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Get to know Juno Beach

Juno is a goddess and the mythological consort of Jupiter. However, the vibe in Juno Beach is far more down-to-earth than its neighbor to the north: Jupiter, Florida. A few single-family homes sit slightly inland, but apartment complexes and mid-rise condo buildings are the order of the day nearer to the beach. Those beaches aren’t overly crowded either, making this spot beloved by surfers and kiteboarders alike. You’re likely to spot plenty of fishing boats plying the waters nearby as well. The town sits right along the shore of the Atlantic, and though it’s technically on an island formed by Frenchman’s Creek, its sense of isolation mainly comes from its tremendous amount of green space. Most of that lush land is a nature preserve, though a portion is golf course terrain—after all, this is Florida.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Juno Beach Commerce & Culture

While there’s not much in Juno Beach other than sand and sky, it’s close to several shopping and dining areas. Most restaurants in town cluster in the plazas near the junction of U.S. Highway 1 and Donald Ross Road, with the usual mix of laid-back cafes and cozy fish houses you'd expect in a fun-loving beach community. Loggerhead Park is a principal neighborhood attraction: At 17 acres, this area helps put the “beach” in Juno Beach along with nature trails and spots to roll out the picnic blanket. However, the biggest draw to the park is Loggerhead Marinelife Center, an organization almost entirely devoted to sea turtle rehabilitation and conservation. Devotion to these vulnerable animals—along with other protected preserves like Juno Dunes Natural Area—underscores the generous spirit inherent in Juno Beach. Sea turtles are creatures so beloved by locals that one even adorns the town’s flag.