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    The Corcoran Proposition The real difference about Corcoran is simple. Most real estate firms are about transactions. Corcoran is about people and their individual needs. We put each unique client at the center of the process, delivering superior service with insight, innovation and integrity. Simple, yet revolutionary. Corcoran Key Statement For upscale buyers and sellers, Corcoran is the best choice because… We find the home to match your heart. Realizing your dream for living is at the center of everything we do. Corcoran Vision To place our consumers and their individual needs at the heart of our business. Corcoran Manifesto At Corcoran, we help clients live who they are. We help them discover their needs, share their vision, and pursue their dreams. We listen with our own hearts to better know theirs. We do the hard work and the right thing. We invest our passion, pride, and professionalism to match their hearts with homes. We dedicate the best of who we are to help our clients realize the best of who they are. “Live Who You Are” It's never just a house or apartment. It's more than a zip-code, more than a hardwood floor and pre-war details. When it's right, a home is not just the physical space where you reside. It's the first, best expression of who you are - as an individual, as a couple, as a family. At Corcoran, we build our business around this very human truth - making every effort to understand your hopes, your dreams and your unique personality. Then we use that understanding, and all our resources, to find homes that go beyond the checklist, and even the wish list, to that wonderful feeling you get when something just feels right. At Corcoran we know it's much more than just a house or an apartment. It's where you live and who you are. Leveraging the success of our legendary "Live Who You Are" philosophy, we empower REALTORS to deliver a best-in-class service that helps consumers find a home to match the heart.
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    How should Jon connect with you?
    How should Jon connect with you?
    Clients share praise for Jon Larrance.

    Jon, I wanted to give you a shout out and say thank you for a job well done. Thank you for hiring wonderful and talented people to support the agents at Perry. It has made a difference in my business. The character, knowledge, and sincerity of all the staff members at Perry & Co. is exceptional. From the moment I first walked in the door at Perry & Co. Headquarters, I felt welcomed. Looking for a great real estate company to be associated with in Denver, was a process I started by checking with the Alain Pinel Relocation Department. What company was Alain Pinel sending their Denver referrals to: Perry & Co. They went on to say they were very impressed” with Perry & Co. As I continued my investigation, other sources also recommended Perry & Co. Coming from an outstanding locally owned Bay Area Company where we had top technology, marketing, large offices and the list goes on; I had some concerns about making a change to a small company. The transition from being a successful agent in California and then starting again in a different state has had its challenges. Jon, you along with the team-oriented environment and outstanding staff has made a difference. Early on when I had the opportunity to get listings from a local builder, I was still living in California. You organized a group meeting with the Perry & Co. Marketing Department which impressed the client and we secured the business. Thank you. During COVID when I didn’t have hand sanitizer or wipes and couldn’t get them; you delivered them to my doorstep. Thank you! It is evident by your actions that you care deeply about this company and the people who work with you. Perry & Co. may be small, but it is mighty. The talented marketing department produces exceptional content. The Perry client parties are well attended and enjoyed by all. Tim does an outstanding job with the relocation department and representing Perry & Co. around the nation. Jennifer is a caring and intelligent manager. Celia is my right hand and I could not have made a smooth transition without her assistance. Providing Perry & Co. agents with the best transaction coordinators in the business is a brilliant business decision. Thank you, Jon.”

    Kim S.

    It’s very fitting as I sit in Ninja Installation that one of my notes is written to you! Jon, you inspired me to be here! I am grateful that I was led to look into joining Perry & Co., and that you so welcomed me into the Perry Family. Thank you for all you do to make our office a wonderful, challenging and inspiring place to be every day! Clearly it has made a difference in my success and I look forward to Doubling” in 2019!

    Victoria G.