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Charlie  Lewis
Charlie Lewis Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Charlie Lewis Jr

Office: East Side
660 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10065
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
710 Riverside Drive1FHamilton Heights$4,179,742113687Condop
186 Sackett Street Carroll Gardens$3,050,00075165,174Townhouse
141 West 13th Street 104 Greenwich Village$2,400,00022.561,650Co-op
122 Greenwich Avenue2AWest Village$2,350,0001241,263Condo
122 Greenwich Avenue2AWest Village$2,275,0001241,263Condo
18 Morningside Avenue2Morningside Heights$1,995,0002251,575Condo
151 West 17th Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,990,0003251,884Condo
151 West 17th Street2GChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,990,0003251,884Condo
1400 Fifth AvenueE1Harlem$1,925,00033.593,946Condo
263 Ninth Avenue3EChelsea/Hudson Yards$1,740,0001241,701Condo
290 West 137th StreetHarlem$1,650,0003,796Townhouse
453 Putnam Avenue 1 Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,550,00033.551,741Condo
141A Washington AvenueClinton Hill$1,375,000Townhouse
220 West 148th Street4LHarlem$1,330,000224.51,470Condo
103 West 119th Street1Harlem$1,245,00023.571,849Condo
1 MOUNT MORRIS PARK WE 1C Harlem$1,227,00021.541,086Condo
939 Union Street4BPark Slope$1,225,0002241,205Condo
117 West 123rd Street5AHarlem$1,180,0002241,234Condo
550 Vanderbilt Avenue 424 Prospect Heights$992,75011.53835Condo
205 Warren Street Cobble Hill$990,0002241,300Co-op
710 Riverside Drive6EGreenwich Village$941,8803261,350Condo
136 East 76, APARTMENT 7F3EUpper East Side$915,000213925Condop
710 Riverside Drive1EHamilton Heights$913,2893251,319Condo
892 Bergen Street 3C Crown Heights$905,0002241,100Condo
970 Kent Avenue 106 Clinton Hill$880,0002241,012Condo
25 Plaza Street West4JPark Slope$876,500213Co-op
130 Bradhurst Avenue805Harlem$868,4143251,413Condop
710 Riverside Drive4CHamilton Heights$865,5122241,016Condo
345 Clinton Avenue 3c Clinton Hill$856,400214Co-op
710 Riverside Drive2DHamilton Heights$850,2382241,043Condo
417 Manhattan Avenue 7 Upper West Side$850,000224845Condo
710 Riverside Drive3EHamilton Heights$825,2423251,319Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue903Harlem$799,8232241,152Condop
710 Riverside Drive4BHamilton Heights$791,9442241,037Condop
710 Riverside Drive4AHamilton Heights$782,016224960Condo
710 Riverside Drive5DHamilton Heights$769,9762241,043Condo
710 Riverside Drive6BHamilton Heights$765,5462241,037Condo
95 Lexington Avenue3DClinton Hill$765,0002241,210Condo
710 Riverside Drive4DHamilton Heights$759,4802241,043Condo
2101 Fifth AveueGSHarlem$750,0001241,491Condo
710 Riverside Drive2CHamilton Heights$739,6972241,016Condo
80 Park Avenue19KMurray Hill$710,000113670Condo
110 Clifton Place3GClinton Hill$699,0002241,198Co-op
710 Riverside Drive6DHamilton Heights$690,3222241,043Condop
122 Adelphi Street7AFort Greene$682,227224940Condo
42 West 120th Street3DHarlem$678,707224893Condo
42 West 120th Street2DHarlem$676,118224889Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue1102Harlem$662,636214960Condop
555 Lenox Avenue5DHarlem$660,0003361,425Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue908Harlem$655,0003251,261Condop
130 Bradhurst Avenue901Harlem$646,573214938Condop
118 West 112th Street6AHarlem$641,4973251,012Condo
345 Clinton Avenue 3b Clinton Hill$640,000113.5Co-op
710 Riverside Drive1BHamilton Heights$638,800224982Condo
555 Lenox Avenue4DHarlem$635,0003351,425Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue705Harlem$635,0003251,413Condop
970 Kent Avenue106Clinton Hill$630,0002241,013Condop
118 West 112th Street5BHarlem$616,0413271,100Condo
118 West 112th Street6BHarlem$612,0003251,037Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue1008Harlem$610,0003251,261Condop
