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Dana  Koch
Dana Koch Sales Associate
Office: Palm Beach
340 Royal Poinciana Way Suite 302
Palm Beach, FL 33480
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
1236 South Ocean Boulevard Palm Beach$81,500,00061232,316House
89 Middle Road Palm Beach$59,000,000101123,000House
Palm Beach Palm Beach$47,800,00089.5House
900 North Lake Way Palm Beach$34,975,00071019,286House
Palm Beach Palm Beach$30,000,0006717,972House
1200 South Ocean Blvd Palm Beach$27,500,00099.111,796House
Fatio Oceanfront Masterpiece Palm Beach$24,900,00081023,188House
200 Via Palma Palm Beach$23,500,00079.512,620House
224 South Ocean Boulevard Palm Beach$22,500,00066.58,722House
890 Belcher Road Boca Grande$18,000,000Land
1055 North Ocean Boulevard Palm Beach$14,500,000Land
1620 South Ocean Blvd. Palm Beach$13,900,00068.510,111House
210 Via Del Mar Palm Beach$11,500,00077.311,094House
102 Gulfstream Road Palm Beach$11,500,000356,531Townhome
270 El Bravo Way Palm Beach$10,999,000758,386House
270 El Bravo Way Palm Beach$10,999,000Land
324 Cherry Lane Palm Beach$10,600,00030,000Land
100 Sunrise Avenue PH 2 Palm Beach$9,950,00034.55,095Condo
105 Banyan Road Palm Beach$9,900,000979,714House
200 Algoma Road Palm Beach$9,200,00055.57,373House
516 South Ocean Blvd Palm Beach$9,100,00022,500Land
231 Wells Road Palm Beach$8,750,00056.56,965House
1564 South Ocean Blvd. Palm Beach$7,950,00045.55,905House
20 Middle Road Palm Beach$7,900,00067.57,612House
200 Emerald Lane Palm Beach$7,850,00056.56,758House
Palm Beach Palm Beach$7,750,00054.56,748House
101 Worth Avenue 5C Palm Beach$7,300,00033.54,610Condo
237 El Bravo Way Palm Beach$6,900,00044.57,945House
410 Chilean Avenue Palm Beach$6,650,00044.58,440House
9 Via Los Incas Palm Beach$6,500,00055.56,276House
204 Via Del Mar Palm Beach$6,500,00029,850Land
622 North Flagler Drive PH 3 Palm Beach$6,495,00046.19,800Condo
661 North Lake Way Palm Beach$6,450,000666,590House
246 Emerald Lane Palm Beach$6,200,00056.55,967House
238 Via Las Brisas Palm Beach$5,995,000345,889House
315 Tangier Avenue Palm Beach$5,950,00056.56,431House
414 Australian Avenue Palm Beach$5,650,00066.55,960House
319 El Vedado Road Palm Beach$5,500,000Land
82 Middle Road Palm Beach$5,400,00033.54,646House
200 Bradley Place PH 3 Palm Beach$5,400,00033.53,545Condo
1455 Lands End Road Manalapan$4,650,00056.58,774House
622 North Flagler Drive, #1004 West Palm Beach$4,500,00044.16,464Condo
100 Sunrise Avenue PH 7 Palm Beach$4,495,00034.54,675Condo
201 Queens Lane Palm Beach$4,495,00043.15,098House
311 Everglade Avenue Palm Beach$4,450,00023.55,828Townhome
160 Seaview Avenue Palm Beach$4,250,00043.53,305House
430 Brazilian Avenue Palm Beach$4,200,000444,608House
420 Primavera Way Palm Beach$4,150,00044.55,422House
Palm Beach Palm Beach$3,995,00045.54,430House
579 North Lake Way Palm Beach$3,990,000454,961House
311 Seabreeze Avenue Palm Beach$3,850,00066.56,009House
253 Ridgeview Drive Palm Beach$3,840,00033.54,513House
201 Queens Lane Palm Beach$3,750,00043.55,098House
1195 North Ocean Way Palm Beach$3,750,000344,698House
250 Pendleton Avenue Palm Beach$3,575,00066.55,008House
211 Seabreeze Avenue Palm Beach$3,495,00043.53,061House
315 Seabreeze Avenue Palm Beach$3,450,00065.54,059House
300 Arabian Road Palm Beach$3,400,000465,847House
307 Everglade Avenue Palm Beach$3,395,00043.55,000House
256 Mockingbird Trail Palm Beach$3,350,00033.54,292House
328 Australian Avenue Palm Beach$3,350,00054.53,621House
321 Barton Avenue Palm Beach$3,300,00044.53,636House
253 Ridgeview Drive Palm Beach$3,300,000434,513House
141 Seaview Avenue Palm Beach$3,295,000432,300House
2580 South Ocean Boulevard 2B3 Palm Beach$3,250,00032.53,500Condo
271 Plantation Road Palm Beach$3,250,00045.55,542House
166 Everglade Avenue Palm Beach$3,200,000554,444House
236 La Puerta Way Palm Beach$3,200,00043.53,586House
893 South County Road Palm Beach$3,200,00044.54,745House
218 Merrain Road Palm Beach$3,200,00054.54,287House
2000 South Ocean Boulevard 409 S Palm Beach$3,195,00033.53,815Condo
264 Tradewind Drive Palm Beach$3,150,000644,304House
