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Get to know Bay Harbor Islands

Bay Harbor Islands consists of two islands sitting to the west of another one — Miami Beach. But it is something of a world apart, with a calm, relaxed neighborhood feel. On the western island (known as West Island) are single-family homes, many of prodigious, boat-hosting size. On the east island (you guessed it: East Island) is the business district, the local school, and multifamily buildings, many of which are also of the luxury kind and notable for their midcentury Miami Modern architecture. While there are parks and wonderful restaurants in BHI, Bal Harbour and the rest of Miami Beach are close at hand, and the wonderland of greater Miami is just a bridge over Biscayne Bay away.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Living in Miami-Dade

In Florida, “going south” is hardly a bad thing. Miami-Dade includes and surrounds the southernmost metropolis in the entire continental United States — and as the most populous county in the state, it’s home to a confluence of culture, cuisine, and recreation like no other. Its most dense stretch lies clustered in a strip roughly 20 miles wide, with a high rise-studded coastline balanced by more spread-out suburban neighborhoods that become increasingly prevalent heading inland. Miami-Dade also includes the upper Florida Keys and, lesser-known at large, a $2 billion agricultural industry operating predominantly in the lower half of the county, where farm fields operate in symbiosis with wildlife conservation and water recharge habitats. Residents commuting to the commercial districts of Miami benefit from the extensive Metrorail system, serving 23 stations along a 24-mile route between Palmetto and Kendall with a connection to Miami International Airport.