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Healthcare Properties

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
215 East 72nd Street Office E Upper East Side$875,000.51,050Commercial
22 Perry Street Lower LeveWest Village$3,350,000Studio10Condo
160 SEVENTH AVE SOUTH Lower LeveWest Village$3,350,000Studio103,068Condo
230 East 79th Street 1 Upper East Side$500,00014450Commercial
1095 Park Avenue MEDICAL Carnegie Hill$1,000,000271,800Commercial
40 East 88th Street 1E Carnegie Hill$999,00024Commercial
208 East 70th Street 2D Upper East Side$452,000113500Co-op
184 East 70th Street C1 Upper East Side$1,300,0001,700Commercial
650 Park Avenue GF Upper East Side$2,500,000162,150Commercial
885 Park Avenue 1D Upper East Side$1,200,0006.5121,900Commercial
1095 Park Avenue 1C Carnegie Hill$901,4691,040Commercial
1095 Park Avenue PROF Carnegie Hill$905,0001101,300Commercial
20 East 9th Street MED 2 Greenwich Village$825,00012700Commercial
1060 Fifth Avenue 1B Carnegie Hill$720,000261,200Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue Llb Fort Greene$1,150,000203,400Commercial
1230 Park Avenue 1D Carnegie Hill$1,587,5002.52,500Commercial
650 Park Avenue MEDICAL Upper East Side$1,800,000111,600Commercial
212 East 70th Street 1 Upper East Side$1,500,000231,700Commercial
630 Park Avenue MEDICAL Upper East Side$2,000,00091,950Commercial
55 East 87th Street 1G Carnegie Hill$1,400,00071,500Commercial
1130 Park Avenue Suite 3 Carnegie Hill$999,999111,320Commercial
53 West 11th Street G Greenwich Village$1,237,50071,000Commercial
14 East 75th StreetMEDICAL1BUpper East Side$1,442,500Studio28Co-op
1070 Park Avenue 1E Carnegie Hill$1,225,00031,400Commercial
315 West 106th Street6CUpper West Side$1,950,0002261,500Co-op
55 East 87th Street 1F Carnegie Hill$825,0005920Commercial
405 West 23rd Street 3 Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,285,000.56900Commercial
800 Second Avenue 9th Floor Midtown East$12,544,00043Commercial
Greenwich Village B Greenwich Village81,665Commercial
114 East 72nd Street 1D Upper East Side$770,0005900Commercial
130 West 86 MEDICAL Upper West Side$1,320,0001.51,200Commercial
277 West End Avenue 1B Upper West Side$1,127,50061,050Commercial
1150 Fifth Avenue 1B Carnegie Hill$2,350,000112,300Commercial
44 East 12th Street C Greenwich Village$895,00014791Commercial
Upper East Side PROF3 Upper East Side462Commercial
Upper East Side 1F Upper East Side292,000Commercial
1150 Park Avenue PROF Carnegie Hill$1,075,0002111,350Commercial
60 East 88th StreetMEDICAL Upper East Side$11,500,0008,025Commercial
44 Gramercy Park North 1A Gramercy$1,100,0002151,100Co-op
580 Park Avenue MEDICAL Upper East Side$925,000Studio1850Co-op
1107 Fifth Avenue 1S Carnegie Hill$1,800,0002,200Commercial
949 Park AvenueGroundUpper East Side$1,500,0001,350Condo
170 East 77th Street GF1 Upper East Side$2,215,8792,183Commercial
181 East 90th Street 28A Upper East Side$2,925,0003361,948Commercial
125 East 84th Street GF Upper East Side$600,00013900Commercial
12 East 87th Street 1A Carnegie Hill$2,700,000102,700Commercial
1070 Park Avenue MEDICAL Carnegie Hill$1,247,500241,350Commercial
49 West 12th Street GF Greenwich Village$510,00014800Commercial
325 East 79th Street MAISONETTEUpper East Side$825,0003251,450Commercial
325 East 79th Street MEDICAL Upper East Side$825,0001,450Commercial
25 Central Park West GF Upper West Side$932,5001872Commercial
106 East 85th Street GF Upper East Side$250,000540Commercial
1115 Fifth Avenue MEDICAL Carnegie Hill$700,0003131,400Commercial
40 East 66th Street 10B Upper East Side$15,550,00045.5104,913Condo
799 Park Avenue MEDICAL Upper East Side$1,105,0001,200Commercial
949 Park AvenueUpper East Side$6,375,000Townhouse
383 Carlton Avenue 4S Fort Greene$499,000113614Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 3E Fort Greene$899,0002241,356Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 4W Fort Greene$769,000225948Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 9E Fort Greene$834,000224999Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 7S Fort Greene$695,000225835Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 5S Fort Greene$695,000223836Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 4E Fort Greene$912,0003261,220Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 10S Fort Greene$595,000113750Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 8S Fort Greene$595,000113757Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 11W Fort Greene$1,206,00032.591,800Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 3W Fort Greene$954,0002261,028Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 7E Fort Greene$828,000226999Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 8E Fort Greene$936,0003261,220Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 9S Fort Greene$695,000226835Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 5W Fort Greene$685,0002251,028Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 10E Fort Greene$936,0003271,358Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 9W Fort Greene$834,0002261,028Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 11E Fort Greene$1,206,00032.571,517Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 10W Fort Greene$828,0002241,028Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 8W Fort Greene$822,0002261,028Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 11S Fort Greene$1,206,0002371,326Commercial
383 Carlton Avenue 7W Fort Greene$828,0002251,028Commercial
685 West End Avenue1AFUpper West Side$810,00021.541,300Co-op
325 West End Avenue GRND Upper West Side$2,500,0002253,000Commercial
784 Park Avenue MED Upper East Side$770,000281,500Commercial
205 East 76th Street GF-MED Upper East Side$695,0002261,300Commercial