205 Sanford Avenue Palm Beach$2,950,00033.13,425House
1123 North Lake Way Palm Beach$2,950,000343,949House
158 Seaspray Avenue Palm Beach$2,900,000674,413House
224 La Puerta Way Palm Beach$2,895,000432,811House
167 Everglade Avenue Palm Beach$2,850,00044.55,472House
211 Esplanade Way Palm Beach$2,850,000433,098House
525 South Flagler Drive PH 2 West Palm Beach$2,850,00044.54,018Condo
228 Seabreeze Avenue Palm Beach$2,800,00015,312Land
250 Bradley Place 708 Palm Beach$2,795,00032.52,050Condo
200 North Ocean Boulevard, #3 Palm Beach$2,750,00033.51,778Condo
231 Seaspray Avenue Palm Beach$2,695,00043.53,144House
279 Colonial Lane Palm Beach$2,595,00034.54,372House
340 Brazilian Avenue #102 Palm Beach$2,585,000332,323Condo
712 Harbour Isle Way Palm Beach Gardens$2,550,00044.54,909House
244 Plantation Road Palm Beach$2,495,00033.53,815House
100 Worth Avenue 317 Palm Beach$2,450,000221,580Condo
3100 South Ocean Blvd 705-S Palm Beach$2,395,000355,910Condo
206 Seaspray Avenue Palm Beach$2,350,000442,230House
Palm Beach Palm Beach$2,350,00043.54,272House
2660 South Ocean Boulevard #403 W Palm Beach$2,300,00033Condo
211 Seabreeze Avenue Palm Beach$2,295,00032.53,061House
328 Australian Avenue Palm Beach$2,250,000543,621House
210 Onondaga Avenue Palm Beach$2,200,00044.53,320House
2415 South Flagler Drive West Palm Beach$2,195,000333,440House
365 Hibiscus Avenue Palm Beach$2,150,000331,840House
315 Seaspray Avenue Palm Beach$2,100,000432,894House
254 Palmo Way Palm Beach$2,100,000444,449House
100 Sunrise Avenue 515 Palm Beach$2,095,00022.51,650Condo
256 Tradewind Drive Palm Beach$1,995,00054House
255 Everglade Ave Palm Beach$1,950,00034.53,445House
100 Sunrise Avenue, #520 Palm Beach$1,950,00032.53,025Condo
100 Arlington Place West Palm Beach$1,950,000333,750House
150 Bradley Place, #512 Palm Beach$1,937,500331,815Condo
411 Australian Avenue Unit C Palm Beach$1,895,00022.51,582Condo
201 El Dorado Lane Palm Beach$1,850,00042.53,750House
310 Via Linda Palm Beach$1,850,000222,541House
2000 South Ocean Blvd 101S Palm Beach$1,750,00033,262Condo
234 Ocean Terrace Palm Beach$1,750,00033.53,128House
249 Bahama Lane Palm Beach$1,750,00044.23,350House
256 Mockingbird Trail Palm Beach$1,716,667334,292House
258 Pendleton Palm Beach$1,700,00055.54,180House
365 Hibiscus Avenue Palm Beach$1,695,000331,840House
100 Sunrise Avenue #515 Palm Beach$1,695,00022.51,650Co-op
2500 S Ocean Boulevard 1C5 Palm Beach$1,695,000442,978Condo
100 Sunrise Avenue #624 Palm Beach$1,650,00022.51,623Condo
1065 North Lake Way Palm Beach$1,600,000543,248House
340 Brazilian Avenue, #101 Palm Beach$1,575,000333,027Condo
150 Bradley Place #507 Palm Beach$1,550,000222,161Condo
2660 South Ocean Blvd #703-W Palm Beach$1,500,000333,800Condo
130 Sunrise Avenue # 503 Palm Beach$1,495,00022.51,673Co-op
251 Atlantic Avenue Palm Beach$1,495,000221,359House
330 South Ocean Boulevard 1B Palm Beach$1,485,00022.52,016Condo
130 Sunrise Avenue #412 Palm Beach$1,400,00032.51,983Co-op
2660 South Ocean Blvd #502 W Palm Beach$1,395,000222,300Condo
2275 South Ocean Boulevard, #101 & 108-N Palm Beach$1,395,00034.53,736Condo
205 Jamaica Lane Palm Beach$1,395,000643,944House
130 Sunrise Avenue #303 Palm Beach$1,395,00022.51,673Condo
130 Sunrise Avenue #303 Palm Beach$1,390,00022.51,673Condo
170 North Ocean Blvd #201 Palm Beach$1,312,500321,830Condo
100 Royal Palm Way #F4 Palm Beach$1,300,000222,123Condo
100 Worth Avenue #PH-11 Palm Beach$1,300,000221,590Condo
2500 South Ocean Blvd 3B2 Palm Beach$1,295,000332,590Condo
2000 South Ocean Blvd #305 N Palm Beach$1,295,00032.53,292Condo
2273 Ibis Isle Road East Palm Beach$1,250,000445,636House
100 Sunrise Avenue, #323-E Palm Beach$1,250,00022.51,673Condo
231 El Dorado Lane Palm Beach$1,225,00044.13,584House
246 Oleander Ave Palm Beach$1,199,000543,052House
3170 South Ocean Boulevard, #504-N Palm Beach$1,195,000332,350Condo
44 Cocoanut Row #401A Palm Beach$1,125,000342,068Condo
3170 South Ocean Blvd #503N Palm Beach$1,100,000333,577Condo
205 Jamaica Lane Palm Beach$1,100,000643,944House
100 Sunrise Ave #207 Palm Beach$1,095,00011.51,154Condo
256 Park Avenue Palm Beach$1,095,000332,040House
