co-op
360 CABRINI BOULEVARD8LWashington Heights$1,250,0003261,400Co-op
310 West 106th Street 9B Upper West Side$1,240,000214Co-op
114 BENNETT AVE PHA Washington Heights$1,220,0004361,860Condo
800 Riverside Drive 4A Washington Heights$1,100,000327Co-op
24 BENNETT AVE 31/34B Washington Heights$1,099,000527.51,830Co-op
306 West 116th Street5BHarlem$1,070,000224944Condo
66 OVERLOOK TERRACE5KLWashington Heights$1,025,00053102,100Co-op
360 CABRINI BOULEVARD 6M Washington Heights$1,015,000224.5Co-op
120 East 87th Street - R4NR4NUpper East Side$999,000114748Condo
120 East 87th StreetR4NUpper East Side$999,000114748Condo
800 Riverside Drive 2E Washington Heights$999,0004282,700Co-op
730 FORT WASHINGTON AVE2JWashington Heights$985,0002251,300Co-op
800 Riverside Drive 2B Washington Heights$975,000215Co-op
790 Riverside Drive 1A Washington Heights$965,5173261,600Co-op
4 WASHINGTON TERRACE Washington Heights$900,00054Townhouse
340 CABRINI BOULEVARD 403 Washington Heights$900,0003251,475Condo
529 West 42nd Street 4F Clinton$895,000114Co-op
200 West End Avenue6DUpper West Side$890,000113728Condo
310 West 97th Street 54 Upper West Side$885,000215Condo
736 West 187th Street 306 Washington Heights$865,000325.51,187Condo
611 West 111th Street 5 Morningside Heights$850,000215Co-op
736 West 187th Street PH1 Washington Heights$850,0002241,231Condo
736 West 187th Street 501 Washington Heights$840,000325.51,395Condo
736 West 187th Street 609 Washington Heights$835,0003251,187Condo
736 West 187th Street603Washington Heights$835,0003251,374Condo
255 CABRINI BOULEVARD 1C Washington Heights$805,000336Condo
599 West End Avenue 10A Upper West Side$800,000214Co-op
372 Fifth Avenue 2L Murray Hill$799,0001231,200Co-op
340 CABRINI BOULEVARD 503 Washington Heights$795,0003251,430Condo
730 FORT WASHINGTON AVE2JWashington Heights$786,4202251,300Co-op
66 OVERLOOK TERRACE 1B Washington Heights$775,0003261,300Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 1 Washington Heights$757,000215.51,200Co-op
736 West 187th Street 306 Washington Heights$740,000325.51,187Condo
790 Riverside Drive 5J Washington Heights$739,0003261,500Co-op
736 West 187th Street 502 Washington Heights$730,000224987Condo
736 West 187th Street 609 Washington Heights$707,5003251,187Condo
100 OVERLOOK TERRACE 219 Washington Heights$700,0003261,300Co-op
340 CABRINI BOULEVARD 102 Washington Heights$689,00021.54928Condo
328 West 17th Street 2W Chelsea/Hudson Yards$685,00011.53700Co-op
800 Riverside Drive 6D Washington Heights$680,000215Co-op
720 FORT WASHINGTON AVE2WWashington Heights$677,2503271,300Co-op
315 West 70th Street 9A Upper West Side$653,000113.5925Co-op
340 CABRINI BOULEVARD 501 Washington Heights$645,0002241,005Condo
720 West 173rd Street 41 Washington Heights$640,000215.51,300Co-op
875 West 181st Street 1M Washington Heights$635,000215Co-op
501 West 138th Street 71 Hamilton Heights$630,000315Co-op
180 CABRINI BOULEVARD 114 Washington Heights$630,000214.51,200Co-op
170 West End Avenue3AUpper West Side$622,500113725Co-op
100 OVERLOOK TERRACE 213 Washington Heights$620,000214Co-op
720 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 5U Washington Heights2251,273Co-op
775 Riverside Drive6BWashington Heights$612,986113.5875Condo
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 3AA Washington Heights$600,000214Co-op
305 Second Avenue 330 Gramercy$595,000Studio13619Condo
736 West 187th Street 601 Washington Heights$590,000325.51,395Condo
875 West 181st Street 1M Washington Heights$590,000215Co-op
736 West 187th Street 602 Washington Heights$585,000224987Condo
126 West 96th Street 1F Upper West Side$579,000113Co-op
160 CABRINI BOULEVARD113Washington Heights$575,000113.5800Co-op
875 West 181st Street 6C Washington Heights$570,000214Co-op
875 West 181st Street3KWashington Heights$570,000214Co-op
80 LA SALLE ST 21G Morningside Heights$565,500214.51,100Co-op
