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Gary  DePersia Corcoran Cares Member
Gary DePersia Licensed Associate RE Broker
Licensed as Gary R DePersia

Office: East Hampton
51 Main Street East Hampton, NY 11937
  • Office: (631) 899-0215
  • Mobile: (516) 380-0538
  • Fax: (631) 256-9179
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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Style
461 Ocean Road, Lot 1 Bridgehampton$37,500,000Land
14 Halsey LaneWater Mill$36,500,00053,080House
400 Ferry Road North Haven$36,000,000Land
400 Ferry Road North Haven$36,000,0009128,975Traditional
1145 & 1140 Sagaponack Main Street Sagaponack$31,000,000Land
1145 & 1140 Sagg Main Street Sagaponack$31,000,000796,000Traditional
196 Bay Lane Water Mill$27,250,000811.510,200Traditional
1145 Sagaponack Main Street Sagaponack$27,000,000796,000Traditional
1145 Sagaponack Main Street Sagaponack$27,000,000Land
7 Olde Towne Lane Southampton$26,000,0001013.511,500Traditional
1285 Flying Point Road Water Mill$20,500,000443,592Modern
329 Highland Terrace Bridgehampton$18,500,000798,000Traditional
7 Fairfield Pond Lane Sagaponack$18,300,00079.510,500Contemporary
96 Further Lane East Hampton$18,000,0001012.59,000Traditional
190 Ox Pasture Road Southampton$17,650,000101112,300Traditional
431 Captains Neck Southampton$17,000,00068.510,000Traditional
1225 Flying Point Road Water Mill$17,000,00055.55,500Traditional
109 Town Line Road Wainscott$16,000,000812.58,700Traditional
101 Cobb Isle Water Mill$16,000,000Land
41 Halsey Lane Water Mill$15,250,00078.512,000Traditional
31 Two Mile Hollow East Hampton$15,000,00068.58,500Traditional
9 Morgan Hill Way Bridgehampton$14,995,00098.512,000Modern
379 Ocean Road Bridgehampton$14,600,000711.59,100Traditional
178 Bay Lane Water Mill$14,400,000710.58,700Traditional
649 Hedges Lane Sagaponack$14,250,00068.56,300Traditional
113 Town Line Road Wainscott$14,230,000810.58,275Shingle Style
10 Morgan Hill Way Bridgehampton$13,500,000788,000Traditional
Southampton Southampton$12,750,00078.58,500Gambrel
196 Wyandanch Lane Southampton$12,650,00068.58,650Mediterranean
172 Cedar Street East Hampton$12,500,0001015.515,000Estate / Mansion
6 Calf Creek Court Water Mill$12,000,00079.56,800Traditional
50 Highway Behind the Pond East Hampton$11,500,00066.56,000Contemporary
232 Gibson Lane Sagaponack$11,300,000698,500Traditional
228 Surfside Drive Bridgehampton$11,050,000910.58,700Traditional
183 Marine Boulevard Amagansett$11,000,00056.53,500Traditional
266 Coopers Neck Ln Southampton$11,000,00071110,500Shingle Style
14 Hook Pond Lane East Hampton$11,000,000810.57,965Traditional
50 Bridgefield Road Bridgehampton$10,900,0009117,670Traditional
29 Cobb Isle Road Water Mill$10,850,00066.56,900Gambrel
139 Gibson Lane Sagaponack$10,450,00077.57,000Traditional
37 Westminster Road Water Mill$10,200,00078.57,000Traditional
14 Halsey Lane Water Mill$9,900,00089.57,750Traditional
238 Main Street Sag Harbor$9,750,00068.58,000Traditional
38 Ezekills Hollow Road North Haven$9,500,00066.57,000Traditional
15 Ruxton Road East Hampton$9,500,000710.57,700Traditional
19 Ambleside Lane Bridgehampton$9,500,00089.59,600Traditional
493 Parsonage Lane Sagaponack$9,500,000710.58,000Traditional
1131 Flying Point Road Water Mill$9,000,000332,000Beach Cottage
110 Gibson Lane Sagaponack$8,900,000433,200Traditional
110 Gibson Lane Sagaponack$8,900,000Land
47 Masefield Close Sagaponack$8,750,0007108,500Traditional
51 Meadowlark Lane Bridgehampton$8,700,00089.510,954Modern
21 Fordune Drive Water Mill$8,700,0007811,000Mediterranean
114 Beach Lane Wainscott$8,500,000332,500Traditional
7 Morgan Hill Way Bridgehampton$8,500,00089.57,500Traditional
11 Ambleside Lane Bridgehampton$8,500,00089.56,500Traditional
210 Bluff Road Amagansett$8,450,000785,440Traditional
64 Mecox Bay Lane Water Mill$8,300,00099.57,100Traditional
54 Beach Lane Wainscott$8,250,00054.54,000Traditional
233 Cove Hollow Road East Hampton$8,250,0008127,800Traditional
195 Georgica Road East Hampton$8,120,00077.57,000Traditional
6 Five Rod Highway Wainscott$7,800,00069.56,300Traditional
225 Fowler Street Southampton$7,800,000Land
Polo Court (Lot 1) Bridgehampton$7,713,000897,000Traditional
205 Marine Boulevard Amagansett$7,600,000433,500Contemporary
45 Highway Behind The Pond East Hampton$7,600,000563,500Traditional
82 Ferry Road North Haven$7,500,00077.56,000Traditional
68 Wainscott Stone Road Wainscott$7,450,00079.58,500Gambrel
446 Further Lane East (House and Cottage) East Hampton$7,400,000432,000Traditional
2 Pondview Lane East Hampton$7,350,00067.56,500Traditional
Amagansett Amagansett$7,315,00056.53,100Modern
326 Bluff Road Amagansett$7,300,00055.55,470Traditional
9 Wheaton Way Water Mill$7,225,00056.55,200Post Modern
234 Cove Hollow Road East Hampton$7,150,000810.56,300Traditional
363 Halsey Lane Bridgehampton$7,082,50076.56,700Traditional
131 Summerfield Lane Water Mill$6,995,00088.55,500Traditional
101 Hildreth Ave (lot 2) Bridgehampton$6,995,000665,339Traditional