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
1035 Third Avenue C Upper East Side$29,47814,304Commercial
94 East 4th Street MEDICAL East Village$13,000123,600Commercial
156 WILLIAM ST 8 Financial District3,731Commercial
18 East 48th Street 2 Midtown East$42,4617,839Commercial
667 Madison Avenue LL Upper East Side$19,5001.5153,000Commercial
800A Fifth Avenue 402 Upper East Side$9,704171,109Commercial
800A Fifth Avenue 402 Upper East Side$9,704171,109Commercial
94 East 4th Street MEDICAL East Village$24,167123,600Commercial
800A Fifth Avenue 502A Upper East Side$9,98451,141Commercial
800A Fifth Avenue SUITE 403 Upper East Side$12,845101,468Commercial
360 East 72nd Street GF Upper East Side$18,5001.51,900Commercial
1627 Park Avenue Retail East Harlem$5,042Studio12Rental Building
16 East 98th Street 1B Upper East Side$4,60012600Commercial
800A Fifth Avenue 304 Upper East Side$12,72861,614Commercial
57 West 57th Street 1702 Midtown West$29,967145,800Commercial
60 East 88th Street MEDICAL Upper East Side8,025Commercial
60 East 88th Street MEDICAL 1 Upper East Side4,213Commercial
121 East 69th Street DR OFF. Upper East Side$11,25061,800Commercial
338 East 49th Street MEDICAL Midtown East$14,500114,000Commercial
516 West 168th Street MED Washington Heights15,000Commercial
20 East 46th Street 401 Midtown East$4,285935Commercial
1212 Fifth Avenue PROF 2 Upper East Side$6,449Studio11,155Condo
60 East 88th Street MEDICAL LLUpper East Side3,812Commercial
800A Fifth Avenue 101 Upper East Side$19,500101,954Commercial
667 Madison Avenue LL Upper East Side$22,5001.5153,000Commercial
5 PATCHIN PLACE MEDICAL West Village$4,5004855Commercial
200 East 66th Street MEDICAL Upper East Side$43,33330Commercial
345 East 37th Street 309 Murray Hill$7,3281,871Commercial
30 Central Park South 2D Central Park South$5,0006800Commercial
800B Fifth Avenue 1FL Upper East Side$49,0255,580Commercial
345 East 37th Street 313 Murray Hill$6,25091,679Commercial
20 East 46th Street 1202 Midtown East$13,927173,594Commercial
1050 Fifth Avenue STE1 Upper East Side$11,5501,320Commercial
220 East 63rd Street LB Upper East Side$653,47714732Commercial
115 East 82nd Street 1B Upper East Side$6,900151,100Commercial
20 East 46th Street PH Midtown East$224,05024,481Commercial
20 East 46th Street 6TH FL Midtown East$19,2215,364Commercial
60 East 88th Street MEDICAL 2 Upper East Side4,367Commercial
20 East 46th Street 1101 Midtown East$8,4262,528Commercial
800A Fifth Avenue SUITE 301 Upper East Side$14,012101,770Commercial
Murray Hill 301 Murray Hill2,970Commercial
333 East 49th Street LOBBY E Midtown East$3,4206821Commercial
30 West 60th Street MEDICAL Upper West Side$15,903153,078Commercial
171 East 84th Street PROF Upper East Side$10,6671,600Commercial
220 East 63rd Street 1D Upper East Side$3,750113783Commercial
800A Fifth Avenue Suite 203 Upper East Side$8,819351,245Commercial
20 East 46th Street 7TH FL Midtown East$23,0826,595Commercial
Midtown East 301 Midtown East965Commercial
20 East 46th Street 800 Midtown East$900,8502,514Commercial
20 East 46th Street 403 Midtown East$10,9121102,976Commercial
345 East 37th Street 201 Murray HillStudio22,131Condo
Upper East Side PROFESSIONUpper East Side131,000Commercial
261 East 78th Street 5FL Upper East Side$17,5002,400Commercial
Upper West Side GF Upper West Side$8,5002,000Commercial
Murray Hill 312 Murray Hill23,473Commercial
Murray Hill 318 Murray Hill11,316Commercial
210 Central Park South MEDICAL Central Park South$8,150261,250Commercial
20 East 46th Street 200 Midtown East$11,5403,743Commercial
122 East 82nd Street GF Upper East Side$6,700141,200Commercial
39 East 78th Street 501 Upper East Side$8,5005151,900Commercial
345 East 37th Street Murray Hill$7,2502112,317Commercial
345 East 37th Street 315 Murray Hill$4,00025Commercial
345 East 37th Street 316 Murray Hill$6,800215Commercial
800 Fifth Avenue 503 Upper East Side$13,625Studio282,180Rental Building
Paul Wexler

Why the Wexler Healthcare Properties Team?

  • Over 30 Years of Healthcare experience

    Paul Wexler, the leader of the Wexler Healthcare Properties Team at The Corcoran Group, has been concentrating on healthcare properties since 1984.

  • The Wexler Healthcare Properties Team

    The Wexler Healthcare Properties Team is a highly specialized division of The Corcoran Group. The division’s unparalleled creativity and in-depth market knowledge offer healthcare providers and real estate owners the highest level of resources and talent. You will be the direct beneficiary of nearly three decades of experience, knowledge and long-term relationships in the New York City Healthcare and Real Estate Markets.

  • Exposure to millions of potential viewers

    We’re linked to the world renowned website,, which receives millions of unique monthly visitors and assures the most widespread exposure.

Meet The Wexler Healthcare Properties Team

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