1825 Madison Avenue 4K East Harlem$610,000225830Co-op
118 West 112th Street2BHarlem$599,0003251,037Condo
710 Riverside Drive3AHamilton Heights$595,200224960Condo
118 West 112th Street3AHarlem$590,5853251,012Condo
555 Lenox Avenue3DHarlem$590,0003361,425Condo
118 West 112th Street3BHarlem$590,0003251,037Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue1105Harlem$590,0003251,181Condop
130 Bradhurst Avenue1205Harlem$580,0003261,181Condop
42 West 120th Street2AHarlem$570,220224882Condo
555 Lenox Avenue2DHarlem$570,0003361,425Condo
42 West 120th StreetPHAHarlem$550,000224857Condo
2 Fairview PlaceFlatbush$550,000424,779Townhouse
305 West 150th Street 712 Harlem$549,855113600Condo
555 Lenox Avenue1AHarlem$549,0002251,642Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue1003Harlem$545,0002251,152Condop
411 Manhattan AvenueB4Morningside Heights$545,000224860Condo
5 West 127th Street1CHarlem$544,76311.53860Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue902Harlem$543,747215826Condop
118 West 112th Street2AHarlem$540,0003251,012Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue1106Harlem$535,000224994Condop
305 West 150th Street 602 Harlem$525,000113587Condo
42 West 120th Street7DHarlem$520,000224892Condo
305 West 150th Street704Harlem$519,307113567Condo
305 West 150th Street 503 Harlem$514,216113594Condo
305 West 150th Street 703 Harlem$510,000113586Condo
42 West 120th Street6DHarlem$510,000224892Condo
74 West 131st StreetGardenHarlem$507,000113640Condo
305 West 150th Street512Harlem$507,000113600Condo
411 Manhattan AvenueA3Morningside Heights$507,000324923Condo
305 West 150th Street512Harlem$507,000113600Condo
305 West 150th Street705Harlem$505,000113590Condo
42 West 120th Street4DHarlem$505,000224891Condo
305 West 150th Street 604 Harlem$505,000113594Condo
305 West 150th Street 611 Harlem$501,930113599Condo
305 West 150th Street702Harlem$498,950113587Condo
305 West 150th Street 709 Harlem$497,999113586Condo
118 West 112th Street1BHarlem$495,000224992Condo
42 West 120th Street6AHarlem$494,832224857Condop
91 Grand AvenueLoft CClinton Hill$491,790Studio13734Condo
42 West 120th Street5AHarlem$490,000224858Condo
42 West 120th Street4AHarlem$490,000224874Condo
305 West 150th Street710Harlem$488,748113584Condo
305 West 150th Street404Harlem$487,500113594Condo
68 Bradhurst Avenue4KHarlem$487,000224950Condo
305 West 150th Street 406 Harlem$486,800113567Condo
305 West 150th Street 201 Harlem$486,720113577Condo
305 West 150th Street 707 Harlem$486,720114570Condo
42 West 120th Street3AHarlem$485,000224857Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue1202Harlem$485,000214960Condop
305 West 150th Street701Harlem$483,171113577Condo
305 West 150th Street 606 Harlem$481,775113567Condo
305 West 150th Street 409 Harlem$481,650113586Condo
305 West 150th Street603Harlem$481,650113594Condo
305 West 150th Street402Harlem$481,650113587Condo
305 West 150th Street505Harlem$481,000113590Condo
305 West 150th Street304Harlem$481,000113594Condo
305 West 150th Street 510 Harlem$478,608113584Condo
305 West 150th Street 509 Harlem$478,000113586Condo
305 West 150th Street502Harlem$476,073113587Condo
305 West 150th Street312Harlem$475,000113600Condo
411 Manhattan AvenueB7Morningside Heights$473,000224875Condo
305 West 150th Street 410 Harlem$471,000113584Condo
555 Lenox Avenue4GHarlem$470,000224785Condo
305 West 150th Street305Harlem$469,000113590Condo
305 West 150th Street407Harlem$468,468113570Condo
305 West 150th Street706Harlem$468,000113567Condo
305 West 150th Street506Harlem$464,919113567Condo
305 West 150th Street 211 Harlem$462,500113599Condo
411 Manhattan AvenueB5Morningside Heights$462,000224875Condo
411 Manhattan AvenueB6Morningside Heights$461,000224860Condo
305 West 150th Street 108 Harlem$460,000113590Condo