302 Blank Lane Water Mill$6,900,00088.56,800Traditional
41 East Hollow Road East Hampton$6,900,000775,000Traditional
78 Ferry Road North Haven$6,762,50053.54,500Traditional
311 Further Lane East Hampton$6,600,000696,100Traditional
36 Apaquogue Road East Hampton$6,600,00066.56,100Traditional
936 Deerfield Road Water Mill$6,500,00089.58,000Traditional
46 Briarpatch Road East Hampton$6,500,00065.56,000Traditional
7 Bayberry Cove Lane Southampton$6,500,00077.58,500Traditional
8 Dannielle's Way Bridgehampton$6,475,00078.59,800Traditional
5 Pondview Lane East Hampton$6,400,000695,000Traditional
936,948, & 1058 Deerfield Road Water Mill$6,400,000Land
431 Captains Neck Southampton$6,250,000Land
280 Halsey Lane Bridgehampton$6,175,00089.56,500Traditional
167 Fowler Street Southampton$6,000,000Land
61 Sams Creek Bridgehampton$6,000,000544,100Contemporary
5 Beach Plum Ct Amagansett$6,000,00045.55,600Modern
455 Wickapogue Road Southampton$6,000,00066.56,000Barn
7 David's Court Southampton$5,883,00055.55,000Traditional
36 Fithian Lane East Hampton$5,800,000676,000Traditional
200 Rose Hill Road Water Mill$5,700,00067.55,500Other
1140 Old Sag Harbor Road Water Mill$5,650,00079.58,000Traditional
321 Pauls Lane Bridgehampton$5,600,00077.58,000Traditional
948 Deerfield Road Water Mill$5,550,00079.57,000Traditional
112 Miankoma Lane Amagansett$5,500,000774,100Traditional
235 Hedges Lane Sagaponack$5,500,000Land
53 Cross Highway East Hampton$5,500,000Land
176 Sandpiper Lane Bridgehampton$5,400,00068.55,000Traditional
143 Town Lane East Hampton$5,400,00055.55,000Farm / Farmhouse
7 West Pond Drive Bridgehampton$5,400,00088.56,900Traditional
97 Sandpiper Lane Bridgehampton$5,350,000332,900Contemporary
15 Lohan Court Southampton$5,300,0001012.512,500Traditional
15-43 Lohan Court North Sea$5,300,000911.512,500Traditional
35 Lohan Court Southampton$5,300,000Land
43 Lohan Court Southampton$5,300,000Land
1099 Head Of Pond Road Water Mill$5,250,000710.56,000Traditional
25 Ram Island Road Shelter Island$5,100,000433,340Farm / Farmhouse
6 Cody Way Bridgehampton$5,050,00066.56,600Traditional
243 Hedges Lane Sagaponack$5,000,00041.51,822Farm / Farmhouse
59 Cross Highway East Hampton$5,000,000Land
243 Hedges Lane Sagaponack$5,000,000Land
78 Miankoma Lane Amagansett$4,995,00056.54,500Traditional
856 Head of Pond Road Water Mill$4,950,0008117,000Traditional
121 Noyack Path Water Mill$4,900,00067.55,500Traditional
231 Hedges Lane Sagaponack$4,900,000Land
7 Cameron Way Southampton$4,900,00065.54,500English Country
8 Scuttlebut Farms Bridgehampton$4,895,00088.58,000Traditional
67 Lee Avenue Southampton$4,870,00045.55,000Traditional
52 Cross Highway Amagansett$4,850,00066.56,000Traditional
2 Cody Way Bridgehampton$4,750,00066.55,500Traditional
237 Hedges Lane Sagaponack$4,750,000Land
21 Stephen Halsey Path Water Mill$4,715,00077.54,000Modern
5 Hardscrabble Close East Hampton$4,660,000686,000Traditional
116 Hill Street Southampton$4,650,00044.54,300Post Modern
46 Wainscott Northwest Road Wainscott$4,600,00057.55,500Traditional
27 La Forest Lane East Hampton$4,500,00033Traditional
239 Hedges Lane Sagaponack$4,500,000Land
372 Daniels Lane Sagaponack$4,500,000Land
376 Daniels Lane Sagaponack$4,500,000Land
245 Hedges Lane Sagaponack$4,500,000Land
27 La Forest Lane East Hampton$4,500,000Land
7 Judson Lane East Hampton$4,500,000564,500Traditional
1 Cody Way Bridgehampton$4,350,00066.56,000Traditional
18 Jordan Drive Water Mill$4,300,00066.56,200Traditional
6 Holly Lane Water Mill$4,300,00055.54,800Traditional
1391 Meadow Lane Southampton$4,300,000543,000Traditional
1729 Deerfield Road Water Mill$4,250,00078.56,500Traditional
381 Lumber Lane Bridgehampton$4,250,00088.55,000Traditional
10 Pondview Lane East Hampton$4,245,000Land
10 Pondview Lane East Hampton$4,245,000433,800Traditional
57 Cross Highway East Hampton$4,200,00054.52,500Traditional
78 Ferry Road North Haven$4,181,25053.54,500Post Modern
649 Hedges Lane Sagaponack$4,150,00043.53,600Contemporary
649 Hedges Lane Sagaponack$4,150,000Land
356 Cobb Road Water Mill$4,150,000967,800Traditional
501 Parsonage Lane Sagaponack$4,011,736432,800Contemporary
54 Canvasback Lane Amagansett$4,000,00056.55,000Traditional
1140 Sagaponack Main Street Sagaponack$4,000,000Land
Amagansett Amagansett$3,951,000444,500Traditional
5 New Ground Lane Water Mill$3,930,00078.57,000Traditional
148 Hands Creek Road East Hampton$3,900,00066.54,000Traditional
62 Sandpiper Lane Bridgehampton$3,875,00043.53,500Contemporary
Lot #4 Winding Woods Court Bridgehampton$3,750,00066.57,000Traditional
45 Davids Lane East Hampton$3,750,000643,600Traditional
54 Canvasback Lane Amagansett$3,725,00066.55,000Traditional
301 Merchants Path Sagaponack$3,660,00089.56,000Traditional
146 Bull Path East Hampton$3,650,00065.55,000Traditional
516 Mecox Road Water Mill$3,600,00043.53,700Traditional
1109 Head of Pond Road Water Mill$3,550,00076.54,500Traditional
1440 Scuttle Hole Road Bridgehampton$3,500,000Land