779 Riverside DriveB35Washington Heights$560,037113751Condo
447 Fort Washington Avenue B Washington Heights$555,000215.51,245Co-op
250 CABRINI BOULEVARD 9E Washington Heights$550,000113.5765Co-op
371 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 5D Washington Heights$535,000315.51,300Co-op
736 West 187th Street 504 Washington Heights$535,000224987Condo
447 Fort Washington Avenue B Washington Heights$520,000215.51,245Co-op
736 West 187th Street 608 Washington Heights$520,000224930Condo
350 CABRINI BOULEVARD 5E Washington Heights$520,00021.54.5Co-op
350 CABRINI BOULEVARD 6J Washington Heights$515,000213.5900Co-op
330 Third Avenue 15A Murray Hill$510,000114900Co-op
510 West 123rd Street 37 Morningside Heights$510,000214Co-op
273 BENNETT AVE 2A Washington Heights$505,000214.5Co-op
875 West 181st Street 3L Washington Heights$495,000214925Co-op
25 CHITTENDEN AVE 3C Washington Heights$489,500214Co-op
100 BENNETT AVE 3J Washington Heights$480,00021.54.51,100Co-op
736 West 187th Street 208 Washington Heights$475,000224930Condo
315 West 55th Street2BMidtown West$470,000113600Co-op
350 CABRINI BOULEVARD 5K Washington Heights$465,00021.54.5Co-op
140 CABRINI BOULEVARD 33 Washington Heights$462,500113.5Co-op
7 East 3rd Street 2 East Village$460,000113Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 26 Washington Heights$459,000214.51,000Co-op
100 OVERLOOK TERRACE 818 Washington Heights$454,0002141,000Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 2N Washington Heights$450,00021.54Co-op
90 LA SALLE ST 15A Morningside Heights$450,000214.5Co-op
880 West 181st Street 2E Washington Heights$449,000214Co-op
790 Riverside Drive 4F Washington Heights$441,0001131,000Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 31 Washington Heights$440,000315Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 41 Washington Heights$440,000215.51,300Co-op
200 CABRINI BOULEVARD 92 Washington Heights$440,000113.5900Co-op
100 OVERLOOK TERRACE 812 Washington Heights$440,000214950Co-op
123 East 75th Street 12F Upper East Side$440,000Studio12450Co-op
360 CABRINI BOULEVARD 3H Washington Heights$439,000113.5Co-op
447 Fort Washington Avenue B Washington Heights$435,000215.51,245Co-op
350 CABRINI BOULEVARD2KWashington Heights$434,50021.54.51,050Co-op
330-40 HAVEN 1H Washington Heights$425,000214.5Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 47 Washington Heights$425,0003151,100Co-op
555 LENOX AVE 3F Harlem$425,000113599Condo
870 West 181st Street47Washington Heights$420,0002141,150Co-op
875 West 181st Street 3C Washington Heights$417,500114970Co-op
599 West End Avenue 10B Upper West Side$416,500113Co-op
340 CABRINI BOULEVARD 502 Washington Heights$413,500113570Condo
555 LENOX AVE 3B Harlem$410,000113500Condo
350 CABRINI BOULEVARD 6C Washington Heights$410,000214900Co-op
66 OVERLOOK TERRACE3HWashington Heights$410,000113725Co-op
160 CABRINI BOULEVARD117Washington Heights$409,000113.5796Co-op
185 East 2nd Street C East Village$409,000113Co-op
100 BENNETT AVE 3J Washington Heights$405,00021.54.51,100Co-op
100 OVERLOOK TERRACE324Washington Heights$401,000113Co-op
17 CHITTENDEN AVE 4E Washington Heights$400,000113.5Co-op
143 BENNETT AVE 3L Washington Heights$399,000214.5950Co-op
430 West 34th Street 9K Chelsea/Hudson Yards$399,000Studio12.5550Co-op
205 West End Avenue 25K Upper West Side$395,000113.5Co-op
239 West 135th Street 6B Harlem$390,00011.53660Condo
245 BENNETT AVE5BWashington Heights$388,333315900Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 2M Washington Heights$382,500113.5800Co-op
120 BENNETT AVE 1L Washington Heights$378,00021.54.51,000Co-op
330-40 HAVEN 1P Washington Heights214.5Co-op
330-40 HAVEN 4P Washington Heights$360,000214Co-op
736 West 186th Street 7B Washington Heights$360,000113.5950Co-op
24 BENNETT AVE 35B Washington Heights$360,000113Co-op