771 East 39th Street Flatbush$460,000225House
555 Lenox Avenue1DHarlem$456,30011.531,379Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue1206Harlem$455,000224994Condop
305 West 150th Street 109 Harlem$455,000113586Condo
710 Riverside Drive6FHamilton Heights$452,751113687Condo
489 Osborn Street Brownsville$450,00032.55House
305 West 150th Street106Harlem$449,202113567Condo
301 Cathedral Parkway17AMorningside Heights$447,500113599Condo
42 West 120th Street1DHarlem$445,000Condo
305 West 150th Street708Harlem$437,034113590Condo
710 Riverside Drive4FHamilton Heights$435,006113687Condo
710 Riverside Drive3FHamilton Heights$431,903113687Condo
555 Lenox Avenue5AHarlem$430,000224881Condo
118 West 112th Street6CHarlem$430,000214639Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue904Harlem$428,762113637Condop
305 West 150th Street609Harlem$427,401113586Condo
118 West 112th Street5CHarlem$427,000214639Condo
305 West 150th Street612Harlem$425,880113600Condo
555 Lenox Avenue2AHarlem$425,000224869Condo
118 West 112th Street4CHarlem$425,000214639Condo
42 West 120th Street1AHarlem$421,790224868Condo
305 West 150th Street208Harlem$420,303113590Condo
345 West 145th Street5B2Hamilton Heights$420,000113700Co-op
130 Bradhurst Avenue1101Harlem$418,500215857Condop
305 West 150th Street209Harlem$417,386113586Condo
411 Manhattan AvenueC11Morningside Heights$417,000213735Condo
305 West 150th Street210Harlem$415,740113584Condo
42 West 120th Street4BHarlem$415,740113672Condo
710 Riverside Drive2FHamilton Heights$415,000113687Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue713Harlem$415,000214906Condop
249 East 118th Street3AEast Harlem$410,000224911Condo
3701 Henry Hudson Parkway5BRiverdale$410,000225Co-op
409 Edgecombe Avenue11FHamilton Heights$404,0002151,094Co-op
130 Bradhurst Avenue1201Harlem$400,000214857Condop
305 West 150th Street511Harlem$394,446113599Condo
305 West 150th Street306Harlem$393,432113567Condo
305 West 150th Street605Harlem$392,925113590Condo
118 West 112th Street1CHarlem$390,000214660Condo
411 Manhattan AvenueC2Morningside Heights$390,000214614Condo
305 West 150th Street610Harlem$388,869113584Condo
305 West 150th Street206Harlem$386,966113567Condo
305 West 150th Street412Harlem$386,841113600Condo
305 West 150th Street601Harlem$384,306113577Condo
305 West 150th Street403Harlem$382,785113594Condo
305 West 150th Street405Harlem$380,250113590Condo
345 West 145th Street6C6Hamilton Heights$380,000113700Co-op
305 West 150th Street311Harlem$379,743113599Condo
305 West 150th Street303Harlem$376,194113594Condo
42 West 120th Street1CHarlem$375,180Studio12490Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue1104Harlem$375,000214880Condop
305 West 150th Street307Harlem$373,763113590Condo
305 West 150th Street507Harlem$373,659113570Condo
305 West 150th Street212Harlem$372,741113600Condo
305 West 150th Street401Harlem$372,138113587Condo
305 West 150th Street308Harlem$371,631113590Condo
305 West 150th Street204Harlem$370,110113594Condo
305 West 150th Street203Harlem$370,110113594Condo
305 West 150th Street202Harlem$366,054113587Condo
305 West 150th Street301Harlem$365,547113577Condo
102 Bradhurst Avenue804Harlem$362,000224Co-op
305 West 150th Street105Harlem$361,491113590Condo
42 West 120th Street6CHarlem$359,970113602Condo
305 West 150th Street102Harlem$359,463113587Condo
305 West 150th Street102Harlem$359,463113587Condo
91 Payson Avenue6JInwood$355,0001141,000Co-op
305 West 150th Street107Harlem$349,323113570Condo
42 West 120th Street6BHarlem$335,000113573Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue1103Harlem$335,000113699Condop
42 West 120th Street5BHarlem$334,620113573Condo
411 Manhattan AvenueC16Morningside Heights$325,494214572Condo
411 Manhattan AvenueC7Morningside Heights$325,000213572Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue1203Harlem$325,000113699Condop