1440 Scuttle Hole Road Bridgehampton$3,500,000443,500Traditional
15 Whispering Fields Water Mill$3,500,000585,800Traditional
347 Mitchells Lane Bridgehampton$3,450,00077.56,020Traditional
119 Merchants Path Sagaponack$3,450,00088.55,800Gambrel
65 Bull Path East Hampton$3,387,50076.55,200Traditional
393 Lumber Lane Bridgehampton$3,275,00053.55,400Traditional
3 Mill Path Bridgehampton$3,262,500475,786Post Modern
183 Ram Island Drive Shelter Island$3,255,000443,570Contemporary
17 Old Montauk Highway Amagansett$3,250,000444,500Traditional
53 Paul's Lane Bridgehampton$3,250,000543,400Contemporary
56 Abrahams Landing Road Amagansett$3,200,00066.56,200Colonial
13 Meadow Court Bridgehampton$3,200,00088.55,000Traditional
3 Winding Woods Court Bridgehampton$3,200,00066.56,000Traditional
323 Georgica Road East Hampton$3,200,00055.55,500Traditional
16 Southampton Hills Court Southampton$3,200,00079.56,200Traditional
60-62 Squaw Road East Hampton$3,160,00054.53,600Traditional
36 Woodland Farm Road Southampton$3,150,00055.55,000Traditional
382 Job's Ln Bridgehampton$3,000,00043.53,400Contemporary
374 Cobb Road Water Mill$3,000,000Land
232 Mitchells Lane Bridgehampton$3,000,000Land
14 New Ground Lane Water Mill$2,950,00055.55,000Traditional
2 Borden Lane East Hampton$2,900,00046.53,500Traditional
53 Toppings Field Court Bridgehampton$2,900,00044.54,600Traditional
1208 Noyac Path Water Mill$2,900,00078.57,800Tuscan
70 Fresh Pond Road Amagansett$2,875,00065.55,500English Country
Wainscott Wainscott$2,850,00045.55,000Traditional
121 Pauls Lane Bridgehampton$2,850,000Land
337 Water Mill Towd Road Southampton$2,800,00064.55,000Traditional
34 Merriwood Drive Wainscott$2,755,00054.54,000Traditional
30 Laurel Hill Lane Amagansett$2,750,00066.56,200Traditional
37 East Hollow Road East Hampton$2,700,000432,646Contemporary
74 Ferry Road North Haven$2,581,250Land
5 Pony Ramble East Hampton$2,560,00065.53,500Traditional
234 Cove Hollow Road East Hampton$2,550,000422,250Contemporary
East Hampton East Hampton$2,500,00056.55,480Traditional
1 Hedge Row Lane East Hampton$2,400,000432,500Mansard
65 Westwood Road Wainscott$2,365,00032.52,500Traditional
167 Montrose Lane Water Mill$2,350,000433,300Traditional
112 Buell Lane East Hampton$2,250,000432,720Traditional
21 Merchants Path Sagaponack$2,250,00066.54,000Traditional
17 Woodedge Circle Amagansett$2,200,00065.56,000Traditional
15 Outlook Avenue East Hampton$2,100,00032.52,000Cottage
35 Meadow Court Bridgehampton$2,100,00043.53,200Traditional
25 Terrys Trail East Hampton$2,100,00044.53,500Georgian
198 Two Holes Of Water Road East Hampton$2,000,00065.57,182Contemporary
44 Kettle Hole Road Montauk$2,000,00046.54,000Contemporary
412 Millstone Road Bridgehampton$1,960,00054.54,000Post Modern
Noyack Noyack$1,900,000331,974Post Modern
3 Burkeshire Drive Sag Harbor$1,895,00033.53,100Traditional
4 Hannah's Court Southampton$1,881,500664,000Traditional
18 Noelles Lane East Hampton$1,850,000555,200Traditional
13 White Pine Rd East Hampton$1,825,000564,700Post Modern
50 Oyster Shores Road East Hampton$1,790,000421,400Contemporary
1 Fernwood Road Wainscott$1,715,55064.53,400Contemporary
23 Broadview Rd Amagansett$1,625,00033.53,000Post Modern
158 Norris Lane Bridgehampton$1,617,50055.54,100Traditional
152 Division Street Sag Harbor$1,555,00053.55,376Traditional
47 Toilsome Lane East Hampton$1,520,00052.52,500Traditional
1616 Millstone Road Bridgehampton$1,445,000884,800Traditional
14 Stony Hill Road Amagansett$1,360,00053.53,500Farm / Farmhouse
20 Harvest Lane East Hampton$1,225,00043.52,800Modern
East Hampton East Hampton$1,200,000Land
51,53 & 55 Floyd Street East Hampton$1,125,000231,300Cottage
15 Bull Head Lane Bridgehampton$1,117,350432,200Traditional
164 Cedar Street East Hampton$999,999311,100Ranch
33 Wireless Road East Hampton$977,330432,000Ranch
25 North Hollow Drive East Hampton$935,000322,200Contemporary
29 Georgica Woods Lane Wainscott$907,000343,000Traditional
3 & 5 Clinton Street East Hampton$900,000Land
24 Meadow Court Bridgehampton$895,000Land
301 Merchants Path Sagaponack$875,000Land
63 West Gate Wainscott$860,000321,700Contemporary
13 Meadow Court Bridgehampton$850,000Land
94 Hands Creek Road East Hampton$830,000321,450Ranch
40 Flaggy Hole Road East Hampton$825,00044.53,400Cape
59 Gingerbread Village East Hampton$782,500321,800Townhome
23 Longwoods Lane East Hampton$772,500432,600Contemporary
93 Redwood Road Sag Harbor$750,000Land
8 Meadow Court Bridgehampton$725,000Land
8 Spring Close Lane East Hampton$650,000321,300Traditional
7 Country Lane East Hampton$635,000422,000Traditional
Laurel Valley DriveSag Harbor$575,000Land
Sag Harbor Sag Harbor$575,000Land
32 14th street East Hampton$530,000221,100Contemporary
3 Clinton Street (Lot 3) East Hampton$450,000Land
5 Clinton Street (Lot 2) East Hampton$450,000Land
30 Kyle Road Hampton Bays$380,00031.51,200Ranch
29 Salt Marsh Path East Hampton$365,000Land
66 Bull Path East Hampton$650Land

