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Navigating Today’s Rental Market

By: Ronda Kaysen
Published: 9/3/2021Source: The New York Times

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Navigating Today’s Rental Market
Prices have bounced back since the height of the pandemic, but there are still ways to get a good deal.
Last fall, as the rental market floundered, Caleb Valentin decided that the moment had come to move out of his mother’s house in Staten Island and live in Manhattan. The options were stunningly good. He found a two-bedroom on Avenue A and East 12th Street in the East Village for $2,000, and rented it with his cousin.
But a year is a long time in the New York rental market, and none so much as this year. Mr. Valentin, 29, has since lost his job as a mental-health therapist, and recently learned that his rent will spike to $3,400 a month when his lease comes up for renewal at the end of September.

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