42 West 120th Street3BHarlem$325,000113573Condo
411 Manhattan AvenueC10Morningside Heights$322,000214572Condo
42 West 120th StreetPHBHarlem$320,000113573Condo
355 Clinton Avenue4HClinton Hill$320,000113724Co-op
42 West 120th Street5CHarlem$319,410113602Condo
555 Lenox Avenue5FHarlem$315,000113599Condo
118 West 112th Street1AHarlem$312,000113576Condo
42 West 120th Street2CHarlem$299,130Studio12490Condo
42 West 120th StreetPHCHarlem$299,130Condo
72 Morningside Avenue31Harlem$290,000215Co-op
42 West 120th Street4CHarlem$288,750Studio12476Condo
42 West 120th Street1BHarlem$268,710113460Condo
411 Manhattan AvenueA1Morningside Heights$230,000113332Condo
68-10 108TH ST Forest Hills$215,000113750Co-op
275 Webster Avenue 2G Kensington$170,000Studio12Co-op
209 West 118th Street4GHarlem$160,000113550Co-op
411 Manhattan AvenueC4Morningside Heights$137,094Studio12185Condo
411 Manhattan AvenueC3Morningside Heights$120,921Studio12185Condo
345 Montgomery Street1BCrown Heights$80,000Studio12475Co-op
73-20 Austin StreetForest Hills113800Co-op
West 129th StreetHarlem124,028Townhouse
301 East 45th StreetMidtown East214800Condo
Bethune StreetWest VillageStudio11250Co-op
West 12th StreetWest Village2251,800Condo
185 Saint Marks AvenueProspect Heights113750Co-op

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
252 Seventh AvenuePHQChelsea/Hudson Yards$22,0003372,254Condo
122 Greenwich Avenue2AWest Village$11,0001241,263Condo
1 MORTON SQUARE West Village$10,00022.541,666Condo
58 HAMILTON TERRACE THOUSE Hamilton Heights$5,5004213Rental Building
58 Hamilton TerraceHamilton Heights$5,500Townhouse
505 West 37th Street31EClinton$5,1752241,079Rental Building
505 West 37th Street31EClinton$5,1752241,079Rental Building
449 West 22nd Street3Chelsea/Hudson Yards$5,000336Rental Building
81 Washington Street DUMBO/Vinegar Hill$5,0002251,707Rental Building
205 Warren Street Cobble Hill$4,5002241,300Co-op
40 West 116th Street B904 Harlem$4,5002241,360Condo
404 West 22nd Street3NChelsea/Hudson Yards$4,495113Rental Building
380 Lenox Avenue5FHarlem$3,6003251,367Condo
535 Dean Street213Prospect Heights$3,500211,280Condo
70 West 105th Street Upper West Side$3,5002241,200Co-op
81 Washington Street DUMBO/Vinegar Hill$3,5002131,200Rental Building
118 West 112th Street5BHarlem$3,4003271,100Condo
892 Bergen Street3CCrown Heights$3,3002241,100Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue1206Harlem$3,000224994Condop
417 Manhattan Avenue7Upper West Side$3,000224845Condo
2 Charles Street1West Village$3,000Studio12Rental Building
141 Washington Avenue Clinton Hill$3,000113Rental Building
141 Washington Avenue Clinton Hill$3,000113Rental Building
2076 Fifth Avenue Harlem$2,8502141,200Rental Building
417 Manhattan Avenue8Upper West Side$2,800224Condo
70 Adelphi Street1Fort Greene$2,7003152,520Rental Building
291 Sterling Place1Prospect Heights$2,7001131,100Rental Building
2073 Adam Clayton Powell3Harlem$2,600224Rental Building
15 Park Place Park Slope$2,600113Rental Building
102 Bradhurst Avenue311Harlem$2,575224957Co-op
418 Central Park West 49 Upper West Side$2,550113550Condo
555 LENOX AVE 1C Harlem$2,50011.53.51,099Condo
42 West 120th Street 4B Harlem$2,500113672Condo
291 Sterling Place1Prospect Heights$2,5001131,100Condop
220 West 148th Street2DHarlem$2,4951141,240Condo
112 West 72nd Street11FUpper West Side$2,450113445Condo
276 West 119th Street4AHarlem$2,450213815Rental Building
418 Central Park West49Upper West Side$2,450113550Condo
419 Central Park West49Upper West Side$2,450113550Condo
236 Washington Avenue3Clinton Hill$2,400113875Rental Building
2073 Adam Clayton Powell2Harlem$2,4002241,000Rental Building
2311 Fifth Avenue Harlem$2,400215Co-op
418 Central Park West Upper West Side$2,350113550Condo
430 West 34th Street17FChelsea/Hudson Yards$2,300Studio12500Co-op