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Address Unit Neighborhood Price Beds Baths Rooms Sq. Ft. Style
308 Cobb Road Water Mill711.58,500Traditional
280 Highland Terrace Bridgehampton10128,600Traditional
423 Parsonage Lane Sagaponack8106,060Traditional
70 Matthews Lane Bridgehampton710.511,590Traditional
544 Hedges Lane Sagaponack914.59,000Traditional
92 Egypt Lane East Hampton78.5Traditional
379 Ocean Road Bridgehampton79,100
16 Two Mile Hollow Road East Hampton66.56,000Traditional
807 Halsey Lane Bridgehampton54.54,600Arts & Crafts
Amagansett Amagansett44.54,500Nantucket
1 Green Hollow Road East Hampton911.514,000Estate / Mansion
836 Sagg Main Street Sagaponack89.56,870Traditional
591 Parsonage Lane Sagaponack55.54,900Contemporary
205 Hedges Lane Sagaponack53.54,500Post Modern
About Gary

On the East End since 1995, Gary DePersia has participated in over $2 billion of real estate transactions. Consistently ranked among the top producers in the Hamptons, and a year-on-year member of The Corcoran Group President’s Council, Gary has qualified as a national list maker since 2007. In 2008, he was Corcoran's top broker on the East End by sales volume and rental units; and ranked as the nation’s 4th top broker. In the 2017 REAL Trends & The Wall Street Journal list of America’s top real estate professionals, he was designated #26 nationally, #4 in the Hamptons and #3 at Corcoran overall by volume with nearly $200 million of transactions for the past year.