2660 South Ocean Blvd #405 S Palm Beach$999,000221,900Condo
150 Bradley Place #204 Palm Beach$995,000221,444Condo
529 South Flagler Drive #12 E & F West Palm Beach$995,00034.54,141Condo
330 South Ocean Blvd #G 1 Palm Beach$980,000121,250Condo
369 South Lake Drive 3F Palm Beach$975,000221,655Co-op
44 Cocoanut Row #A 608 & #A 609 Palm Beach$945,00022.51,482Condo
230 Everglade Avenue #202 Palm Beach$925,000221,875Condo
230 Alpine Road West Palm Beach$899,000533,265House
226 Brazilian Avenue 3D Palm Beach$899,000221,600Condo
2000 South Ocean Blvd #305 N Palm Beach$895,00032.52,816Condo
369 South Lake Trail 3H Palm Beach$895,000221,970Condo
2000 South Ocean Blvd #107-S Palm Beach$890,00022.52,494Condo
130 Sunrise Avenue #202 Palm Beach$885,00022.51,580Condo
130 Sunrise Avenue #614 W Palm Beach$875,00022.51,580Condo
6614 Washington Road West Palm Beach$875,000333,142House
130 Sunrise Avenue #511 Palm Beach$849,000Studio1,580Condo
1617 North Flagler Drive 2A West Palm Beach$799,00032.52,542Condo
448 N Lake Way Palm Beach$795,00055.55,590House
255 Park Avenue Palm Beach$750,000442,810House
2660 South Ocean Blvd 305N Palm Beach$730,000222,300Condo
130 Sunrise Avenue #513 Palm Beach$699,00022.11,580Condo
3170 South Ocean Blvd #205S Palm Beach$699,000333,550Condo
2100 South Ocean Boulevard #403-N Palm Beach$699,00022.52,494Condo
100 Sunrise Avenue #319 Palm Beach$695,000221,391Condo
130 Sunrise Avenue 506 Palm Beach$695,00022.51,580Condo
130 Sunrise Avenue #203 Palm Beach$675,00022.51,673Condo
455 Australian Avenue 2B Palm Beach$675,000221,204Co-op
100 Worth Avenue #301 Palm Beach$675,000221,624Condo
2600 South Ocean Blvd, #101-W Palm Beach$675,00033.13,600Condo
100 Sunrise Avenue #204 Palm Beach$660,000221,551Co-op
2778 South Ocean Boulevard, #405-N Palm Beach$650,00033Condo
2500 South Ocean Boulevard 2A1 Palm Beach$650,000332,590Condo
7425 South Flagler Drive West Palm Beach$650,00015,000Land
235 Linda Lane West Palm Beach$649,000333,037House
130 Sunrise Avenue #509 Palm Beach$625,000221,673Condo
1664 Breakers West Blvd West Palm Beach$620,000355,901House
130 Sunrise Avenue #310 Palm Beach$615,000221,673Condo
130 Sunrise Avenue, #308 Palm Beach$613,50022.51,580Condo
2100 South Ocean Boulevard, #102-N Palm Beach$599,00022.52,385Condo
44 Cocoanut Row #A-521 Palm Beach$595,000321,226Condo
328 Murray Road West Palm Beach$595,000322,627House
250 Bradley Place 402 Palm Beach$585,00011871Condo
3033 Embassy Drive West Palm Beach$575,000454,239House
100 Sunrise Avenue #421 Palm Beach$550,000221,665Condo
201 South Narcissus Avenue #1005 Palm Beach$550,000222,120Condo
170 North Ocean Blvd #207 Palm Beach$549,000221,395Condo
10 La Costa Circle West Palm Beach$549,000434,747House
684 Fern Street West Palm Beach$549,00022.51,614Townhome
44 Cocoanut Row #A 112 Palm Beach$540,000121,070Condo
2778 South Ocean Blvd #305 N Palm Beach$535,000332,800Condo
801 South Olive Avenue 1009 West Palm Beach$535,000221,333Condo
1200 South Flagler Drive 604 West Palm Beach$495,000221,247Condo
44 Cocoanut Row #B 223 Palm Beach$495,00011.51,313Condo
2780 South Ocean Blvd 802 Palm Beach$460,000221,294Co-op
3520 South Ocean Blvd #503 Palm Beach$450,000221,586Condo
2600 South Ocean Blvd 102 S Palm Beach$449,000221,495Condo
2418 Embassy Drive West Palm Beach$399,000434,532House
3590 South Ocean Blvd #302 Palm Beach$399,000221,417Condo
0 Tropical Drive Ocean Ridge$399,000Land
2295 South Ocean Blvd #715 Palm Beach$395,000221,559Condo
1701 South Flagler Drive 303 West Palm Beach$370,000221,400Condo
325 South Lake Drive #4 Palm Beach$349,00011599Condo
2784 South Ocean Blvd #104-S Palm Beach$329,000221,661Condo
2170 Ibis Isle Road #3 Palm Beach$299,000221,269Condo
3440 South Ocean Blvd #105N Palm Beach$299,000221,910Condo
301 Australian Avenue #100 Palm Beach$298,000Studio342Condo
301 Australian Avenue #210 Palm Beach$260,00011351Condo
2295 South Ocean Blvd #715 Palm Beach$245,000221,559Condo
301 Australian Avenue #222 Palm Beach$225,00011382Condo
3546 South Ocean Blvd #311 Palm Beach$199,000221,592Condo
3475 South Ocean Boulevard 213 Palm Beach$195,00011.5891Condo
1930 South Ocean BlvdPalm Beach21,672House

