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Glorious Greenwich is the crown jewel of Connecticut’s gold coast, the epitome of perfect suburban living. Greenwich has a lot of variety within its boundaries, with perfection available in a mix of neighborhoods that include downtown apartments in the commercial district, coastal enclaves, charming harbor villages in the south, and all the way north in the back country, acres of baronial, sprawling country estates. Greenwich also has a strong business district, home to multiple hedge funds and financial services firms. Yet the city is surrounded by nature, including 1,400 acres of public parkland, multiple marinas, and public and private beaches. Some thirty islands also fall under Greenwich’s jurisdiction, most of them uninhabited. And in the back country, it’s the tradition to allow horseback riders on the miles of bridle trails to ride across private property, a symbol of Greenwich’s magical combination of residential and rural life.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Greenwich History and Culture

Greenwich’s story is shaped by its picturesque location on the shores of the Long Island Sound, as it has evolved from farmland to summer resort to prosperous suburb. The pastoral landscape and ever-changing light on the water inspired a group of artists who came to stay at the Bush-Holley House from 1890 to 1920 and became known as the Cos Cob Art Colony. These American Impressionist painters—like later Greenwich residents—were drawn by the town’s accessibility to New York City, while offering natural landscapes and seascapes as surroundings. Childe Hassam and J. Alden Weir were among those who came to paint, and many writers, including Willa Cather, also came to stay. Today, you can tour the Bush-Holley House and see many paintings from the Cos Cob School at the Bruce Museum in town.

Greenwich Dining and Shopping

Stop by what the locals call “The Avenue,” an abbreviation for Greenwich Avenue, for the best in luxury shopping. You’ll find outposts of Fairfield County-based brands Herman Miller and Vineyard Vines here, as well as Richards, a specialty department store, founded in 1949. Richards is famous for its customer service and its renowned tailoring department—generations of Greenwich residents have gotten suits here, starting with prep school blazers and eventually graduating to full CEO wardrobes. At Diane’s Books of Greenwich, they’ll curate a personalized selection of baby or kid books and package them all in a Red Flyer wagon, ready for delivery anywhere in the world. Of course, there’s no shortage of superlative dining in Greenwich, with Michelin starred-restaurants, waterfront seafood options, and casual, beloved diners. And for more options, visit Old Greenwich for its boutiques and restaurants and Cos Cob for a pair of beloved specialty food stores: a cheese shop and a fishmonger.