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Living in Sheepshead Bay

Residents of Sheepshead Bay are treated to the sights, sounds and smells of waterfront living. The neighborhood, more a fishing village than a city district, specializes in fresh-off-the-boat seafood, energy-inducing salt air and an ambience very much detached from life synonymous with New York City.

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Yet Sheepshead Bay also gives locals plenty of options for commuting to Manhattan, like the express B and local Q lines to Midtown, allowing them to take full advantage of city life for work or play. With an impressive variety of real estate and a location advantageous for enjoying all sorts of water activities, the area makes for a unique enclave in Brooklyn.

Sheepshead Bay real estate

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Sheepshead Bay real estate options start with townhome duplexes and co-ops. With spacious driveways, built-in garages and sprawling backyards, the neighborhood’s townhouses give residents a sense of privacy without the upkeep required of a single-family home. Co-ops are also widely available and feature perks like hardwood flooring, remodeled kitchens and large floor plans.

Modern condominiums, often highlighted by balconies overlooking the waterfront, give real estate shoppers a progressive take on city living with LEED-certified building codes, large windows and rooftop decks fitted with grills and cabanas. Finally, a smattering of converted beach bungalows and single-family homes round out available Sheepshead Bay real estate choices.

Sheepshead Bay history

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Once part of Gravesend, the history of Sheepshead Bay took on a life of its own after 1870, when New York City’s public transportation finally reached the small waterfront community. These new links to Manhattan, coupled with the construction of a popular horse racetrack in 1880, placed Sheepshead Bay on the map for many New Yorkers and spurred a period of population growth.

Transportation continued to impact the neighborhood in the 1900s; the city built piers along the waterfront for boat access and the Shore Parkway brought cars to Sheepshead Bay in 1941. Automobile access, along with overcrowding in Manhattan, made the sea breezes and tranquil atmosphere of Sheepshead Bay a popular alternative for anyone willing to make the commute. The neighborhood became one of the fastest-growing areas in Brooklyn and today makes up an important slice of the local community.

Sheepshead Bay restaurants

Roll-n-Roaster, a legendary fast food chain in the New York City area, originated in Sheepshead Bay. Its flagship location hasn’t changed much since the 1970s; staff members greet patrons in vintage, out-of-style uniforms and serve favorites like gravy-soaked turkey and roast beef on fresh Kaiser rolls. With fun quirks like gift coins and national recognition from food critics, the eatery draws a steady stream of fast food connoisseurs seeking a different take on quick dining.

Experiencing Sheepshead Bay’s culinary scene isn’t complete without sampling the neighborhood’s diverse seafood options. Randazzo’s Clam Bar, with waterfront views, gaudy awnings from a bygone era and a widely-recognized crab-shaped sign, provides a down-to-earth setting for enjoying local catches. Favorites include a steaming New England clam chowder, seafood pasta with a raved-about tomato sauce and fried calamari.

For a trip to Istanbul without leaving the confines of Brooklyn, locals flock to Masal Cafe. The menu features traditional Turkish coffee, savory sweets and a popular full breakfast often served as a brunch to late-risers. The cafe’s tiled tables, serene ambience and views of the marina make it a great spot for meeting friends and neighbors.

Sheepshead Bay attractions

Locals love taking full advantage of the waterfront. Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club fits the bill for a bit of history as well as an opportunity to spend time out on the bay. The clubhouse, a historic three-story building with wide porches, oak-laden interior rooms and a fully-stocked bar, is worth a visit by itself. Members, who don’t need to own a boat, also enjoy direct access to the bay for sailing, fishing and competitive races with neighboring yacht clubs.  

The Holocaust Memorial Park, built in 1985, draws students, families and others paying respects to victims of the Shoah. Thousands of names and dedications are etched on a granite monument and large stones found throughout the park, serving as an important educational opportunity for locals and visitors alike.

Sheepshead Bay shopping

Sheepshead Bay Fruits & Vegetables Market gives locals access to produce and hard-to-find foods 24 hours a day. The expansive corner store, jam-packed with organized aisles, draws rave reviews for an always-fresh cornucopia of fruits and vegetables, as well as extensive deli and coffee selections.

For all the latest kicks, you’ll want to consider shopping at Sneaker U. The locally-owned shoe store offers personalized customer service with a distinct neighborhood feel and has welcomed many of its patrons for decades. Highlights include a wide selection of Jordan brand sneakers and Timberland boots.

Sheepshead Bay events

For live local music, boisterous dancing and family-friendly activities like arts and crafts, you’ll want to attend the annual BayFest of Sheepshead Bay. Known as the largest waterfront festival in Brooklyn, the free and volunteer-run event happens every May and brings the community together, highlighted by ten concert stages set up at each distinct pier stretching out into the bay.

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