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Living in Sunset Park

The waterfront community of Sunset Park sits in southwestern Brooklyn and offers residents idyllic tree-lined streets, a popular urban park and panoramic views of Manhattan. With a much talked-about restaurant scene, street vendors and food markets, the neighborhood also speaks to the appetite of residents and visitors alike.

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Sunset Park also contains its own Chinatown which is even larger than the one in Manhattan and the bustling Sunset Park Industry City with modern spaces to shop, work and interact with the community.

Sunset Park real estate

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Sunset Park real estate choices range from 19th-century row houses to modern condominiums. The charming row houses, with limestone, brownstone and pale brick facades, are typically available as co-ops or multi-family homes and descend towards Upper New York Bay along tree-lined streets. Peaceful backyards and features like clawfoot tubs and prewar decor give future residents a unique setting to call home.

For views of the local park and more modern amenities, Sunset Park real estate shoppers should consider available condominiums; highlights include hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and plenty of natural light. Many of the condos also provide in-house superintendents and valuable storage space in the basement.

Sunset Park history

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Sunset Park, which remained an agricultural area well into the 19th-century, experienced its first period of urbanization after the establishment of Brooklyn as an official city in 1834. With a prime central location and waterfront views, Sunset Park soon welcomed horse car lines and factories in the 1850s, which coincided with a significant population boost from European immigrants.

The later part of the 1800s saw residential tracts, new industry and a gorgeous expanse of green space called Sunset Park develop in the area. The neighborhood, which soon took the park's name as its own, continued to welcome new immigrant populations through both World Wars. Present-day Sunset Park owes much to a flurry of changes in the 1960s and beyond, as an eclectic mix of cultures, restaurants and other businesses settled into the neighborhood.

Sunset Park restaurants

With a reputation as a dim sum hot-spot in New York City, Sunset Park residents enjoy their choice of Chinese eateries. East Harbor Seafood Palace, one of the most popular options, offers an enormous selection of the classic dish in a setting surrounded by ornate Chinese statues and golden tapestries. Locals rave about the Sunday brunch and cuisine options like fried shrimp balls and dim sum platters.

For another distinct Chinese dining experience, visit the aptly named Mister Hotpot for a variety of meats and vegetables cooked in broth over a hot pot. The one-of-a-kind soup base, paired with foods ranging from beef tongue to pork intestine, is served under the red glow of paper lanterns. More standard fare like shrimp and beef brisket are available if you're not feeling adventurous.

Tacos Matamoros might look unassuming from the outside, but its cozy interior dishes up authentic Mexican cuisine with plenty of vegetarian options and a popular breakfast menu. Locals love the variety of quirky tacos, heaping fajita plates and homemade guacamole.

Sunset Park attractions

Sunset Park's unobstructed views of Manhattan's jagged skyline treats locals to a rare sight in New York City. Its large public pool, sports complexes and expansive playground draws a crowd in the summer months and makes the 24.5-acre green space one of Brooklyn's finest public parks.

A former shipping pier, Bush Terminal Piers Park also takes advantage of the neighborhood's prime waterfront locale; walking paths along tranquil tide ponds, views of nearby Bay Ridge Channel and sports fields for soccer and baseball provide fun for the entire family. The park's quaint nature preserve also showcases the area's restored wetlands and makes visitors forget they're in New York City.

Sunset Park shopping

Industry City's six-million square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space also finds room for a thriving retail scene; chocolate factories like Tumblador and Li-Lac join Industry City Distillery's locally made vodka and other unique-to-Sunset-Park storefronts. The sprawling complex also contains an impressive amount of art galleries and interior design firms perfect for new Sunset Park real estate owners.

Sunset Park's very own Chinatown brings countless stores to the neighborhood selling Chinese-inspired goods. Fei Long Market, a massive supermarket stocking traditional Chinese food and home goods, draws locals for hard-to-find meats, fresh produce and interesting wares. The market's food court also offers an overwhelming number of authentic Chinese dishes at cut-rate prices.

Sunset Park events

Movie buffs are in luck with two popular and recurring Sunset Park events. Rooftop Films, a local non-profit, brings together the community with independent film screenings at Industry City. With picturesque views of the lower Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty, locals gather on the rooftop to catch critically acclaimed films unavailable in traditional movie theaters.

For interactive activities and live performances along with your movies, attend Sunset Park's Movies Under the Stars events. The showings, which happen most Fridays during warmer months, give patrons an excuse to dance and sing along to concert films and musicals.


Best value in New York City

"This neighborhood represents the best value right now in New York City.The development of Industry City, proximity to Manhattan,the proposal for light rail along the Brooklyn Waterfront and other factors in my opinion make Sunset Park a slam dunk. "
Michael Tannen
Michael              Tannen

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