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Type
206 Seaspray Avenue Palm Beach$15,000442,230House
1617 North Flagler Drive 2A West Palm Beach$5,00032.52,542Condo
About Dana

Dana Koch has surged to success in real estate inspired by and accompanied by his extremely accomplished mother Paulette Koch, a veteran in the business. Together, Dana and Paulette have partnered to become among the most high-profile and sought-after residential specialists in the Palm Beach market, serving an elite and influential clientele of celebrities, sports and entertainment figures, finance moguls, and world leaders alike.

Dana began his illustrious real estate career at the thriving Paulette Koch Real Estate in Palm Beach. He then made his mark in Manhattan working for the city’s leading brokerage company, Douglas Elliman. Returning to his hometown Palm Beach, Dana rejoined his mother’s firm that was ultimately purchased by The Corcoran Group. Today the duo is responsible for commanding some of the area’s highest sales prices, the most recent of which sold for in excess of $75 million.

Known for his businesslike manner and cutting-edge approach, Dana is focused on helping clients excel in the art of property investment and maximizing return. To do so, he adheres to a few key principles that ensure his success: Support each client’s needs with his with great integrity, fairness, honesty, and enthusiasm; Conduct business with the highest degree of expertise and professionalism; Work tirelessly and thoroughly to provide the best real estate service possible. Whether working with high-end buyers or sophisticated sellers, Dana is equally effective and respectful of both sides, always taking care to listen intently, interpret the market, and customize a tailored plan suited to each individual’s goals.

A graduate of the Palm Beach Day School, Dana received his undergraduate degree in Government from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. Additionally, he earned an MBA in Finance from George Washington University. Prior to becoming a real estate broker, Dana cultivated his business skills on Wall Street at Spear, Leeds, & Kellogg where he worked as a NASDAQ market maker. He also harnessed his creative side in the world of direct internet marketing.

Dana holds real estate licenses in both New York and Florida. Outside of work, he is a culinary and wine enthusiast, an avid sports and theater fan, plus enjoys traveling and working out.

The Koch Team

  • 16 Years in Real Estate
  • 5 Years in Wall Street Trading
  • 2008 Corcoran Group's Deal of the Year
  • NRT Top 1,000 Sales Associates Nationwide - August 2012
Memberships & Clubs
  • The Beach Club, Palm Beach
  • Mar-a-Lago Club
  • Flagler Museum, Whitehall Society Steering Committee

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