Carol Holder's Secret: Inventory, Location and Passion

By: Rosanna M. Perez
Published: 1/1/2015Source: Art Bodega

The real estate business is as ever changing as our busy daily lives. New buildings are developed constantly and two cities with constant growth are New York and Miami. Carol Holder deals with these markets with ease and passion.

Some realtors will assure you they will deliver a great ser-vice. Some try to land a listing, but never return an important call or will not follow up on a property. Sometimes, it's all hearsay. But things are different with Holder. The savvy New Yorker lives in the buzzing world of Manhattan.

Holder has a degree in economics, which makes her as good with numbers as she is with people. Keenly aware that finding an ideal home is matching a space with personality and psyche, she uses intuition and the skills of a social scientist or anthropologist to know how people life and move in different areas of town. Elegant and enthusiastic, Holder socializes with sophisticated buyers and sellers on a constant basis and knows how to make a deal and close a sale on the spot.

"I wish I had more inventory. That is the problem, [because] Inventory is what buyers want. Many foreign or domestic clients want to move to New York City because it is the Capital of the World," she explains.

Holder also has an expertise in the South Florida market. "Of course I am interested in working the Miami real estate world. It has this enormous potential, and coming from New York, we do have a long list of clients who are looking to have a second home in Florida," admits Holder. "You just know when to feel safe enough to find that potential client that will fall in love with a condo, or a multimillion-dollar home," she adds, flashing her huge smile.

Sitting at the beautiful lobby of the Corcoran Group headquarters in Manhattan, Holder admits that handling a hectic schedule and shuttling between New York and Miami to assist clients with finding that perfect property can be burdensome, but she has twice been awarded with the NRT Top 100 Associates Nationwide. (The Corcoran Group was founded by business personality Barbara Corcoran, a principal on the show "Shark Tank.")

"It is a beautiful job, and loyalty to my customers and word of mouth referrals is what gets a growing list of buyers and sellers in our industry. It is a powerful deal in people's lives, but only the best excel," concludes the brunette.