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Get to know Sanford

Sanford sits at the extreme north of the Orlando metropolitan area, and that border is dictated by the magnificent St. John’s River. It winds through the wilderness from the west and widens into a gigantic sun-soaked lake, and it’s on those shores that historic Sanford was founded. That old downtown is a popular regional destination, quaint and lively and full of adorable boutiques, art and antique stores, swank cocktail bars, and some of the most inventive dining venues in Central Florida. Sanford spreads out south from the river and is still growing as planned communities spring up and older neighborhoods are revitalized. Boating, fishing, and golf are the main recreational pursuits, and there are enough retail and restaurant opportunities that there’s little need to venture far. But if you do, Sanford is surprisingly well located, with regional and national train service, an underutilized toll road system for quick commutes, and even its own regional airport.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

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Living in Central Florida

Central Florida runs on tourism, but the draw of this place was felt long before a mouse ever got into the act. It’s a land of tremendous natural beauty, riddled with glassy lakes that teem with water birds, century-old oak trees that take up half a city block, and a climate that is ideal about 80 percent of the time — and it’s better than most other places when it’s not postcard-perfect. The region is a mix of former agricultural towns (quaintly preserved) and planned communities (luxuriously appointed), and in between are gardened lots along shady streets and long docks stretching into blue waters. Tourism fuels more than the economy here, which thrives with a vibrant food scene and a healthy arts community. Rich with parks, trails, and other recreational opportunities, Central Florida is a paradise al fresco for most of the year. The rest of the time? Well, that’s why everyone seems to have a pool.