801 Riverside Drive 3H Washington Heights$359,000113631Condo
153 BENNETT AVE 5E Washington Heights$352,000113.5Co-op
875 West 181st Street 5I Washington Heights$350,000214700Co-op
360 CABRINI BOULEVARD 3C Washington Heights$350,000214.5Co-op
153 BENNETT AVE 2E Washington Heights$349,000113750Co-op
900 West 190th Street 11K Washington Heights$345,000113.5700Co-op
52 Riverside Drive 2C Upper West Side$339,000113600Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 34 Washington Heights$337,500113650Co-op
360 CABRINI BOULEVARD 3E Washington Heights$337,000114800Co-op
736 West 186th Street 6H Washington Heights$335,000113.5Co-op
736 West 186th Street 6H Washington Heights$335,000113.5Co-op
100 OVERLOOK TERRACE 815 Washington Heights$335,000113700Co-op
250 CABRINI BOULEVARD8EWashington Heights$335,000113.5Co-op
2400 Johnson Avenue 1H Bronx$333,333113.5850Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 1D Washington Heights$332,000113Co-op
736 West 186th Street 3B Washington Heights$330,000113.5Co-op
250 CABRINI BOULEVARD 5E Washington Heights$330,000113.5730Co-op
115 PAYSON AVE 4A Inwood$329,000113750Co-op
80 LA SALLE ST 3C Morningside Heights$325,000113740Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 29 Washington Heights$320,000113700Co-op
736 West 186th Street 3H Washington Heights$320,000113.5Co-op
255 CABRINI BOULEVARD 5E Washington Heights$320,000113.5812Condo
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 5M Washington Heights$319,000113Co-op
854 West 181st Street 5F Washington Heights$315,000113Co-op
255 CABRINI BOULEVARD 5F Washington Heights$315,000Studio12.5530Condo
88 East 3rd Street3East Village$312,000Studio12350Co-op
30 BOGARDUS PLACE4EWashington Heights$310,000113750Co-op
720 West 173rd Street Washington Heights$310,000113700Co-op
350 CABRINI BOULEVARD 3F Washington Heights$309,000113Co-op
350 CABRINI BOULEVARD 1C Washington Heights$309,000112.5Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 3M Washington Heights$309,000113650Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 48 Washington Heights$307,500113750Co-op
31 NAGLE AVE 6H Washington Heights$305,000214Co-op
900 West 190th Street 6M Washington Heights$305,000113Co-op
360 CABRINI BOULEVARD 7A Washington Heights$305,000113.5Co-op
779 Riverside Drive C50 Washington Heights$300,000112.5649Condo
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 4D Washington Heights$300,000113Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 43 Washington Heights$300,000113Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 2I Washington Heights$299,000113Co-op
735 Kappock Street2DBronx$295,000224.51,150Co-op
900 West 190th Street14EWashington Heights$295,000113Co-op
736 West 186th Street3HWashington Heights$295,000113.5Co-op
45 OVERLOOK TERRACE 6B Washington Heights$293,000113.5750Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 39 Washington Heights$290,000113700Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 34 Washington Heights$290,000113650Co-op
66 OVERLOOK TERRACE1PWashington Heights$290,000113Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 4N Washington Heights$285,000113625Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 4D Washington Heights$285,000113Co-op
447 Fort Washington Avenue 2 Washington Heights$285,000214850Co-op
345 West 145th Street 7B2 Hamilton Heights$285,000114800Co-op
530 Manhattan Avenue 20 Morningside Heights$285,000213850Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 5K Washington Heights$284,500113Co-op
45 OVERLOOK TERRACE 2B Washington Heights$280,000113.5819Co-op
345 West 145th Street 11A3 Hamilton Heights$280,00031.551,300Co-op
45 OVERLOOK TERRACE 4B Washington Heights$278,214113.5750Co-op
200 PINEHURST AVE 3D Washington Heights$278,000Studio12.5615Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 4L Washington Heights$278,000113Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 39 Washington Heights$275,000113700Co-op