499 Canal Street4Soho/Nolita$2,300112650Rental Building
499 Canal Street3 FLSoho/Nolita$2,300Studio12725Rental Building
231 Lexington Avenue3CMurray Hill$2,200113Rental Building
291 Sterling Place1Prospect Heights$2,2001131,100Condop
345 West 145th Street5C5Hamilton Heights$2,200113Co-op
430 West 34th Street 17F Chelsea/Hudson Yards$2,200Studio12.5500Co-op
18 Willoughby Avenue Fort Greene$2,1001.513Rental Building
102 Bradhurst Avenue603Harlem$2,100224834Co-op
315 Gates Avenue5RBedford-Stuyvesant$2,100112707Condo
130 Bradhurst Avenue501Harlem$2,100213950Condop
130 Bradhurst Avenue813Harlem$2,000214906Condop
305 West 150th Street 410 Harlem$2,000113584Condo
131 West 136th Street 2 Harlem$2,0001131,000Rental Building
414 Prospect Avenue Park Slope$1,950214Rental Building
58 Hamilton TerraceGardenHamilton Heights$1,9001131,000Rental Building
355 Clinton Avenue4HClinton Hill$1,90011724Co-op
930 Saint Nicholas Avenue68Washington Heights$1,850316Co-op
355 Clinton Avenue Clinton Hill$1,800113.5724Co-op
308 West 22nd Street Chelsea/Hudson Yards$1,800113400Rental Building
134 West 71st Street1Upper West Side$1,775Studio12350Co-op
421 Manhattan Avenue3Upper West Side$1,500Studio12300Rental Building
128 West 138th Street 3I Harlem$1,500113Co-op
St. James PlaceClinton Hill2141,000Other
St. Marks AvenuePark Slope113900Other
Horatio StreetWest VillageStudio11400Other
Court StreetCarroll Gardens113500Other
Fifth AvenueGreenwich VillageStudio11450Co-op
Hanover SquareFinancial DistrictStudio1450Other
Clinton AvenueClinton Hill3261,300Other
Prospect PlaceProspect Heights3261,200Other
West 10th StreetWest Village113600Other
Grand AvenueClinton Hill215900Other
2nd PlaceCarroll Gardens21.551,100Other
Boerum PlaceBoerum Hill113500Condo
Carlton AvenueProspect Heights113800Other
West 12th StreetWest Village113650Co-op
Clinton AvenueClinton Hill3261,300Other
Washington ParkFort Greene113900Other
Henry StreetBrooklyn Heights215900Other
West 126th StreetHarlemStudio11450Other
West 106th StreetMorningside HeightsStudio11500Other
West 126th StreetHarlemStudio12450Other
West 135th StreetHarlem2141,000Other
Court StreetBrooklyn Heights113700Other
West 122nd StreetHarlemStudio12450Other
West 43rd StreetMidtown West113600Condo
Warren StreetCobble Hill113600Other
Dean StreetCobble Hill113700Other
North End AvenueBattery Park City113650Other
Greene AvenueFort Greene214800Other
West 118th StreetHarlem2141,300Other
West 126th StreetHarlemStudio12500Other
Willoughby AvenueFort Greene113800Other
Remsen StreetBrooklyn Heights113700Other
West 57th StreetMidtown West2251,300Other
Carlton AvenueProspect Heights61,400Townhouse
Boerum PlaceBoerum Hill2251,000Condo
State StreetBoerum Hill2261,100Other
St. Johns PlaceProspect Heights3271,400Co-op
Flatbush AvenuePark Slope113500Other
Prospect AvenuePark Slope226900Other
Bergen StreetProspect Heights2151,000Other
Grand AvenueProspect Heights214900Other
Lafayette AvenueFort Greene113650Co-op
Bergen StreetProspect Heights3161,300Other
MacDougal StreetGreenwich VillageStudio12400Other
Wyckoff StreetCobble Hill113900Other
Union StreetPark Slope113800Other
Morton SquareWest Village2251,600Condo
West 118th StreetHarlem3900Other
Second StreetPark Slope31,000Townhouse
State StreetBoerum Hill2241,062Condo
West 131st StreetHarlem113800Other
Park PlacePark Slope113950Other
Prospect AvenuePark Slope113950Other
Lenox AvenueHarlem2251,433Condo
Lenox AvenueHarlemStudio11475Rental Building
East Houston StreetLower East Side224950Rental Building
East 8th StreetLower East Side214750Rental Building
About Charlie

Charlie Lewis knows how to move up and into new spaces with style and power. He is on a mission to educate and to change the landscape of people’s lives, with the goal of making sure they love the way they live. This is at the heart of what Charlie does as he helps his clients navigate the real estate market and find a place they feel at home.

