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Get to know Anegada

More than just geographically, Anegada is something of an outlier. Located some 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda, it’s the northernmost of the British Virgin Islands and the only inhabited one that’s non-volcanic in nature, formed instead from coral and limestone. Iguanas outnumber humans here: You’ll find only about 2-300 permanent bipedal residents at any time, mostly clustered in a singular village called “The Settlement.” There's a small airport here, and a ferry that runs regularly to Road Town on Tortola. The island’s comparatively flat terrain once proved hospitable for farming corn, bananas and other crops, though the main business today is tourism. Anegada also serves as an integral fishing port, with the local fleet netting the bulk of the BVI’s seafood. Whether exploring the beach on horseback or reeling in the world-class fly fishing, you’ll almost certainly be hooked.

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Living in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands comprise some of the world’s most remote, exclusive, and downright breathtaking real estate, spanning four principal islands—Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, and Anegada—and a chain of some 50 mostly-uninhabited outliers. As the name infers, this breathtaking archipelago is part of the United Kingdom, but its close proximity to the US mainland, and myriad lifestyle benefits, draws a fully international audience. Most commercial travelers arrive through St. Maarten, St. Thomas or San Juan, taking the final leg by connecting flight or ferry. The BVI property market welcomes leisure-seekers with an array of choices, from eco-conscious new developments with resort amenities to veritable private isles. Rugged, romantic coastlines, coupled with a year-round tropical climate, define paradise in every sense of the word, whether you’re at the helm of your yacht or simply at home.