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Get to know White Plains

A city within the suburbs, White Plains is Westchester’s county seat and its pulsing urban center. Dubbed the “Birthplace of New York,” Washington famously headquartered in the old city, which has since evolved from postcard-perfect Main Street USA to a modern, mid-sized metropolis with a defined cloud-piercing skyline to call its own. With 35 neighborhoods sprouting from its core, there’s always a parade, art festival, or little league tournament to attend. Mamaroneck Avenue, where you’ll find the bulk of restaurants and shops, throbs with culture and nightlife. New and pre-war apartments tower at its core, stretching along Broadway from The Westchester mall to the train station. In other corners, humble Capes co-mingle with elegant Tudors, carrying over from neighboring Scarsdale and Hartsdale. If you’re in need of air, the sprawling Saxon Woods Park brushes up on city limits, blending metropolis-living with greener pastures. A Metro-North express will rocket commuters into wondrous Grand Central Terminal in a whopping 25 minutes, competitive with even some same-borough subway rides.

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Living in Westchester

Don’t call it upstate. This cosmopolitan county north of New York City is a collective of towns, hamlets and mid-sized cities that put virtually every lifestyle imaginable within an hour’s commute of Manhattan. It’s due north of the Bronx, next door to Connecticut, and the gateway to the Hudson Valley. Metro-North’s Harlem, Hudson and New Haven lines make for speedy service into Grand Central — an express ride from many down-county communities runs comparable to the F train from South Brooklyn, with a much sunnier view. Lower Westchester’s villages prioritize convenience, while the verdant horse country to the north is a favored destination for those looking to fade away in privacy. The Hudson and Long Island Sound form its two coasts, conspiring with an inland chain of lakes and reservoirs for unbeatable boating, fishing and other recreational endeavors. Chain stores are noticeably absent from many Main Streets, which run chockablock with character-filled indie shops.