New York Observer

Fasten Your Seatbelts

By: Morgan Halberg
Published: 1/13/2016Source: New York Observer

2016 promises to be a bumpy ride for city home values. Below, some of real estate's most respected voices weigh in on the year ahead.

AFTER A YEAR FILLED WITH TALK OF BOTH $100 million sales and a softening at the top of the luxury sales market, opinions on 2016's direction are as disparate as they are authoritative. Below, a poll of industry experts on what to expect from this unpredictable market.

JULIA BOLAND, broker, Corcoran

“Hamilton Heights is really emerging as a chill neighborhood, slower-paced than Central Harlem. Buyers are coming from different areas. People coming from downtown who have just said, 'it's too expensive, it's too crazy: They cash out, and then they can buy an entire townhouse [in Harlem) for $4 million. The area has seen an explosion of cute restaurants popping up-they're not huge. That's becoming very appealing, and getting a great neighborhood vibe. I see that continuing to grow. People are going to find a very different feel than they get in Central Harlem, which is much busier.”