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Get to Know Hamilton Township

Hamilton Township is midway between New York City and Philadelphia, and perfectly positioned to take advantage of the best of both. It’s also quite close to the Jersey Shore and Pennsylvania’s Bucks County for easy weekend getaways. Hamilton is the most populated municipality in Mercer County, but rather than being centered around one downtown, it’s made up of many smaller communities, including Hamilton Square, Mercerville, and Whitehorse. The spread-out nature of the residential neighborhoods, combined with Hamilton’s abundant green space — 30 percent of the township is farmland, parks, and preservation areas — means that many neighborhoods offer a bucolic, rural atmosphere, but with the conveniences of the suburbs. Grounds for Sculpture, with nearly 300 sculptures spread across 42 landscaped acres, is both a museum and an arboretum. This being Jersey, there are also several malls with big box stores and all the other necessities of modern life.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Living in Mercer County

New Jersey’s Mercer County sits halfway between New York City and Philadelphia, with its western border demarcated by the Delaware River, with Pennsylvania’s Bucks County on the other side. The county’s biggest and most well-known city is Trenton, but it also has many other smaller boroughs and townships that contribute to Mercer County’s charm. Here, the lines between what’s urban, suburban, and rural often blur and where farmland can border Main Street. On country roads, you can still find unattended farm stands, selling vegetables and fruit on the honor system. You’ll also find the same famous Jersey corn and tomatoes, as well as locally pasture-raised meats, at the tables of some of the Jersey’s best restaurants in towns both big and small. And thanks to Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study, Mercer County boasts as many geniuses as farmers, both groups inspired by the same beautiful sylvan settings.