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If These Walls Could Talk: Corcoran Sunshine's First Ever CS Talks Series Sparks Conversations Across the City

Published: 12/15/2015Source: AVENUE

Featuring Corcoran's President and CEO Pamela Liebman, General Sales Manager Bill Cunningham, Vice President of Research and Analytics Ryan Schleis, President of Corcoran Sunshine Kelly Mack, Executive Vice President Gordon Hoppe, and agents James LansillSteven CohenFabienne Lecole, Judy Kekesi & Cathy Franklin (pages 48-49):


Corcoran Sunshine's first ever CS Talks series sparks conversations across the city

In a first for the real estate industry, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group held a week-long speaker series dubbed CS Talks. Visionaries from across the field hosted dialogues at 12 new developments including legendary developer Larry Silverstein, prolific architect Thomas Juul-Hansen, and New York legacy builder Bill Rudin.

More than 1,000 real estate professionals turned out for CS Talks to hear from renowned architects, developers, designers, and some of the brightest minds in the industry.

"The goal of CS Talks was to offer the brokerage community a totally new level of insight into development," said Kelly Kennedy Mack, President of Corcoran Sunshine. “CS Talks offered extraordinary access to each property, but also aimed to entertain and educate." Mack added, "The events were so well received we are now planning the next series, with ideas for new panels, discussions, and talks already flooding in from attendees."