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Brokers Weekly

What does yours do?

By: Linda O'Flanagan
Published: 9/30/2009Source: Brokers Weekly

With the tech-savvy generation leading the charge in real estate, we knew we'd be inundated with comments 'this week when we asked you to tell us your favorite iPhone app.


Here's what you had to say about the apps you use and why ...


David Dubin, vice president and associate broker at Corcoran, says he mostly uses Google, Hop Stop and Around Me.


"When I am out of the office and I need information, directions or specific details on the area I am in, these apps really help," he said.


"I also have iSpeak in Italian and French. You type the English and a translation appears almost immediately. Photohype is also a great application. If I take a picture, I can correct the brightness, contrast and crop it before emailing it."


Robert Mazzola, senior vice president and associate broker also at Corcoran says he finds the iPhone maps most useful.


"They're good for getting to or familiarizing myself with an area I don't regularly work in," he said. "StreetEasy is a handy on-the-go reference for what's out there in the market. Aside from that, I have used he camera function to take pictures of a property and email them directly to clients."


Barak Realty's Jolyn Bennett told us, "I work as a bartender on the weekends, and my iPhone helps me out by having an app that shows me thousands of drink 'recipes!"


Her colleague Chris Pratt, meanwhile, said, "My Phone apps are a go-to whether I'm using them for fun - like playing Peggle - or using them to help me show my clients properties. I use Weatherbug to check on the weather during appointments, and though I know my way around NYC very well, it's always nice to have a map at my disposal!"


Citi Habitats' Margot Zengotita says her favorite apps are City Transit, and Hop Stop for local transportation assistance.


"I also use Yelp and Urban Spoon for local neighborhood suggestions for restaurants. I like to tell my clients what's available in the neighborhoods and this is so helpful for this, and even better they're all free."


But Zengotita's personal favorite is Shazam for finding out who the artists are for songs playing on the radio.


She explained, "You put it next to the music track and it identifies the album and artist for you and keeps a record for you as well and you can even purchase it on iTunes while you're walking. Pretty cool!"


Rebecca Schlosser is another Shazam fan while Lauren Walker-Diaz, also of Citi Habitats, uses Tweetie "because hands down I think it's the best Twitter app out there," as well as Beejive for IMing and Tumblr for keeping up her blog on the road.


Maria "Connie" Del Rosario likes the Google Search Map because "as a broker in the city, I need to show how knowledgeable I am about the area I'm selling."


And Mike Schulte said, "I use Pandora Radio because it acts in the way the radio should but fails to do so. I actually use this on many platforms (laptop, PS3, Blackberry, etc) but it is by far my favorite app."


Russell Emery is a StreetEasy user because, "It's a good way to look prepared and equipped," while colleague Jake Nicholson uses The Epicurious app because it's "amazing."


The Citi Habitats agent told us, "Not only is it a compilation of thousands of recipes from various sources, but it has great recommendations and even creates a shopping list for you!"


Appraiser Jonathan Miller uses every app on his iPhone!


Here's "a sample: Tweetie - my Twitter client, perfect. Facebook - almost better than using on web browser. Trulia for listings; StreetEasy, for listings.


He uses the Fin-12C - HPl2C Calculator, checks the weather on the Weather Channel, watches his cash flow on Yahoo! Finance and gets around the city with the help of Hop Stop, the site that gives shortest distance between two points in NYC.


He uses Navigon as a GPS for his car and listens to SiriusXM on the radio.


Miller organizes himself with Evernote (notes organizer) and listens to the ball game on MLB At Bat 2009. In the mood for a night out? Then he checks Eventful or Flixster and he keeps up with the news on Extra! Extra! which displays the page one print version of any newspaper in the US.


He checks the tides on TideApp (he enjoys boating in his spare time) and, when he feels the need to burst into song he checks the lyrics on Camena.


And, when he's looking for a little distraction during the day, Mr. Miller plays Scrabble - through his Facebook app. "I always have at least four games going," he confessed.