360 CABRINI BOULEVARD 3H Washington Heights$270,000113.5Co-op
100 OVERLOOK TERRACE 715 Washington Heights$267,500113Co-op
70 PARK TERRACE EAST 1E Inwood$265,000113.5775Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 59 Washington Heights$262,000113700Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 4H Washington Heights$260,000113Co-op
330-40 HAVEN 6P Washington Heights$257,500113Co-op
736 West 186th Street 6C Washington Heights$255,000Studio12.5550Co-op
443 West 151st Street 4D Hamilton Heights$250,000113511Condo
720 West 173rd Street 49 Washington Heights$250,000113Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 4K Washington Heights$249,000113Co-op
720 West 173rd Street38Washington Heights$226,000113.5700Co-op
720 West 173rd Street A Washington Heights$225,000113700Co-op
70 HAVEN AVE 4A Washington Heights$225,000113Co-op
834 Riverside Drive1FWashington Heights$205,000214Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 2C Washington Heights$200,000113600Co-op
720 West 173rd Street 58 Washington Heights$195,000113700Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE5JWashington Heights$194,650113Co-op
143 BENNETT AVE 1N Washington Heights$187,000113.5700Co-op
870 West 181st Street 49B Washington Heights$172,000Studio12Co-op
100 OVERLOOK TERRACE216Washington Heights$170,000Studio11Co-op
530 Manhattan Avenue 47 Morningside Heights$165,000112Co-op
530 Manhattan Avenue 48 Morningside Heights$160,000112Co-op
530 Manhattan Avenue 28 Morningside Heights$150,000113Co-op
155 West 66th Street 630 Upper West Side$149,000Studio12500Condo
530 Manhattan Avenue 8 Morningside Heights$146,450113450Co-op
66 OVERLOOK TERRACE PRK27 Washington Heights$32,000Studio12Co-op
720 West 173 StreetWashington Heights113600Co-op
250 West 103 StreetUpper West Side113550Co-op
720 West 173rd StreetWashington Heights2151,300Co-op
720 West 173rd StreetWashington Heights2151,300Co-op
350 CABRINI BLVDWashington Heights11Co-op
720 West 173rd StreetWashington Heights2151,300Co-op
720 West 173rd StreetWashington Heights113Co-op
720 West 173rd StreetWashington Heights2141,000Co-op
720 West 173rd StreetWashington Heights113600Co-op
720 West 173rd StreetWashington Heights113600Co-op
420 CPWUpper West SideStudio11400Condo
14 BOGARDUS PLWashington HeightsStudio1320Co-op
359 FT WASHINGTON AVEWashington Heights3161,300Co-op
180 CABRINI BLVDWashington Heights2151,100Co-op
360 CABRINI BLVDWashington Heights225Co-op
31 NAGLE AVEWashington Heights214800Co-op
689 FT WASHINGTON AVEWashington Heights113Co-op
689 FT WASHINGTON AVEWashington Heights113Co-op
720 West 173rd StreetWashington Heights113600Co-op
424 West 46 StreetClintonStudio1400Co-op
250 West 103 StreetUpper West Side113550Co-op
154-39 RSDWWashington HeightsStudio12700Co-op
154-39 RSDWWashington Heights225Co-op
154-39 RSDWWashington Heights225Co-op
790 RSDWashington Heights113Co-op
790 RSDWashington Heights113Co-op
414 West 121 StreetMorningside Heights214Co-op
414 West 121 StreetWashington Heights214Co-op
825 West 179 StreetWashington Heights315Co-op
825 West 179 StreetWashington Heights214Co-op
100 OVERLOOK TERRWashington Heights113Co-op
854 West 181 StreetWashington Heights113Co-op
30 BOGARDUS PLWashington Heights113Co-op
170 CLAREMONT AVEMorningside Heights113600Co-op
2550 INDEPENDENCE AVEBronx113Co-op
565 West 169 StreetWashington Heights113650Co-op
205 West 95 StreetUpper West Side214Co-op
790 RSDWashington Heights3261,600Co-op
100 OVERLOOK TERRWashington Heights3261,300Co-op
273 BENNETT AVEWashington Heights214Co-op
31 NAGLE AVEWashington Heights113Co-op
725 RSDHamilton Heights4381,812Condo
875 West 181 StreetWashington Heights2141,000Co-op
200 WEAUpper West Side113728Condo
330-40 HAVENWashington HeightsStudio12390Co-op
730 FT WASHINGTONWashington Heights214950Co-op
75 Livingston StreetBrooklyn Heights224.51,500Co-op