Gary realized early on the importance of deep local knowledge and the benefits of expert marketing which other brokers have come to emulate. Knowing each buyer or renter has their own idea of what defines their Hamptons experience, he is well-versed on the inventory of each village and hamlet on the East End.

His office operates with four licensed assistants on the ground allowing him to build a business stretching from Southampton to Montauk and Sagaponack to Shelter Island. Gary is as comfortable assisting renters to find a modest summer cottage as he is showing off one of his spectacular multi-million dollar listings. His deep experience, affable nature and energized style make him a favorite of NYC and out of area brokers who want to refer their own clients to a knowledgeable Hamptons realtor who truly cares about client service.

A strong believer in rewarding the confidence of those who have listed their properties with him, Gary is the East End’s most prolific advertiser. His exclusive listings are found regularly in print and online across local, national and international media. A role model in the use of cutting-edge marketing tools, he was the first Hamptons broker with his own personal website ( and broad use of social media. An intrinsic and inimitable ambassador for Hamptons luxury real estate, Gary has regularly guided television viewers around the area’s finest homes appearing on NBC TV Open House NYC, CBS TV Living Large and PBS TV Best Places to Live in the Hamptons. He is also tapped by top news media for his expert market views and exceptional listings.

Rare but quality downtime includes skiing in Aspen or heli-skiing the mountains of British Columbia; as well as windsurfing the waters of the Hamptons on Noyac Bay near his home in Sag Harbor.

  • 22 Years in Real Estate
  • 20 Years in Marketing
  • 2014 East Hampton Top Producer
  • 2016 President`s Council
  • 2015 #2 Producer - East Hampton
  • 2016 Wall Street Journal Best RE Agents in America
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  • Corcoran Cares

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