Through his social media channels, Charlie provides a go-to destination for all New Yorkers – buyers, sellers, developers and residents – with resources that help them love the way they live.

A recognized market expert and real estate personality, Charlie has been featured on HGTV’s Selling New York, New York’s WABC Evening News as well as in The New York Times, The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal and Essence Magazine.

Charlie has sold more than $250 million in New York residential real estate since 2005, and has been the exclusive marketing director for a dozen of the most exciting new developments produced in Upper Manhattan. In his decade of experience, he has gained deep and intuitive knowledge of Downtown, Upper Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

Before starting his real estate career, Charlie helped major American brands make lasting impressions as a marketing professional for more than eleven years. He created campaigns for companies like Pontiac/GMC, Morgan Stanley, FedEx, American Express, and Cushman Wakefield. Thanks to that experience, Charlie brings just the right mix of marketing savvy, client service and big impact to every listing. His clients will tell you that Charlie’s success is only matched by his charismatic personality, which helps make the process as easy and enjoyable as the pride they feel with the deal is done.

Charlie holds a Bachelor’s degree from Howard University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and is president of the New York chapter of the Howard University Alumni. He is co-chair of the Upper Manhattan committee of the Real Estate Board of New York, and is active on the boards of several community-based organizations in Brooklyn.

  • 12 Years in Real Estate
  • 12 Years in Marketing
  • 2015 Top Ten Company Wide
  • 2013 Top Ten Company Wide
Memberships & Clubs
  • Brooklyn Community Services
  • Real Estate Board of New York Executive Committee
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church
  • Howard University Alumni Club of Greater NYC
Before we started working together, I worried that my budget was too low for him. But one of the best parts about working with Charlie is that he listens to and is really open to his clients. He took what I said from our initial call and hand-picked places that fit exactly what I described. Within a few days, I found my dream home and the process was easy as pie!
— Michele Benoit, Rental Client
“Charlie is the consummate professional.He is organized, efficient, and delivers excellent tenants.My wife and I wouldn't think of having anyone else to identify and qualify tenants for our rentals.His innate people skills and mental quickness allows him to quickly discern creditworthiness and the fitness of a prospective tenant well before any paper work is submitted.
— Lewis Paul Long, Client
Buying property ANYWHERE is difficult. Buying property in NYC is difficult, demoralizing and at times absolutely infuriating. Working with Charlie was like working with a friend and he managed to make a challenging process... fun. He's an effective advocate who helped us think strategically about how to win our bid and it just felt right to have him in our corner.
— Matthew Slutsky, Buyer
Oh man, I lovessssme some Charlie Lewis! My wife and I came to Charlie because we didn't think we could get into the hot Brooklyn market. Prices are high, inventory is low and while we wanted to buy, it felt hopeless. Charlie was a bright and shining light in an otherwise very difficult process. He was optimistic, realistic and he understood exactly what itwould take for us to get our dream apt.
— Peter, Buyer

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