70 PARK TERR EInwood11775Co-op
116 PINEHURSTWashington Heights214900Co-op
900 West 190 StreetWashington Heights113800Co-op
736 West 186th StreetWashington Heights113.5800Co-op
153 BENNETTWashington Heights214.5900Co-op
689 FT WASHINGTONWashington Heights113500Co-op
80 RSBUpper West Side2361,746Condo
239 W 135Harlem11.53660Condo
575 GRANDLower East Side31.55.51,250Co-op
143-53 BENNETTWashington Heights113.5750Co-op
250 CABRINI BLVDWashington Heights113730Co-op
369 Harman StreetBushwick213740Condo
52 RSDUpper West Side113Co-op
330-40 HAVENWashington Heights214.5875Co-op
116 PINEHURSTWashington Heights427Co-op
800 RSDWashington Heights4272,700Co-op
720 Ft. Washington Avenue - Apt: 2WWashington Heights3271,300Co-op
760 WEA - Apt. 11AUpper West Side2141,000Co-op
88 East 3 Street Apt. 3East VillageStudio12350Co-op
720 West 173 Street - Apt. 38Washington Heights113650Co-op
720 FT WASHINGTONWashington Heights221,273Co-op
245 Bennett Avenue - Apt. 5BWashington Heights214900Co-op

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
225 West 60th Street 7E Upper West Side$4,950225982Condo
44 Morton Street 2E West Village$4,600213800Condo
44 Morton Street 2E West Village213800Condo
800 Riverside Drive 4B Washington Heights$4,000214Co-op
790 Riverside Drive 10J Washington Heights$3,50031.56Co-op
736 West 187th Street 501 Washington Heights$3,500325.51,395Condo
736 West 187th Street 301 Washington Heights$3,5003251,395Condo
736 West 187th Street 405 Washington Heights$3,4953251,389Condo
736 West 187th Street 306 Washington Heights$3,300325.51,187Condo
736 West 187th Street 608 Washington Heights$3,300224930Condo
736 West 187th Street 506 Washington Heights$3,2003251,187Condo
236 East 47th Street 9B Midtown East$3,000113Condo
801 Riverside Drive Washington Heights$3,0002151,180Condo
878 West End Avenue 15C Upper West Side$3,000113700Co-op
878 West End Avenue 11D Upper West Side$3,000113.5700Co-op
736 West 187th Street 502 Washington Heights$2,900224987Condo
801 Riverside Drive 6E Washington Heights$2,900214817Condo
510 West 110th Street10EMorningside Heights$2,900113Condo
700 Riverside Drive 6C Hamilton Heights$2,8002141,000Condo
116 West 72 3C Upper West Side$2,800113500Co-op
255 CABRINI BOULEVARD 6K Washington Heights$2,750214Condo
736 West 187th Street 302 Washington Heights$2,725224987Condo
736 West 187th Street 106 Washington Heights$2,650224.5952Condo
700 Riverside Drive 6C Hamilton Heights$2,6502141,000Condo
801 Riverside Drive 6E Washington Heights214817Condo
736 West 187th Street 504 Washington Heights$2,550224987Condo
184 Thompson Street 4H Greenwich Village$2,500Studio11463Condo
340 CABRINI BOULEVARD 002 Washington Heights$2,5002241,222Condo
236 East 47th Street 9B Midtown East$2,500113Condo
790 Riverside Drive 1R Washington Heights$2,50021.541,100Co-op
779 Riverside Drive B35 Washington Heights$2,500113751Condo
779 Riverside Drive Washington Heights113876Condo
790 Riverside Drive 11R Washington Heights$2,4002241,100Co-op
870 West 181st Street 26 Washington Heights$2,400214975Co-op
100 PARK TERRACE WEST 5A Inwood$2,200213.5875Co-op
126 West 96th Street 1F Upper West Side$2,200113Co-op
2072 EIGHTH AVE 4C Harlem$2,200113Condo
801 Riverside Drive 3H Washington Heights$2,100113631Condo
2551 EIGHTH AVE B Hamilton Heights$2,10021.541,100Condo
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 5M Washington Heights$2,000113Co-op
720 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 5D Washington Heights$1,925113850Co-op
143 BENNETT AVE1SWashington Heights$1,800113.5700Co-op
689 FORT WASHINGTON AVE 4K Washington Heights$1,600113Co-op
360 CABRINI BOULEVARD 7A Washington Heights$1,600113.5Co-op
729 West 186th Street 2D Washington Heights$1,500113Rental Building
860 West 181st Street 54 Washington Heights$1,500113Co-op
3215 Olinville Avenue 7D Bronx$1,325113850Co-op
3215 Olinville Avenue 3D Bronx$1,300113850Co-op
218 EDGECOMBE AVE 2 Hamilton Heights$1,300113700Rental Building
860 West 181st Street 54 Washington Heights$1,250113Co-op
729 West 186th Street 2G Washington Heights$1,200Studio12.5450Rental Building
729 West 186th Street 6G Washington Heights$1,100Studio12.5Rental Building
3215 Olinville Avenue 4A Bronx$975Studio12490Co-op
3215 Olinville Avenue 4A Bronx$950Studio12490Co-op
3215 Olinville Avenue 5A Bronx$950Studio12490Co-op
779 Riverside DriveB35Washington Heights113Condo
159-00 RSDWWashington Heights214Co-op
729 West 186 StreetWashington Heights113Rental Building
600 West 246 StreetBronxStudio1500Rental Building
499 FT WASHINGTON AVEWashington Heights2241,200Rental Building
729 West 186 StreetWashington HeightsStudio12Rental Building
729 West 186 StreetWashington Heights214900Rental Building
About Nick

As a continuous member of Corcoran’s prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Club, Nick uses his business strategies, marketing expertise, swift negotiating skills and even a little elbow grease to get the job SOLD! Nick understands the importance of buying and selling as well as the emotional side of the deal. He too, has had the good fortune to have bought and sold properties, for himself, in New York, Pennsylvania and Las Vegas. He understands what good customer service is and should be as well as the real needs of each seller and buyer. He will be with you every step of the way.

Nick and his team, The R - TEAM, have 30+ years of combined experience. Their sales experience takes them from Brooklyn Heights to Washington Heights and then some! No matter how many times you've bought and sold they will walk you through the process as calmly and slowly as you would like. They make sure each client/customer is ready for one of the most important financial transactions one can experience.

Nick Rafello has lived in New York for the past 32 years. His background ranges from dancing for the legendary Bob Fosse in his last production of Sweet Charity, dancing the famous "Bottle Dance" in the Broadway National Tour of Fiddler on the Roof, (and NO, Velcro was never used!), A Chorus Line as well as La Cage aux Folles. He also opened and assisted in running two prestigious New York City Hotels; The Crowne Plaza Hotel and The Phillips Club. Nick has also created a scholarship, the Nick Rafello Scholarship Fund, in Campbell, CA, which allows and encourages young dancers to keep the art and love of dance going. The motto of the scholarship is, “Your Dreams are Real.” He is an avid pet lover and has a little 10 pound rescue dog, a Maltese who thinks she's a Rottweiler in sheep's clothing, "Miss Peeps."

  • 20 Years in Entertainment
  • 20 Years in Theater
  • 2016 Multi-Million Dollar Club
  • 2015 Multi- Million Dollar Club
  • 2014 Multi- Million Dollar Club
  • 2013 Multi- Million Dollar Club
Memberships & Clubs
  • Actors Equity Association
  • Dramatists Guild
  • Corcoran Cares
I worked with Nick Rafello for a period of about a year. I believe my experience with him and his team at Corcoran is really what got me through the whole process. Nick was professional, available, communicative and made what can be a stressful and difficult experience less so. I'd happily recommend him and his team for anyone trying to sell or buy. I will definately call upon him again!
— Amanda T., Buyer
The R TEAM is all of this and more, including a good sense of humor. Nick and his team understand the complicated dynamics between buyers, sellers, banks and boards. While selling our NYC coop, not once but twice were we convinced that our deal was dead. Each time they were there for us and able to resuscitate our deal. They knew how to move forward after each curve ball we were thrown. THEY ROCK!
— Ari & Lauren W., Seller

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